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Indianapolis leads Dolphins 7-3 to start second quarter

INDIANAPOLIS --This one is looking like a quarterback battle.

Andrew Luck is looking quite sharp and already directed a TD drive in his second possession. Ryan Tannehill directed a FG drive when he got the ball and is doing work early in the second quarter.

The Colts lead 7-3 but that is not going to stand because both QBs are playing well.

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Where is the mother foker pass rush?????

Dodged a bullet there

Long struggled early in the season against the Texans & the Raiders & I thought that was behind him BUT he's allowing Tannehill to get creamed. That can't happen.

Double covered and still open

That was baaaad coverage.

Whoa, we dodged on there.

Good half by the Fins. But concerned because the Colts have shot themselves in the foot a lot.

We are so lucky He dropped that. Luck is awesome!

O line and d playing like a big piece of FU%K pie!

Wow! Talking about Luck!

looks like we are trying to prevent the big play down the field. I just hope we can get a pick doing it.

Gotta get a better rush right now!!

Sean Smith, don't get caught looking in the backfield. That is playing secondary 101

Got lucky there....

I Don't want to hear anyone call Sean Smith "elite" he is no where near it.

Finally called a hold on them

Long screwd us on that last drive....we were moving the ball for more points.....he has to focus in the 2nd half....

WOWWWWWWWWW how the hell do you let him get wide open?????????????????????

4th time the charm, Wake finally draws a flag!!

We. Got. Lucky

Boy, we are getting no pun intended lucky

Bout time they called hold on Wake

that was close, hopefully limit them to a FG at worst. That flag will help our D

so lucky its not 17-17

The secondary is playing horrbly. Terrible play!

How can Hilton be that open???? Unreal...

Colts have time for one play into the end zone.

WTH! Zone on 3rd and 20? When he already has 273 passing in the first half? Come on!

3rd and 20 might as well be 3 and 1 against the NFL's best 3rd down D!!!

Vernon is all over the place!!!

Way too much cushion. Shouldn't have happened. They're in range.

Watch for the trick play... lots of time.

Almost 300 passing yds allowed and there are still 2 Q's left, how nice


It is time to make some halftime adjustments on defense.

Come on Vernon block another one.

Keep the pass rush going on Luck, and jam those damn colt receivers at the line. C'mon D!!

Secondary isnt playing bad. They arent getting a pash rush with 4. They are going to have to blitz Luck.

just give every receiver 5 yards

3rd and 20 ...... really????

poor covrage, coyle has to correct it for the 2nd half

F U C K !!!

Wow that 3rd down D sure is something!

I don't care if Luck passes for 1,000 yards....as long as we come away with the "W"....

I'll take a 17-13 lead at half with both Luck and Tannehill on fire!

17-13 At the half. Would be 24-13 at the least if the LT and RT hadn't missed the team flight to Indy yesterday

That was bad pass coverage on that 3rd and 20...

A 6 point switch, at least.
Still, our team is more than holding their own.
I get the feeling we'll get one of Luck's throws sometime. HOPEFULLY.

I can't say I'm upset with the effort .

DBs better tighten up . Same with the OL . some missed assignments there .

agree Kris, but if he dows we'll surely lose ;-)

pathetic should have never had the chance to kick a FG.

defense is lucky as hell they only gave up 13 pts. Hope they adjust in the second half or Luck is gonna pass for 500 yards

They better not rush Bush up the middle to end the half again.

jon , it would have been 17 for indy had he caught the ball

Great half of football, really top quality play.

Some of you guys are REALLY tough. I think you're underestimating Lcuk and the Colts. I'll take a 17-13 lead at the half all day and every day. Luck was on fire in the first half. Incredible that they only scored 13 points.

I had a feeling Luck would put up good numbers against our secondary...The one thing I didn't see coming is Indy being able to shut down our pass rush...That's a huge surprise as far as I'm concerned...

will take that at the halfway point.
guys i missed the start, who recieves the ball in the 2nd half????

Better make major adjustments.

Our D-line needs to wake up. They can't run and we can't pressure Luck. Either they slow bleed us or we blitz and give up long plays. Hang on to your seats gonna be a nail biter.

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