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It was a long day for Jake and what that mean

It used to be that the overarching conversation surrounding Jake Long was about whether he indeed was the right pick as the No. 1 overall selection in 2008 over Matt Ryan. And the argument could be made that even if Ryan turned out to be a franchise quarterback, picking a Hall of Fame left tackle was still a wise choice.

Well, Long has not been playing like a Hall of Fame left tackle this year.

And on Sunday he didn't play like a Pro Bowl left tackle. Or even a good left tackle.

Matched against Dwight Freeney, who had been struggling with injuries and production prior to this game, Long was beaten soundly in the matchup. Freeney got a sack that stripped the ball from Ryan Tannehill and, ironically, Long plucked the pigskin out of the air and ran for a couple of yards.

It was a good save. But it wasn't a good look for Long.

He also yielded two other QB hits and at least one more pressure that forced Tannehill to get rid of the ball early. He also had a false start and had a holding call that was declined.

"Yeah, it appeared there were a couple of times, it looked like he got beat a couple of times," coach Joe Philbin said. "We'll have to take a look at the tapes to see if it's a technique thing. It might have been minor little things and some adjustments he'll have to make. But, yeah, we expect better protection."

Long echoed his coach after the game, giving credit to Freeney and his well-chronicled spin move. Long also promised an attempt at improvement.

"He got me on the one," Long said. "He gets off the ball quick and it's a hell of a move. He did well on that one and I just have to correct it and get better."

The truth is Long has not been Miami's best offensive lineman this year as he was in years past. That mantle has been passed to Mike Pouncey.

But the problem is where do the Dolphins and Long go from here? Long, you see, is a free agent after this season. And general manager Jeff Ireland is on record as saying he will not let Long get away from the Dolphins.

I get that because letting Long walk only creates another hole that has to be filled and the Dolphins have plenty of those as is. In fact, my column in today's Miami Herald makes the point that because quarterback Ryan Tannehill is good (but not great) the Dolphins have to surround him with more weapons and a better team to compete with teams that indeed do get great quarterback play.

And, by the way, Andrew Luck delivered great quarterback play against Miami on Sunday and has convinced me he's going to be great. Indeed, Luck has thrown for 2,404 yards this season. Peyton Manning? He's thrown for 2,404 yards this season.

The point is the Dolphins need to add talent, not lose some they already have.

Which brings me back to Long. It's going to be a hard negotiation if Long's agent, Tom Condon, is going to insist on having Long paid as the best left tackle in football -- which is exactly what Long was coming out of college as the No. 1 pick. Long was the highest paid offensive lineman in the NFL.

But after gutting through a couple of injury plagued seasons in 2010 and 2011 and still not playing at his highest level this year, I don't see how the Dolphins can justify paying Long like the best tackle in football. He's probably in the top 10 some games. But not every game.

Certainly not on Sunday.

"They're a hell of a defese. Their front line got a few on us. We just have to watch the film and get better and we will."


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The Dolphins aren't as up and down as some of the fans are.

We played some teams tough and got a few wins. Then suddenly, people are trying to pretend we didn't just launch a major reclamation project-lol.

Can anyone remember the feelings and predictions that were floating around after our dismal Pre Season?

We have finally got our QB. We're eons ahead of where anyone expected us to be. Ireland has managed to free up a ton of money for free agents and stockpiled some premium draft picks!

In short: We're Sitting Pretty for 2013!

It was nice having the biggest turn around in NFL history in 2008. But that team was an abberation. Parcell's tried the quick fix instead of seriously rebuilding. We all saw how that turned out. Quick turn arounds are nice, but I don't want to make that mistake again!

Something is wrong with Long, he doesn't seem to be whole. Too early for him to start losing his skills. I smell something fishy.

Hated this loss. What was our D doing out there? gut check for defensive coaches.

Long was not beaten on that strip, Thomas was. Colts missed 2 fgs which would have made the margin bigger. Lack of pressure on luck and stone hands in the secondary lost this game. RT does not need top be like luck, just a good game manager. One more receiver on O and a edge rusher and ball hawk on D. Letting up a cheap double covered td is not acceptable in my eyes.

I wondered the same things about Jake Long myself. He is average this year across the board. His run blocking is far from dominant which is his strength as a LT. He always has struggled vs speed rushers but he gets beat by speed, bull rush and just effort alone. He is not doing a good job this year.

