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'Everyone in the building' knows Dolphins need a burner

Rishard Matthews is going to have his playing time increase dramatically the rest of the season if things go according to plan. Earlier this week when the Dolphins cut Jabar Gaffney, they did so because they weren't thrilled with the veteran and because they have seen Matthews steadily improving in practice and deserving more playing time.

Gaffney was standing in the way of that playing time. So ...


That means the Dolphins have four wide receivers on the roster: Brian Hartline, Davone Bess, Rishard Matthews and Marlon Moore.

And that seems good to coach Joe Philbin.

"I like the guys that we have right now,” Philbin said.

Great. But Philbin is either stretching the truth or totally alone on this one because I am told "everyone in the building" at the Dolphins facility is aware the Dolphins need to add a dynamic speed receiver or two this offseason.

And that is what Miami fully intends to do somehow -- via the draft, free agency or kidnapping.

The Dolphins currently have what is commonly being termed as a red zone offense. That, by the way, is not a good thing.

A red zone offense is a unit that basically operates inside a 20- to 30-yard span of field throughout the entire field. In other words, the club doesn't have players that consistently threaten to go 70 yards for a score. The Dolphins offense doesn't have a receiver that scares the defense,

The Dolphins believe they need a receiver that a) forces the defense to game plan for that receiver and b) forces the secondary to back up because that receiver can blow the top off the defense.

Pittsburgh's Mike Wallace comes to mind.

I'm not saying the Dolphins will go after Wallace in free agency. I'm saying the team needs someone that does what Wallace is capable of doing.

Hartline, a good No. 2 wideout, is not that guy. Neither is Bess, although he's a good slot guy. Both are solid. Both have value. But both are complementary to a Wallace-type.

The ironic thing is the Dolphins have been in need of this kind of player for years. And they've been trying to some small degree to land this kind of player -- thus the drafting of Ted Ginn by Randy Mueller and Clyde Gates by Jeff Ireland.

But neither Patrick Turner nor Brandon Marshall nor several of the other wide receiver fixes the Dolphins tried to make aside from adding Ginn and Gates were flyers that made defenses respect the entire field rather than just worry about a 20 to 30 yard swath.

Ironic, isn't it? Fans have been begging for a speed receiver for a long time. But the Dolphins haven't really had a good one since Irving Fryar. That was the mid 1990s. (Hand it to Don Shula! He had Mark Duper and when Duper declined, he traded for Fryar. He also had a guy named Paul Warfield.)

But everyone not named Shula has missed on getting a bigtime deep threat.

Jimmy Johnson once famously said "separation is over-rated" by a wide receiver. The Dolphins went to big, physical but not really fast wide receivers such as Marshall and Oronde Gadsen. And even O.J. McDuffie, a possession receiver, led the team in catches.

Nothing wrong with that.

But today's game is not three-yards and a cloud of dust. It's not even 15-yards and a first down. Today's game is 49-yards over the top and touchdown!

The Dolphins apparently have come to the realization, from what I'm told. They need a productive burner on the outside.

They need to upgrade.  


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YG, Te'o will go top 3. We will have no shot and you know we don't believe in trading up.

I'd love a dynamic pass rusher like Damontre Moore or barkevious Mingo in the top 10 though.

haha, c-joe. I'd put DT in that mix with QB and C. I think we even have surplus there.

Dansby, the nerve of that guy. Goes on radio to make excuse for his poor play. Mainly dropping 2 pic 6's in 3wks.

It would have been much better for him had he gone on radio and announced he's been playing with a torn pectoral muscle after he had made the 2 pic 6 tds. Now he just sounds like a whiner and a loser.

Mark In Toronto,

I would be surprised if T'eo went top 5. I believe the teams picking top 5 needs wont allow them to take a lb that high. Thier needs most likely go far beyond having the luxury of taking him so high.

