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Dolphins view Colts as a team to worry about

The Indianapolis Colts had the first overall pick in the draft last April after parting ways with Peyton Manning and closing the book on an era.

Little did anyone know they'd be this good this fast. But here we are a couple of days before the Dolphins play the Colts and I am seriously concerned about this game. What's more, the Dolphins are seriously concerned.

Even as preparations go forward and little seems different with the Dolphins on the surface, there is legitimate worry in the halls of the team's Davie, Fl. training facility. Joe Philbin, the personification of an even keeled sort, has seemed a bit tight this week, according to a couple of players I've spoken to privately.

"Not just [Philbin] but I think everybody," one player kidded. "The F-bomb count in practice has been a little higher than normal this week."

Philbin's shown some concern this week in that he asked players to do more than the usual amount of preparation for this game. That from a guy who wants his players doing a ton of preparation for every game anyway.

"Our focus is going to be, again, this is what we call an uncommon opponent because we don’t play these guys a lot," Philbin said. "They’re new. I’m sure we present some of the same challenges to them obviously, but we kind of appealed to the players that we have to spend some extra time in preparation. It’s not like the Jets who we knew relatively well. We go against those guys all the time, but it’s a different week and we have to be prepared for it."

Philbin has also been worried about the status of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who is nursing a swollen and bruised left knee and is likely to be listed as questionable for the game on Friday. Philbin has a phobia about discussing injuries as a matter of policy. But this week he has been actively trying to shut down the conversation of Tannehill's injury, been trying to limit how much reporting is done on what Tannehill is doing in practice, and been trying to even limit the amount of questions the media asks on the topic in press conferences.

The past two days he's made a statement relating Tannehill's limited practice status and then told reporters that's all he'll say on the subject -- the inference being don't ask anything else about it.

"Ryan Tannehill practiced on a limited basis," Philbin said Thursday. "There’s really nothing else new to report on that. We’re going to see how practice unfolds and make the best for the team when we have enough, appropriate information. Beyond that, that’s the quarterback discussion for the day."

Basically, Philbin wants as little information getting to the Colts as possible. And that speaks to a greater issue which is the Dolphins believe they need to find every shred of advantage they can to win this game because, well, they're concerned about the Colts.

The Colts, you must remember, have players with big-game experience on their roster -- much moreso than Miami. Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Reggie Wayne, Adam Vinatieri, and Antoine Bethea have won a lot of playoff games and even a Super Bowl in Indy.

The Colts, you must remember, have done unexpected damage to teams with playoff hopes this year. They beat Minnesota. They beat Green Bay.

The Colts are at home where they are 3-1, with their only loss coming when Jacksonville's Blaine Gabbert completed an 80-yard TD pass to Cecil Shorts with less than one minute to play.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill rebuilding team. They're dangerous. The Dolphins recognize this.

And they're concerned about it.


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...I think you guys re confusing running the ball with playing conservative. Or in this case playing smart football. How do you see the game playing out if we cannot establish the run? gainst this defense, if we can't do this. I would say we are in trouble this week. It should be stealing. Stop confusing establishing the run with prehistoric 80's football, like it some death sentance for scoring points. It isn't. We may even pass to set up the run..Novel concept. I may be wrong. but I would bet that if we do not at some point control the game on the ground this week. We will lose. I believe we do the right thing and in fact establish the run and win the game..

Craig and Mark,
I read RON's wikipedia entry and I did not realize how much of a ledgend he is.. His son, BOB, my coach is a good guy so I know he was raised by a good man.

Here's the cool thing...Philbin knows what he can get against this defense and he will take what he can get.

Gone are the days of running because "that's what we do".

Has anyone heard how Lamar Miller is getting on working on his pass blocking and blitz pickups?

I assume this is why he has not seen the field much at all the past 3 games. Hopefully he is getting better, because we he could do so much damage for us both in the pass game and the run game.

This is a big game for the Phins this weekend, and I am conflicted being both nervous and really looking forward to it. As for the coaching staff, they will have a wrinkle either on O, D or ST's as they seem to have had something up their sleeve every game.

Going back to the Jets game for a second, does anyone know how many tipped passes our D had. I remember reading that Philbin and Coyle studied the Texans and what they did, and then worked on that with the D-Line, and we tipped more passes than I could remember before.

More proof this coach will investigate everything to make this team better.


Being the 3rd string rb, Miller seems to get his carries when we're able to run the ball 30-35 or more times. That also seems to be based on how well the opponent can defend our run.