I know it appears Long has to be resigned and you can't let him slip away for nothing but ask yourself as a fan do you want $15 M a year tied up on a guy who is starting to become injury prone and regressing even if slightly. Long has been great in Miami but lately not so much. Last year he wasn't as good as 2 years ago and this year not as good as last years. I know he plays through injuries so it's commendable and could be a reason he isn't playing good consistently but what if you could throw big money at a WR and resign Starks, Sean Smith and another upgrade starter in the secondary or along the O-line.

Long ties up a lot of money. I am a Michigan guy but I don't think signing him just because he was a #1 pick and 2 years removed from being the best LT in the game makes sense at this point. At best franchise him and see if he rights the ship. Long term deal? No way!

I don't have any theories or explanations for Jake Long. But it's quite apparent he's not playing up to the level he has in the past.

I'm not ready to give up on the guy as it stands. But neither would I want to pay him top 10 money after everythings all said and done.

Unless he manufactures a total turn around real quick, his contract negoitiations will be ugly.

We need depth at Tackle anyways and Jake will have to be replaced eventually(sooner or later?). So I would keep on eye on Free Agency and possible Sleepers in next years draft.


His performance this week wasn't nearly as bad as your blog is every day, so cut him some slack.

Posted by: Jason | November 05, 2012 at 09:28 AM


Our pass defense was shredded thru to the bone, and we dropped (and couldn't make a play) when an INT was there for the taking. If S.Smith makes a pro player play on that double team end zone toss, and we win the game, period.......end of story.

Game over, lets move on.

Obviously others including dare i say HOME were right about Long not going to the Pro Bowl,Sean Smith sucking wind and should be fired as a rookie Luck embarrassed this clown all game,Sanchez beat him in both games this year one with 150 yards and Holmes, the other with Clyde Gates.Laugh out loud!
Last year Tebow set a record against Sean Smith getting an easy Touchdown and beating the Dolphins of Miami.
Wish my son would stop drinking and take care of his children.

f'ing fatcells. sux.


Yeah too bad for Sean Smith. He's played very well this year. He stepped and played great vs Fitgerald and AJ Green. Both scored but holding elite WRs in check is no easy task in todays-cant-breathe-on-a-WR. He actually was pretty bad in the jets win too. He got beat and couldn't locate the ball on several passes. He got torched and couldn't save the day on that drop. He's still having his best year as a pro and some much needed focus is needed from him for these final 8.

With a very winnable game coming up vs Titans at home and followed by our only prime time game this year Miami still is in the thick of things with plenty to play for. Playoffs realistically are a long shot but consider what we were all thinking after the preseason and Houston.

ask rt how bust long is playing...

Freeney always schools Long. This isnt news.

We got on a 3 game win streak. What happened was someone stepped up and made a play when we needed it. I can't remember everyone of them, but Reshad Jones had an INT to put one game away.

You could say Olivier Vernon did it last week(scoring a TD and blocking a field goal).

My point is, we just didn't finish this week. We had multiple opportunities, we just didn't capitalize.

It's a team game, so I hate pointing fingers at any individuals. But yeah, Sean Smith could have been "That Guy" this week. He could have made the difference. Instead he made three catastrophic Fvck Ups in my opinion.

Just like anybody else, lets just hope this was a temporary set back to his improvement. Go back, check the tapes, the technique and correct it!

Smith made the obvious mistakes, but in all fairness, he was covering a future Hall Of Famer(Wayne)for most of the day. Overall, Carroll and Wilson were both worse.

PS: Talib? Qalid? Whoever the corner was that Bellicheat got for a 4th rounder doesn't sound like such a bad deal all of the sudden.


right on @ 948

bess hart,rt,st's-c+

Drafting Jake Long instead of Matt Ryan was devastating to the franchise. Oh, what could have been!

He needs to cut his hair...looks like a girl and is playing like one....I won't tell him that though. with this secondary even if we make playoffs it could be over pretty quick.


Shut up you idiot!

The ONLY predictions you've EVER made here were wrong. Lie, rewrite history, whatever you like. But thats a fact.

You come out and babble a bunch of crap AFTER THE FACT!

Oooooooooooooo............LOL.........That takes a lot of Skill-LOL!


PS: Hows Tebags doing? ROTFLMAO!

tgf, as bad as culpeker.


I forgot you were a Michigan Fan!

Did you see Gardner play Saturday? Every once in awhile he reminded me of a young Randall Cuningham!

Also, what do you think of Jake Ryan?

