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Dolphins waive Gaffney; sign TE Miller, make Matthews happy

Jabar Gaffney's career with the Dolphins lasted, oh, six games and he was active for only three of those. Gaffney, inactive last week against Buffalo, was waived a couple of hours ago.

The Dolphins are filling the roster spot with tight end Kyle Miller, who they claimed off waivers from Indianapolis. Miller was on the Colts' active roster one game and was headed back to their practice squad when he got the call this afternoon that he was claimed by Miami.

Miller is scheduled to arrive in South Florida Tuesday evening.


Another disappointment.

Look, with the performances of Gaffney and Anthony Armstrong -- signed after training camp as stop-gap, desperation moves to help the wide receiver corps -- we should now be understanding that these moves that pick up somebody else's discards after training camp rarely work to any great degree.

The Dolphins, you'll remember, signed Gaffney in early October when he finally got healthy after missing all of training camp and being cut by the Patriots for having a calf injury.

But Gaffney didn't learn the Miami playbook very quickly. He was inactive three weeks before he finally got on the field. Then he played three games in which he caught four passes.

He was not the veteran presence fans hoped. He was not an obvious upgrade to Marlon Moore, actually. And now he's gone.

That depature clears the way for rookie Rishard Matthews to continue being active in games going forward.

Miller, meanwhile, is a 6-5 and 260-pound first year player from Mount Union. He was an undrafted free agent pickup by the Colts and was on the practice squad until the New England game when he was activated.

Miller is a developmental player.

The Dolphins have five tight ends on their active roster.



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IMO, Manti T'eo would be a great 1st pick for us. Seems every great defense needs an identity. In the 4-3 defense that position seems to begin at mlb. Then begin to build the other pices around him.

Dansby is not a true leader at mlb. He's more likely to lead a mutiny than lead his troops. He only toots his own horn. "Im the best nfl lb", yet never been a pro bowl alternate even. Went on radio to make excuses for his poor play, making himself a marked man for olineman for the rest of the season.

Dont think opposing oline wont now target his pectoral area in thier blocking assignments now that he foolishly revealed its a "weak link". He's making the T'eo pick look better and better each times he opens his big untimely mouth and further proves he isnt a real leader. There's no "I" in "TEAM".

ya'll with selective sight didn't c the way moore runs the o with ease. he's the best qb on the roster by far but u'all still want to c gimp leg out there getting whacked all over the field by the d.

fragile psych.
ain't gonna do rt anything +
all -.
total collapse of his confidence = ryan leaf.


The GB system went to 3 SB's in 10yrs winning two. We havent even had a SB appearance in nearly 30yrs now. LOL...


We got it.....you like T'eo!!!!

Geez man, you got anything else?


I guess sweeping out Zack and JT doesnt count sweeping away the good with the bad? Have you forgotten Parcells did this, or did you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning?

I'm picking the Dolphins to win this week, guys. Feeling a little like Kris this morning when it comes to my Dolphins. Of course I fully expect to get this shoved back in my face when Seattle wins Sunday but so be it. Who the f*ck is Seattle? People talk about these guys like they are one of the top teams in the league. THEY'RE NOT!! The attitude needs to change BIG TIME about teams coming into OUR building. Why are fearful of these guys? Good young QB, good young defence, one of the better running backs in the league. BIG DEAL! They're a different team away from home. They have to travel all the way across the country to play us. We've has ten days to prepare for this game (yeah I know they had a bye week too). This team doesn't scare me. Time to get back in the win column and stop feelig sorry for ourselves and coming up with excuses. It all changes this week. Time to get back to winning football!


Zach was done when Parcells got here and they packaged Taylor for a couple of draft picks. I'd do both of those again in a heartbeat.

oscar said yday that may b there's an internal locker room riff we ain't kno 'bout.?
they play that way.


Learn how to spell common words, it might - 'might' - make others think you have some semblance of knowledge beyond and empty can of bud lite.

What do people figure is the motivation for picking up the Indy TE? Undrafted guy, being on the PS all year. Is it to get Egnew going or does this guy have any chance? I read a few things about him and I wasn't impressed. This ones still a bit of a mystery to me. We don't have enough corner backs but we have 5 TEs, none of whom have shown much so far. Why don't we just get it over with an draft one high for a change.


Please, dont hold your breath hoping for a victory over Seattle. I see more than just a slight difference in overall personel. Not saying a win is impossible, but, highly unlikely unless there's a combination of them coming out flat and us playing over our heads.