However, what I like most about this coaching staff, is they seem to have a flow of the game approach, not a run or pass approach to winning games. We've seen games won with intermediate to moderate passing, intermediate to moderate running, and with a pefect blend of both.

This definitely suggest the current staff goes into a game with a flow of the game strategy, not just a must run or must pass strategy. This is what I believe serves winning games best. Not trying to satisfy numbers or a certain philosophy.

Fear is not created by having some stupid tribal dance at the beginning of each game. That is just show. these guys are pros and yelling at them isn't going to make them better.
To be a true leader, Philbin has to recognized each players motivation. And it isn't always money. We have all seen players let down after a big win and play sloppily during the next game.
Indy is gonna be gunning for us, because they think the Phins will be easier to beat than other teams. They will be motivated. Whearas we had a big game last week and won. So the emotions are basically on their side right now. Example is Bush commenting this week about Cromartie. Now that game was in the books and Bush should have nothing to say about it. The score is on the board.
Lets hope Philbin can get the team focused on Indy. And his feelings are my exact feelings.

matty, Ron was the BEST. Not only a legend but a really nice man.

Mark, incidentally, my friend paid $85 to go to that Argos game last night. Turns out he got a good game to go to. Only problem is, if you've been to a game in the 'dome (and I'm sure you have), there's no atmosphere in there. Include the fact it's the CFL and not the NFL and he likely paid $25-30 for parking and had a long walk in the rain and it doesn't sound like a great night. And there would be ZERO tailgating! The two tickets I got for the Bills/Dolphins game in two weeks I paid $100 for ($200 value), they're third row and the place will be abuzz with drunk Bills fans. Hopefully I'll be alive to talk about it the next day.

Which option would you rather have?

..My whole point..And we will see how it plays out. And to be frank I don't care how we do it as long as we win(I think we can all agree here)..I still do not believe we will win this game is we have to throw it some obsurd amount of times. 40-50-60 times??? That is what I mean by establishing the run. If we cannot do this, and the throw totals are inflated(and this isn;t a case of Philbin saw something on film, and we are exploiting the Colts..come on) If we cannot do enough to run the ball with efficiency. We will lose this game. My opinion.


Again I agree with your points. How do you see the gameplan being different than last week's game against the Jets? We didn't exactly run the ball with authority last week, more so just running the ball to kill the clock and protect the lead. I think we have to more effective with it this week. Sorry, I just don't have a lot of confidence in the passing game with Moore at the controls, even though it is the Colts.


Im not saying dont try to establish the run. Just saying we cant have a if it doesnt fit, force it philosophy. Im saying whatever the opponent feels most uncomfortable shutting down, that's what we give them heaviest doses of.

Heck, if they show propensity of not being able to stop the run, then ram it down thier throats 50 times. Same with throwing the ball. If we eem to be having intermediate to moderate succes doing both. Then give them perfect blends of both.

I just dont like going into a game with a one dimensional strategy of tying one's own hand offensively saying one certain element is our chief gaol. Let the flow of the game dictate what we're most effective at. Beit run, pass, or perfect blend of both.

Stop Dashi if u have heard this before.

Philbin coached the #1 Offense last year! And Sherman has Coached Multiple TOP 5 RUSHING AND PASSING ATTACKS IN THE NFL!!!

NOBODY HERE OR AT ANY LEVEL! Should Question the Play calling! JUST SIT BACK AND LEARN! SPECIALLY ON OFFENSE! What ever they decide to do is what is best for the team!

hand comparing Reggie to Barry is straight blasphemy! 1 is the greatest rb of all time! The Other is a bust with 1- 1000 yd season!


I'm going to agree with DD on this one. I think what he's trying to say is we have dictate the we play on Sunday. We need to be productive running the ball. This needs to be a strength and it's a Colts weakness. If they take that away from us I think we're in trouble. To me this has to be similar to our game against the Raiders when we were able to run on them all day long. Then we force Luck into doing some things he's not comfortable doing. If it becomes our passing game against theirs then I think we're done. This is assuming that Moore is QB, of course.


Hardlyanyone throws the ball 40-50-60 times. When this happens it meansyour defense is having a very bad game. Either you're in a shootout or you're playing from behind. Neither are ideal situations.

However, I can see throwing 40-45 times if the opposing defense shows inability to stop the pass and youve piled 42pts on them, while thier offense has scored 20 or less points. Then the final 5-6 minutes of the game closing with run whether highly successful or not, because the only objective is eating clock.

