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Indianapolis leads Dolphins 7-3 to start second quarter

INDIANAPOLIS --This one is looking like a quarterback battle.

Andrew Luck is looking quite sharp and already directed a TD drive in his second possession. Ryan Tannehill directed a FG drive when he got the ball and is doing work early in the second quarter.

The Colts lead 7-3 but that is not going to stand because both QBs are playing well.

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Broke 8 ankles on that run!!!!! Hope this lights a fire in Reggie!!!

F*ck yeah!!!!

GREAT DRIVE!!! sick run

Now that was a highlight reels run by Bush!

Hell of a run by Bush. Even the pro-NY media will be forced to show that one a few times tonight.

Beautiful!!! That's the Reggie Bush we need to see!!!

And this guy Vaughn on the Colts sucks!!!

When was the last time this team score back-to-back-to-back? Man I love this new regime!

How badly did we need a running TD..?

The Colts look better than I thought, and so do we.

Future looks promising for offense
Just need to draft WR and TE

YG @ 2:08...
were talking FINS FOOTBALL....

Feel free to join the conversation.....and stop stalking me @ any time...

Hopefully we get a hold and the ball to start the second half. D needs to step up here.

WOW Reggie is working it and Tannerhill is looking good and improving every game

Now the d needs to tighten up!

His coach must've had a Talk About the Dancing ON The Bethea Play!

Bush! Is Not Running Scared for the Last 2 Games! The Jets game was a Turning Point!


I haven't been this happy about being a Dolphin fan in 10 years!!!


All the BS about Daniel Thomas and Jeff Ireland is really over. And this coaching staff!

This blog is all f#cked up...

Whatever zee, you can't educate pork

How was that NOT holding on Wake???

I'm sitting here thinking "Is this OUR Dolphins?"
Yes it's a rebuilding colts, but this staff has turned it around.
Oh Crap...Wayne...how is he so open?

Offense looks great, but it is the Colt's defense. Defense is struggling, but it is the Colt's offense...

Not sure what to think

Dolphins have done a GREAT running the ball today. A lot of us felt this would be a key coming into today. Running with authority is helping the passing game to date.

Move over Manning and Brady - we got a new rivalry here between Tanny and Luck.

armando you always have to put a downer on the phins don't you!!!!!!!! reggie bush beat more than bathea it was the playcall that beat it. did you see who was blocking for bush??? LONG put up the key block for that TD before bush did the rest.

need to get some hats on Luck

Its gonna be one of those days.....

Need to figure out a way to stop someone now.

I'm With Mando!

Whoever Plays Pass D! Wins!


This has been getting non hold calls all year.

I dont understand still play after play we play 10 yds off the receivers c'mon man

Would like to see Miami disguise those blitzes a little better. You can see Luck reading them at the line and adjusting accordingly

KS, Luck is the best QB we've seen all year, not even close, including Shaub.
It's opening up their offense, so even the run is starting to work.

how can you leave Reggie Wayne so wide open? come on srsly

I don't recognize this defense!!!

Husketeer = Silly name for a silly person.

Former Dolphin Samason Satele walking gingerly off the field.

our only hope on def is turnovers or penalties

Not sure if our D can stop Luck...This will be a slugfest to the end...Might come down to who wins the turnover battle...

The run defense is always stout
The pass defense has always been questionable
Don't get fooled with crappy Sanchez

I think Armando was right, this looks like a shootout first to blink loses.

Need a TO.

This Rush!! Should be able to get at Luck! In the Second Half!

The Colts can only hold up for so Long!

Solia's been worht every penny this year!

Soliai...What a beast...

IMA: Luck is great, their Oline is way better than I thought it would be though.

Finally, the corner blitz

Rashad Jones baby...

Finally getting a little pressure on Luck. Might need to find surprise attacks on him.

Center goes out and Solai kills it next play...

This team is in the zone..unlike any Dolphins team I've seen in years!

Big play coming up. Need a stop.

Isn't that 4th down? I thought the Colts rejected the penalty?

wow, this game has moved fast.
Very well played game by 2 up and coming teams with CLASSIC QB's.

I'd only bring 3 here on 3rd and long


Coyle's giving Luck diffrent looks. Have to that with a qb like him.

This D is not the same as last week. It feels as they are playing with less heart this week. With Burnett out we are not as good against the run.

Sean Smith...couldn't catch a cold

Catch that sean!


I haven't been this happy about being a Dolphin fan in 10 years!!!


All the BS about Daniel Thomas and Jeff Ireland is really over. And this coaching staff!



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