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Dolphins view Colts as a team to worry about

The Indianapolis Colts had the first overall pick in the draft last April after parting ways with Peyton Manning and closing the book on an era.

Little did anyone know they'd be this good this fast. But here we are a couple of days before the Dolphins play the Colts and I am seriously concerned about this game. What's more, the Dolphins are seriously concerned.

Even as preparations go forward and little seems different with the Dolphins on the surface, there is legitimate worry in the halls of the team's Davie, Fl. training facility. Joe Philbin, the personification of an even keeled sort, has seemed a bit tight this week, according to a couple of players I've spoken to privately.

"Not just [Philbin] but I think everybody," one player kidded. "The F-bomb count in practice has been a little higher than normal this week."

Philbin's shown some concern this week in that he asked players to do more than the usual amount of preparation for this game. That from a guy who wants his players doing a ton of preparation for every game anyway.

"Our focus is going to be, again, this is what we call an uncommon opponent because we don’t play these guys a lot," Philbin said. "They’re new. I’m sure we present some of the same challenges to them obviously, but we kind of appealed to the players that we have to spend some extra time in preparation. It’s not like the Jets who we knew relatively well. We go against those guys all the time, but it’s a different week and we have to be prepared for it."

Philbin has also been worried about the status of quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who is nursing a swollen and bruised left knee and is likely to be listed as questionable for the game on Friday. Philbin has a phobia about discussing injuries as a matter of policy. But this week he has been actively trying to shut down the conversation of Tannehill's injury, been trying to limit how much reporting is done on what Tannehill is doing in practice, and been trying to even limit the amount of questions the media asks on the topic in press conferences.

The past two days he's made a statement relating Tannehill's limited practice status and then told reporters that's all he'll say on the subject -- the inference being don't ask anything else about it.

"Ryan Tannehill practiced on a limited basis," Philbin said Thursday. "There’s really nothing else new to report on that. We’re going to see how practice unfolds and make the best for the team when we have enough, appropriate information. Beyond that, that’s the quarterback discussion for the day."

Basically, Philbin wants as little information getting to the Colts as possible. And that speaks to a greater issue which is the Dolphins believe they need to find every shred of advantage they can to win this game because, well, they're concerned about the Colts.

The Colts, you must remember, have players with big-game experience on their roster -- much moreso than Miami. Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Reggie Wayne, Adam Vinatieri, and Antoine Bethea have won a lot of playoff games and even a Super Bowl in Indy.

The Colts, you must remember, have done unexpected damage to teams with playoff hopes this year. They beat Minnesota. They beat Green Bay.

The Colts are at home where they are 3-1, with their only loss coming when Jacksonville's Blaine Gabbert completed an 80-yard TD pass to Cecil Shorts with less than one minute to play.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill rebuilding team. They're dangerous. The Dolphins recognize this.

And they're concerned about it.


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"Pass Offense: MIA (23th) / IND (9th)
Rush Offense: MIA (11th) / IND (17th)
Pass Defense: MIA (27th) / IND (7th)
Rush Defense: MIA (3rd) / IND (27th)

Smith and the secondary will have to step up big time and defensive front must pressure Luck relentlessly to rattle him.

I really think this game will come down to what schemes the coaches can come up with to limit Luck and get the most out of the players."

As Justin Smith of the Niners said earlier this year after a win--'stats are for losers.' In short stats don't always tell the REAL story. Shutting down the run, making teams one dimensional, & forcing turnovers is the way to win football games. I couldn't care less what our passing defense is ranked or how many passing yards they let up--if our defense plays the way we did against the Jets we'll win.

BTW--Since Marshall has been out our secondary has looked better. I have to give Carroll & Wilson a ton of credit for really stepping up this year.

"This definitely suggest the current staff goes into a game with a flow of the game strategy, not just a must run or must pass strategy. This is what I believe serves winning games best. Not trying to satisfy numbers or a certain philosophy."

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 02, 2012 at 11:17 AM

Very insightful, great post.

Tanny is the Manny
Trust in Philbin
Ireland is gaining respect
Ross is raw but learning.

"Another guy who's a gamer is Brian Hartline. Missed all preseason and just gets it done on Sundays. He'll never be a star in this league but Hartline could play on my team any time.

The other guy I'm starting to come around to as I guy I want back on this team next year, as long as his pricetag doesn't get crazy is Reggie Bush. A real pro, hardworker and a leader on this team. I think he really likes it it Miami and he doesn't have too many miles on that frame to date. He's got at least 2-3 good years left in him."


Agreed on Hartline being a gamer. The guy has really stepped up this year & so has Bess. I always thought Bess was just a slot receiver at best but he has taken his game up a notch this year. Very few drops, very consistent route runners, & they're both making the plays they need to make.

