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Dolphins waive Gaffney; sign TE Miller, make Matthews happy

Jabar Gaffney's career with the Dolphins lasted, oh, six games and he was active for only three of those. Gaffney, inactive last week against Buffalo, was waived a couple of hours ago.

The Dolphins are filling the roster spot with tight end Kyle Miller, who they claimed off waivers from Indianapolis. Miller was on the Colts' active roster one game and was headed back to their practice squad when he got the call this afternoon that he was claimed by Miami.

Miller is scheduled to arrive in South Florida Tuesday evening.


Another disappointment.

Look, with the performances of Gaffney and Anthony Armstrong -- signed after training camp as stop-gap, desperation moves to help the wide receiver corps -- we should now be understanding that these moves that pick up somebody else's discards after training camp rarely work to any great degree.

The Dolphins, you'll remember, signed Gaffney in early October when he finally got healthy after missing all of training camp and being cut by the Patriots for having a calf injury.

But Gaffney didn't learn the Miami playbook very quickly. He was inactive three weeks before he finally got on the field. Then he played three games in which he caught four passes.

He was not the veteran presence fans hoped. He was not an obvious upgrade to Marlon Moore, actually. And now he's gone.

That depature clears the way for rookie Rishard Matthews to continue being active in games going forward.

Miller, meanwhile, is a 6-5 and 260-pound first year player from Mount Union. He was an undrafted free agent pickup by the Colts and was on the practice squad until the New England game when he was activated.

Miller is a developmental player.

The Dolphins have five tight ends on their active roster.



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Seems like Philbin and his staff are very particular and just won't settle for anybody. Good.

(I wish)it was Heath Miller.


Seems Philbin and his staff are looking for "smart guys" that play great football. But Ireland keeps sending him "dumb guys" who cant learn the offense and when finally playing are avg players at best.

Well, if so, I consider that a plus, YG. We really need and want Star Players here(been a long Time since then).


Don't be an idiot. Think before you write. No way Ireland brings in Miller without the coaching staff on board with the decision.

Some of you still can't see how important it is for the GM and HC to work together, and they do. That was apparent in the HK show.

Some of you still seem to think Ireland works off in a distant cave by himself. He doesn't.


Some here are beginning to blame Philbin and staff for not being able to develop Ireland's players. A good coaching staff can develop snart guys with huge upside. They can not develop dunb players with avg upside.

Dumb players with avg upside eventuelly go to the scrap heap.

I'm glad to see them cutting the trash fast and not letting them linger on for years. If Sparano were still coach, Lex Hilliard would have a 15 year career here gaining 100 yards a season on 40 carries.

Thumbs up!! Jeff Ireland is finding more acorns than a hyperactive squirrel on steroids. I posted an acorn watch two days ago and here it is.
Well done, Jeff Ireland!

I agree, Kelekele it is(or should be) Ireland PLUS Philbin. But why bring in some slow slug here who will never make this Team(unless they are for reps in practice).

Yg and a couple others. Have Seen what Philbin is all about.


Philbin has been honest from the start. Maybe to honest for some people!

But the guy has said from the beginning! What he's about!!!

And Dashi loves Philbin!! What he stands for!! How Smart He is!!

Philbin Gets It!!

Shula Got it!

JJ had it!

The Other 4! Didn't!

Philbin gets it!!

Don't be an idiot. Think before you write. No way Ireland brings in Miller without the coaching staff on board with the decision.

Posted by: Kelekele | November 20, 2012 at 09:42 PM

Uhh..... Kelekele,

Wake up. Do you think Philbin and staff are watching scouting film during season?

Jeff say to them Im bringing in this player or that player and they say ok. That's how onboard with Ireland's decisions work.

They put them on the practice field and find out theyre total crap. Next we read that player has been cut. The coaching staff can only evaluate these players once they hit the practice field.

They're far too busy to sit down with Ireland, watch tons of tape on players Ireland's bringing, and say yes that our guy. That happens during the offseason.

Dont be an idiote.


You let a body go, you bring a body in. Nobody is ever sure who will blossom. You feed the practice squad and if one develops here and there, its a bonus. 1 out of 100 are a Cameron Wake waiting to happen, so you take the chance.

If you don't try, you never gain.


Maybe you can send me the youtube video of you with the coaching staff and GM? Otherwise, how the heck do you know how they are working?

Just because you guess doesn't mean it's that way.

We saw GM and HC working together in HK. Until I see otherwise, I will assume it is still that way, and not the way some random blogger supposes it is.

OK, Kelekele. Agree.(however , before bringing them in you should make sure they are Football smart).


Maybe you can do the same for me. Just another regular troll on this board using another troll screen name. However, you cant change stupid by changing your troll name.

Where the hell do you get the time to come up with these troll names no one's ever heard of? LOL...

A troll; guesses a thing, then accuses someone else of guessing a thing. Geez, what is trolldom coming to. Wow! LOL...

It is worth repeating what JJ has said regarding Drafting skills as he is one of the gifted ones in that respect, "Most of the mistakes I made in drafting were due to low intelligence on the Player's part".