Craig, Toronto events are just not a great deal in the larger venues. Bills games are the best value in the entire area bar none. Stadium is a dump and the weather always seems to be overcast in Buffalo for some reason but it's always fun.

And for the first time in my life, I went to a couple of concerts at Darien Lake and the tailgating there is crazy too. just swap football talk radio for rock music and it's the same thing. Free parking too which never happens in Toronto for anything.

And for whatever reason, western NY has more than it's share of uhm ... less than attractive people. Other than that ... great time.

I think DD just wants us to be balanced ... much easier to pass when you can run. It shoudl be our game plan every week.

Run the football with Daniel Thomas. That is all.

The run game has been suffering the past few games because teams are putting 8 men in the box and daring the Dolphins to beat them with the pass. Tannehill and Moore have done OK but nothing exceptional. Go Phins!!!


Not sure if you've ever been to Artpark in Lewiston, New York? It's a really short drive for me. Takes me about half an hour to get there, and it's just on the other side. Obviously a bit more of a trek for you. Great venue for concerts and they have a great Tuesday night lineup for FIVE bucks. Last year it was YES, Steve Miller, Heart, Roger Hodgson, Huey Lewis and the News, ZZ Top, Sheryl Crow and a few others. Best value out there anywhere. Told my friend about it a couple of years ago and he hasn't missed a show yet. Check out www.artpark.net and add it to your things to do next Summer. Cheers!

Craig..2 totaly different defenses. The jets even though they are struggling are a much better defensive team. Especially scheme wise. We did what we had to do last week to win. We didn't really establish anything on offense..We were efficient, not dominant. We played great defense, great special teams.

My opinion could be totaly off base. We may win the game in some manner we haven't discussed, we may win in a shootout, it may be this, may be that. Just knowing what we know about the Colts. I think that our best chance at winning is by running it. I think this holds true for the future as well. The weather, the further examination of Tannehills tape, the defenses we play..all lends itself to getting the fround game going. This IMo is not only about this week, but the future.

Now I totaly understand where YG is coming from. And I think that his thought that we shouldn't be tied dwon to a philosophy, let the game play itself out has some truth. Of course we should adapt to the shape of each game. I totaly agree. I am just trying to forsee what i think is the best way for the team to win going forward. Yes each game will be dictated seperatley, and of course I could be way off base. Like I said earlier. As long as we win..it doesnt't matter how we do it

YG & DD...case in point:

Sanchez threw over 50 times last week and lost big because our D stopped their running game, forcing him to air it out...and in the process tossed 2 INT's.

Fins 24
Colts 17



I don't think you are offbase. I see things the same way. I'll be honest, I think the Jets are DONE. I saw signs of them giving up last week. So I don't actually rank their defence that highly any more. I think they really miss Revis and I think reality has set in for them that their season isn't going anywhere. Sanchez isn't good enough and he doesn't have enough help. So I guess what I'm saying is I don't think their defences are THAT much different at this point in time.

I agree with your thinking. I am SURE, Philbin does not want to get into a shootout with Andrew Luck this weekend.


Knowing the run is thier weakness, I expect to see 7-8 in the run box, until we prove we can also do major damage in the passing game. So they still may be fairly successful limiting our run game in the 1st half even though theyre looked upon as a not so good runstyop defense. But we also must be able to establish the pass to loosen things up for the run game. Or we can find ourselves in a lot of 3rd and longs we must convert early in the game.

Its about keeping the defense off balance. Im sure at present, most dc's around the league still view our passing game as our weakest link. Not to confuse that with we have a weak passing game, just that our passing game is our weakest offensive link.

So as a dc, playing against our offense, you'll probably place a heavier premium on stopping our run than stopping our passing game. Your object would be to force into as many 3rd and longs as possible having a rookie qb and not exactly one of the most stellar wr corps in the league.

At present, I believe we must be able to effectively pass, to get better results out of our run game. I believe we'll see 7-8-9 in the run box nearly every game we play. So being able to pass effectively will be extremely critical. No matter how bad a team's run defense is, it's still extremely difficult to run against 7-8-9 defanders in the run box.

Andrew Luck is not special. He'll have a sort of mediocre career. He'll be in the league for 12 years or so, but he's no Peyton Manning.

Sanchez could have Rice on one side, Moss on the other, and Steve Largent in the slot and still stink. The guy's a hack.