As for Bush--if he stays healthy--I'd like to see him back in Miami as well.

I had no idea that Ireland would have so many difficult decisions to make regarding FA but a LOT of these guys are making it that way.

So rather than assuming they are trolls, how about a little bit of leeway and understanding, just in case they are actually fans who want to talk about their team the Dolphins.

By the way it is AnthonyUK and not AndyUK.

Posted by: AnthonyUK

Guy, we've been through this a million times. If you truly are a new poster then keep posting under the same name and talk Dolphins football. It's that simple. But don't expect ANYONE in here to take your word. This blog has bred distrust and you need to prove yourself before people take you seriously. Sorry man, that's the way it is. Hope you are for real, we shall see. But like Kris, I too think you are FOS.

For the guys that know a bit about the College game can you give me your thoughts on Terrance Williams of Baylor. Is this a guy that could fit with this offence and what we need going forward?

I just checked Sundays TV schedule , thank God the game is on , we are playing same time as the Jagoffs they usually get the TV coverage , no idea why they are playing our game and don t care why , just happy it is on , will go to Publix get a Italian Combo sub , some chips and dip and relax in front of my own TV for a nice change , they used to be on every week till the Faguars came into the league

One other guy I'd like to hear guys talk about is the CB from Texas, Carrington Byndom. Is he consistent enough to give us what we need at CB?

Guys I'm not sure if you read it already but there is an interesting story here on who should start at QB for the Phins this week. Check it out.


I think they need to throw the ball to Reggie Bush more then they have , he`s got good hands and gets alot of YAC , Buffalo burned us for yrs doing it with Thurman Thomas , we need to start using him that way as well , will make them stop stacking the box as much too

Fleener is out for the Colts on Sunday. This kid Dwayne Allen is not a bad rookie TE either. Colts had some draft with Luck, Fleener, Hilton, & Allen.

Considering the success of both of our drafts so far it's actually not a surprise that we're both 4-3. Tannehill, Martin, Olivier, & hopefully Miller & Randall.....Another two drafts like this one & look out NE.

"I think they need to throw the ball to Reggie Bush more then they have , he`s got good hands and gets alot of YAC , Buffalo burned us for yrs doing it with Thurman Thomas , we need to start using him that way as well , will make them stop stacking the box as much too."


I agree. I've been very surprised that we haven't thrown the ball to Reggie more.

I wouldn't mind seeing Miller getting a couple of touches either. The kid has speed so we might as well use it.

IMO They key to this game is Miami's ability to run the ball. If we can establish the run early that will take Freeney out of the game and take pressure of our QB. On D, we all know the ball will be in hands of Luck most of the snaps so I'm expecting to see a big game from Wake & Co.

This is going to obviously be a tough game for both teams. Keys to the game for Miami to win in order.

1. Turnover battle - It's an obvious huge key for any team but its DEFINITIVE this year with our Dolphins. Miami is undefeated when they win the turnover battle and winless when they lose the turnover battle. Protect the ball Tannehill.

2. Running Game - Miami's stats are somewhat skewed rushing the ball in wins with only 72 total and 33 total in wins vs the Bengals and Rams but with 249 and 101 respectively in wins over the Raiders and Jets so I will go with the law of averages here and on average in wins Miami rushes for 113 a game from the RBs (not QB losses counted). When Miami is held in check they won 2 close ones when they rushed the ball over 100 as a team they dominated. 113 total is key.

3. Match ups - Miami's Dline is dominant vs the run and the Colts stink at running the ball so that plays into the matchup of the game Sean Smith vs Reggie Wayne. Sean Smith is playing his best football this year but he was out of position on several passes that jets WRs weren't good enough to make him for. Wayne was once one of the best in the league and he still has moments where he shows his youth when running great routes, using his body to shield a defender and make the tough catch. With the Colts being forced to have a pass heavy day Sean Smith has to come up big and force other WRs to beat Miami. Holding Wayne in check like he did Fitzgerald is tall task considering Luck is a very good player already.

4. Lastly Miami has to continue to play to win and not to lose which I think is exactly what Philbin/Serman is all about. He passes when the circumstances say run in certain spots and it's refreshing. Don't get me wrong in some cases I wish a run on 3rd and 1 would happen when we just picked up 9 yards on 2 previous runs like this past weekend and vs the Cards in OT as well but I think a huge reason this team is 4-3 is the coaching mentality.

Yes xtreme, we get a tv game because Jags are hosting NFC so are on Fox. Ridiculous Jags market.

