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Indianapolis leads Dolphins 7-3 to start second quarter

INDIANAPOLIS --This one is looking like a quarterback battle.

Andrew Luck is looking quite sharp and already directed a TD drive in his second possession. Ryan Tannehill directed a FG drive when he got the ball and is doing work early in the second quarter.

The Colts lead 7-3 but that is not going to stand because both QBs are playing well.

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yeah CBS is lagging

Guys I'm worried about the D. We need someone to lay Luck the F U C K out!

Good job by the Crafty veteran Gaffney getting the call

we need help.
dont wanna lose

Fins try the same play to Gaffney they tried last week. Guess you keep going to the well as long as it keeps working.

If Miller could have kept his balance he might have been gone


What a CLAY !!!!

feel a happy

plus we need clay to come alive

Tannehill!!! Excellent read. This could be a shootout

Dang, lots of flag already.

What a throw


Clue, in the next 12-14 years, we're prolly gonna find NOBODY will stop Luck.
Our guy is not too shabby either.
WHOO TD!!!!!!
A "luck" throw.
We have a great one!!! And an excellent backup.


Would be great to see that Tannehill to Clay combo going as a permanent fixture of the offense.

Tannehill responds to Luck blow by blow baby!! Like a heavyweight champion!!!!! Fuc***** awesome!!!!

Its official, The Tannehill/Luck shootout is on baby!


now thats why clay is on the team ;-)

Clay shows up finally!! yes!!

Apparently my coverage is slower than others. Thanks YG!!

this game is gonna be good.

Armando, a glimpse of quarterback battles of the future, don't you think? So far fun game!

For the last few years, we've seen this team often look very good for about one quarter. It's been a very long time since we've seen the team look this good for several games.

It's about time Clay makes a play . hey that rhymed

We give a very good Answer

Can you imagine just for a second if Tannehill would have:

a) A running game
b) A real #1 WR
c) A real #1 TE


i of course meant a "Luck-like' throw.
Tanny throws a beautifully looking ball.
Credit to our coaches for guiding this young man tho future great success.
Our receivers are doing their job, and the O-Line gave Tanny time.

Finally Clay lokking good!

Tannehill real deal with a sorry a s s OL. Now that's impressive! Go PHINS

Armando, I still have hope that Egnew will be that target in the future. I'll be in the vast minority but that's OK. There's a reason they drafted Egnew. He just hasn't shown it yet.

First team to play defense today wins.

T-Sizzle is better than Moore!

Let's whoop the Colts!

Well that sucks.
Sometimes I miss the old shootout days lol.

We are screwed even Smith got burned by Avery, sigh

safety blew that...bad angle

Luck will own this league for 15 years

This secondary is getting roasted!!! Sean Smith didn't even play the pass, he went for the pick there.

Our secondary is dealing with a bad hangover today...

Luck is shredding our secondary today. This was my fear coming into today. Clemmons back to his old tricks after a good game last week.


Kevin Burnett is down.

Tannehill is a beast, but so is Luck. Clemons looks lost

That one was on Jones, he bought the run fake and left the TE open. Tighten up D

I'm not sure if you can blitz or confuse Luck. How the hell do we stop him?

Burnett hurt once again...Is it me or he gets hurt just about every game?

We just need to slam Luck to the ground a couple of times and he will cool off.

Clemons always looks lost in pass coverage, our D is getting owned in every way

Intercept and run it back

we are doomed.

shoulda won those ot games

Can't afford an injury at LB, in fact can't afford an injury anywhere right now.
If we only had a Revis...


Guess that blog post yesterday about Philbin being worried is showing us why. Our record after Jets games is 1-12. But I have faith in half time adjustments.

Hope Burnett is not out or seriously injured.

Can we get a 3rd down stop PLEASE! what happened?

hopefully our red zone D keeps them kicking FG

Zee it's clear you've never seen Luck play, he doesn't get rattled a rare quality that sets QBs apart, lucky for us Tannehill has the same quality

Where the F is the defense?

Good play by Carroll.

nyfinfan...wow, 1-12?
I can understand that, what with the rivalry, but how many of those games were against the Patriots? LOL
still, that is an incredible stat.

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