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Goose eggs on the board going to second quarter

Ryan Tannehill has an interception. Reggie Bush has been largely ineffective. Jake Long gave up a sack. Mike Pouncey was called for holding.

At least the defense is playing well.

The Dolphins and the Seahawks are not exactly lighting up the scoreboard so far. Game's tied at 0-0.

The game continues. The live blog continues in the comments section.


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D has been solid so far.

Come on, O! Give our D a break!!!

Defense is playing some inspired ball too...

The offense needs a spark. A trick play, flee flicker, end a round, something. They are just stuffing the box

cant believe seattle cant score on us

That was on Bess Truth, instead of trying to juke etc you need to get up field to get the 1st he has it if he turns and goes foward

The D will break, just give them time.

Say bye bye Reggie and Jake....keep playing this way and you will not find any team to pick you up

I dont think so Earl, with the lack of passing yards that the Seahawks have last in the NFL and with how the Dline is playing.. i think they hold true

Defense been playing very well the past 2 games, outside of Nolan Carroll of course

We NEVER call a reverse or flea flicker. Most predictable offense ever run. Even Wannstedt called reverses with Chambers. Shula threw in flea flickers. Those plays just work. If do right, no can defend.

Watching Bess throw his helmet is VERY surprising.

no out of bounds

Here comes the defensive collapse, that 1 play is all it will take

Sean Smith

Isn't it sad that the Dolphins have been so bad for so long that it is expected they will fail.

Every GM for the past 15 years plus has failed this team.

Tannehill may or may not be the answer, but the Dolphins haves to be ready to draft yet another QB next year at some point.

Nothing to challenge. Great catch.

Bench Tanne for 2 series. Let him reflect.

Do people still watch the Dolhins?


Bess walked off the field gingerly. Must be hurt because the camera caught him twice trying to put pressure on his leg.

When Bess starts getting pissed, it is officially over.

It will be 7-0 very shortly

It was a great catch.. the question is when he actually gained control of the ball was his left foot still touching the ground..

Russell Wilson was a third round pick and he is outplaying the 8th overall pick.

"Every GM for the past 15 years plus has failed this team."

I would strongly disagree. JJ was excellent at picking talent. He was just too stubborn in forcing a running game on Marino and stripping him of his audibles. Never got Dan a WR once Fryar left too, but other than that he was very good.

Wilson is really not very good. We have a chance.

Matty B.,

Lots of haters on here. Why do they even watch the games? LOL!!!

I thought Wilson was a 6th rounder

Philbum took the time out to review the Rice catch. Just my theory.

Why not just throw the challenge flag. It was obvious they were hurrying up so the Dolphins wouldn't challenge. Obviously they were gonna run the ball. Why call a timeout knowing they were gonna run the ball in that situation?

Now teams are figuring out the timing of the predictable Jimmy Wilson corner blitz.

there you go again Armando criticizing again!!! No mention of Daniel thomas starting off pretty positive though!! critisizing individuals on offence howabout a little balance

Sydney Rice just out coached us real time

Solai looked like the late Alex Karras on that sack. Anyone )besides Mando) old enough to remember? LOL Kidding mando.

Burnett with an excellent, excellent tackle preventing a first down.

IDK man, I guess so they can bi tch about something

Tough field position. Things so ugly guys are already calling for flea flicker?

Sean Smith has the worst instincts of a CB. He's looking at the WR but reacts a second late. Just wow

sean smith again giving far far too much room

So if Seattle starts using a hurry up offense, we are ill prepared to adjust to that on the fly?

Why call that timeout?

Just run it baby

B/c of that INT the field position has been horrific.



Even if the Fins don't score, sooner or later they'll have to at least change field position. If Seattle keeps getting the ball at the 40 they are going to luck into a score eventually.

Theres a difference of coming in here, giving an opinion, giving actual sound reasoning, and being a hater..


Reg, the offense has sucked for 10 quarters. Has scored fewer TDs than NE scored last week. Folks are regressing. Nobody's dynamic so far.

How's that for balance.


If Moore does not show any progress on this drive, I would insert game into the game. He needs to be held accountable at some point.

Cam we got a deep shot to Marlon Moore? Is he even playing?

Wilson is really not very good. We have a chance.


He's a rookie that needs a year or two to develop like Tannehill.

Tannehill suck ass.

Fail forward fast!!

Love that "48 GO" play. LOL

theres no one to go verticle with, without a double move that the CBs are aware of..

The 48 GO-Go not so good.

Reggie keeps dancing. Just hit the hole!!!

If Moore does not show any progress on this drive, I would insert game into the game. He needs to be held accountable at some point.

Sorry I meant to say: If Tannehill did not do something insert Moore.

yes! vertical as I said

Just stop with the Moore nonsense everyone. The only way he is going into the game is if T-Hill get's knocked out. This is about 2013, not this season. They are 4-6. Playing Moore get's you what exactly? 7-9? Just stop it

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