Yes they haven t given Miller enough playing time , in these games where they haven t been able to run I think you try all your runners sometimes one guy just hits the hole faster , or reacts better , Reggie is great , but he tries changing direction and stringing it out too much sometimes instead of just running north and south , just think they need to try all runners style in each game keep the other team from zeroing in on one guys style

I couldn't even say when the last time was that I was a fan of our coach. It would have to be the JJ era. Philbin is the man. Where are the guys that were comparing him to Cam? I can see how he's trying to motivate the team to avoid a let down.

AnthonyUK is not new. Obviously. What a tool.

Guys Devlin is better than Moore!

Now have I said right Now? NO! BUT Devlin is Younger and has all the tools for a WCO QB! He's a better QB! He's T-Hill's Caddy! Meaning the Guy built to carry the bags! For the Franchise!

Hands are Important to throwing a football!! Look it UP! It's Essential for a NFL QB to Have Big Hands!

To break it down in Layman's Term!

U need big Hands TO Catch the football!

U need Big hands so the ball doesn't get stripped!

U Need Big Hands To Throw the Ball!!!

Look it up!

Now it's not my problem u can't eat a whooper!

Again, Many more reasons! Why Devlin is just a better qb! But if u don't understand the basic principal That the Size of Ur Hand Has a lot to do with ur grip on the ball when u throw it!

And it is Dansby's Job as a MLB! To line Up the team! He needs to average more than 10 tackles a game at least! To be worth what he is getting paid! And Burnett is just average.



We can go a lot better for less!

They let to many passes get completed on them and in their zones!

Again, They Play Half a Season! So Maybe we will get better Production!

Just to remind! U can picture Clemons and Carroll getting better for the next 3-4 years! Dansby and Burnett are Past their Prime in the NFL! THEY ARE WHAT THEY ARE BY NOW! Like Reggie!

WHILE FOR EXAMPLE! A Koochly or Te'o! Have the next 10+ years ahead of themselves!

And they cost a lot less! That's Dashi's Point!

This wont be an easy game if Tannehill is starting. Colts 24 Fins 13.

Its pretty obvious that Moore is better then Tannehill.



Tannehill is the 29th ranked QB(worse then Henne was) so why not le Moore start?

Tannehill actually has better stats then Luck , kinda pissed Marino rates Tannehill 5th and Luck 1st , always wondered why he didn t come teach Henne how to look a receiver off, he`s not too pro active with the team , I know he left angry , but that was JJ fault , he ruined Marino`s last few yrs , don t think he liked Marino

you must be Dashi huh Mondo , everytime I get into it with him the blog just stops on my end

Kris to your point regarding tough guy coaches. I respectfully disagree. Most tough guy coaches or over the top coaches one way or another (cheerleader types as well) typically are better coordinators that HC's. Some have been successful like Ditka and Cowher, but for the most part look at the SB winners and how many had tough guy head coaches! I am sure you will bring up coughlin, but he is not a tough guy, he is tough coach. Guys like Ryan, Jim Harbagh and Schwartz will eventuall wear on their teams.

Concerned? Sounds like being scared of playing the colts.. They should go with the mentality that we are going to go in there and kick their behinds.

worry about execution

worry about seperation on defenders

worry about blitz formations and offensive production

worry about effective gameplanning............

Dont worry about the other team because your unfamiliar with them, it should feel likewise from indys side of prep as well so I dont see the relevence in having concern over them for that reason...and if miami wants to amount to anything in winning with confidence... good teams find ways to win on the road....thats what seperates average teams to good teams..just sayin

we have RBS,

you overlooked one important stat that really tells which team has an advantage sunday...

Miamis Redzone defense #2 in the league

Indys Redzone defense #27th in the league

total defense and offense stats pale in camparison!!!Just Sayin

stop worrying dolfans this is a good team and we're playing them at there home but this dolphin team has been on the road practically all season thus far and have not played bad at all in every contest! the key to victory Sunday is simple. 1. Run the ball(control the time of possession) 2. stop the run and pressure Luck(need at least 4-5 sacks) 3. do not turn the ball over. do that Dolphins win easily! 27-13! This is why Philbin wants these guys paying attention to detail. We will be fine! Go Dolphins get to 5-3!

Colts have that QB as an X factor. They better be prepared. The Jets aren't even close to being as good as Indy. Especially with their injuries. Vontae not playing helps.

Posted by: B33RCA53 | November 02, 2012 at 08:52 AM
B33, you left out TWO WORDS at the end of your post above.."The Colts."
As in, "Especially with their injuries,. Vontae NOT playing helps the Colts."
We'd toast Davis, especially knowing his tendencies.

Andrew Luck is no John Kennedy!

Mr luck I knew Dan Marino, he was a friend of mine.
Mr. luck you are no Dan Marino!

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