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Gaffney, McDaniel inactive, Matthews active tonight

BUFFALO -- Jabar Gaffney is inactive tonight. So is Tony McDaniel.

the Dolphins are also going with only two tight ends tonight because Jeron Mastrud is inactive. (That should tell you something about Michael Egnew's status because in a game Miami only has two TEs active, he is still inactive).

The Dolphins have activated Rishard Matthews for the second time this season.

The rest of the inactives are Pat Devlin and Will Yeatman.

The Dolphins will wear their aqua jerseys and white pants.

There's a live blog here tonight. It will happen in the comments section. I'll join you there at kickoff.


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How's Spiller pushing the pile. He's a buck nothing. This team might have mailed it in I'm sad to say.

wait...they can get forward progress while pushing the pile, but if the ball is stripped be is down?

Wow, really bad streak going. No flow, no consistency

Hey, Cam Philbin has lost the locker room.

Wake contributes in so many ways!!

Oh, a penalty on the other team, isn't that unique?

How the hell was that not holding on wake????

HOLDING on Wake!!! WTF do they never call it!!!!!!


wake got held.

play 7 yards oiff...give the qb all day to find the open guy. crazy!

Of course it was complete. 3rd down means converted pass play for our secondary.

Wake was held.

reg.... can we talk about embarrassment again.... how about this awesome game now???

Holding wake was held!!!

Sean Smith is an enigma.

Trade Tannehill for a ham sandwhich.



Sean Smith being toasted

Heat start at 10:30

sean smith cannot locate the football.

This sucks we can't even get a call

Wake's always held. They won't call it. We're not good enough to get calls. The secondary needs to do their job.

Oh jeez, this feels just like the Tennessee game.

keep giving cushions secondary its really helped u last two weeks

cant believe they missed that hold on Wake that play should have never happened

Well, this is fun.

At least reshad jones has come to play

I guess they can mug Wake all night??

jones is playing well.

Reshad came to play.

Tony FAILbin has pickup from the last game.... this team SUCKS!!! all 3 phases tonght.... O sucks, D sucks and now ST sucks


Our secondary is terrible.

If we fall behind by a lot, we cannot come back with our offense. We have to hold them to a FG.

14-0, calling it now.

Man have our LB made 1 tackle yet?

How many points will Pats score on this Dolphin D when they meet?

does hartline have is own personal assistant on the sideline?

every time he touches the ball he carries three dolphine players 5 yards.

14 ZIP comming up.... tenn redo???

Fins got away with a major defensive liability! Burnett on CJ Spiller?

will hartline get benched??

We got lucky. That receiver was open.

I bet Long get's called for a few holds tonight, but they refuse to call when Wake is getting pulled down

I'm f u c kin pissed right now

No time to panick!! Fins need a couple 1st downs to get monkey off their back!

Surprise! 3rd down conversion by the opposing team....man it's been awhile since I've seen them do that, this defense has been amazing on 3rd down!

we don't get to Fitz guick and knock him around a bit he's gonna shred our secondary

Only reason it's a FG is because their QB is trash. If that was in play the WR would have caught it.

Jimmy Wilson acts like he made a play. Guy was open and the pass was just a bit high.

Anyone who still thinks this team is heading in the right direction is a retard. Ireland has to go, just such a lack of talent on this team. Appalling.

10-0 = Game over with our sh$t offense

hey armando...

whats the message being sent if hartline comes out for the next series???

Bet we run on 1st down for less than 3 yards.

bigger hole to dig out of...more tightness from the phins offense. they really need to learn how to play through adversity.

So is Hartline going to get benched like the Black players do?

All the QB's are throwing against Wilson.

We are playing atrocious football for the 2nd week in a row


Jimmy Wilson will get torched tonight, great move trading Vontae Ireland

They can't bench Hartline, there aren't any other active WRs. They won't play Moore for more than 3 plays. He's so horrible every time he touches the field he gets a TD. But he can't run block. Of course, it never gets to his level, because the oline can't run block either, but that's another story Philbin doesn't want you to notice.

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