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Dolphins waive Gaffney; sign TE Miller, make Matthews happy

Jabar Gaffney's career with the Dolphins lasted, oh, six games and he was active for only three of those. Gaffney, inactive last week against Buffalo, was waived a couple of hours ago.

The Dolphins are filling the roster spot with tight end Kyle Miller, who they claimed off waivers from Indianapolis. Miller was on the Colts' active roster one game and was headed back to their practice squad when he got the call this afternoon that he was claimed by Miami.

Miller is scheduled to arrive in South Florida Tuesday evening.


Another disappointment.

Look, with the performances of Gaffney and Anthony Armstrong -- signed after training camp as stop-gap, desperation moves to help the wide receiver corps -- we should now be understanding that these moves that pick up somebody else's discards after training camp rarely work to any great degree.

The Dolphins, you'll remember, signed Gaffney in early October when he finally got healthy after missing all of training camp and being cut by the Patriots for having a calf injury.

But Gaffney didn't learn the Miami playbook very quickly. He was inactive three weeks before he finally got on the field. Then he played three games in which he caught four passes.

He was not the veteran presence fans hoped. He was not an obvious upgrade to Marlon Moore, actually. And now he's gone.

That depature clears the way for rookie Rishard Matthews to continue being active in games going forward.

Miller, meanwhile, is a 6-5 and 260-pound first year player from Mount Union. He was an undrafted free agent pickup by the Colts and was on the practice squad until the New England game when he was activated.

Miller is a developmental player.

The Dolphins have five tight ends on their active roster.



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Again. There are other Values in Life besides $. There are other Values in the Universes apart from $.

How many suicides in the Great Depression? You base your Self Esteem on something material when that disappears you are reduced to Nothingness.

Any player that needs 3 weeks to get up to speed is guaranteed not to make it. Matthews is solid and he will show it. Tannehill just needs to look for him. The know it all's who screamed for Gaffney now know why they sit on this blog rather than make real NFL decisions.

Is Jeff Fuller still on our PS? He will be a real good receiver for somebody.

I mean you don't play with Johnny Maizel for nothing.

Geez, I just don't get this one. Let's add ANOTHER TE, this one undrafted and get rid of Gaffney. Cause let's face it, WR was by FAR our strongest position (sarcasm). Let's get ANOTHER TE, who won't dress and can stand on the sidelines like a dork. I mean how many of these guys do we need? Yeatman, Mastrud, Egnew? I mean why not have a whole team of 53 TE's who can't contribute. Might get us the first pick and the chance to draft Andrew Luck.

What?.....Oh OK....Never mind.


IMO, you are probably 28-32 years old and you spend your spare time smoking a glass pipe far beyond what your budget allows....Your observations on our team are sketchy, at best. Do yourself a favor, put the pipe down and start engaging in meaningful Dolpins' discussions.

Im back to Irelandic comentary folks.Ross seems to appreciate the cap space Ireland has created and I think this helps lend the major overhaul more credibility.There are 20 players whose contract expires after play this season(just read that here)If Ireland will be making the draft picks and free agent moves its time for Ross to consider an addition to the FO(a talent evaluator that will only provide input to Ross and Ireland)I heard about this idea from JJ ex dolphin coach but I wouldnt hire him he was probably lobbying for the part time gig when presenting it to the media.

We have 5 TEs and Bill Russell has 11 rings who wouldve thunk that up.

Dolphins suk they really really suck.... Go Fins yay....Worst team to be a fan of...Guaranteed to ruin your Sunday !!!!! Its always Maybe next year all over again...In a perfect world the fins may be Superbowl contenders in about 4 years...Or Rebuilding still and looking for a quarterback . 1972-1973 was only 40 years ago... I have had the privelage to say maybe next year 38 times with this WORSE THAN EVER CLUELESS FRANCHISE. Starting to think Go BUCS !!!!

Are game Tickets free yet ?

Oscar Canosa says:
You provoke me, promichael, which you shouldn't do. It's been proven that crack use during pregnancy affects the fetus brain and that's why Ireland was questioning Dez about his Mom and her habits.
Well then Ireland should start giving IQ and other type of intelligence tests. He should also test himself to discover what he finds interesting about acorns.

