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'Everyone in the building' knows Dolphins need a burner

Rishard Matthews is going to have his playing time increase dramatically the rest of the season if things go according to plan. Earlier this week when the Dolphins cut Jabar Gaffney, they did so because they weren't thrilled with the veteran and because they have seen Matthews steadily improving in practice and deserving more playing time.

Gaffney was standing in the way of that playing time. So ...


That means the Dolphins have four wide receivers on the roster: Brian Hartline, Davone Bess, Rishard Matthews and Marlon Moore.

And that seems good to coach Joe Philbin.

"I like the guys that we have right now,” Philbin said.

Great. But Philbin is either stretching the truth or totally alone on this one because I am told "everyone in the building" at the Dolphins facility is aware the Dolphins need to add a dynamic speed receiver or two this offseason.

And that is what Miami fully intends to do somehow -- via the draft, free agency or kidnapping.

The Dolphins currently have what is commonly being termed as a red zone offense. That, by the way, is not a good thing.

A red zone offense is a unit that basically operates inside a 20- to 30-yard span of field throughout the entire field. In other words, the club doesn't have players that consistently threaten to go 70 yards for a score. The Dolphins offense doesn't have a receiver that scares the defense,

The Dolphins believe they need a receiver that a) forces the defense to game plan for that receiver and b) forces the secondary to back up because that receiver can blow the top off the defense.

Pittsburgh's Mike Wallace comes to mind.

I'm not saying the Dolphins will go after Wallace in free agency. I'm saying the team needs someone that does what Wallace is capable of doing.

Hartline, a good No. 2 wideout, is not that guy. Neither is Bess, although he's a good slot guy. Both are solid. Both have value. But both are complementary to a Wallace-type.

The ironic thing is the Dolphins have been in need of this kind of player for years. And they've been trying to some small degree to land this kind of player -- thus the drafting of Ted Ginn by Randy Mueller and Clyde Gates by Jeff Ireland.

But neither Patrick Turner nor Brandon Marshall nor several of the other wide receiver fixes the Dolphins tried to make aside from adding Ginn and Gates were flyers that made defenses respect the entire field rather than just worry about a 20 to 30 yard swath.

Ironic, isn't it? Fans have been begging for a speed receiver for a long time. But the Dolphins haven't really had a good one since Irving Fryar. That was the mid 1990s. (Hand it to Don Shula! He had Mark Duper and when Duper declined, he traded for Fryar. He also had a guy named Paul Warfield.)

But everyone not named Shula has missed on getting a bigtime deep threat.

Jimmy Johnson once famously said "separation is over-rated" by a wide receiver. The Dolphins went to big, physical but not really fast wide receivers such as Marshall and Oronde Gadsen. And even O.J. McDuffie, a possession receiver, led the team in catches.

Nothing wrong with that.

But today's game is not three-yards and a cloud of dust. It's not even 15-yards and a first down. Today's game is 49-yards over the top and touchdown!

The Dolphins apparently have come to the realization, from what I'm told. They need a productive burner on the outside.

They need to upgrade.  


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That sure took them a long time..why does it always seem the Dolphins org. are two steps behind in realizing the obvious?

Ginn was a chicken who wouldn't catch the ball in traffic. He was fast to the sidelines.
The Phins need another pass rusher on the left side. One that hurts qb's.
So if you can find a guy that can catch the ball and will run like the wind and is not afraid to get hit, then sign him.
We also need another tight end. Trade 4 of the 5 we have for him.
And while we are at it, get a guy that can cover the space between the dbs and the line.

Did the FO just figure this out? Who did not know that the receiving groups was subpar last spring? I am glad it took a sample set of ten games for them to figure it out.

Mike Wallace would be PERFECT. We need to do everything we can to get him. Offer him 5 years 55 mill MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Yes, I agree that they need a speed receiver. Now, they have enough weapons to be a good team but they need to get rid of Mike Sherman as a offensive coordinator. They don't have speed receivers but they have speed at the running back position. Why we haven't seen Lamar Miller spread out as a wide receiver. He would create so many mismatches. Why not run more screens with Reggie Bush. You use the weapons that you have. Also, you have an ex-wide receiver at quarterback. Why not have Ryan Tannehill spread out has a wide receiver and have Matt Moore in as quarterback on a play. Speaking of Tannehill, the kid has 4.6 40 speed. Every quarterback that has that type of speed will run the ball from time to time. What is the problem? Make the defensive second guess your offense. Mike Sherman has been too predictable, just like Dan Henning was. My message to Joe Philbin, drop Mike Sherman and bring in Norv Turner as your offensive coordinator (this will be his last year as head coach in San Diego).



agree in general but not that simple......Ginn and Gates were 2 of the fastest guys (or THE fastest guys) in their draft years......Ginn wasnt just a burner but a star at OSU--but neither panned out--for that to be effective, they need a decent running game that defenses will respect and also need to give their QB enough time to throw the ball......something he doesnt have consistently.

