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Four solutions for a struggling running game: (Titans D is one)

The Tennessee Titans are 30th in the NFL against the run. They are a dam with a lot of leaks, folks.

So it stands to reason that this week presents a wonderful opportunity for the Dolphins to get their limping running game -- which hasn't really stepped up recently after a fast start -- to get going again.

If the Dolphins cannot run up the yardage against the Titans, I would not expect them to do so against teams such as San Francisco (No. 5 against the run) or New England (No. 7) later this year. I would say that the first few games were something of a mirage and the truth is Miami's running game is mediocre.

But no one wants to come to that conclusion, least of all the Dolphins, so my understanding is the game plan is to run as much as Mike Sherman's pass-first orientation will allow. And my understanding is also that nothing much is expected to change with the Dolphins attack in that Reggie Bush is expected to get most of the carries and Daniel Thomas will get the rest.

So allow me to give three suggestions to improve the Miami running game -- not only this game but beyond.

1. Ask Ryan Tannehill to run more. Yes, Tannehill is just returning to health after being hobbled by a knee injury last week. But he is healthy. He is athletic, as the fact he played receiver in college proves. And he is fairly big and strong and fast (4.6s in the 40). Use that athleticism! Andrew Luck scored two rushing TDs last night. Robert Griffin III has an 80-yard run this year.

Coaches should make it plain to Tannehill that it is OK to run as long as the run finishes out of bounds or with a slide. Tannehill has not taken advantage of his running skills this year. He's run only 19 times for 24 yards (1.9 yard per rush average). It would be demoralizing to the defense to see the QB pick up first downs rushing the ball.

2. More Lamar Miller, please. I know that Miller isn't getting more playing time because the club is concerned about his blitz pickup and overall pass protection. He's also not 100 percent on his playbook.

But can't the Dolphins find three plays Miller knows and don't involve passing and put the kid in and let him explode? Miller was a 60-yard run waiting to happen in college. He leads all Miami runners with a 5.5 yard per carry average on 24 totes this year. He's explosive. He's a weapon. Give him a chance!

3. Throw in some Wildcat plays at people. Yeah, I know, I'm crazy. The Wildcat is very 2008. Nobody really runs it a ton anymore. But remember that Wildcat's purpose -- aside from surprising the opponent -- is to win a battle of numbers.

Simply, the Wildcat scheme puts as many blockers as defenders into the running play. It puts one more blocker into the play than the conventional running play. That's been one of the Dolphins' problem lately. Teams are stacking the tackle box with eight defenders to outnumber Miami at the line of scrimmage.

OK, then. Raise the stakes! Add a blocker. Let Reggie Bush run away from or Daniel Thomas run over somebody. Yes, it would put Tannehill at receiver for a play. Guess what? He's played WR in college. And as surprises go, this would be one, at least for a down or two.


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Disagree with the T-hill at wideout for a play or two to run some wildcat. If he's being groomed to be the franchise qb he needs to be treated as such. Defenses also would love to see him out there to get a shot on him.

Do me a favor PLEASE don't ever bring up "wildcat" again it just kills momentum at times we get lucky but over all I'd rather see better run packages than the freakin wild cat that's a desperate thing smh…

Wow! Really!



No Gimmicks!

And T-Sizzle is not running until he learns the position!!! Which I prefer!!!

Remember when I said RG3 is not being taught the position! Sacrificing it for a couple September wins!

He's a rookie! Let him learn from the pocket!!! First! If u Notice!! Sherman didn't really roll out T-Hill until the Jets game!!

It's a process!

On our real running game!!

It all went downhill when Reggie started dancing! But if the RB's Run Hard They can still get their yards!

P.S.- To the troll! Claiming Dashi uses Other Names! Get off the crack! Dashi is Dashi! We All know that! While U and Mando! Don't know what Integrity Means!!!

Dashi is the Personification of INTEGRITY!! Look it Up!

If u want a definition! or a Perfect Example!

Or what was it? That they told U?