Listen up people, there are two possible reasons why the dolphins did not crush the Colts. First, for some reason the coaches in Miami continue to over work the players when there is a must win game pending. I do not know why; weather there is still a mole on the staff or sheer stupidity; but they make the same foolish mistake of over practice EVERYTIME! The other possible source for the lack of pass rush ability is; oftentimes an entire team is gassed at the facility that they reside when they are visiting another opponent. This gassing is not likely carbon monoxide,(likely helium) but some other form of gas that reduces the player's oxygen level, causing muscle weakness when they awaken, this also causes the visiting team to be much weaker then the opposing team; thus rendering them a victory, when under normal circumstances, they would have lost the contest. The oxygen level of the players should be checked before every game from here on in. Miami has the talent to win every game. The coaches should remember that how dominant the dolphins were on both sides when they had the proper rest after the bi-week. The key to success for the rest of this season is the PROPER REST. These guys already know how to play.

We need an LT, so pay him some money, but no Joe Thomas money, if Long wants some money and to stay in this situation as a captain and franchise player he'll need to take less, otherwise, let him walk

I am afraid I'll have to disagree with Armando's comparison of Tannehill, when you compare our receiver corps to Reggie Wayne, we simply have no receivers in that category. Tannehill, one will remember, played alot less football as a quarterback on Saturday afternoons. Luck had 4 years vs Tannehill's one and part of another year. If I had Reggie Wayne I would be throwing to him all day long. True, Luck has better pocket presence than Tannehill, but look at the improvement the latter has had over 8 games!They have comparable arms and accuracy in my opinion. Tannehill will, baring injury, be a great quaterback.

I told you last year about Long's decline.

That was quick? Took 3 days last week.

On Long.

Yes. His performance has been below his standard! But still. He's a great player at a premium position.

Luck was going against the 28th ranked pass D! T-Hill was going against the 7th Ranked Pass D! Yet, 4 straight game without a INT for T-Hill.

T-Hill still had his 3rd straight game with a 90+ QBR! Henne never did that his whole career! T-Hill is consistently improving!

And there is no comparing the talent Luck throws to, against the one The dolphins have. D.Bess and Hartline Combined! Won't add up at the end of their careers! To Reggie Wayne!

We all know where the problem lies!


WE JUST GAVE UP 516 YARDS! 419 Passing!

That is the real problem!

T-Hill was sacked 2 Times all game! And if Dashi is not mistaken Most of our yards rushing went to the JAKE'S SIDE! AND THAT'S HIS WORST GAME OF HIS CAREER!








Then Just expose the Fins Deep! To either Clemons or S.Smith Side! Or if ur Lucky! U get Clemons and S.Smith On 1 Side! Then it's all day every day!

And on the we should blitz more! Really!!!

We can't cover the other team with 2 guys on all the main targets! And U want this team to go man-to-man most the time! Asinine! If u ask Dashi!

( . )Y( . ) > long.


Yo, Armando: dude did you ever play the QB position. I don't think so. I, on the other hand played that position a lot. No question AL is real good, RT is just as good. Give RT the same protection and one more quality WO as AL and the game results are much different....DUDE!


I have to agree. Common sense and simple physics will tell you that Tannehill has way more upside and potential.

Andrew Luck is pretty much maxed out. I'm NOT trying to take anything away from Luck. Obviously he can play the position.

But Tannehill is almost as good right now and he's had about one third of the experience that Luck has.

Tannehill's already doing alot MORE, with alot LESS!


Give me a break.
The Dolphins were coached great and played great. If you take away the officiating that protected the "POSTER BOY" Luck, we win this game hands down. Hell, Sanchez would have had a record day if he had that much time. When Philbin looks at this film and sees all the hands in Stark's facemask and the arms wrapped around the outside rushers, he will have to explain to his team how the league has to protect the "overall integrity" of the game.
I can't believe I got suckered into this again. It's created "drama" like everything else on the tube. Football as we knew it ten years ago is dead.
It is now reality TV, created to entertain and surprise. No more the best team wins.

Cant win when Tannehill cant move the ball.

The dolphins were blown out in the playoffs against Jacksonville. The whole team had been gassed by the opposing teams fans.


On Dansby, I said it LAST YEAR!

I wanted to draft Kuechley at MLB and move Dansby back out to his natural OLB position.

It's still not too late. I don't know what it would take to get ND's Teo at this point. But I would keep it in mund if I were Ireland.

Two birds with one stone. I can see Dansby playing at a high level for 3 to 4 more years **IF** he was moved back outside!

Odin put the bottle down and take care of your children.
Brush your tooth and get some sleep.

p.p.s. not Home,another fan here every day,but nice try.

And "what that mean??" Really?? LMAO! I thought the Herald would have given this clown some help by getting him spellcheck....at the very least.

Philbin made the same mistake Sparano made not starting Moore from day 1.

Young Odin,you could just say that i am DASHing and a third person talker like the original crazy like a fox,Home.

