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Gaffney, McDaniel inactive, Matthews active tonight

BUFFALO -- Jabar Gaffney is inactive tonight. So is Tony McDaniel.

the Dolphins are also going with only two tight ends tonight because Jeron Mastrud is inactive. (That should tell you something about Michael Egnew's status because in a game Miami only has two TEs active, he is still inactive).

The Dolphins have activated Rishard Matthews for the second time this season.

The rest of the inactives are Pat Devlin and Will Yeatman.

The Dolphins will wear their aqua jerseys and white pants.

There's a live blog here tonight. It will happen in the comments section. I'll join you there at kickoff.


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Here we go again, picking of right where we left last sunday.

Florida Marlins
Miami Dolphins
Florida Panthers

= what a joke

HaHahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahHahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!! I can't take it anymore. It's too funny!!!

now they're back to playing like the crappy team in preseason we saw....

One special game against the Jets with one return by Thigpen. This unit has been anything BUT special.

Boy do we know how to start a game on prime time tv.... Reminds me a few years ago when Peyton threw an 80 yard TD to Dallas Clark to start a MNF game

Mike Sherman sucks

not sure how there was no flag on fields there but still shouldnt have let that happen what a pathetic joke this team is becoming and fast

The beginning of the end for fins season?
Can we start the on hating on Ireland

Flags as usual

Hey Rizzi you are a massive douche bag. Quit whining like the SO FLA trash you are. Why don't you do something about your once again lousy special teams.

Wow, very poor.

WHy does Tanne even throw to Fasano....





I hope all you Clemons lovers saw that crap attempt at a tackle in the TD run back. The guy is horrible. Should be cut immediately.

Well guys here are the Dolphins we all expected. Smh

Lamar Miller Time!

Fasono needs to go

We suck!

Coming out flat again. No help with playcalling. Very vanilla.

Can someone tell Sherman the game start 10 minutes ago

Best reciept for a bad defense , play the dolphins

WTF was that?

anyone have a link?

Ok come on, does anyone love anybody on the Dolphins? Seriously maybe a few CFL fans follow Cam Wake ... but what a joke.


Nice work Tamponhill

What the hell was that???

Wow just pathetic. Pathetic

This offense looks bad so far. Keep in mind that the Buffalo defense is the worse in the NFL. Two 3 and outs.

Austin, Miami's TEs stink, One of the problem throwing down the seam.

what happened to this team? the beginning of the year we were at least competitive

miami makes bad defenses look good....*lmao*

Really a draw, that sure as hell was a waste of a play wtf

Wow... Tanbehill looks scared for the first time these past two weeks

Tannehill hasn't even thrown the ball past 10 yards yet. 10 freaking yards!

bush runs sideways...they need to do the line a favor and get daniel thomas in there to run north south. they are misusing bush.

Ireland's picks are now catching up with this team

Last time Dolphins gave up a punt return TD vs. Buffalo was 1966.


To be fair Tannehill didn't give that play a chance to develop. It was a three man rush, he could've bought time or stepped up in the pocket.

Mando, what time is the Heat game? Can't watch this garbage

Yea, please dont go calling for the resigning of fasano too much afetr this game....

Tannehill F'n sucks

Armando, so that's mean Egnew is a Boost?

True, NY. No arguing that.

Can't run, can't win

Dolphins offense. 1st down. Run gain of 2
2nd down pass 3 yard out
3rd down pass 4 yard out incomplet
4th down punt

Just got home from work, this team is just as horrible as they were when I left for work this morning

bunch of ngative cry baby cuuunts

If Tanne continues on this downward spiral Ireland won't be saved

Spiller didn't do anything, that was their oline. Our run problem starts with the line. They SUCK right now.

Get Tannehill outta there.

great job Tanehill!!!! two 3 and outs, a 5 yards, 1 yard and another 5 yards, then great decision to run on 3 and 14!!! is amazing!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

at least he hasnt been tipped yet, but he will....

It looks like its going to be a looooooong night

Heat game at 1030

Loving Bills playcalling...may be worse than ours

That looks like our short yardage plays


Good defensive stop. Let's see if we can get something going on offense.

Can we get Gus Ferrotte back? Sage?

thank u buffalo for being conservative...

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