Being a "Man"!

Character! And Not the 1001 U guys create(Jersey Shore Boys)!

Not to mention wildcat=QB killer, only Ronnie and Ricky could pull it off good enough and their not here any more

YG....from the last blog...

but if Rivers doesn't melt down on Monday night....the Chargers win that game by 10...even with the miraculous Manning comeback.....

but now....I guess I just became a Broncos fan....we need the Chargers to lose...

Its gonna be hard to know what we have with our team until DEC...thats when the MEAT of the schedule will be played.....and our METAL will be tested.....I want this team to be in the mix so they are giving there best....

Posted by: Kris | November 09, 2012 at 11:12 AM


The Titans game I believe will show a little. To be right where we should be. I believe we need to win by no fewer than 10pts at home.

If we're lesser than where we should be we win by 7pts or less. If we lose, then its "oh boy".

The wildcat statement! Still tells me somebody is not over sporano!!!

Real Coaches! Run Real PLAYS!!


HE SHOULD STILL BE RECOVERING FROM SHOULDER SURGERY! Let him Redshirt! The rest of the year! Or use him sparingly!

But let Reggie Play for his contract! He needs it!

Next year! We can talk about the dynamic duo! Thunder and Lightning! D.Thomas and L.Miller!!

This game is a Real Must Win!!


I really dont understand why you guys dont credit defenses for placing 7-8-9 men in the box for slowing the run game. No matter how bad a team's run game, its difficult to consistently run against this.

Teams aret worried about us consistenly beating them deep. The goal is to hve us run 1st and 2nd down and fore as many 2nd-3rd and longs as possible. This will continue until we can consistently palce the fear into teams of scoring over the top.


Im glad youre not the hc. stick with your day job. LOL


Agree with EVERYTHING you said...with the EXCEPTION of the Wild CAT.....

leave the WC in the pet cemetery.....

Good Blog....best work in a while...IMO....

WildCat is over and done with!! We need to use this Tennessee game to get hot and make a run b4 we play NE & SF!! Go Phins!!

The only way to fix the running game is to start Matt Moore. Opposing D's stack the box against Tannehill knowing he wont beat them passing.

Mando, the adults are talking football. Go back to your room and play with that Ken doll some more. Dress him up in an NFL uniform if it makes you feel more involved.

Uhh....... The opposition scouting report says LaMar Miller's a terrible pass protector. So putting Miller in the game just telegraph's it will be a running play. Either way, all they have to do is blitz no matter we run or pass.

Then you say he doesnt know the playbook 100%? Tannehill does, so what happens if Miller's in the game and T-hill wants to check out of a play, and into 1 Miller doesnt know? At that time Miller would be a liability, not an assett to the team. Right?

Armando,great insight as usual. You have the best and livliest Dolphin blog.

Agree YG....


Miller STILL gets yards...even when he doesn't know the play....

During the Colts game...on his ONE carry....I swear Tanne had to tell Miller what to do....AFTER THEY BROKE THE HUDDLE....and Tanne looked pi$$ed....also while Tanne was @ the line...the FB said something to Miller before the ball was snapped....

and after ALL THAT.....a 7 yard stumbling run.....

I can live with that a 6-9 times a game....

I think Armando wrote a drunken blog topic today. He over simplified some things showing he has minute offensive football knowledge. Wants the franchise qb running arouind on the goaline. Luck outweighs T-hill by a good 15 lbs.

Then want us to telegraph to the defense its 99% a running play's coming in with Miller in the game.

Armando, with you as oc, we may as well pop open the casket, and drag Dan Henne back propped up on puppet strings.

Really dumb article this time, but what can you expect from a person who thinks 19 carries and 24 yards comes to 1.9 ypc?

Life was so much simpler when Mando was younger, when his biggest issue was hiding mom's mascara so Papi wouldn't get mad.


Having Miller in could also result in total disaster not fully knowing the playbook. Even on a run.
What if Miller goes the wrong way on a handoff, making T-hill have to eat the ball, and absorbing a season ending hit?