@ 11:06....

your name could be DIP SH@T from BUM F%CK EYGPT for all I care...It's not my job to find the Herald "new posters"....

especially one's so dumb that they can't realize that you just read a post...3 POST ABOVE...that said the compelte opposite....

So your either a RETARDED....or a TROLL....

I don't care which....

in either case....we have enough of those posting here as it is....so if you chose to NEVER post here again (lol....your ALWAYS posting here)....then so be it...

..Yg..I was being overboard to make a point when I used the 40-50-60 attempt mark. I hope we don't get anywhere near 50-60 attempts EVER!!!

I totaly get where you are coming from. I'm not trying to put oursleves in corner so to speak by saying run run run. If we can do both in a fairly equal amount, or a few more passes here, a few less runs there..That would be fine. That would mean we are probably in the game with a chance to win. I just happen to disagree that we will not make a concious effort to establish a run game going forward..And I think it starts this week.. You are right that every game is a different story. I happen to believe the better we run the ball the better the story will end for this team this year..Thats all.


Agreed. This team and the staff go with a flow feel. Remember T-Hill decides run or pass at the line. He gets a play and it has audibles depending on what the defense is showing!

The Shermanator does his real work during the week! And the beautiful thing is that T-Sizzle and him meet up at halftime and make real adjustments during the game!

Philbin's attention to detail shows up during game day! In the sense that everyone is on their job! The fins are the fastest paced team offensively and defensively! We line up and have the play called faster than everybody! On both sides of the ball!

Very Rare do u catch this team out of position presnap! And that's on Philbin. We're just smarter and faster. No wasted timeouts! How this team starts and finishes games!

Indiana better be prepared And Worried!

Cause Philbin isn't going to let some assistant coach beat him!

24-9! Continuing to Prove a POINT!

Dashi won't go. 13-3! But Pencil me in for 12-4!

Like some say the fins should be 6-1! Well I bet if carpenter has to attempt those kicks again! In the second half of the season! He will make them! Straight Down the Middle! Philbin will make sure of fixing that!

Delvin is not better then Moore , DASHI , he played against the third stringers thats why he was successful, if he was actually better then Moore he would be our back up, you just said how Smart you think Philbin is , well if Delvin was better then Moore a Smart man like Philbin would make him his back up QB , stop spouting stupid nonsense your clueless about

..Dashi. You said that we are rarely out of position pre snap..I have to ask. Doesn't Dansby get credit for that on the defense? I was a guy that preseason thought he was garbage. i think he has played at a high level this season. Part of the reason we are so solid v the run, and on 3rd downs(first in the league) is his ability to get guys lined up properly. Something the stats do not tell..Just wondering as you have strong opinions about him. Shouldn't he get a shout here?

Sounds like Kris is ready for gameday ...


A team will be forced to throw 50 times when behin by 20 or more times getting late into a game. When a team throws this much thier either in a shootout where both defenses suck that day, or behind 20pts or more most of the day. Neither are ideal situations.

I repsectfully disagree with those saying we must run to set up our passing. If we had a much more potent recieving corps I would agree. Then dc's wouldnt put 7-8-9 in the run box to stop our run. The would play us straight up across the board.

Right now dc's are playing run heavy until we prove we can consistently make defense pay heavily with the pass game. Look at the Marino years. We couldnt use the run to set up the pass, nor the pass to set up the run. We totally sucked at running period. But oh were so great at passing.

However, dc's begin to catch up with this and begin playing 5-6 sometimes 7 db's against the pass, totally disregarding the limp dick run game. The results, Marino began to look more and more human in the pocket.

Too this from PFT this mornning. Looks like reality has set in for the Bills:

Manager Buddy Nix isn’t admitting that the extension for Fitzpatrick was a mistake, but he is talking about the team’s need to find a franchise quarterback in the near future.

“Listen, we have said from day one, that we want to draft a good young quarterback” Nix said, via Howard Simon of WGR550.com. “I don’t want to leave here without a franchise guy for the future in place. I have not said that before but I’m saying it now because its fact.”

DC....from WAY BACK on the 1st page....


We may differ....but you we have the FINS as common ground...so the bond is unbreakable...and when the FINS win....we all win...

Sorry it took me so long to reply...the kids (on this website)....are especially rowdy today....really wanted my attention...

His new shiny toy is impersonating me...how orginal...