Where the hell do you get the time to come up with these troll names no one's ever heard of? LOL...

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 20, 2012 at 09:57 PM

The same place you do Dying Breed, YG, YF4E and the others you think nobody knows about.



The thing is, most smart people don't pursue a career in football. Some football players are smart, but most, even some of the best, are kind of dumb.


You are challenging Kris on who is the biggest hypocrite here. And doing a find job of it.


Mr. troll extraordinaire, at this point of the season everything brought in is an acorn. Really troll-ala-carte, do you really belive the coaching staff's signing off on anything at this poitn?

If so, then youre even dumber than the avg trollership bear, boo-boo! LOL

U both are correct.

This works as a team now.

Irelands job is to find people that fit the prototype!!

Philbin and companys job is to see if the player works in the system.

Ireland doesn't get Mad. And Philbin Either. Ireland is also taking this as practice!!! To see what kind of players the Coaches would like to draft.

Dashi says Coaches!! Because I believe even the Position Coaches!! Have a Say To Philbin!! When it Comes to Draft Time!! And who they want in their Unit!!

Which is the way it should be.

Look at Marino, was he smart or just gifted? Listening to him as an analyst, it is hard to believe he is smart. He never says a single interesting thing. He is never insightful. He only says what is totally obvious and nothing more. Also notice he talks less than any of the other analysts by his side. He is a terrible analyst, maybe the worst.


Sounds like odin trying to re-invent himself again. Good work odin! LOL...


You dont seem very smart yourself. You would graduate 30th in a class of 2. On a good day you might remember you pissed your pants when you pissed your pants. LOL...

Being in the Profession I'm in, Kelekele, I can tell you for a fact that Intelligence is not exclusive but inclusive. I can guarantee you that there are many types of intelligentsias and Football intelligent is one of them. Look at Emmitt Smith, he can barely express himself but he knew that JJ O and how to run thru it.

Sure, Kelekele, Marino is no rocket scientist, never has been. But he knows Football.

Yet another example of the Failbin/Ireland "Mastery"

Please Lord............help us.......or at least, Please Ross, fire the Ball-Boy!


Philbin coached on a team with sb championship, in a system that won sb championships. He knows what great player and players with great potential look like. On the field and off.

So, I believe he already knows what kind of players his coaching staff needs. They dont even have to ask.

Also, besides Ryan Tannehill(because of the Sherman relationship), there was not one other draft pick Philbin was very familiar with on draft day here.

Remember, most of the scouting is done during the regular collegiate season. Sparano was still hc here then. So Philbin pretty much got to watch scouting tape that Ireland's scouts had evaluated.

Im pretty sure when coming in, Philbin wasnt even 75% sure of what all of the Dolphins true needs were. He could only do a looksy at what Ireland presented him. Now after a full season, he can make a much better evaluation of what's needed next year and going forward.


Keep trying to bring yourself down to odin's level. It suits you well.

We have 5 Tight Ends, none of them a real threat.

Posted by: bobbyd12

Yeah they're a threat. They're threatening to turn us into a 4-12 team. They're also threatening the health of every fan who violently vomits when watching them every Sunday.

Oscar. In laymans term.

Knowing what to do with the ball in ur hands. And Emmitt was a bad player. But ur right in the intelligence. Dept.

Some call it instincts. Awareness!!

Zach thomas! Have u heard him recently. Its a shame. But he knew football.

Dan marino. Yes the god himself. Most Prolific Passer in History. Is not Even sharper than a butter knife.

But had one of the Highest Football IQ!! Of all Time!!

That's great analysis on Philbin's reach in the Organization before the Season and you answered what I was wondering and didn't know, YG. Thankyou.


What was your screen name before kelekele? Are you afraid to kele-tell kelekele? LOL...

Well certainly the Dolphins will be either trading or going to free agency but mostly looking to find someone who can run, get open and catch in the 2013 draft. They really need more than one receiver who is quick and fast to create separation. An athletic TE is needed which will not be easy because the Dolphins also need a CB, Safety and outside LB'er. Wow, does anyone really trust Ireland to acquire what is needed? The acorn finder, Jeff Ireland will find more developmental Egnew type guys if given the chance. I wrote weeks ago how I did not trust Ireland and the Kool Aid drinkers on this site stated what a great he was doing. How does the Kool Aid taste now that the lack of talent is so obvious.

Football IQ Hahaha, what a silly meaningless term.

It ain't even chess folks. The great Lombardi said, its simple, match up a fast guy against a slow guy, a big guy against a smaller guy, and that is it.

Some of you that think intelligence is involved obviously don't work in a field that demands serious intelligence.

You bring in a player after a good initial workout. And, hope that he can learn your system, stay healthy, and jell with the rest of your team. Sometimes, it works and sometimes it doesn't. It's all up to the player. Are they making progress? Or, have they hit a plateau? Are other, younger players at that position starting to show promise? Coaches are constantly evaluating the players on their roster and the practice squad. You put the best player on the field and do your best to put them in a position to succeed. Sometimes, you gamble a little bit. Will a player help your team or will they just hold you back? Are they more trouble than they're worth? What's the cost to the team in production (and salary) and is it worth it? Do the coaches and GM agree? Do they have the same vision? Is everyone on the same page?