Having a "unprepared" Miller in the game wouldnt look so good then, now would it?

That's the worst possible sh-t you can write, Armando. ANY NFL Team, as much as they could suc-, puts 8 men on the line, and NO other NFL Team can run against them(not enough blockers). It will be all on Tannehill and his receivers, again, to score enough points to Win. Good show!


I agree....and that was my concern on that play...and that most likely is why he didn't play another down that game....

but the kid has talent....Philbin and Sherman are doing the right thing....

I'm thinking like a fan....

Yeahh, I like challenges(work best under them, at least up to now).

When teams run the WC, it is like the team saying we have no confidence in our offense to get the job done. Look around the league and the vast majority of teams that uses the WC are teams that have a struggling offense. Our offense needs to do better but not to the point where it needs to use the WC. The two things I notice that are different from the beginning of the year to now is that the run blocking is not as good and Bush in particular is trying to make a big play every time he touches the ball rather then running hard, trying to break some tackles and pick up what ever yards he can get when nothing is there. If I was them I would be embarrassed that my rookie QB has to carry the team.

This was a good article until Armando brought up the Wildcat. This isnt a Jets ran offense with Coach Sparano. We can get yards other ways.
If even Miller just gets in on running plays he is still averaging 5.5 ypc so let them know its a running play, he will still get the yards.

Shula73 stating other ignorant uneducated statements

Of course, Ripp. If our OL is not opening holes, then Bush has to improvise. Now, why is our OL not opening holes like they were at the beginning of the Season? Hmm...

How can anyone take you seriously if you think "their" means "they're?" I'm talking to you idiot fans, not Mando. Did any of you learn a single thing in elementary school?

How about, try? Call 35 running plays between Thomas and Bush. Doesn't matter how many for each. If we do that, D wears down and start to break some in the 2nd half and final stats are 35 for 180 yards.

We are giving up and calling only 19 runs doesn't cut it.

Tim Couch....

Go find the English Literacy blog...or TALK FOOTBALL....

How about, try?
Posted by: Tim Couch | November 09, 2012 at 12:13 PM


Please grade this conglomeration of words.....because surely an ENGLISH MAJOR such as yourself wouldn't call that a sentence....

On, L.Miller!

Correct and Correct! He is to much of a Liability! Needs to get the plays down! And then Needs to get better!!! At Pass Protection! Else 8+ in the Box!!

2 plays that T-Hill gets LIT UP ON!!! Are 50/50! O-Line and RB! Fault!

Let Dashi explain!

On the play T-Hill gets INJURED!!! J.Martin blocks down! And J.LANE WAS SUPPOSE TO BLOCK C.Pace(OLB)! Miscommunication! And Pace comes in free!

During the Colts Game! Jake Blocks Down! And Thomas was suppose to pick up the OLB! (Remember the Colts run a 3-4.) And T-Hill gets Hit.

With that said! RB's Need to Pass Protect A lot better in this system! Than in previous years! Plus Ronnie and Ricky were good pass blockers! Thomas And Miller are young and with coaching Could get better!

Remember L.Miller is only 21!!! That's Real Young For Any NFL Player! Most RB's Come in the League at 23! In 2 Years! L.Miller! Will be a Force!! And Still be Younger than Most Rookie Running Backs! Heck, D.Thomas is 25! And Ronnie and Ricky were 23 when they came in the league! So let him RedShirt this year! Still give him 7-9 Touches a game if u can! But it's not a priority!

Is it a learning disability? There is gotta be some plays he knows. Can he not catch or run routes from the backfield? Miami cant put together a package of plays he knows and put him on the field? Can he return? I know thigpen gets us good field position but it seems a waste to let miller just ride the bench.