CraigM, Ive already written this season off as a roster evaluation season for Joe Philbin moving forward. I think you would be wise to do so too.

The Pats are going to hand our as* to us twice and San Fran once. If we're competitive we should lose to Seattle by no more than 10pts.

We may get redemption against Buffalo, and we should beat Jax by 3. Thats a 6-10 final record, but could be 5-11, if we lose to Bills again.

Tannehill sucks




Yopure in rare argumentative form today. The package recieved for Taylor ended in Pat White and The d-lineman already gone. Cant remember his name. I can believe your homerism for Parcells today.

Like I said earlier, did you get up on the wrong sidee of the bed this morning, or is some troll impostering you? You seem argumentative for the sake of being argumentative today.

Whats wrong bud? You really arent yourself.


I was DEAD WRONG about this season....I was wrapped up in visions of 2008...I saw the same schedule...started licking my chops....felt we we would run thru the weak competition like a HOT knife thru butter....

I forgot RULE # 1...something I have typed many times on this blg....WE ARE THE WEAK COMPETITION.....we are the team that other teams (bills, jets, titans) are licking they're chops to play....

Philbin in my book gets FULL autonomy this season AND next....his methods aren't to be questioned...and his results are NOT to be judged...NO YET....we have barely seen the 1st chapter of this book.

Ireland on the other hand...he life story is in movie production phase....and its a COMEDY....with laughs and cries of EPIC porportions..

You told me many times DC...that this was an EVALUATION season (I know I didn't listen)....but now you have to take you're OWN advice...and let Philbin EVALUATE....

Martin Sucks



Egnew Sucks



Phillip Merling was what we used the other JT 2nd rd pick for. The package for the Taylor trade netted us zilch.

hawks r in the hunt,
phinz ain't.
who do u tink will be pumped 4 the game at the joe.
and what was the score of the last game at the joe again.?

We needed a pass rusher for immediate impact opposite Wake

Vernon is good on STs no doubt

Vernon is a good football player w upside

Vernon is NOT an excellent pass rusher or immediate impact pass rusher

Ireland did not address this need, the most import position on defense in a pass happy NFL



Our TEs still suck



Our CBs still suck and our pass defense still sucks



Our WRs suck




You may be reading far too much into the TE acquisition yesterday. I believe it was a pure roster filling move based only what this fo deemed to be best available out there. At this point in the season theres slim pickings at evry position.

By game 11, the players not yet on rosters, are all bottom of the barrell. Dont read so much into game 11 acquisitions. Its just filling out the roster.

This guy may never be activated the rest of the season. There'snothing to try and intellectualize about the move. He cut be cut next week depending on what another team cuts next week.

Our OC was fired in college for screwing up that program and not winning

Ireland hired him and he is 3-6 soon to be 3-8 w the same QB who cannot close games and win



All WRs drafted in 2012 plus all FA WRs brought in by Ireland suck



So in closing the Dolphins GM Sucks and

this place has more periods than a Hemmingway novel



Home on the Herald:

I have been a Moore advocate from the start. I believe he will be starting for another team next year, as his contract is up. He did look like crap in preseason, but he has always been a gameday player. T-Hill was a #1 draft pick though, so the Philbin/Sherman (+ Ireland) era will live, or die with that decision.

Home on the Herald,

Is that all you got this morning bud? If that's is:

"Home on the Herald should be fired too".

have a HAARP day :(

and a

Happy Thanksgiving



This is the NFL. When a 1-8 Jacksonville team can take an 8-1 Houston team to OT and put 37 points up on that defence, anything is possible. when a dead in the waters 3-6 Jets team can go on the road and dominate the Rams the way they did, anything is possible. The fans and the team need to change their attitudes. Feeling sorry for ourselves accomplishes NOTHING! The Eagles are feeling sorry for themselves right now and it's showing every Sunday. Seattle is there for the taking this week and it's OUR time. It starts Sunday! Like I said, I'm feeling like Kris today. The Dolphins step it up Sunday and beat Seattle.....take it to the BANK!

Waive Gaffney? LOL The circus goes on.


You guys fail to follow Matt Moore's track record. The guy is heckle jeckle. Good season, Bad season. Good when he comes on as a backup, terrible when handed the job as fulltime starter.

That's been his track record everywhere he's been. If Moore does surface somewhere else as a starter. His "TRACK RECORD" states its "NOT FOR LONG(nfl)".