Yeah, the termination of Gaffney's contract at this time might make the Dolphins look a little desperate. I'm not as convinced of an Ireland vs Philbin mistake as I am that this was a joint decision to get the best help at the time for the WR position.

Gaffney was signed back when the Dolphins were in contention for a playoff spot (remember way back then?). The coaching staff was disappointed that it took him so long to get ready and then...

Gaffney -with or without injury -is no longer necessary as priorities will be dictated in the near term as the team contemplates next year.

I thinking Jeff Fuller gets moved up from the PS

wow, i can't believe how much moaning is going on that they cut a player that wasn't what they were hoping for in the short term(veteran player who could 'help' the team) at minimal cost. This will now also give some of the younger guys a chance to get some reps that on the last blog a number of people were shouting for. They call in a young TE to take a look rather than wait till the offseason, again at minimal cost. I think this shows the coaches are still looking at personnel for the FUTURE aswell as now.
Surely you want them to continue looking at/evaluating players rather than stop everything untill the offseason?????? I exptected more out of gaffney like a few others- it didn't work out, the coaches had the balls to say it and addressed it and move on.

agree with billcale

Gaffney dropped a perfectly led passthat hit him in both hands by Matt Moore against the Jets for a would be TD

That was after Matt Moore put the ball on the numbers for our average TE Fasano who could not tap his big goofy feet in bounds in the end zone costing Matt Moore and the Dolphins another TD

Add an easily catchable 1st down pass by Matt Moore to Bess who dropped that one and u just stole a
Perfect QB Rating from MVP Matt Moore against the Jets

The Jets game QB'd by Matt Moore who bailed out the fledgling inaccurate Tannehill who was throwing at WRs ankles and panicking was the last win for the Miami Dolphins

Since then we lost 3 in a row and will be lucky to win 2 more games all season with Tannehill & CB Smith and other overconfident players that have sucky stats and obv sucky play

Jeff Ireland's NFL players and team w Tannehill & CB Smith starting are what their record reflects 3-6, lost 3 in a row since Matt Moore's victory over the Jets

It's starts at the top

Bye, Bye Jeff Ireland

Dolphins are 1-0 against the fans most hated rival and Matt Moore as field general

Dolphins will be 3-7 Sunday w Ryan Tannehill starting

.... telling

Funny, guys on here sound like the ones who try to justify staying in a relationship with a woman who they know is cheating on them. The simple truth is, the Dolphins will never win with jeff Ireland in control. He has had plenty of time to turn things around, and he has failed. Repeated below average drafts, and an unwillingness for high profile free agents to come to miami because of him have kept this team a losing one. How many FA's have come out and said, after visiting, that they would love to play in miami but they dont like the direction of the team? Who guides the team, Ireland. Its really not that difficult, Ireland must go if the Dolphins want to win.

In two weeks the Dolphins will be 3-8 w Ryan Tannehill starting

and 1-0 w Matt Moore starting
the QB who is 7 out of the last 10 games for the Miami Dolphins

... telling

They started a rookie qb that had all of 19 college starts under his belt when they could have started a veteran qb who could win games for them so they had conceded the season before it started. Why, then, did they not start Matthews and Fuller, who had no less of a preseason than that of Tannehill?
This team had no real chance from the beginning of the season because all they had at wide receiver were Bess and Hartline. Where was the help going to come from? So, you might as well put Matthews and Fuller in the game and see what they could do for you and give the qb some extra targets to utilize during the game instead of leaving everyone dead in the water.
If they failed, so what. Everyone knows the team wasn't going to do anything this year anyway with Tannehill starting and Bess and Hartline as their main threats at receiver.

because if the WR doesn't know his assignments before he gets into the game he has no chance of running them in the game. If a player needs some time to adjust to the NFL both physically and mentally give him the time to at least partially adjust before you throw him in. remember we want players for the long term, so 'throwing them in' too early normally has a negative effect whether that be on themselves or their teammates. Give these kids a bit of breathing space to give them the best chance of succeeding on OUR team