Tan-Hill, running, really!Thats all we need our franch
ise QB hurt.Wildcat!Wildcat!Forget about it we have RBs, Bush,Thomas,Miller,and Lane I think we should be able to run if the Damn OL could start Blocking better.

actually kris, you idiot, people who truly can write recognize what I did there as an acceptable informal way to write and actually it's a perfect sentence. whatever it's over your head

Armando: I respectfully disagree with 2 out of your 3 suggestions. Letting Tanny run and putting him in high risk of major injuries is a quick way for Moore to take over (if that is your plan). And wildcats? Really?

Here are my three suggestions:
1. I think the OLine is where things need to be strengthen. Let's face it, Long is having a bad season and Martin still has some learning to do.
2. I would utilize Javorskie more as the lead blocker.
3. Let Bush catch the ball more often. I've noticed that on several scoring drives, Bush was instrumental in gaining chunk yardages after short passes to him. Keep doing it.

And Clown! Out of the TOP 5 NFL Offenses! 4 run some form of the WCO!!



Doesn't require being an English major. Simply requires being a person who reads. Anything.

I feel sorry for Mando. He has to write this blog for a bunch of morons who do nothing but insult him even though they have an education equivalent to about 3rd grade by historical standards.

"They're" is a contraction for "they are." As in, "they are going to run the ball."

Their shows possession. As in, "it's their game to lose."

See? They own the game. The possess it, in that sentnece.

It's not that hard, speaking of "it's." It's is another contraction, short for "it is," showing action again.

Its (no apostrophe) shows ownership. As in, "Craig M's dog put its tail in its mouth." "Its" is a tricky one for you bullies who fvcked around in school instead of paying attention. It's (see that? "it is") the only word that is "backwards" by your caveman standards in that there is NO apostrophe to show ownership. Usually it is the other way around. As in, "Craig M's dog." Craig M owns the dog, so there is an apostrophe.

The last mistake you cavemen always make is "your" vs "you're." Once again we see a contraction. "You're" is a contraction for "you are." As in, "You're not getting this, are you." Whereas "your" shows possession. As in, "there are no functioning cells in your stupid caveman brain."

Now, not one of you who reads this has an excuse to make these mistakes ever again. It's not that hard. You have seen these examples repeated correctly literally thousands of times throughout your lives, even in the sports page. You should not need to have it explained to you more than once.

I am not an English major. This is 3rd grade stuff we're talking about here; college major and what doctorate degree I hold is not relevant to the issue.

I understand this is a football blog, but only lazy ignoramouses like yourselves use that as an excuse for your ignorance, because we are not talking typos or something that would require more typing or effort to get right. Rather, you actually expend more effort trying to get it right and most of you get it *wrong*, such as when you write the possessive "their" for the verb contraction "they're." That's flat out ignrance and the correct words should be used even on a football blog.

You are welcome.

I, for some part, am self-taught(auto-didactic).

First half of this game we need to punish the Titans defensive line. Pouncy and the boys to push the line, Lane to plow the road and Bush or Thomas barrelling through. Do that for most of the first half and their line will be gassed.

Wow. Now if only you could have applied that effort to your?:) cleveland career you would've been better than kosar and revered as such in brown town. I'm kidding of course. You had no chance on that garbage float of a team.

So you got mad because I let on. Well, you have your designs and we have Ours. We believe Our's are more important for All, including You.

Tim: it's spelled "ignoramuses'. Proofread your own writing before you criticize others.


Did you bump your head or something? The Wildcat? Seriously? I hate it now. It worked for one season and one season only. No one runs it with any success. That is insane you bring that up.

As far as Miami's run game being "mediocre"? I disagree. The Dolphins never get into a rhythm running the ball at all. Miami could of salted the game away with the run vs Arizona. They could of salted the game away with runs vs the Jets but Bush was hurt. I don't know what you're thinking today.

I do agree Lamar Miller should get more carries but your post is purely opinion and we all have one but you're dead wrong on Wildcat and Miami's run game being mediocre. I would say it's GOOD!

Nahh, I can't believe Armando is Cuban. He's too dumb for that.