I'm hopeful that our front office knows a whole lot more than we do about everything. If not, the owner won't keep them around very long.

Yeah, maybe that was in Lombardi's Time but now Every Player is extra-fast and Every Player is extra-Big. Vince would have no fukkkking idea now....


Please give us koolaid a pass for now. I was Jim Jonsing it myself. Philbin had these guys playing over thier heads.

What I've learned from this experience is that if it isnt truly cream. Eventually it will settle back to the bottom. Philbin shook up the bottle, the sediment rose to the top, now its doing what sediment always does. Settles back down to the bottom.


Exactly!! Why Philbin couldn't gut the roster to start!! Or Sign High Priced Free Agents!


Philbin Is looking thru the roster!! And seeing what he has.



Oscar Canosa Says:
It is worth repeating what JJ has said regarding Drafting skills as he is one of the gifted ones in that respect, "Most of the mistakes I made in drafting were due to low intelligence on the Player's part".
Well it's worth noting that this Dolphins GM does test to see if the player had a prostitute for a Mom. A players intelligence is secondary to his Mom's profession.

The sad part about being a dolphins fan for the last few years (like I've been for the last 18 years) is that the draft is what I start looking forward to right around the mid point or 3/4 mark of the season. What even makes this worst is that I NEVER leave the draft feeling like we won that either!

Once again, IMO(and JJ'S) the most important factor in acquiring a Player it's his Intelligence. Look at Pat Devlin!

I believe Philbin now pretty much knows the pretenders from the contenders on this roster. He has a much greater idea what to tell Ireland he needs from this coming draft.

Now it will be up to Ireland and his scouts to deliver. If they deliver acorns, its on Ireland and his scouting staff, not Philbin and his coaching staff.

Do you really think Belicheck would have this cast of jokers playing any better? Ultimately its about acquiring talent. Every coach looks like a great coach when they have a star QB. How many look great when they don't have a star QB?

Belicheck failed in Cleveland.
Coughlin failed in Jax.
Cowher needed 14 years and a young hot shot qb to win the big one.

No doubt, YG @ 10:39PM. Great stuff from you Today. Thankyou.

The most important thing in drafting a real football player is does the guy drafting that player knows what a real football player looks like.

Guys, this IQ thing isnt just book smart. There are freaking billiolnaires with avg IQ's and guys with genius IQ's that have nevr made anything much of themselves.

As a society, the term "IQ" itself needs to be redefined. As currently defined, it has very little bearance on who truly sicceeds in life and who doesnt.

I remembered most people were loving Ireland and Philibin when we were winning, but now that we lost a few games everyone is ready to jump ship yet again.

Show some faith in your team. It takes time to mold a roster and year one isn't the time to give up. You think the organization doesn't hear all the crap the so called fans say and try to turn things around for all of us. These moves are necessary. Fasono is old and inconsistent 5 TE's and not a single one is clutch. Maybe this kid will be that guy all teams let go good players depending on their rosters situation.

Probably 99% of all of the world geniuses work for someone else. The guys theyre working are mostly of avg IQ's. So who's REALLY smart here? LOL

You provoke me, promichael, which you shouldn't do. It's been proven that crack use during pregnancy affects the fetus brain and that's why Ireland was questioning Dez about his Mom and her habits.

How many times, YG? There is not AN Intelligence but Intelligentsias.

There are people who were diagnosed "slow learners" in school. That now outearn many of those with avg to high IQ's.

Lets quest ourselves to learn what "smart" really means and very diverse it really is.

There many people that would determine being up this late, or bloggin football period, is "very dumb". But it doesnt mean we're all very dumb people.

Yesterday's Gone says:


Please give us koolaid a pass for now. I was Jim Jonsing it myself. Philbin had these guys playing over thier heads.

What I've learned from this experience is that if it isnt truly cream. Eventually it will settle back to the bottom. Philbin shook up the bottle, the sediment rose to the top, now its doing what sediment always does. Settles back down to the bottom.
Well I do appreciate your analogy but the bottom line is Ireland is useless other than to correct the cap space issues that his former mentor Parcells created. Now Philbin will have to ask Ross not to give Ireland final say in recruiting for next season.

No answer from promichael(or anybody else). I have no $ and so I've never made anything of myself according to YG. Could it be so? heheheh

Its a great myth, being born white entitles you to being born smart. Or being born black, entitles you to being born dumb.

Ive met dumbass whites and blacks, and smartass whites and blacks. Sorry folks, but the amount of pigment in ones skin, race breed, nor inbreed. Solely determines this. LOL...

No Woman that prostitutes uses not Drugs.


The point of my post wasnt earning potential alone, just one of thousands variances of intellect or IQ. Intellect or IQ branches into so many different areas and can not be truely defined as one singular event.


As human beings fear and faith controls every fiber of our being. Can fear and faith be the infinite springs from which the waters of IQ truly ebbs or flows?

Think about that.

Yeah, right, YG. The only fear you probably have lies in losing your $.

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