I believe T'eo goes between 6-8th. That's right around where I expect us to draft this year. 6-10 got us8th overall pick in 2012. I actually dont expect us to draft lower 7th, if we win more game(Bills). I really dont expect to win Sunday(Seattle).

So we should finish 4-12 to 6-10 at best. That's jumping to conclussion we somehow beat both Buffalo and Seattle. A split gives us a 5-11 final record, because I see noway we beat the Pats or Niners in any of those games.

So 4-12 to 6-10 puts us in pretty good position to take T'eo. Like I said, I really dont expect him to go before the 6th overall pick. Just about where we'll be. Still I dont expect Ireland to take him. Ireland probably thinks Dansby's still his golden goose.


I know you and CraigM would love a pass rusher. But unless that guy can come in and get 15 sacks right away we're still screwed. Even if we get more qb pressures, Dansby and the db's will still be dropping picks and pic 6's.

Odds are, even if we get a pass rusher, he will only get about 8 sacks max his 1st season. Is that really worth a top 10 pick?

I believe T'eo would have the greatest defensive impact rightaway. That's what the defense needs most in 2013. The greatest bang for the buck. I believe T'eo provides this.


Another bad thing about these SEC pass rushers you and CraigM think will be great is. How many great passing qb's are in the SEC? How many greatly developed passing games are in the SEC?

Which leads to, how many great pass blocking olinemen are in the SEC? They dont have to pass block often. So these SEC pass rushers you two love may turn out to be more a product of sh*tty SEC passing games when they get to the nfl.

They'll be playing agaist much better pass blockers at the nfl level. So I dont expect any of them to tear it up right away.

Yestrasdays Gone, Who is that? flamingo player I think you are talk about

...I agree with Yg about T'EO being the right pick this year if we have the opportunity.

IMO he is the best player at his position among the likely top 10 picks. Add that if we did choose to take an offensive player in the top 10 it would probably be another lineman. I would much rather see us strengthen the defense with a dynamic player.

Of course the evalution proccess has a ways to go. There could be a reciever that somehow finds his way into the top 10. I don't see it, but not out of the relm of the impossible. Offense is the bigger priority, I don't think this is debateable. I just think that the circumatance of this draft may dictate we take a defender in round 1.

"Everyone in the building knows the Dolphins need a burner"...LOL!! Armando, evidently these people "in the building" don't know much of anything or find things out a little bit too late...That's why this GM should get fired...I mean, c'mon, how many years have we been saying we need a burner?? We need to add some speed to stretch opposing defenses??? We need a real #1 TE who can run...We need a playmaking FS...We need to draft a QB in the first round...These things have been mentioned for years and nothing gets done...NOTHING...And maybe one day you can ask Mr.Ireland where's the logic of trading a #1 WR but not having a plan B to keep the team competitive...I'm still puzzled by that one...


Also, if we draft a pass rusher top 10, and he doesnt have at least 10 sacks his first season. Not only ill the trolls here be calling Ireland out once more, they'll be calling you and CraigM out too, for suggesting drafting him.

You know they'll be using that infamous b-word, better known as bust. The trolls arent going to accept less than 10 sacks from a pass rusher drafted top 10. First year or not.

Mark in Kitchener--what is your recommendation for the best lip balm?

I would enjoy shopping for lip balm with you. It would be fun to go together and observe various types of lip balm and test them for taste and feel.

I hope we can go shopping for lip balm soon.

Armando, how many teams have a elite speedy guy on the outside? Not many. Yeah you mention the Steelers and Wallace but he doesn't even lead the league in anything. Speed IS overrated when the rest of your attributes (i.e. route running, catching, football awareness) aren't at the same level.

Now if you look at the Patriots, they don't have a guy that can "blow the top off the defense" and they get it done. You want to know why?