Couple of observations...have you ever considered the fact the Bush was hurt, right when the run production fell off? Perhaps he has not been able to get back to 100% yet. He's paid millions of dollars to help his team and play through pain, but saying it in the stands and being able to do it on the field are two different things.

Did you ever consider the fact that perhaps Tannehill was asked not to run. WE don't want him hurt, and whether anyone believes it or not the Miami Dolphins are in a rebuilding year. He's still learning how to play in the NFL. Learn the game in 2012-13 season, and show us what you learned (and be successful at it) next year! Oh, don't get yourself hurt doing something stupid, because that won't help us at all!

Miller is what he is. He probably won't be around as a long term solution for this team. UNLESS he plays way beyond his current abilities. I trust the coaching staff...he's not playing all the time for a reason.

Finally, running the ball has not been a priority for the team. They run so that they can pass...franchise QB's don't hand off all day, they make plays with their arms -- OL help and so do the receivers.

They will look great this weekend, but don't get your hopes up too high, but don't get them too low either. Understand what this season is meant for. Learn the game, pick up players in the draft and FA, and come up with a vengeance next season!!

I am wondering now, why if GB or the Dolphins in the 70s had such a great running Game, why other Teams did not load the box against them. Anybody?

The running game suffers because Tannehill isnt a legit passing threat. Can u say Ryan Hennehill?

A failed Teacher! And A failed Doctor! Plus the writer of this blog is no superstar! He's not even Lebatard good!

Tim Couch! Ur a Failure! And I guess! U just want To personify that! It's Cool!

Hope u get excited with the little treat Dashi left U!


oscar, those teams had great QB's.

Time for Gaffney to pick up his game. He and Hartline getting hot is the way to scorch 8 man fronts. Should be ample opportunities this Sunday..

Go Fins!

Actually, the "ignoramasii" of the blog have much to learn...

Oscar is of Gallego Descent!!

Please, Disregard what he Says! It's not him! It's where he's from! They are known for randomly Eating $-hit!!! U know Comiendo Miel DA!! They can't help it!

Doe's anyone know if Jake Long contacted the Indy PD about the beating he took in Indy?
I say let Ryan run, At least he'll see whos gonna hit him unlike getting killed from his blind side.

Heck, no, Dashi, I'm from Italian descent(canosa,you know, Canossa in Italy, where the Pope went to make the peace. Pope Inocente I believe it was)

Mando, any word on Jonas Gray's health? The team is supposed to decide whether or not to sign him since he came off the pup list. He is a big back with excellent speed. At least before his knee injury last year.

Up until last week, we only had two recievrs consistently getting open and catching the ball. Bess and Hartline. So you wonder whats wrong with the run game.

8-men in the box!

To begin again running the ball efectively we need desperately have Gaffney become a force at 3rd wr. Need Marlon Moore to become a legit deep threat. Need Clay to become a more consistent reciever. Need Fasano to come open more often.

Until we become more efficient as an enitre passing unit. Defenses have no need to stop playing 8-9 guys in the run box. This means, sure we make a few runs from time to time, but it wont be with consistency.

Im sure the run game greatly improves when the pass game overall improves. Only two wr's(Bess/Hartline) being a consistent pass catching threat. Just isnt going to get it.

WildCatt? Dude that is so Faith Hilling it is embarrassing.

Andy, I agree. The Wildcat is a gimmick, for an offense with no other choices. We have choices, we have other ways to get creative. Taking the QB out of position is too disruptive (especially for a rookie). My suggestion, stop running on 1st down. This is a WCO. Use your TE, quick slants to the slot WR, Reggie out of the backfield. Open up the defense and then run when it's 2nd/3rd and shorter. I'm fine with Tannehill running more, but he doesn't look that fast out there. Don't get him beat up any more than he already has been.

But, truth is, if RBs need rhythm, Mike Sherman's offense isn't where they will get it. It's a pass-first offense, intending to be explosive, and the run is just secondary. When we have the talent to make it run right, running will add a good balance. Right now, we have to use what the defense is giving us, and keep passing over LBs heads to the WRs/TEs.

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