You can be very fast and not be a Football Player. Neither Ginn nor Gates are Football Players. We have said this here on several occassions.

5 picks in the first three rounds , most $$ under the cap this will be Ireland's true chance to prove he can do it .........we have a solid foundation and a quarterback now its time for some playmakers receiver,corner,....n I wouldn't be against a couple athletic guards for this zone blocking scheme ............this is a great time to be a dolphin fan tannehill is gon be special.........and I've got a front row seat...........haters please just exit anywheres .......

As you correctly pointed out that has been the case for a while. It is one of the major problems of this offense. We knew it going into the season and the coaches said the same thing philbin is saying " I like the receivers we have". This makes us to predictable slants, outs, ins with the occasional double move all thrown within 1.5 seconds because any longer the Db will catch up with the reciever. Teams no this and this is why Tanny has to thread the needle so much. It hurts the running game too.

I remind you Armando this is the same core of guys that led the league in 20 + yard plays last season WITHOUT a burner. I disagree we NEED a burner, we need a #1 burner or not. We had Marshall and he got all the attention allowing much more space for Moore to complete pass around the whole field.

Fail forward fast!!!

What we need is to give Ireland his walking papers and burn his office. Arison!!! Buy our team please!!

Some GM's dont have the eye for these type receivers. they need to be quick and fast plus fearless with hands. that means they dont always come in protypical size. An example would be the kid from west virginia. Just saying because Ireland is only good at getting the type players parcells liked thick legged power players with size.

We're fed up of Ireland. The team cannot afford one more draft under him, wasting selections with guys like C. Gates, OL men, Smiths, Pat Whites, etc, wasting free-agency trades like C. 85, Gaffney, hire-and-fire like Marshall, etc.
Clearly, Ireland has a bipolar disorder as concerns his GM job. Only God knows if he has it too in his private life, but the Dolphins should not allow anymore to be directed by this character's decisions anymore. Moreover, we the fans are tired and mad of all the mess that year by year Ireland adds to the team. The Dolphins simply cannot evolve under him.
But why the jornalists are so affraid to be critic about Ireland ? Their pusillanimous writings regarding this man is beyond my understanding. If the press were more involved Ireland would be fired long ago.

Posted by: Semi in your backside | November 23, 2012 at 07:57 AM

Agreed, Theres a difference between a burner and a true #1. Marshall demanded double teams and the other teams had to game plan for him. He wasnt a burner but a true number 1. He knew how to get open and how to stretch the field. Dont get me wrong he was fast but not just blow by everyone fast.

Still need a QB.

Tomorrow the Dolphin's organization will figure out we need air & water to exist....

I hope these idios learned from Brandon Marshall that a WR is pretty useless without a good QB.

Will there even be 20,000 at the game on Sunday?

Dashi heard Ireland will be fired by the end of this


Posted by: Marchcool | November 23, 2012 at 08:23 AM

The reason writters are "afraid" to call this out is simply because they have more insight than you and know that outside of the past two years Parcells has been making the calls.
We didnt trade for Chad Johnson nor Jabar Gaffney, these were low risk pick up that didnt cost alot of money. Their contract were the league minimums for vets and had little if any guarenteed money. Gaffney hurt his knee again thus giving the young Marshall a chance to play, Marshall showed up and Gaffney was shown the door. And on B. Marshall the kid wanted out of Miami, he said it himself.
So Jeff Ireland has the Dolphins set up for the future with all of the draft picks he has required and with Philbins guidance they will have a good draft this year as well. His last two drafts, the ones that he can be held accountable for, outside of Bill Parcells shadow, have been good. Draft "experts" gave this past draft from a B to an A...

You also need 5 OL that can block for 5 seconds so that speed burner has time to get deep. And Tannehill needs to figure out how to move around to buy his receivers time to get downfield. He was successful in the Arizona game but hasn't done it since. Romo, RG3 & Roethlisberger don't have very good OL's & they still get the ball downfield

Can we all agree that none of the Dolphins problems at wide receiver are the fault of Jeff Ireland?

matty, Ireland is lost in space without Parcells pulling his puppet strings. Look at the record before you spew your nonsense. Ireland is a waterboy.