Mismatches, son! That's what this game is all about.

we have some TRUE MORONS on here. The minimum we will be is 6 - 10. Jags and Bills at home are pretty much a certainty in my eyes. This weekends game will decide whether we go 7 - 9 or 6 - 10. I have a feeling we win so I'm thinking around 11th in the draft. Dee Milliner or BJoern Werner are the 2 guys that make the most sense IMO. We have to go after Wallace in free agency it is simply a MUST not a need. IF We some how can't get Wallace. Cordarelle Patterson probably fits the bill the best in the 2nd round.


T'eo will be a guy that has the chance to be a great impact player all 16 games. A pass rusher, unless he's truly extra special, wont come in right away and give you that. Usually they come in and give you about 8 sacks that 1st year. That if they're even showing signs they will be great.

T'eo would be the best pick going forward in terms of having the ability to right away to be dominant factor in all 16 games. Barring injury he gives the defense that every single year.

Plus, Dansby only has a couple years max left before severe slippage in his play becomes very noticeble. Dansby doesnt have very far to fall judging by his play since he's been a Dolphin.




Have no idea where you forcast 7-9 from. We arent beating the Niners or Pats(2gms). We're 4-6, Even if hell freezes over and we beat both the Bills and Seahawks, we're 6 -10 at best.

It's all Brady can do, trying to not stroke himself, seeing us twice on thier remaining schedule. If we score more than 7pts against the Niners defense. Then the city o Miami should hold a tickertape parade.

YG.. Jarvis Jones is probably going to be the first linebacker taken he is a 3-4 OLB. So he doesn't apply to us. Other then him I couldn't name another top 10 pass rush guy..I don't know enough about any of the prospects to even try to make a case for any of them.

The thing about T'EO is I think he is the best player in the top 10 of the draft.(this is just my personal opinion) so if we had the chance it wouldn't matter what players where avaiable. I'm on the T'EO train..He would certainly be a playmaker this defense so badly needs.

Julio, say what? The Patriots have Welker, Gronkowski and Hernandez...Did you watch the game last night? The Patriots were running the ball successfully in the 4th quarter, killing the clock. Why? Cause the Jets can't stack the line of scrimmage because of players like that...It makes a difference, trust me...Their TEs are a nightmare to cover...We have Fasano, some Mustrud dude, Charles Clay (Mr.invisible) and a failed draft pick in Egnew who can't even get on the field...We DO need speed, but we've been saying that for 5 years now...Instead, we have a team built for the 80's...

Quick, name the last great pass rusher that came from the SEC?

Neither can I, theyre all great playing against inferior SEC passing attacks.

Mark in TO,

Not sure if you're still around or not but I owe you a big apology. I've watched RGIII and you're dead right, he is ONE Hell of a passer. I didn't believe he'd be what he is as a passer, and thought he was maybe only slighyly above average as a passer. I thought he would beat team with his legs. Dead wrong! This guys, the real deal and if he can stay healthy, he's going to be fun to watch.


Whaddaya mean we have a team built for the 80's? The way this team's constructed they couldnt successfully win in the 70's, 80's, 90's, or any era.

I dont know, maybe we have a chance to win in the era before the forward pass was invented. Then we wouldnt have to worry about rushing the passer or covering recievers.

By the way Armando, so much for this theory that teams can't win on the road on shortened weeks. Three games yesterday and three road victories. When are we going to stop making excuses for this Dolphins team?


I was comparing RG3's deepball throwing ability to the nfl top 5 qb's last year when he was in college. Better late than never to finally catch up, and I mean that in a light hearted way.

So many here thought I was nuts for saying trade the house, te car, the farm, the wife, kids, and dog for RG3 this year. Kitchen sink too.

I still don't want a CB taken in the first round. I look at the games yesterday and they were all high scoring. I've listened to guys talking about 'what a difference Dallas D is now that they've gone out and gotten themselves some secondary help. Oh yeah? Then why did they give up 38 points yesterday? and don't tell me it's because of RGIII. There's been MANY games this year where the Dallas secondary has gottent craved up. To me, as much as we need help in the secondary, drafting a CB in the 10-15 range is a WASTED pick.