DD, analyzing LB play isn't Dashi's strong point. Even though Burnett is rated by PPF as a top 10 OLB and Dansby has been receiving high grades all year, he thinks they both stink. Personally, I don't get it.

Dashi is too busy worrying about the size of Moores hands , he is clueless about football , only the size of mens extremeties

it can go both ways, Moore played against 3rd stringers too and looked like garbage.(in the preseason) Devlin, from HK's, is really liked by Philbin. I think Philbins plan is for Devlin to be the back up for years to come but he would be dumb to name an inexperienced kid as a back up when he knows what he has in Moore for the rest of this year. Moore can win games whereas Devlin doesnt have any experience in the NFL doing so.

...Kris. While you are here..Congrats man! Great news.

Craig, considering the Bills have not invested in a young Qb with upside since Rob Johnson, it looks like the Bills are the last to get the memo. Even our stubborn head office finally got on the ball and it's a big reason we've turned things around.


Some good points at 11:44am. Where we might disagree is I don't expect Tannehill to play this weekend and if I'm reading your comments correctly I think you do. I'm looking for a similar game plan to what we did against the Raiders earlier this year. I'm looking for Daniel Thomas to step us this weekend. I'm looking for some sort of contribution from Miller. I agree we can't rely solely on the run game but if we can be effective we can control the game. Raiders knew we were going to run the ball and they still couldn't stop us. That's what I'm hoping for this weekend.

I know that Delvin might be better then Moore in the future , but he certainly isn t right now and again the reason Moore and Tanny looked so bad in preseaon is they didn t play any of our real receivers , the guys they were evaluating couldn t catch a cold , Moore is accurate as hell always puts the ball in their hands

Thanks Daryl....

Its the guys like yourself, Mark, DC, Craig M Odin Matty (nc)....and Many..Many others who I don't mean to slight that make dealing with the "kids" worth it...

The quality guys know who thay are....

Armando should thank his lucky stars for each and everyone of you....

Yeah I agree he isnt as good right now, but you made the point why Devlin looked so good was bc he was going against 3rd stringers so I was just saying Moore went against 3rd stringers and didnt look good.


It's my birthday Tuesday. I'm expecting a big shout out from Armando or a cheque in the mail.

What?....don't hold my breath? OK, fair enough. I'll just continue being the loyal guy I am.

Delvin pratices with his 3rd stringers on a reg basis , they have alot of practice time together , they`ve gelled as they should , Moore dioesn t practice with them guys , and it doesn t matter anyway , I was making a Point to Dashi he has no respect for Moore at all , thinks his hands are too small , if he was having a problem dropping the ball or falling out of his hands it would matter , but uit doesn t , just don t know why the guy is so worried about the size of Moores hands its creepy

Craig M...

Happy Birthday.....

You won't get crap from Armando....but I'll send you am early B-day present....a FINS WIN by 17 on Sunday....no need to thank me....justsit back...relax...and enjoy it....

How old ya gonna be Craig?

"Little did anyone know they'd be this good this fast. But here we are a couple of days before the Dolphins play the Colts and I am seriously concerned about this game. What's more, the Dolphins are seriously concerned."

That goes w/o saying in the NFL. Every single week, every team needs to be seriously concerned about its opponent. Outside of Luck the Colts still have some quality players like Reggie Wayne, Antoine Bethea, Freeney, Mathis, & two rookie TE's BUT we can make them one-dimensional by shutting down their running game. If we make Luck throw the ball 40 times he's not going to beat us b/c our pass rush will eventually get to him.

I believe that this is the week--regardless of whether Tannehill or Moore starts--to get back to running the ball the way we did to start the season. If we can establsih Bush & Thomas early against the Colts & not turn the ball over then I REALLY like our chances.

Kris, thanks man. I'm going to hold you to that.

xtreme, afraid I'm going to be old. I'll be 45 Tuesday. My kids remind me I'm getting old every time I see them.

Time for a Super Bowl win!

lol yeah i think thus far Moore has proved that his hands being small doesnt hinder him in throwing the ball.

Yeah I agree he isnt as good right now, but you made the point why Devlin looked so good was bc he was going against 3rd stringers so I was just saying Moore went against 3rd stringers and didnt look good.


I think it's impossible to explain Moore. I thought he looked bad in pre-season & my guess is that he didn't look good in practice either. For some inexplicable reason Moore is 'a gamer' when it counts. We saw that last season & we saw that last Sunday.


