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Gaffney, McDaniel inactive, Matthews active tonight

BUFFALO -- Jabar Gaffney is inactive tonight. So is Tony McDaniel.

the Dolphins are also going with only two tight ends tonight because Jeron Mastrud is inactive. (That should tell you something about Michael Egnew's status because in a game Miami only has two TEs active, he is still inactive).

The Dolphins have activated Rishard Matthews for the second time this season.

The rest of the inactives are Pat Devlin and Will Yeatman.

The Dolphins will wear their aqua jerseys and white pants.

There's a live blog here tonight. It will happen in the comments section. I'll join you there at kickoff.


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If we run on first down I may puke.

Ok Sherman damnit, let's start calling some plays that will get the offense jump started. Running up the middle on 1st down isn't working. The out to Fasano isn't working. Get Bess and Hartline UP THE FIELD!

shut up and tannehill already jesus its annoying

Let's run a play that causes receivers to go down the field more than five yards. Good stop D.

Can't pin much of that on Tanne. Drop by Fasano, 3rd and forever and pressure right off freaking bat

Hey all, you are missing a very funny episode of Two and a Half Men.

Teams are daring The Dolphins to throw and they can't throw with success they are all going to stack the box. Couple of easy throws would help Tannehill a lot.

I miss Randy McMichael-thanks Jeff-how do you find these clunkers?

Would like play action here

Forget TD, when's the last time we got a first down?

Reggie will be gone. The Dolphins are worse then the Marlins. Marshall this year Reggie next year.

Oh, what are you doing Hartline!


he never had control of that ball

this team is awful

Are they going to bench Hartline like we did Bush?


just give up already im sick of it

What the heck is wrong with this team? They are not getting better! I guess Hartline will be punished now.

Now will Philbin bench Hartline??

Cam Philbin,

Bench Hartline.

dammit he did, he made a "football move"

Two possibilities here: One awful-- fumble. One merely bad --incomplete pass.

What is going ON WITH THIS OFFENSE? They are a mistake waiting to happen. If it's not one guy it's another.

better bench hartline....otherwise philbin might be called a racist*lmao*

Waiting for someone to blame Hartline or Philbin for that one.

Really Hartline? If the play stands we may as well just wave the white flag

something has gone wrong with philbin....these guys are playing under too much pressure.

every single time someone makes a big play we find a way to screw it up its sad

Words can't describe how bad this team kooks

Reggie was benched for fumbling, What about Hartline??

This could be worse than last week, if that's even possible

He handled the ball while on the turf for a second while being touched. He recovered and was down by contact. That it squirted out means nothing. The fumbled was controlled if even for a second

DC....the talentless filled dolphins are finally starting to show up....smoke and mirrors only last so long....

I can smell it from here in Miami, they STINK

They waived the white flag before the season even started when they traded Brandon Marshall.

It almost seems like this team is playing scared and hoping not to make mistakes. It is like they are expecting something to go wrong.

I agree with Austin

These guys can't play from behind. They all try to do too much, then nothing works.

Someone suggested to Tanne that it's ok to throw in the middle...now we know why he doesn't

No catch!!

Agree Clue.

Longer they take here on review, better it may be for us.

Never had control!


Why's Hartline smiling? Is that just his stupid face? He should be angry. What the f*ck!

Move Tanny to WR.

NO calls have gone our way this season so no way in hell it's not a fumble!

Armando U R Close to Sherman tell him Devon Bess is part of the Offense, he looks like the forgotten guy in his offense.

Last five quarters the Dolphins have more turnovers than points.

Um. Wow.

Dang it wishful thinking

Fu$%ing terrible, total meltdown for 7 quarters straight.

Wake up and play smart football

Tanny cant throw down the middle.

I agree with Mayock,I go deep


This is like a bad wreck. You don't want to look but you do anyway.

DC i was thinking the same thing...bench his ass and see if he keeps smiling

maybe our DEFENSE will score!!!!

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