YG, you make it sound like a rookie DE/OLB coming in next year getting 8 sacks is a bad thing. Outside of Wake, who on the team is going to get 8 sacks this year? And the darfting of a DE/OLB is not about NEXT year....it's about the next 8-10 years. It's one of the achilles on the team and as we saw yesterday, without sufficient pass rush, the QBs in this league will carve you up. We saw it all day long yesterday.

T'eo's a VERY nice player but if a team like Jacksonville drafts ANOTHER QB they are friggin' nuts!

Don't misunderstand guys, I'm not saying I haven't like RGIII from day one. I saw the star potential written all over this guy. But I'm BLOWN AWAY by what a good passer he is. I underestimated him.

Yesterday, what I mean is we keep on drafting players that play in the trenches (Jake Long, Mike Pouncey, Jonathan Martin, Jared Odrick, Phillip Merling, Kendall Langford, etc etc..) instead of skilled position players...Again, how many years have we been saying we need a burner? Enough with these linemen and start spending high draft picks on WRs, TEs, QBs, etc...


See you missed my post. Here it is again:

Name one dominant SEC pass rusher in the nfl within the last 5yrs?

Man, I know we need pass rush help, Im not ommitting it. I just dont see a guy coming in and dominating on this level right away. "RIGHTAWAY" is the key for me.

Also, I said "UPTO" 8 sacks. What if your SEC guy comes in and gets only 5 sacks? In the NFL he will play against far superior passing games, qb's, and pass blockers than he's ever seen in the SEC.

I dont know how you rate it. But I rate 10 sacks against inferior SEC passing attacks. Might equate to 5 sacks on the nfl level.

..Craig M..would Jacksonville be nuts to draft a quarterback becuase you think this class is weak? IMO if they think Gabbert is the answer..that would be more nuts then passing on a quarterback they believed had value with their pick.

I don't think there is a top 5 quarterback this draft. This doesn't mean a team will not draft one. Look we took Tannehill at 8..A lot of fans laughed at us for this. It is up to the team. But they have a huge issue over there, and it starts with their quarterback.

Top Free Agent Wide Receivers:

1. Dwayne Bowe
2. Mike Wallace
3. Greg Jennings

Any one of them would help the Dolphins.

Maybe the reason why Philbin's not talking about a burner is he knows the way the O-line's NOT blocking, it wouldn't make much difference.

I would love to see us return to glory days....long passes for TDs. But let's face it, the O-line has to give the QB and WR time. Not to mention opening up holes for RBs.

The weird thing is, earlier in the season the line seemed to be an improvement from last year. Now, no run game (run blocking) and no pass game (pass blocking). What happened? The experts say other teams have figured out...yadda,yadda. How does that explain fundamentals (blocking & tackling) that these players have done since they were in grade school?


I guess what I was saying is if a team like Jacksonville passes on T'eo to draft ANOTHER QB, yes, I think they'd be nuts. I'm not convinced that Gabbert is the answer but I'm not sure you can right him off after 24 games. I'd be going with he and Henne for one more year and focussing my attention on other needs. It's not like they are only one player away. And yes, I believe it's a weak draft for QBs. Don't know about Smith yet but I'm not overly impressed with some of the other guys.

After ten games, this is how the Dolphins stand today in my opinion:

They cannot run or pass the ball. They cannot stop the pass. Thier offensive line is bad - again - even after yet another high roung pick being invested in the unit.

Special teams is playing well overall, except when a pressure FG is needed.

They have very little elite talent outside of center, DT, and punter (sigh).

Some teams that were similar or worse than the Dolphins were last year (Colts, Seahawks, Bucs, and Redskins) seem to be improving at a much faster pace than the Dolphins so far this season.

The front office and ownership stated that last year's team was talented but needed minor upgrades and better coaching. So, the entire coaching staff was changed. Upgrades seem, unfortunately, to be minor indeed.

Tannehill is almost impossilbe to evaluate in such a dysfunctional organization, but his play the past two games has been dreadful, espcially when compared to Wilson, Luck, and RGIII.

