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Gaffney, McDaniel inactive, Matthews active tonight

BUFFALO -- Jabar Gaffney is inactive tonight. So is Tony McDaniel.

the Dolphins are also going with only two tight ends tonight because Jeron Mastrud is inactive. (That should tell you something about Michael Egnew's status because in a game Miami only has two TEs active, he is still inactive).

The Dolphins have activated Rishard Matthews for the second time this season.

The rest of the inactives are Pat Devlin and Will Yeatman.

The Dolphins will wear their aqua jerseys and white pants.

There's a live blog here tonight. It will happen in the comments section. I'll join you there at kickoff.


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Mando, so should Wilson be upset the receiver didn't catch it?? C'mon man!! That's why there's so much fn negativity in this forum!!

5th in stopping the 3rd down conversion!!!!.... bet the ranch on that????

Armando, did you see Wilson looking to make sure he didn't get a flag

After weeks of getting torched does Coyle not realize playing 10 yds off is getting us killed or is he just stupid...

The outcome of this game will not affect my life in any way.

Incognito not black and he got benched

Tom Brady will tourch our secondary

Armando-How can Hartline be on the ground with his hand covering a football and not be down-and then some one picks it up off the ground and runs with it-every replay shows him covering the football with his hand!

KS, no need to reply 2 such posts....

Yeah baby!


That's the way to answer boys!!!!

NICE!! That's get's them back into the game!

That's more like it

F yea!!!!

Yea, we got the special teams touchdown back.

Yeeeeessss kid

Finally somebody makes a f%$king play


too the house!!

No Flag...pick 6

lol WOW cant believe there was NO FLAG on that

ST just erased their FU... can the O and D wake p now???

EXACTLY what the doctor ordered!!!! Wooooook-hooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

guys need to get over the hold calls...fata$$ fasano held at the line AFTER he got burned by Williams. let's move onto everyone stepping up...I feel like I'm watching HS FOOTBALL!!!! WAKE UP DOLPHINS!!!


Defense needs to lock it down now! Spiller needs to stop pushing the pile!

Now we need him to do that 5 more times, don't want to give it back to our offense!

DC...you cant bench reggie after fumbling and then have hartline do the same thing and play the next series...that makes the coach look ignorant

Tannehill didnt throw over the middle on that kick off TD return.. bench him

Let's go!!!!


7 precious-lovely points-let's win this with special teams

Why not try to get Thigpen involved in the offense as well? It couldn't hurt...

David, I was yelling the same thing

Yea, maybe that breaks the bad streak!!

Thigpen is the best player the Dolphins added this offseason so far.

ditto superPHIN!!!

No wonder you guys are so clueless. You spend the entire game BLOGGING about it instead of actually WATCHING it!!

Good Lord.

Maybe this will get the D fired up and create turnovers

And we basically have no other RB's than Bush. They benched him.

Lindell LOL

We need Fitz to turn into Fitz and throw an int!

Turnover here and our boyz break the trance!

Do what you do Fitzpatrick...throw an interception!

Armando what is the price up there of the Black Label?
with the cold weather a pair of palo every TD is not bad ehh!!

Odrick is a waste. Wake needs a bookend.

The difference is the depth at the RB position, you can argue, based on his recent play, Reggie Bush is the same running back as Thomas or Miller, you can't say the same about the depth at wide out, especially with Gaffney out.

Defense is awful

Chan Gailey can draw some good stuff up

Terrible secondary.

people wide open every time and then they fumble but no one around to pick it up

We are gonna go entire first quarter without a first down !

We can't give them that TD back to them. Let's hold them to a FG again.

One wonders if the defense studied their opponent this year. They are getting caught totally flatfooted. Jones being the notable exception.

R Jones came to play today! Hope his teammates start feeding off him!

Solid tackling on Spiller run. Not.

Pass defense is awful

Reshad Jones missest the tackle.

Jones seems to be the only one that showed up tonight

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