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Indianapolis leads Dolphins 7-3 to start second quarter

INDIANAPOLIS --This one is looking like a quarterback battle.

Andrew Luck is looking quite sharp and already directed a TD drive in his second possession. Ryan Tannehill directed a FG drive when he got the ball and is doing work early in the second quarter.

The Colts lead 7-3 but that is not going to stand because both QBs are playing well.

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Nice play Nolan Carroll...Another much improved player...

They are gonna need to pick off a deflection or 2 to win this one I think.

All things considered,Dolphins should be happy they come out of this tied, 10-10.

Good , hold them for three Good job Dolphins

Bent but didn't break, i'll take it I guess

Good job this time on 3rd down...

Good job by the defence to hold them to a FG.

I heard that the defence hasn't given up a first quarter TD since the Raiders game. That's impressive.

Guess that one ended today. Still good though.

Luck and Tanny, VERY similar in how they deliver the ball.
Great stop for the Dolphins.
You KNOW that won't be the last time the Colts are in the red zone.
We just have to keep up, and hope for the very occasional bad play that Luck has made. 8 interceptions so far.

Smart on these 3rd and longs to only bring 3 rushers. Luck will throw the checkdown most of the time.

If we can score on this drive, we then need to get a 3 and out to stop their momentum!

Our cheerleaders are hotter


I think four of those were against the Pats. Let's hope we are due for a win after a Jets game. LOL Law of Averages?

Cutler's 3-6 for 18 yards after one quarter and the Bears are winning 28-2. Weird stat.

Yikes they both could've got hurt on that one

Oh, what a lucky break!

Oh crap we got lucky there

I hate Jake Long...Always have...Bad memories from Parcells...

Dear Jake Long, that is NOT the way you make up for a giving up a sack to Freeney.

Jake Long, TRY to justify what you get paid. Has anyone on this roster regressed more than that guy?

Great call.

I'm so impressed by Tannehill...

great call to Bush,

Nice play to Reggie Bush. But in the open field vs. Antoine Bethea, he has to win that.


Stick to backgammon.

Excellent play call. pretty soon, a deep ball to Gaffney?

Great reads also by RT.



DAM....bush ran right in to him....

his knee might be worse than I thought...

Yes , you've made that quite obvious "Dolphin" fan from Montreal .

Folks Luck doesnt play deense. LOL

Dolphins are doing a good job moving the ball on offence. Got to see the guy everyone called a 'bust' (Daniel Thomas) showing some great life last couple of weeks.

Have to be able to get those 3 yards rushing the football there...

QB Sneak?

Chains-a-moving babuy!

Daniel Thomas starting to blossom some in these last few games

I know now how we are going to Win. We will outscore them.

Some nice play-calling from Sherman.

Has anyone "gotten it' more than Thomas?

Yeah bayyyyyybbyyyyyyyy !!!!!!!!!


Wow nice!


Thomas TURNED his back to the D....and it worked....

How calm and relax look Coach Philpbin

Reggie Reggie Reggie

OUTSANDING Bush!! Knee looks fine to me...

What a run!!!!! R E G G I E !!!!!!! Wow!!!!

Bush highlight run baby!

RUN the dang ball!!!!

That Reggie Bush run makes up for not beating Antoine Bethea.


dear armando, please leave mr long alone, i think it is quite obvious that being the calibre of player he is that will be enough for him to put it right for his teammates!!!!!

When Reggie Doesn't Dance! He Is a Great Running Back!

Really quick, punchy offense this is superb..So good by the Phins

You were saying about Bush...he dances too much...



Kris in blue, was kris in blue earlier. Another case of name changing. Wasn't it about this time last year he blamed his name change on a malfunctioning keyboard and a difficult mouse?

He never quite explained that one so I don't imagine he will explain this one.

TD!!!!! REGGIE!!!

What a drive, what a beautiful run by Bush!
Maybe the best bit of play calling the entire year.
Having Thomas as another great option is a real +

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