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Goose eggs on the board going to second quarter

Ryan Tannehill has an interception. Reggie Bush has been largely ineffective. Jake Long gave up a sack. Mike Pouncey was called for holding.

At least the defense is playing well.

The Dolphins and the Seahawks are not exactly lighting up the scoreboard so far. Game's tied at 0-0.

The game continues. The live blog continues in the comments section.


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agree odrick wraps him up/knocks him down thre play doesn't develop. However, look at sean smith watch the guy go behind him but is still more interested in the pass in the middle - untill it's too late.....again!!

Typical Dolphins, have a great series on one side of the ball, then mess it up on the other.

IMAWriter.. ask him after the game and he will say PI? I dont know anything about that.. I didnt push off nobody

Matt Flynn made the easiest $10 million without breaking a sweat.

How does Ireland still have a job? Sorry, don't mean to beat a dead horse, but this is laughable. Look at his drafts, outside of Pouncey and remove T-Hill from the discussion, what has he done? What player would you absolutely keep if you became GM tomorrow? It's embarrassing

And who ya gonna replace Smith with? Nolan Carroll? and promote a practice squadder? we DESPERATELY need a shutdown corner...free agent or draft...pass happy league means you better be able to stop it too

Had this team not been .500 and showing progress then last minute drives wouldn't bother as much, but considering the last three games maybe I should let it go.

I thought the '07 secondary was bad. This is the worst secondary we've ever had. I wouldn't be sad to see 4 new starters next season.

almost unwatchable game. so bad

That sweep was in the best tradition of Vince Lombardi, Sons, but you must contain Wilson outside(let him run thru the middle better).

Good news, the draft is very deep at secondary positions this year. Bad news, if Ireland is the GM, it won't matter.

Yep reg your right Sean smith should be gone next year I'm so tired of watching that crapy play from him. He played ok in the first couple games and I thought he finally got better but as the season goes by he STILL STINKS LIKE HE ALWAYS HAS!!!!

It seems like we hardly ever get the PI calls go or way. Its very discouraging. However, on the other hand, Odrick wraps up Wilson and we may have given up just a FG.

Debating going XMas shopping with my wife because this is a joke again. Sean Smith, don't let the door ht you in the ass on the way out. Same for Jake Long. Its so bad now even the refs are laughing. How was that not OPI on Tate? NO RESPECT from the league because this team, including the coaching is a JOKE!


For A GUY with a Torn Bicep!! How Does he MANAGE TO PUSH UP OFF THE GROUND!!

Or Leap UP!!


THE SEAHAWKS!! HAVE A 2ND ROUND ROOKIE!! Making MORE Plays!! Than Karlito!! Pitiful!! And The Guy makes A Heck of A lot!! More Tackles!! Than Dansby!!

Yet!! Karlos and his Missing Tackles and INT'S!! Is NOT THE PROBLEM!!


And who ya gonna replace Smith with? Nolan Carroll? and promote a practice squadder? we DESPERATELY need a shutdown corner...free agent or draft...pass happy league means you better be able to stop it too


This team needs a lot of things...DESPERATELY!!!

Probably wrong here, but could it be Philbin's "better not mess up or I'll bench you" coaching style that makes our db's tentative? I've always heard that playing back there is as much instinct as think. Our guys are either the lest instinctive group in the AFC East, or playing scared. Don't know why, as there is no one to replace them.

It's unfair to blame Odrick for that play by Wilson. He had ONE hand held by a d-lineman and the barely got the other one on Wilson. Blaming Odrick is disingenuous.

Get Sean smith out and replace him with........... NO ONE!!!! We would have the same outcome!!!!!

At least we wouldn't have to watch that guy mess up!!!!

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