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Goose eggs on the board going to second quarter

Ryan Tannehill has an interception. Reggie Bush has been largely ineffective. Jake Long gave up a sack. Mike Pouncey was called for holding.

At least the defense is playing well.

The Dolphins and the Seahawks are not exactly lighting up the scoreboard so far. Game's tied at 0-0.

The game continues. The live blog continues in the comments section.


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This bugs me. Obviously the Rice catch caught Miami off guard. So why not challenge it and hope for the best? AND get a longer period of time out than a regular time out.

Could have (maybe) killed two birds with one stone if he just challenged the play instead of the regular timeout.

Theres Tannehill..

Twice Clay caught a pass ?

Holy shyte !!

you throw vertical anyway. you have to try.

Hate that timeout. We have them confused, and we can't get a play right?

There's the no huddle. Miami needs to do more of this. It keeps the defense off balance. Great throw by T-Hill

T-hill moving well last 2 plays... Hope he starts gaining some confidence and gets his mojo back!!!

Clay has 2 catches? Wow.

Armando excuse me but your article above is specifically about today not the last 10 Q's!!!!!

You people don't know sh#t about QB's. If & when he gets better protection & better weapons he'll be a very good QB.

They haven't used Rishard Mathews yet, he must be our secret weapon for the second half lol

Hot dang, we are failing forward fast now!!!

OK, Tannehill is doing good now. Let's keep him in the game. He does have some tools and will proabably be a good QB in the future. He is just green and may have been giving the starting job too early in his career. I still have faith that Ireland will turn this around and that he will put the right players around T-Hill. I guess everyone including me have to be more patient with him.

At least our guys are holding on to the throws. No holding on Long, please.

Drive looking good so far

Are the stands even half full?

Need a TD on this drive.

now that thomas gets hot I go back to wee bush


fail forward fast!

Why do they slow it down now? Frustrating

The Carpenter red line is what, the 15? 10?

Enough with the Moore stuff, he isn't seeing the field anytime soon unless Tannehill gets hurt.

this offense look like Sparano Offense at the end only Fiel Goals

Earl, this is what is garbage about this blog, there are positives happening right now in this game and people like yourself keep making negative comments

Lots of mistakes from Seattle.

jeezus krist, thomas running like a beast today so *now* he goes back to bush


Great run by Reggie. Excellent block by Pouncey on the sweep.

Reggie is moon walking all over this defense



You just got one.

And Reggie makes his once every 4 games amazing play lol Great play

Dolphins players are alive!!! Showing emotion!! Running the ball!! Playin D!!! Woooo-hooooo!!!!

... Also, great block by Charles Clay.

Okay. Now will the haters shut the f#ck up???

Bush is back

great run

TD Reggie Bush. Thunder and lightning with Bush and Thomas. Great block by Pouncey on that run.

TD, great blocking by Pouncey and good fight at the end to get in the endzone

that was a good series of play calling by sherman

Center sweep, thing of beauty!

Pouncey leading the way on that run

"this is what is garbage about this blog"

not good english

There's Tannehill..

Posted by: mattybfromnc | November 25, 2012 at 01:59 PM


This the crap I'm talking about,right here. --->There's Tannehill!

But as soon as he throws a pick its back to (pick one).

"This is about 2013 and not 2012."

"Tannehill needs an oline."

"Tanne is a rooky"

"Tanne has no WR's"

That's it Guys, that's it.

wow bush is still alive

One of the best drives this year, from the standpoint of balance and using our weapons, such as they are.
It's nice to see our receivers and TE blocking well.

sick move to get that last 6 yards and into the zone

Gotta keep running Bush so he can get in his groove. Also, let the OLine do some run blocking and recover some pride.

Get to .500 and then I'll shut the f$%k up, until then this team sucks

Just want to give a shout to all the fins fans on here. Check the blog daily, over at US Embassy Baghdad. 10pm here lets get it done!!

I got two words for dolfans in the near future, Kadeem Carey, RB university of Arizona. I am a huge Arizona fan, so I admit I'm biased. But he does not get a lot of attention playing out west. But if you guys have never heard of him, check him out, he is still young, but the best all around RB in the Pac 12. Kid runs very very hard, fast, good hands, good size. hits the hole, no dancing. and his numbers put him at 1st in the country I believe.

What happened? We went vertical, as I prescribed.

"that was a good series of play calling by sherman"


Some people have been critical of Sherman. Let's see what kind of plays he calls when he gets some more talent to work with.

95 yd drive!!!

And The 3rd Down Defense!! Is looking better!!

lol thanks Earl for pointing that out...

"Are the stands even half full?"
"The Carpenter red line is what, the 15? 10?"

Words of a hater, and someone that is bitter

OK, so what do we do with the running back position next year? Do we resign Bush or do we make Thomas the starter next year? I don't think that we should give Bush a lot money but runs like that from him are amazing.

Pouncey could very well turn out to be better than his brother .

Thanks for checking in, Albert!

seattle probaly worst team in nfl when playing on road

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