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Goose eggs on the board going to second quarter

Ryan Tannehill has an interception. Reggie Bush has been largely ineffective. Jake Long gave up a sack. Mike Pouncey was called for holding.

At least the defense is playing well.

The Dolphins and the Seahawks are not exactly lighting up the scoreboard so far. Game's tied at 0-0.

The game continues. The live blog continues in the comments section.


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joe - that's why they put bush in, thomas has hit them a few times and now it's bush time to have a go TD

Stop seattle on their next drive and lets try and put some more points.

Any idea why miller is inactive??

This the crap I'm talking about,right here. --->There's Tannehill!

But as soon as he throws a pick its back to (pick one).

"This is about 2013 and not 2012."

"Tannehill needs an oline."

"Tanne is a rooky"

"Tanne has no WR's"

But...It's all true..... Nothing wrong with that, just people making an obvious observation.

Gotta keep running Bush so he can get in his groove. Also, let the OLine do some run blocking and recover some pride.



Dolphins Run D is awesome, but we must get them breaks between series, by at least getting a 1st down or 2?


Hey, we got 7 points, we can take this series off.

- Dolphins D

I was just pointing out that's the Tannehill of the first half of the season. He hasnt looked like himself since before the Jets game.
But all of the statements you made are true. The oline blocked for him, the oline blocked for the runingbacks to gain yards... its easy protect upfront and give time for things to happen then yes guys can get open..

That play was on Dansby. Late to find the RB.

Come on Defense! The offense did their job, now step up and get a stop

Love the franchise, hate the players wearing the jerseys, yes.

Wilson is fast and awesome on the move.

When I was the Heisman winner at Florida, I liked to loft fades to Ike Hilliard and he made me look great.

Can we stop them!!

What's up with this defense!! They have been playing great!!

We Score!! And they turn to S H I T !!

Stop them and let's get the ball back!! Finish the half!! 7-0!!

Why when the defense is playing well do they always let the opposing offense get their first scorin drive straight after we score, it happens every time!!! Do they relax or something?

Jack ill be the first to say that I support Tannehill as teh QB.. Im not hiding bro, He shows potential, and he hasnt shown the progression in the last 4 games like he was from game to game earlier in the season. All I was saying by "theres Tannehill" is theres that potential that has been hidden the past few games

Thanks for checking in, Albert!

Posted by: Armando Salguero | November 25, 2012 at 02:08 PM


Not sure why, but after we score, we seem to get beat by a big play...QB run, screen, etc. Like we lose focus. We're still doing a good job against the run. Love to hold them to 3 here.

It's not just ONE thing with this team, both the offense & the defense finds way to disappoint.

Dansby looks hurt. The guy is a real tough guy for playing with a torn bicep muscle. However, you wonder if he is hurting the team but then again who is his back up?


Defences been playing all day so far, they tire like everyone else.

Head slaps should be illegal also. Doesn't take much to concuss a person. All those head slaps are like mini concussions.

Some of you folks get mini concussions from butt slaps.

how is that not interference????


That was offensive pass interference.

Can a defensive player go over the top like that? That was offensive interference!!

Has that been Carrol they would have called it

Will Tannehill ever throw a TD pass?


Let's hold them to a FG here. That was a great catch by Tate. Defense has been great so far.

Why is the secondary always falling on long passes?

what worries me about Tanny is that his style of play is only effective when you can run the football, thats why we had success in the last drive, the drive before that, with D thomas having a few good runs, we can open up play action. But until that time, we cant throw the ball with success. I am worried Tanny will always need that. Its the opposite of a guy like Brady. With Brady, you can plug in running backs like Ridley or woodhead and have success because they have such a great passing game.

Bomboclat !!


I agree offensive pass interference

Wow, just wow. Crazy. Gotta make that sack!

Odrick hits Wilson and cannot get him down. TD pass.

well what do you know, our Secondary sucks ass all the way down the field.

Sean Smith-what are you doing? all season

smith not within 15 yards

No awareness from our DB's, and Wilson should have been taken down.

Odrick, another invisible 1st rd pick from Ireland.

sean smith AGAIN!!!!!

Wow how did we miss this kid Wilson. We could have had him in the 3rd round.

This is a frustrating team.

Russell Wilson sucks and his QB rating today is 121.6

Bring in Ike Hilliard and throw a corner fade!

Yeah Sean, that guy running behind you through the back of the end zone is no threat, no worries...wait...

Why can't we sack the QB in the last few games

Why is it Smith sees that McCoy is running free and keeps hesitating as to whether he should cover him or not?

Odrick NEEDS 2 make that play man!!!!

Can someone please explain!! How is that not pass interference!!


The Defense!! Just SUCKS when THEY NEED TO MAKE A PLAY!!!!

Armando you are right. Odrick is twice his size, he should be able to bring Wilson down with one arm.

The Secondary has been very bad the entire season, and Ireland has done very little to address it. I'm not sure what you could do, but just giving the guys out there job security regardless of how they play is a recipe for disaster.

fail forward fast!!!!

DEFENSE NEEDS STOPS ON 3rd downs dammit!!!! Smith has to be replaced and why do we miss so many tackles when we have them in the backfield? !!!!!!

Tate has mastered the Offensive interference play.
Remember the Packers game?
Notre Dame players STILL get ALL the calls. LOL

at least were not behind yet.

FYI: I was looking up Golden Tate but found something more important.

Our 2010 draft was atrocious.

Sean Smith had better go visit Burlington Coat factory when the season's done .

Just tuning in what did I miss?

"Russell Wilson sucks and his QB rating today is 121.6"


Russell Wilson sucks??? Maybe you're a LITTLE too quick to evaluate players. He's a 3rd round rookie & he still beat out Matt Flynn who is making over $10 Million this year.

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