Really Ron Son? Check out the draft grades the past two years and look at the Bill Parcells draft grades. And actually bring something to the table before you address me again..
So youre telling me that all of the dead money that were paying players to play for other teams, players that parcells wasted money on, the reason we couldnt pick up anyone decent in FA, is Irelands fault?
If you look at it in black and white kid then I can see your point but know what youre talking about before you talk to someone that actually knows football. Someone that has played his entire life, been coached by college and NFL coaches and learned the game from them..

Put yourself in Philbin or Shermans shoes if they paid you that much would you say our receivers suck at getting deep behind the defense, we knew that before training camp started,we didnt want you to know because we as well as our benevolent owner S Ross want you to come to the stadium and buy a ticket to our games.

The only personnel decisions Ireland should be making are what undrafted free agents to sign. This is the only area he has been successful.

and for the record if Irelands gone thats fine, Im just trying to be impartial and look at all the facts..

While it is generally a sought after trait, speed isn't always a good measure of a playmaker. Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith come to mind as playmakers with only adequate speed. Yet, who wouldn't want them on their team?

I think the Dolphin brain trust, in gathering players for the passing game this year, concentrated too much on speed. They seemed to overlook the fact that these speedy guys need to be able to catch and run with the ball to be effective.

And the quarterback needs to throw the ball downfield, whether he has speedy receivers or not -something Tannehill seems not wanting to do.

Marchcool, you really don't know much about player procurement do you. First, Johnson and Gaffney were street free agents, not trades. Johnson was sign as a stop gap at the beginning of training camp, the only way he received his salary was to make the team. Player are only paid a stipend for training camp. Gaffney, who many on this blog begged the Phins to sign, was a street free agent signed after the start of the regular season. He was paid game to game, and could be cut at any time with any further money ramifications. Both were good gamble, if they make it great, you have a 3rd receiver, if they don't they can be cut with and further money issues. When Gaffney was signed, one or 2 games into the season, the only other name street free agent was Plax. It was worth signing Gaffney to see what he had left. Don't go posting without knowing ok.

Some idiots think Irescum is better WITHOUT Parcells? LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!

Mando, ironic that you mention Ted Ginn since you were one of the guys that beat the drum hardest in getting him booted out of town for nothing.

He would've complimented these receiveers quite well. Wouldn't be a 60 catch guy but a guy that would make defenses pay for sleeping on them.

Incase you haven't noticed, both bess and hartline are in the top 32 in recceiving yards. They are good possession and intermediate guys. Just need the bomber.

Wallace sure is a bomber though. Was awesome to see him take a simple crossing route and take it long live against the Giants. Expensive too but at least wouldn't cost us two high picks like that retard in Chicago.

Also agree that it has been a major failing by Sherman in not using this group of RBs to their potential. Miller should've carried more and Bush should've caught A LOT more. With these receivers, he should've got something like 600-700 yards receiving this year.

'Everyone in the building' knows Dolphins need a burner


Ireland without Parcells puppet strings = FLOP

A good WR wont help with Hennehill at QB.

Too late, I already reported this in last weeks blog about Tannehill. Ended my post with "mystery solved". Thank you, that is all.

There is only one WR in the Draft that I think is a 1 rounded, Terrance Williams the WR from Baylor is that kid at 6'-2" 205 lbs- 187-3020yrd-26td. BAD A#$!!!

Mando, seems like Volin at the PB Post agrees....

Dolphins fans can start to look ahead to April’s draft, but a little research into the prospects leads to a sobering conclusion:

“It’s not a good year to be at the top of the draft, and it’s not a good year if you’re looking for a starting skill player,” Sports Illustrated draft expert Tony Pauline said. “Last year, four of the top five receivers (selected) were underclassmen. When that happens, eventually it’s going to catch up.”

Pauline said this year’s draft won’t have a Calvin Johnson-type player, who is big, physical and fast. It won’t have any big, imposing targets like Michael Floyd, who went 13th to Arizona last year, or dynamic possession receivers like Justin Blackmon (fifth to Jacksonville) or Kendall Wright (20th to Tennessee).

The best receiver in the country is Southern Cal’s Marqise Lee (107 catches, 1,605 yards, 14 TDs), but he is only a sophomore and not eligible for the draft.

Don't sound good, does it?

One of our second Rd picks should go to TE Zack Ertz from Stanford.

But in reality even a 'burner' STILL has to have time to get down field. A QB STILL has to have time to go thru progressions. And that ain't happening.

I agree that they need to get a franchise QB before they try for a top WR. Matt Barkley in rd #.

Arturo, yes, most definitely

and cocoajoe, not one receiver at the top of the draft but several guys worth taking a stab at from 15th pick in the first all the way through the second.

If we're picking in the top 10, we are getting a DE or possibly a CB although I'm not crazy about that CB from Alabama.

Tannehill seems to go through his progressions in slow motion and still locks in on one receiver. Henne was better then Tanny.