Tannehill wasn't given that same time. If you're going to throw a rookie qb with limited starts under his belt into the fire why not throw a couple rookies in there with him. They have a rookie right tackle who is learning on the fly and was trounced in his last game against the Bills. Did they hurt his ego?
Put them in there and give them the experience they need. I'm tired of seeing guys come on to this team and not getting time on the field. Sherman's offense reminds me too much of the past four years. No throws deep and they are trying to win without the weapons on the field. I look at the deep pass from Tannehill to Matthews last week and the 37 yd completion from Matt Moore to Marlon Moore in the Jets game and it gets me that they don't at least try and throw it deep more often to let the defense know they are going to put it up there. Matthews drew the penalty because he beat the defender. That's saying somehting.

you don't have to be seven feet tall to be a great reciever, you just have to PLAY like it, there is something about this mathews guy, he has good speed, a good eye for the ball, nice hands, and best of all he IS a tough guy, this kid is gonna get a lot of y.a.k., i hope tannehill keeps his left eye on him cause he is going to get open.

Arguably, Tannehill was the least ready to play his position and the most raw at his position considering that he had only 19 starts in college at qb. Fuller played all four years at receiver and Matthews had more starts at receiver than Tannehill had at qb.
So, if Tannehill can be thrown in there, so can those two.

You have to consider that, if Matthews didn't get the penalty, he makes the catch and scores. He's got to be used more. If it doesn't work out then that's fine but not using him and saying he's not ready just doesn't make sense.

I agree to a point with you lou, I think the coaches believed what they saw in practice from the vets was enough for gameday compared to how some of the rookies performed. You're right about matthews and moore creating opportunities for bigger plays etc and i think we will now start to see them get more reps. I must admit I really thought gaffney would have contributed more than he did, and am dissappointed it took him so long to learn the playbook becasue missing 2 games for that reason is pretty poor IMO.

I think it is widely known that Matt moore performed the worst in preseason with D Garrard leading the qb race untill he got hurt, possibly pushing T/hill in earlier than coaches would have liked.
All i'm saying is some players need more time than others to adjust to their role when stepping up to the nfl. Hopefully that is the reason the coaches have held back so far. I think releasing gaffney must be the point now where the coaches are saying we think these kids are ready to contribute. s frustrating as it is I beleive it's the right approach, for some fans it might be a couple weeks too late but i'll trust what the coaches see at this point

I didn't understand the Gaffney move from the beginning. He wasn't anything other than what they already had in Bess and Hartline.
The thing about Matthews and Moore is they can throw the ball deep and even if they miss the defense now knows they need to put some guys back there and not keep everyone up for the run. Sherman needs to start spreading the ball around some more. His offense is too vanilla like Henning's was. How he expects to get 70+ plays per game if he's not going to try and use Bush more on screens like Buffalo did with Spiller and start using Fasano more is beyond me.
Another thing I don't understand why he doesn't throw a couple short, underneath passes and draw the defense up and take a deep shot every so often to keep the defense on their heels. If they hit the deep shot, great, but even if they don't it sends the message to the defense that they need to cover it and it makes it more difficult for the defense to crowd the line looking for the run.

I hope you're right about the coaches thinking the kids can contribute. Now if they would just bring Fuller up from the PS it would be great.
Anyway, gotta go.

I think gaffney came as a possesion reciever was to help t/hill, hasn't worked clearly but hey they tried it and have moved on.
I agree that sherman has been conservative at times. The deep ball is only any good if the defence believe that the play can be made and honour it. I would like to see a more varied scheme just like you would so lets see what we do with these players in more often. However if others don'tdo their job it won't matter cuz the qb won't have the time to wait for the play to develop

Excellent observation by professorlou @ 7:28...I too am of the opinion that this coaching staff has the players who can spread the field, but for whatever reason, do not incorporate them into the strategy week after week...why is that???

