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Indianapolis leads Dolphins 7-3 to start second quarter

INDIANAPOLIS --This one is looking like a quarterback battle.

Andrew Luck is looking quite sharp and already directed a TD drive in his second possession. Ryan Tannehill directed a FG drive when he got the ball and is doing work early in the second quarter.

The Colts lead 7-3 but that is not going to stand because both QBs are playing well.

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Luck is undressing the secondary. SS is playing like a beeeeaaatch again!

Reg, have to agree, colts could have had 7 there.


I we have to be in the vicinity of one of those receiver to pick off a pass....

Miami gets the ball first in the 2nd half

They have no running game & Luck still lights us up. That's tough to do...

Luck is one of the toughest QB this D has faced so far. Remember, this is the guy who led them back twice to beat GB and TEN.

Luck has 300 freaking passing yards in the first half?!

guys it's easy to cover players from our living room. I am sure the coaches are trying to correct it

Tannehill/Luck has been fun to watch thus far. Luck my hav the dominant edge in passin yardge, but, Tannehill is leading a very fine "team effort" today.

I'll take great "team effort" over great "individual effort" anytime. Even the scoreboard reflects that right now. All we need is keep giving great vteam effort and we win the game.

Since I picked the colts today I am gonna include a should of from the smae school of reasoning that the Dolphins should of won 6 in a row.If the receiver for the Colts number 13 the game is tied that was a touchdown.

if he dosent drop the ball the game is tied

cheers jon,

guys if we can score on this first drive it will give us a boost. keep 1 step ahead on each drive and that should do it :-) easier said than done of course.
We also need to ensure we protect T-hill or i see a fumble/int happening to us in a bad position

Wow how was Long not ca;;ed with the hold there.

I hope that the Dolphins do not use the frachise tag on Long. He is not the same LT. He has definitely lost a step. I hope that he settles for a lesser contract or else we are going to have to use our 1st round pick on a Left Tackle. You have to be able to protect the QB's blind side.

Luck is slicing them dolphins up. This kid does not play like a rookie. He is going to be a superstar. I guess sucking for luck has paid off for the Colts.

Great fu#$in defense! Piece of sh$t!

D sucks!. Goodnite.

They are who we thought they were. Junk!

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