Posted by: Jay | November 23, 2012 at 10:31 AM

I still don't get this fascination with Barkley. If you actually watch him play, he is pretty average. Kid has two of the best receivers in the nation and still managed a 7-4 record. Sure, Kiffin sucks, but Matt shows an ability to disappear in the big games. Other than matching up well against Oregon (not hard as they always have awful D's), he's won no big games and makes bad choices often in those games.

Guys this is going to take time hav patience. I love Tannehill's upside in case you haven't noticed Tannehills first 6 games or so the play calling was different you can't blame everything on the QB

Mark, way early at least for me to be getting too far in the draft. But considering all the help we need, it's almost BPA in my view.

First of all, after yesterday, "Mr. Ireland do you still believe Tannehill's good as RG3?"

I believe, surrounded with the right weapons, Tannehill could be a top 6-8 nfl qb. RG3? A future perrenial top 5. Now to recievers.

Miami doesnt just need a burner at wr, they need a burner that's a complete wr. Havent we had burners? Ted Ginn? A burner named Gates who couldnt even see the playing field. And Gates wasnt alone in that category.

We need a burner that can be a complete wr. We need a burner who can not only blow the top off of a defense. We need a burner who is a great route runner and can also take 15-30yd passes to the house.

If he's just a burner, defenses will play back, and make him a non factor for most games. If he's a burner thats also a complete wr. This guy will be a force in every game he plays. Then defenses have to try and account for him all over the field.

Thats what you call a complete defensive nightmare. Remember Jerry Rice? He could take it to the house short, and he could take it to the house deep. He was a true "complete #1 wr". Dont pigeon hole us into thinking just speed alone at the #1 wr will suffice. Because it wont. It'll just be good for maybe 5-6 games of the season.

Problem with that is that are 16 games in a season.

Bess? Love and respect him. Hardnosed player.

Still just a 3rd down wr in a 3-4 wr set. Plus totally useless as a redzone target. Last week was one of the rare times you'll see Bess scoring in redzone offense.

Really has zero business on the playing field during redzone offense.

I would actually like to see the wr position ipgraded enough to where Hartline could be the 3rd slot wr. I dont think there's a nickel corner in the league that could handle Hartline 1 on 1.

Arturo, never mind jay. Even if we drafted barkley and he proceeded to struggle next year, jay would find a different sign in name and continue to trool. Sad people these trolls, really.

cocoajoe, the draft and tannehill's prgress seem like the only two things of importance as far as the Dolphins in 2012. I've been looking at draft boards since August.

But you're right, Dolphins are drafting 10th right now and it should BPA since we already have a QB on trial. Problem is that BPA may be a DT and that is one position we have of luxuy ... sigh

Michael Irvin was not a burner. Jerry Rice was not a burner.

We could actually use two guys like that. Justin Hunter and Terrance Williams are looking pretty good right now.

My 2013 Draft Board:

1. Manti T'eo
2a. WR--------(2b.) Corner
3a. Corner----(3b.) WR
4. TE
5. TE
6. TE
7. K

1. Manti T'eo simply because this type of guy ilb just doesnt come out every year. He'll be a defensive anchor for years to come. He's as close to cant miss as they come at that position.

2A-2B. No brainer Wr and Corner. Same thing 3A-3B. If nothing else we're upgrading both units. Both units need huge upgrading, so lets make it twice as nice.

4-5-6. Triple downing something has to emerge. Plus shows conviction to fnally trying to get this position right.

7. Kicker. Need to bring in competition for Carpenter.

I know guys like CraigM what a pass rusher #1. However, pass rusher is top of my draft list in 2014. Also, 2014, I would like to add another olineman with the 2nd rd pick.

I believe following this draft blueprint works. Most likely it won be before 2014 before we're ready to make a serious run at anything anyway.

Te'o for Mayo!

Sporano's Offense= LAUGHABLE.....

THANK GOD he's gone....and THANKS to the jets for making the holiday more enjoyable.....


Correct. Irving and Rice werent considered burners. But, both were complet wr's, and both were addicted to the endzone. No matter how close or far away thier offenses were away from it.

Irving did have adequate speed though.He was between a 4.4-4.5 speed guy. Plus he was a master at pushing db's off. He didnt get called for that nearly as much as he should have.

Rice on the other hand, was one of the best route runners ever, and was a master at setting defenders up. Still, once he got a couple steps on a defender he more than fast enough not to get caught from behind. He had great lateral quickness too.


T'eo will add mustard and mayo to our defense. Right now we're just bologna on dry white bread.

Yeah Mark, that's why I said BPA almost meaning don't draft a QB, C, umm what else? LOL

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