Don't think Matthews is a deep threat as the speed just isn't there. At 2 in. shorter than Gaffney but 20 lbs heavier and stronger, he could be a good YAC guy. Has soft hands and doesn't appear to shy away from contact.

As we are beginning to realize that the coaches won't play anyone with weak fundamentals and poor knowledge of the playbook, I think it's safe to assume that he has been hampered by poor blocking skills and assignment requirements. Looking forward to see what he can do in the coming weeks.

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IMO, you are probably 28-32 years old and you spend your spare time smoking a glass pipe far beyond what your budget allows....Your observations on our team are sketchy, at best. Do yourself a favor, put the pipe down and start engaging in meaningful Dolpins' discussions.

Posted by: stillhardcoredolphinsfan | November 21, 2012 at 12:06 AM

Matthews was already active the last couple games with gaffney!!

Does this mean Egnew will get to be active now?

If that's one of the reason they cut gaffney!! Dashi is all for it!!

And Jeff Fuller isn't on the team. They replaced him a while back. With that kid name Timms or something like that!! And Matthews was the only one making crazy catches!!! In PreSeason!!

And from yesterday,

Yg. Ur correct!! IQ!! Shouldn't be the only way to measure Intelligence!! A persons Will to Succeed is more Important!! That Drive is what differentiates!! Greatness!! From being Normal!!!

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Yet, he's a Masochist!! To being enslaved!! Working for somebody else!!

Don't get me wrong we all have to start somewhere!! It's where we finish!! That Counts!

Just Don't expect the Dashi to be working for Somebody else's benefit!! My Whole Life!

Wasn't raise that way!

U don't get rich working for someone else!! Doesn't matter if u are a doctor!!! Get a Private Practice!!

Save up!! Come Up with a Business Idea!! And Invest in urself!! Doesn't work try again!!

That way when ur 85 like Oscar!! Ur not thinking what u could've done!! And At least say u tried!!! which is more than most!!

Kris, don't want to add to the chorus of the trolls, but let me just say Philbin isn't really showing himself to be that great of an answer yet. I got mindset from you actually, the wait and see approach. I'm as optimistic on Philbin as everyone else, but this topsy-turvy year has you being what I feel to be overly-optimistic with no real backing behind it, and Craig M to be the realist.

Gaffney was a stud in DC (I'm sure you saw some of that yourself). Best WR on the team. So, what happened here? How many times can we read about a player unable to get on the field because he can't understand the playbook (Egnew, Matthews, Moore, Miller...)? Doesn't that even give YOU, the king of hidden meaning, pause to think that maybe either the playbook isn't geared towards the team these Coaches have, or they aren't bending enough to get playmakers on the field? Is this all about Tannehill (because last I checked, there's 53 players on the roster)? I can't believe I'm saying that (as someone who's been talking for years strictly about the QB position) but it's starting to make me wonder.

I'm not saying Ireland is giving Philbin much to work with (in FA). But pull a Don Rumsfeld, go to war with the military you have. If these are your players, USE THEM. How many times can we watch our TEs do nothing? How many times can we see a WR not in sync? How many times can we see an entire half without a big run? When there are players on the sideline either inactive or for whatever reason not used. The excuses by the Coaches are getting old. This is a results-oriented game. If you (as a Coach) don't think it's important to tell me about injuries, let me tell you I don't care to hear your excuses. I want to hear (or see) WHAT YOU ARE DOING TO FIX THE PROBLEMS!!!


We need at least Philbin's 2nd season to find out what we truly have in him. You dont come into your 1st season as a team truly knowing all that ails it.

As a 1st year hc, you find a way to pull out some victories, while identifying the pretenders from the contenders on your roster. We'll get a good taste of that this offseason seeing which of our fa's are resigned or allowed to walk.

Also 2013's draft will be a great sign Philbin's now on top of things. Especially those top 5 picks. This season was more of an exploratory process to place his order of team priorities with Jeff Ireland in the upcoming draft.

I just hope Ireland listens and doesnt go out free lansing this draft driven by his own self-centered ego.