The results: 4-6 against a weak schedule and an offense that is very weak even against inept defenses.

Perhaps two or three seasons of a new coaching staff being in place, Tannehill developing, and intelligent drafting and FA signings will result in the Dolphins in becoming an elite team. Perhaps.

Of course, it could be that the GM is the main problem. If the team cannot draft or find talent and is forever being 'mis-built', then it's going to be a very long time before Dolphins are an excellent team again. It's already been a very long time since they were merely a good team.

My opinion is that it's the GM that is terrible at his job isofar as those duties include building a championship level team. Those lack of results are on the field that fewer and fewer fans bother to see each week.

...On the defense We need a freekin playmaker. Wherever we find him..So I think if there is an obvious choice out there we take him.. T'EO fits that mold. Get a guy out there that has the ability to change the game. We can debate the positions all we want, identify weaknesses and how to best fix them. My point is if this player was a corner, and this dynamic..Make the move, if he was a pass rusher..do it. It just happens tobe this player is a MLB..The best defensive player in this draft...and if we have the chance to take him IMO it is a no brainer.


The reason why as recent as 2011, we're still drafting oline is because Parcells came in and immediately f*cked up. Look no further than Smiley/Grove/Long.

IMO, Vernon Carey wasnt close to greatest LT, but didnt warrant 1st overall pick to replace him. Same with Satele, he's still a starter at center in this league. He now plays for the Colts.

So at least Grove/Long werent primary priorities. Parcells ade them that.

We didnt have to pay big buck for Smiley, we found Incognito for peanuts. Could have saved a1st rd pick on Pouncey, we could still have Satele. We double-down drafted on other olinemen that didnt workout.

The way the oline situation has been handled in Miami is the most disastrous thing of all. Not that we couldnt use maybe 1-2 high picks in that area.

I wanted to mortgage some draft picks for RG3 you think Ireland would grow balls to do so? No I'm sick of this repbuilding for the last decade. I remember some of you thought Tannehill was/is the better player ahhh NOT!!

..SIGH..Great post..Well said.


And what if you draft a CB hat comes in and has next to ZERO impact? Let's say a guy like Jason Allen. It's all conjecture at this point. I just think it's a mistake to ignore pass rush and go somewhere else. To me it SCREAMS need on this team. There's a few guys out there who fit the bill from 8-15. I'd take a flyer on the guy they think would be best.

No thanks to expensive FA WR. There's a few guys in the second who could help us and that's all we're looking for. Give us someone who ADDS to what the others can do.

One other thought (and it's just me thinking out loud), what do guys think we could get for Bess. Decent guy, good contributor but I'm not so sure that Hartline couldn't do his job. My plan would be to bring Hartline back, trade Bess for a 3rd or a 4th, draft a guy in the second and add a guy like Jennings from GB. Thoughts?

DD @ 1:00PM,

Exactly! IMO T'eo is the best defensive player period, that happens to be a MLB. We're stupid to pass on that, regardless of position.

Great post!

Also can we please just trashed this WCO and get a guy who will throw the ball further than 10 yards down the field. If I'm not mistaken we didn't even attempt to throw the ball further than 30 yards down the field. BTW well be stuck in mediocracy unitilIreland is fired.

T'eo is going top 5 IMO. We can talk about him all day long right up until April if you like but I don't see us finishing bottom five and I don't see a point in trading up for him.

RG3 16 td to 4 picks for the season.. Someone please post Tannehill numbers please. It sucks!

No one's going to give a 3rd or 4th for Bess. There isnt another team in the league he could start for.

Defense!!! You guys want a playmaker on defense!!! We need freakin playmakers on offense WTH are you guys smoking. We need RBs WRs TEs!! LB can wait after though prem positions

Tannehill = another Ireland bust


I agree that the way the OL was handled from 2008 - 2012 is the single worse thing that happened to the Dolphins. Most of it is on Parcells, but some of it is on Ireland as well.