Ireland's team loses again Sunday


The other two 2012 Ireland draft picks

WR BJ and NFL undersized * ineffective LB Kaddu
were cut from the team

later they threw Kaddu a bone to cover up another
Bonehead Pick by Ireland




At this point, my feeling concerning whether the Fins win or lose, is very mixed.

At this point, we win and we lose, we lose and we win.
We win and lose valuable draft position. We lose and we win valuable draft position.

This team's still a little ways from being complete. That leads to wonder if we're much better off with greater draft position. Its just sad when youre in such a quandry about a team you love. Im truly torn right now.


Sorry man, I'm not getting the move. 5 TEs on the roste now, of which only two ACTUALLY play and we add another one? Not saying Gaffney was the answer but really this helps the team how now and in the future?

Btw Kris, sorry bud but f*ck this two year free pass thing you're suggesting for Philbin. This is the NFL, as in the big leagues. We're not a developmental league. Philbin is judged on everything he does from DAY ONE. I'm not suggesting we make a decision on Philbin this year or even next but everything he does, how he treats the players, the personnel decisions he makes, how he calls a game, how he comes across to the media is being looked at. We've done it with every other coach we've had, including Cameron, so why should it be different for Philbin. I like Philbin, but no free passes.

Armstrong & Gaffney were meant to be 'one-year stop gaps' so those signings by Ireland are not the issue. He signed what he thought were the best of the WR's that were cut by other teams so therefore the realistic expectation was for either player to be a 3rd option.

I REALLY take umbrage with Ireland for the fact that he refused to spend the money to sign a decent WR in FA, he didn't make a trade for a WR, & he didn't draft a WR until the 6th round. Bear in mind that our cap situation didn't prevent him from chasing after Peyton Manning though.

The lone, potential bright spot of the WR's outside of Bess & Hartline is Rishard Matthews. I liked what I saw from him in the pre-season (& I liked what I saw from him last week) BUT it would be crazy to think that a 7th round draft pick is going to step up right away. Ireland had to know this so I ask the question what the f#ck was he thinking??? I could have sworn that Ross said that he expecting this team to win THIS year. Most of us thought/knew differently BUT that was still the owner's expectation.

Please list all the NFL teams that had 100% of their draft picks make the roster.

Also, please list all the NFL teams that don't cut players during the season and add others.

Some of you guys who think any of the above is somehow unique to Miami are pretty damn dumb.

Actually, scratch the "pretty" part.

Irelands team loses again the Sunday after this Sunday loss

Tannehill 3-8

Matt Moore 1-0 and beat the Jets
after Tannehill was pooping in his diaper and stinking up the joint throwing balls at receivers ankles and freezing up like a deer in headlights waiting to get sacked w

Matt Moore won 7 out of the last 10 games
was also rated 6th best QB in the last 6 games of the 2011 NFL, voted team MVP despite playing w a worse offensive line

Matt Moore played preseason w 2nd string and 3rd string linemen and WRs
while Tannehill played w first sting offensive players against 2nd string defense

the truth is out now as Tannehill laid an egg
scoring 0 points against the NFLs worst defense

Tannehill has now already gone 5 games w 0 passing TDs

0 passing TDs for Tannehill and Mike Sherman in 5 games so far

Tannehill is the worst 3rd down Qb by far than anyone else in the 2012 NFL

Ireland is an idiot




Im only saying the TE acqusition meant nothing. The guy could be cut by next week. It wasnt meant to strengthen anything. Just filling out the roster.

We could cut him and pick up a lb that was cut by another team next week. Moves like this late in the season mean nothing We already have 4 TE's. It just so happens the guy picked up happened to be a TE too.

I pretty guarantee this guy never gets activated unless he shows in a week he can be very good st's player. Dont burnout your brain tryig to figure this out. It means absolutely nothing.

5 games a lil after mid season and

Sherman & Tannehill have been shut out w

0 passing TDs in 5 games





We've had this conversation over and over and over again. I just don't get which part you're not getting. Where was it written that the Dolphins were going for it this year. Look at ALL the change (rookie QB, rookie HC, new coaches, new schemes). They traded Marshall for a couple of picks and Davis for a couple of picks. THIS was NEVER going to be the year. Add it all up. They've been stockpiling for future years. So how does TRADING for a WR make any sense? Who are you suggesting? Subsequently, how would signing a WR make any sense? Where was the money coming from to sign a Vincent Jackson, and with all the problems on the team how would a move like that make any sense. It would simply take us from 5-11 to 7-9. More mediocrity. The correct move was to be patient and do this properly, and that involves DRAFTING WRs and not signing bandaids to big dollar contracts.