Also, Philbin is implementing his sysytem here, more likely molded after the successful system in GB. When implementing a true system you cant go all willy-nilly all over the place because some of the personel dont fit.

There are current players who will be with the team and current players who wont shortly. Sticking to your guns is for the benifit of the players you do plan on keeping for the long run. Those who dont, wont be around very long anyway.

So why be all willy-nilly slinging mud all over the place just to see what will stick. The players you do this for arent going to stick anyway.

I like Reshard Mathews. I liked him in College and in the preseason. It is time to see what the young players can do. They need to make some decisions for next year. Ireland has had some good finds at WR in the late rounds since he has been here: Hartline 4th round pick and Bess undrafted free agent. Hopefully, Reshard is that next diamond in the rough.

Gaffney did not do much in the short time that he was here. He is over the hill.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | November 20, 2012 at 07:46 PM

Yea, he's had so many good acquisitioons that we still have the 1 of the worst WR corp in the NFL.

Maybe, JUST MAYBE, better than the Jets without Holmes, the Browns & the Rams.

Add to that all the TE's who not 1 of them are worth more than a nickel.

When will the Ireland apologists give it up!

Plus, what Im loving about Philbin, is out of all of the post Shula hc's, he's the only one having dialogue with Don Shula. Never could understand why these green horne hc here never consulted or talked to the winniest hc of al time on anything.

Could this be why this franchise has been mired in losing for so long?

Of all things, I currently love the most from Philbin, he has active dialogue with "The Don"!


Once past the trading deadline youre not going to significantly upgrade your roster. Ireland knew the wr corps were seriously downgraded when he traded Marshall. He knew there would be hole in the already porous secondary when he traded Davis.

Seems the strategy now is to use the chips gained in tradung players on the 2013 draft table. Uh...duh..., you didnt really expect this to be a sb championship team this year did you?

Hell, Dashi, my aim in Life has never been to get rich but rather to better mySelf in all areas and, if possible, to help others do the same. I feel I have accomplished a lot of those Goals. Besides, I was as rich as they come as a Child so I have had that too.

Now, I have to prepare myself to work Today. Later.

The Dolphins are 4-6 so what, the world is going to end on DEC 21 :)


Im not an Ireland apologist. Ive been one his staunchest critics. Im just hoping he'll trust in a hc that's been around a winning organization for what, 10yrs.

Year one, may have been a roster evaluation season for Philbin. Identify pretenders from contenders and provide Ireland with a draft day grocery list for 2013, so that this team can began to be built the GB way.

If a lot of whats currently on this roster wasnt awful, then we wouldnt have hired a new hc coming into this season, right? Still that new hc needs at least 1 full season to identify afor himself all of the wrongs. Before he can begin turning them into rights.

The full happenings of this coming offseason should give us all a better insight into that. I just hope Ireland follows what this new hc tries to lead him todo.

gaffney u bum. shuld' a caught that bomb for a td from moore that u dropped u'd still be in camp davie but again u were pix by the dikhead irecorn who is pathetic.

YG, those are all good points that I agree with, but why does that work in the rest of the league? Didn't Denver change their approach to accommodate Tebow (with good results I might add)? Then changed it back to fit Manning? Skins did it with RG3 (and at least he's having a pretty good year). I see some of it in Tampa. So teams do that a lot, in order to bring credibility to the Coaching staff and a winning culture.

The down side of what you're saying is when the system really isn't all that great. I'm not saying that Philbin's isn't, like you said, it worked in GB, but how much was that predicated on their 2 elite QBs? Tannehill won't make you look as good as Favre or Rodgers for a few years (if ever). And GB wasn't known to be a great running team (or frankly great defense). So who knows, maybe Philbin's system wasn't that great, and it was just he had great QBs to bail it out.

Also PHILBIN himself said this wasn't going to be GBs system, BECAUSE Miami didn't have those players. He said he would mold it to what he had here. I just hate to see HCs (like Cam, like Sparano, like Wannstadt) that keep doing the same thing because they're too hard-headed to admit they might be wrong and try something else).

I'm not saying start over. You're right, it's too early for that. I'm just saying adjust when needed (and during a 6 game losing streak is a good time to adjust).