This is the week we need good games from Nolan Carroll, Clemmons, Wilson, Smith and Jones. If Luck picks our secondary apart like I think he's capable of then we have a problem. It'll tell me that these guys aren't good enough and replacements have to found. I'm not looking for guys to have a good game, I'm looking for guys to do it every week. We need to stop giving up big plays. We did a great job of it LAST week. Now about this week....

Quick rankings:
Pass Offense: MIA (23th) / IND (9th)
Rush Offense: MIA (11th) / IND (17th)
Pass Defense: MIA (27th) / IND (7th)
Rush Defense: MIA (3rd) / IND (27th)

Smith and the secondary will have to step up big time and defensive front must pressure Luck relentlessly to rattle him.

I really think this game will come down to what schemes the coaches can come up with to limit Luck and get the most out of the players.

I don t think this team is That worried about the Colts , I just think , like someone said earlier that Philbin is trying to get their swagger from beating the Jets so bad back, back in focus , the Article says Philbin doesn t know the Colts like the Jets , well this is his first year , he doesn t know any of the teams as a head coach , I like the guy he`s great at getting them prepared not only for the games , but finding ways to get them to play better each week as individuals, since he put his staff together players that were not very good at all are pretty good now and players that were good are better , they actually coach these guys and improve them on a weekkly basis , Tanny never makes the same mistakes twice its very cool!!!

This is the week we need good games from Nolan Carroll, Clemmons, Wilson, Smith and Jones. If Luck picks our secondary apart like I think he's capable of then we have a problem. It'll tell me that these guys aren't good enough and replacements have to found. I'm not looking for guys to have a good game, I'm looking for guys to do it every week. We need to stop giving up big plays. We did a great job of it LAST week. Now about this week....


If we the Colts one dimensional & shut down the run our pass rushers can pin their ears back. If Luck has the time I believe he's good enough (most starting QB's are) to pick apart our secondary but with Wake & Co. going against Indy's O-line I like our chances of getting to him. I believe that this pressure will force Luck into making a mistake or two. I think Luck will be a very good/great NFL QB but even the great ones don't look great when they're on their backs.


Another guy who's a gamer is Brian Hartline. Missed all preseason and just gets it done on Sundays. He'll never be a star in this league but Hartline could play on my team any time.

The other guy I'm starting to come around to as I guy I want back on this team next year, as long as his pricetag doesn't get crazy is Reggie Bush. A real pro, hardworker and a leader on this team. I think he really likes it it Miami and he doesn't have too many miles on that frame to date. He's got at least 2-3 good years left in him.

It goes fast man I wish I was still 45 , just turned 52 in August, I lived the first 26 yrs of my life up north in Englewood NJ , the second half down here in Palm Coast, Fl....this second half has flown and I know they say the older you get the quicker they fly by , but I think not having long winters and change of seasons has made it go even faster , I had season tickets from like 1992 through 98 and that seems like yesterday, used to stay at Shula Hotel , was good times , glad they are starting to win again hopefully I`ll get tickets again in the future . 45 is young Happy Birthday , hopefully you`ll still be smiling from our win Sunday


Thanks for the birthday wishes. I envision myself somewhere nice and warm when I'm retired. I'm starting to get sick of the Northern climate this time of year. I have a number of good earning years ahead of me but I think when the kids are a bit older I'll be adios somewhere warm and work at something I enjoy just for a little extra scratch.

Kris @6:46 am that is 100% right on. Ten minutes after the Jets game I was wondering how the coaches would get the players prepared for the Colts after a big win like that. Don't want them getting too complacent.

The other thing is, and I know people in Miami aren't used to this, to be a winning team you need to be super focused. When you are in the playoff hunt this is exactly how a team should behave. Treat every team like they are dangerous, take no one for granted. This is what winning teams do to stay fresh. Philbin and the rest of the staffs demeanor are only a surprise to those who are used to a losing team with a defeatist attitude. They could lose this game but it won't be for lack of preparation and it certainly won't be because they took the other team for granted.

I see Cam Newton's neigbour, Michael Jordan, is giving him advice on how to be a better pro. Newton's a great athletic talent, I just think he's got a 5 cent brain. This was my fear about the guy coming out. Other people said they feared he wouldn't be able to overcome adversity. We're about to find out.

If guys are looking for a big upset game this weekend put some money on the Panthers. 'Skins defence is pretty poor and maybe, just maybe the Panthers pull the upset. Of course, you won't find me with money on the Panthers.

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