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Gaffney, McDaniel inactive, Matthews active tonight

BUFFALO -- Jabar Gaffney is inactive tonight. So is Tony McDaniel.

the Dolphins are also going with only two tight ends tonight because Jeron Mastrud is inactive. (That should tell you something about Michael Egnew's status because in a game Miami only has two TEs active, he is still inactive).

The Dolphins have activated Rishard Matthews for the second time this season.

The rest of the inactives are Pat Devlin and Will Yeatman.

The Dolphins will wear their aqua jerseys and white pants.

There's a live blog here tonight. It will happen in the comments section. I'll join you there at kickoff.


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No sure what all of this means, but I dot look for a wholesale ressurection of the passing offense because of it. Whomever does is exercisng pure homerism.

Whatit does mean, is default, Marlon Moore has o step up big. The addition of Rishard Matthews could just mean he's next man up to round out he wr corps. Still it would be great to see big things from him, though I dont expect it.

I think Tannehill will step up this week because he isn't Mark Sanchez lol.

If we lose oh well better draft position, if we win at least we will still be in playoff race although we won't make it but its better than meaningless games

Man, Gaffney another dud! I could see it in his play.

Egnew apparently does not want to play on ST(and he has the ability for it). If he continues in his ways, he will be cut.

Oscar Ireland swung and missed with Egnew he has been a ghost this year in the attempt to get a TE with speed.He needs to draft another one next year in the top three choices.

Well, what do you want to do with him?(Marlon) STs or receiver, he can't do both.

No NFL network...can I get on my MAC anywhere...

We should light up their secondary. For Christmas.


nfl.com shows the game on Thursday nites. Just log on. As long as your flash player is up to date you can see it. Im not suer how the Mac operates, never had one, but it has to have a flash player. Right?

Egnew has the speed, King Shula. He was a triple jump high competitor. I think he's just very immature.

Oscar everyone seems to comment on players picked up off the waivers or released,I dont know the actual number but I would guess a lot less than half of these pickups will amount to more than fill-ins for that season.Do you think the Dolphins are any better at evaluating talent than the team that released the player,they just have a need to fill temporarily.

I use to love in our championship 70's years, when we traveled to Buffalo thier fans held signs saying:

"The electric company(oline)" or "You have the oranges but we have the juice(OJ Simpson)"

Still, "the juice could never run for 100yds against us and "the electric company(thier oline)" would suffer "power outages". LOL...

Thanks yesterday...I'll give it a shot.. go fish

Razon I agree before the season ends they should play Egnew but not Tonight this game is important.If they lose they will have plenty of time to play Egnew.

If you dont have NFL Network I heard the CBS sister station channel 33 would broadcast the game,I havent checked myself.

I don't know King Shula. Shula picked up discards Larry Little, Kuechenberg and turned them into HOFers.


GTG get ready to go to the sports bar and watch the game. Win or lose, we still win(draft position).

YG4E that was before the players regularly wore gloves do you get it

Im gonna go see if my friend is watching the game the talking heads should be on or about to go on.


Sometimes you land into hof'ers not being great at evaluating talent. Just lucky as hell. Kuechenberg has still yet to become a hof'er.

Also, I think Little came to Miami from San Diego in a trade, not a discard.

You think I'm some kind of Fool, YG? I'm an Original with a prodigious memory. I knew, exactly, you were going to say Kuech is not a HOF. You think other "Originals" are not reading these comments? I just throw these baits see if I can get rid of you.

Firstrowsport.eu has it on

Gaffney inactive cuz of injury or performance?

Kick them in the A-s, kick them in the A-s.

Love Deion. He knows we are not going to playoffs, but recognizes improvement.

Philbin said he's going to keep the schemes simple and to focus on fundamentals. God I hope that doesn't mean Dan Henning style football.

Gaffney. Hasn't played enough to be evaluated LOL. HAHAHAHAHA!

We just cannot play for Players, as much as we want.

All this we're gonna gash them and light up the secondary like xmas talk is fine, but weren't we supposed gash TN last week because their run D sucked?

For once I want a clean game in all three phases. Something we haven't seen in a while.

What's up everyone. How is everyone this eve?

Is this the live blog tonight Armando?

Think Bush is about to blow lid off Bills defense.

What's Armando!

Ready to put TN behind us! Running back by committee night?

for got the up*

verry nice... hows the weather?

This is the live blog, KS

It's 35 with windchill at 30 degrees. But it is beautiful!

If the D line mantain their lanes, we should win this game. Fitzpatrick is no Jake Locker.

I think the Dolphins want REggie to get off, NY, so he'll get his chance before we see a committee.

I'd expect a big game from Cameron Wake. Buffalo RT Chris Hairston is bad.


Whats your pick tonight?

Sportsmoneylife.com has Dolphins 27-17.


Prediction: Bush over 100 we win, under we lose

Deion Sanders on message Joe Philbin sent Reggie Bush last week by benching him: “He sent Reggie Bush a message: ‘You will not be here next year.’”

Mario Williams vs Jonathon Martin...not a great matchup

Hi Armando, what's up brother..any news about Egnew

Mike, you'll hate me but I picked the Bills. Think it's too tough to win Thursday night on the road.

We get the ball first, nice long drive to put them out of their misery early!

First play of the game Dolphins run left behind a strong side formation. Only two yards. Not good.

Teams are starting to play back on Tannehill and not blitzing. T-Hill is going to have to make the adjustment.

Wow... Joke

Game over

McKelvin untouched.

didn't he just run into the punter? is that a flag?

no one wants to make a tackle out there...it's too cold

Very strong start for the Dolphins...is Loria part of the Ownership?!!!

Hey sh*t stain fish bait was that just a big punt return TD?

can someone tell tannehill its ok to throw into the middle of the field.

beerphin, the run into the punter was ruled blocked into the punter. So no flag.

Lol tony

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