Not only does the OL lack talent after a half decade of over-investment, the team gave up chances to pick up talent at QB, WR, TE, and just about every other position of need on the team - which is everywhere outside of punter and DT.

Former first round pick Gabe Carimi being benched by the Bears after the game against SF the other night. How can this be? I thought it was only the Dolphins who get criticized for the linemen they draft? Does it happen other places too?


Youre the only one talking about the pass rushers you name. The defeensive player most talking heads are talking about is T'eo. The guy will be invited to the Heisman as a nominee. Not even one other defensive player in the entire land are being talked about in that breath.

Like DD said, regardless of position, T'eo is simply the best defrensive player out there. Defensively, we're in no position to pass on the best defensive player in the draft to takea gamble on another who may or may not pan out.

Thats part of why this team is so terrible anyway. Passing up closer to sure things for upside and and potential. What has that gotten us?

agree lets hope dansby is long gone

Ireland = Parcells booty partna

The lie that was first brought to life by the PriceMaster, the greatest poster thiscrappy sight has ever known, has now been confirmed:
The Lie: After Henne's injury last season when he elected to have surgery Mando came in here to proclaim that the Phins had no interest in re-signing Henne.

The PriceMaster: pointed out that since it was October 2011 and no one knew who the coach/gm would be, nor what draft position would be nor what FAs we were able to sign how could the Phins possibly make that statement.

The proof: In this interview with Henne yesterday he states that the Phins called him when they found out he was in J'ville and made an offer

The Conclusion: The only conclusion that can be drawn is that Mando heard from the custodian at Phins HQ that Henne told the team he would not be back. Mando floated the story like Ross told him this.

Once again Mando has been proven wrong.

To DarrylDunphy at 1:03 PM

Many thanks for the compliment. :)


I'm not debating that T'eo is the best defensive player in the draft. I'm debating that he'll be there when we pick and I'm also saying I don't think he's the best fit for what ails this team. I know you have a tough time when not everyone agrees with you but you're going to have to deal with it.

Clue, no question we need playmakers, but we have 5 picks in the first three rounds. We've gone offence heavy in the last two drafts. I'm pretty certain we'll go defence with the first pick.

How about this for the first 5 picks:
1st: Te'o
trade a 2nd & 3rd for an established WR
2nd: Best CB/DB available
trade a 3rd and Clay and Egnew for a starting TE

Posters I think finding that #1 receiver is more difficult in the draft anyway than finding a TE with adequate blocking skills who is faster than the Dolphins starting TE Fasano.Free agency is another thing altogether.


You cant say T'eo goes top 5 without first researching teams most likely to draft top 5 and thier greatest needs.

Im beginning to believe you're praying T'eo goes top 5 just so you can have your wish for a pass rusher come true.

To tell you the truth, and I have did a little research on available pass rushers, I wouldnt take any of them before 15th. I know that sounds crazy to you.

Lets say you get your wish and T'eo is plucked before we pick. If drafting a pass rusher, I would trade down 13th to 15th before taking one. So if he doesnt become what we hoped, we still have an extra 2nd rd pick to make up the difference with.

Clue, the problem with a WCO as you probably know is, it depends on YAC. That and mix a few long COMPLETED passes in. If that doesn't happen, then you end up with dink & dunk. And even that's OK if you're making 1st downs. What I see is short to intermediate passes short of the 1st down marker.

well craig we wont win more than 6 games so we should be no worse than top 10,probaly higher

We need playmakers? What a cocept! Same story for 5 years.

Craig did you see what the Falcons did once they realize Ryan was there QB. They traded up for Julio Jones they traded for Tony Gonzalez.. They traded for Turner. If they don't put playmakers around Tannehill he will lose confidence and turn out to be a bust which he currently on the road to being with his atrriocious rookie numbers. Defense is decent it's the offense that needs to be completely re vamped. Remember ppl the offense!

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