Those who criticize Jeff Ireland need to realize that he found an undrafted Tight End on the Colts practice squad who is better than the Dolphins third round draft choice. Got to admit, that is outstanding acorn hunting!


Remember 2008? Parcells came in making sweeping changes. Even sweeping away some of the good with the bad. We were built up like the mortgage lending debacle. All fluff, no real substance.

Yes, we won the afc east and made the playoffs, just like the mortgage lending scandal, had success. Also, just like the mortgage lending scandal, we came to a crash.

Philbin didnt come here and order sweeping changes. Yes, 2 starters are gone(Marshall/Davis), Marshall even before Philbin came aboard. But a guy like Davis, who wont even come to camp in shape, Philbin had to send a message this is something he will not tolerate.

You just cant have a player doing what Davis did on your roster moving forward. Its like a cancer that has to be quickly plucked away. Thas if you expect to build a championship program anyway.


Denver spent a 1st rd pick on Tebow. Had they known he would be that terrible Im sure they would have rethought it. Still Tebow wasnt expected to start right away. They expected Tebow to be groomed behind Orton.

Orton came out the gates absolutely terrible and they were forced to go with Tebow. Being forced to go with Tebow, they were forced to accomodate to the only thing Tebow could do. See how fast they shipped Tebow out after signing Manning? They wanted no parts of him.

As for Manning, do I really have to explain? We're talking Peyton Manning. Do I really have to explain?

I'll do it anyway. Why wouldnt you accommodate to what Manning does well. He does it at a mvp type level. LOL

lol @ 9:18.....

This guy is funny.....

Back to Philbin

He came here and seems to be using his first season as an evaluationprocess and lay the foundation of a successful system he was longtime a part of in GB. However, as Philbin has had a full season to fully evaluate this roster, I expect many more changes coming into next season.


Also, I dont expect this to be fully GB's system. But I do expect to be fully based off of the principles of GB's system. The pricimples used in a thing is where the true success lies. Not just in the system itself.

Its always posible to run a different version of the same thing and stay within the exact same principles. Principalities rule!


1. Miami Dolphins’ playoff chances: Just three weeks ago, the Dolphins were 4-3 and thinking playoffs. But that ended quickly following Miami’s three-game losing streak capped by a 19-14 loss to the Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins are 4-6 and have virtually no shot of making the playoffs. Miami was a nice story in the first half of the season. But it looks much more gloomy the rest of the way. Miami’s next three games are against playoff contenders with winning records. The Dolphins can easily be 4-9 in a few weeks.



Also, when youre all over the board with anyway, never expect longterm success. Sound principalities dont support such a thing.


The good news to your post is that it will gain valuable overall draft position. Hopefully Ireland sticks as close as possible to the draft day grocery list Philbin will be providing him. If not, we're doomed again.

yeah, the gb system that won 1 sb in 60 seasons.


I read some of your comments fromearlier this morning. Here's what I have to say:

Matthews UNLIKE Tannehill did not beat anyone out for playing time. I think you set a VERY dangerous precedent in the NFL when you just hand people playing time because 'you want to see what they look like out there'. So really the comparison to Tannehill isn't relevant at all. There was a QB competition and in the coaching eyes Tannehill won the job. The same couldn't be said for Matthews or Fuller. I'm not sure what sort of message you send to the players when playing time is just handed to guys, rather than having it earned. This is life in the NFL. Now, as it becomes clearer and clearer that we're not going anywhere this year, I think the coaching staff starts to loosen some of these rules and it becomes more about the future than this season. That's why I don't quite understand this idea that Egnew's not going to see the field this year. I have to say, I'll be really surprised and disappointed if he doesn't see any action this year. Makes me wonder just how bad this guy really is.

rt may have permanent damage on his knee and will need 2 go under the knife in the o/s thus delaying his progress even *moore.*


Parcells 'swept out some of the good too' in 2008? He DID? Like WHO? You do realize they took over a 1-15 team, right? Are you talking about Cleo Lemon and John Beck?

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