Trusting Ireland to do the draft is like trusting Charles Manson with a semi automatic.

By the way, we all want this team to add a TE but one of the WROST moves this team could possibly make is to go out and spend big money on TE Finley from GB. I read some of the comments from this guy this morning and despite GB having another good year, this guy is complaining about not getting the ball enough. Strikes me as another selfish player. I pray to God that Philbin doesn't see this guy as 'the missing piece'. TO me that's the kind of move that would set us back big time!

Btw Kris, sorry bud but f*ck this two year free pass thing you're suggesting for Philbin. This is the NFL, as in the big leagues. We're not a developmental league. Philbin is judged on everything he does from DAY ONE. I'm not suggesting we make a decision on Philbin this year or even next but everything he does, how he treats the players, the personnel decisions he makes, how he calls a game, how he comes across to the media is being looked at. We've done it with every other coach we've had, including Cameron, so why should it be different for Philbin. I like Philbin, but no free passes.


Are you kidding me??? Philbin doesn't get a two year free pass but Ireland gets a five year free pass??? This team needs to be rebuilt by someone who knows how better talent.

The reason why this team is 4-6 & headed for another losing season is b/c of the lack of talent that has been assembled. On defense I see only two defensive players (Wake & Jones) playing a Pro-Bowl level. And on offense right now I see no one. Yes Hartline & Bess have played great for us this year but there are a LOT of very good WR's to consider.


Replay 2012's draft in your head. We pretty drafted by priority of team needs. Except for Miller. Ireland thought he was getting a huge steal there.

So 3rd rd was earliest we could have taken a wr. We eeded a qb, and Im sure you didnt want to come into 2012 wit the prospects of Columbo or Jerry playing RT. So really we couldnt draft a wr 1st or 2nd rd.

Then, drafting a wr 3rd rd, its a long shot the guy will come in and have instant impact. From what Im hearing Bowe is having a terrible season and Mike Wallace would have been too expensive. He's still with the Steelers right. Meaning no one else was willing to pay the high price in a trade either.

Time to draft Barkley, if he is available grab him. Sanchez is a fluke ufc qb, Barkley is the real deal. Unless we get an amazing DE draft him Naow!

If you are 6'5" and 260 and can't get drafted, you are stupid. Must have a subpar IQ. Because he has the physical tools. If I had those genes, I'd be in the NFL and a starter, easily.

agreed home, start moore and let us actually win a game.
then we won't get barkley
nevermind, keep starting hennehill

As u already know 10:46 AM post was not the original
"Home on the Herald"

and Home is OUT now to enjoy the beautiful sunshine chemtrail free (so far) day

Y' ALL have a HAARPy day :(

but a great Thanksgiving!

The original "Home" OUT!

have fun sheeple & the smarter 5 % ;)


By no means am I blaming Philbin for our record. I had this team at 4-12 because of all the change. So the team is actually going to do better than I had predicted. But where I take exception is to this idea that we trade Marshall, Davis and start a rookie QB and people expect us to be a playoff team and for that Ireland should be fired. If it was about Ireland keeping his job then Davis and Marshall should have been kept but long term, to me, that's not what would have been best for this team. For that reason, Ireland deserves one more year.

LOL 2watt, someone forgot to change their name back. you forgot the space in between


So who were you impersonating or changing your name to? LOL

Ross said he wants to retire Tannebusts jersey,this week at half time.LMAO

LOL Home is trying to defend himself against a "troll" HAHAHAHAHAHA nice try Home, no one cares or believes you but good luck trying to convince us you aren't a troll, ill be waiting

By the way, it's funny that so many people got their noses out of joint lasdt year because Barkley decided to stay in school one more year. Looks like from all reports, his stock has really plummeted this year. Is he the second coming of Blaine Gabbert?

moore = 9-1
tied w/ the texans.

2watt, Hom on the Herald,

Mock my words, Matt Barkley will be a bigger bust than Mark Sanchez. What dont you two understand about the USC coaching staff having the ball boy deflate football to make it easier to fit in qb bust, Matt Barkley's small hands, you dont understand?

I rather trade the #1 pick to the Jets for Mark Sanchez than draft the bigger bust Barkley. Yeah lets spend the #1 pick for the qb with the baby hands. ROTFLMAO!

ksu qb.

LOL 2 watt is trying to look legit, nice try poser! LOL

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