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Indianapolis leads Dolphins 7-3 to start second quarter

INDIANAPOLIS --This one is looking like a quarterback battle.

Andrew Luck is looking quite sharp and already directed a TD drive in his second possession. Ryan Tannehill directed a FG drive when he got the ball and is doing work early in the second quarter.

The Colts lead 7-3 but that is not going to stand because both QBs are playing well.

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Love that we're starting to hit Luck. Gotta get the INT when it's there.

Vernon another block. ST'S BEAST!

Vernon Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Adam H, it's been a long from NE ha buddy!!!

Wow, Vernon!!


No question. Just haven't seen enough of that today.

Good job by the defence forcing the long FG. Time for some more Dolphin points.

Vernon HUGE for us again.

Well, the guy(Luck) is human after all.

Olivia Vernon, man this guy is a Special teams stud.

Time to take control of this game....

Vernon ! CANE ! Sweet !

Does anyone want to question Ireland taking Olivier Vernon???



Olivier Vernon officially being credited with a deflection on the 54 yard FG attempt.

LOVING VERNON wow he leaped over that guy what a beast!

Lots of time to walk away with some more points here. Also be nice to keep Luck on the bench until the second half.

Please sign Jeff Ireland to a long term deal he has built us a future without Bill P.

Coyle is beginning to make his name as one of the best dc's in the league. Yes, he ar better than our last dc Nolan. No question!

Let's try for a score and not do a sparano special run the clock out.

A complete team baby!!! Well said Wilcox! Who could of seen this coming??? Not me, that's for sure...I have to admit I was impressed by Philbin from day 1...But I didn't believe the talent was there...Man was I wrong...

We need to be aggressive now. At least 3 points, with that field position.
The short stuff to Hartline and Bush up the middle maybe?
I guess a draw play isn't in this version of the WCO, but I'd love to see it with Thomas.

I never knew Olivier Vernon even existed until Ireland dug him up.

U see what I'm Saying!

Get UrSelf Some Rookie LB's With this Staff!!!


Hope Burnett is OK! BUT OV CAN PLAY OLB!

Bad penalty Pouncey...

Please sign Jeff Ireland to a long term deal he has built us a future without Bill P.


Relax. I think the coaches deserve some of the credit too.

Oscar @2:21


Ireland has been studly in the past draft. Remember: reshad jones, Oliver Vernon, Lamar miller, and Jimmy Wilson were all project as 1st round picks before the combine/off-the-field issues took place. Very happy with what I see out of all of them

Crap, we need to get this first down. i don't like us in a 2 minute drill against Luck.

Ummm do they know who freeney is geez

Jake Long, WTF!!! Pretend he is your BFF Henne and block for him

Man I want Long out of here so bad...

Watching a stream from Jakarta @ 2 AM local - even on business trip, I can not miss our Fins. They are playing top notch ball. Go Fins !

Not good, way too much time for Luck.

LOng is jumping off sides.....how does he get beat....

he has gone EARLy like 6 times....

Is it time to cut ties with Long next year?

OK, no interference, or personal fouls.

Listen, we are going to lose our QB if you don't protect him better.

Jakarta, Spillmar? Awesome!

ugh needed a fg on that drive at least what a blown oppurtunity

Long sucks, let him walk if he demands more cash

So far the offense looks very good. The defense is getting to luck a little bit.

That would of been a HUGE pick...

Wayne must have 7-8 catches already

Refs..are giving LONG the VET-BENIFIT-OF THE DOUBT....

he needs to cash in....

Man I want Long out of here so bad...


There are people on here that CONTINUE to make excuses for Long but he has NOT played well this year & considering the money he makes why re-sign him???

I have to tell you though this kid Luck has gun. He is going to be a star in this league.

As our corners can't cover now, how about a corner blitz?

Wayne looks like Jerry Rice against our defensive backs...

They have to double Reggie Wayne. He is eating them alive

Need a turnover here...

Wake (or someone) was held

Why is Jimmy Wilson on WAYNE!!

gonna get any f**king pressure at ALL???? or cover anyone??

Nothing's going right on this drive...

Might want to review that?

D isn't flat...

just getting out-manned.....

Why do we run the 2 minute offense with Reggie on the bench?? He should be in there for those drop down passes. Especially after he just had two huge plays!!

We need Sanchez every week! Luck is such a slippery customer

Luck is a tough SOB

Coyle has some work to do @ half-time....

give him some mentorship Philbin....

Unlike the Giants, we have no real pressure up the middle at times, as our guys are built to defend the run.

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