Historically, when Long is not playing well it is due to injury. I think he has some knee/leg issue he has not revealed to trainers. Remember, he has a history of playing through dam near everything. When Henne was lost for the season with a non throwing shoulder separation...Long played through it. Also, look at Longs reception on video, he run in slow motion. Something is wrong with his knees...he just is not telling the trainers on a contract year.

Regarding Long, the 2 plays that he really looked bad on were the one he whiffed Colts tackle (or was it DE?). Anyway, he completely missed the guy and fell on the ground. And the other, he blocked inside not out. LT's job is ALWAYS guard the outside. Other than that, as another poster said, he always has trouble with Freeney.

But here's the real deal, he was voted Pro Bowl last year and he clearly should not have been. He has not played at the Pro Bowl level in 2 years. And this year is worse than last year. Why? I don't know. Players up for contract always put out to get the money and Long surely isn't doing that.

I agree that Losing Long would create another void, however I don't necessarily agree that Miami couldn't let him walk or he can't be replaced. Look at the truly dominant teams in the league today. The Giants, Packers, 49ers, Texans, Steelers, etc. Who are there Left tackles? They are good players no doubt, but not top 5 tackles. So it's not a necessity to have an excellent LT.

If I were Miami I wouldn't franchise him, I would place the restricted tag on him instead. If any team makes an offer Miami would be able to match it and if they didn't, they would receive a 1st round pick.

But as of right now, he is not worthy of a lucrative long term contract. I wouldn't give him a penny over 10 mil a year on average, which would be a 2 mil drop in pay. And we know there is no way his agent will go for that.

Philbin on Longs lousy play: It might have been minor little things and some adjustments he'll have to make." ROFl!!! "minor little things." Yeah, go ask Tannehill how "MINOR" they were. Either one of my girls would have caught on to freeny's spin move by the middle of the first quarter.

Long has regressed this year and whether that is a sign of things to come or he is having an off year is yet to be seen. The Long contract talks will show what kind of GM Ireland is. Ive supported Ireland and hopefully he will not tie a huge amount of money up in Long so we have CAP room for Play Makers.
DB's need to be sured up and maybe Marshall can come in this week. Being consistent is the main key here and we will get a DB in the draft more than likely.
Some of you guys do not realize what Tannehill is doing is unheard of.. He was a WR in college and started only 19 games in his college career at QB, then comes into a camp and beats out last years savior Moore to start. and in basically 7 games has an NFL record and is progressing each and every week. Give the kid at least a full season before you render him mediocre or useless. The kid is smart, pre-med, strong arm and is accurate. I know everyone wants to win now and he was taken at #8 so the expectations are high but let him develope. Luck looked great yesterday and explointed our DB's but he was also a 4 yr starter that was groomed by Harbaugh the 49er's coach. Right now Tannehill needs the running game and the line isnt helping with that. He is the QB of the future for the Fins like it or leave it.

Has anyone sighted Eggnew?

BTW, the reason Miami lost yesterday was because of Sean Smith. If he does his job Luck has 80 fewer passing yards and a pick. That guy is completely undisciplined.

The truth is Long has not been Miami's best offensive lineman this year as he was in years past. That mantle has been passed to Mike Pouncey.


Which is EXACTLY why you don't re-sign Long. B/c of the new CBA you can draft a top O-lineman a LOT less money than you could 5 years ago. Long's play had declined & there's no way to justify paying him more than $10 Million a year.

Odin put the bottle down and take care of your children.
Brush your tooth and get some sleep.

Posted by: Odin's mom | November 05, 2012 at 10:15 AM

Funniest thing I noticed about the blog yesterday: **YOU** were TOTALLY and COMPLETELY ignored-LOL.

You out-did yourself with your levels of depravity and ignorance and it showed in how you were UTTERLY IGNORED-ROTFLMAO!

You tried and tried......Ha Ha......but you couldn't get a single rise out of ANYONE. They got your number Sweetie and I gave it to them(It was a pleasure watching you work overtime, DESPERATE for attention. ALL for Naught-lol)

I'm not wasting anymore of my time on you. I'm following EVERYONE elses lead. You're simply not worth it, look how you've already polluted the first page of this blog-Duh - LOL!

This Blog has SPOKEN! You are a useless troll, best to be ignored ;)

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Now go polish you're Boy's Knob, I'm THROUGH with YOU Fool - LOL!

Why not try Tanny at WR and Moore at QB?

Dashi thinks this would help 2 POSITIONS!

I think a sleeper in the draft would have been Harlen Dunn out of TheU but I do not think he went pro. The right side behind Dunn is where Lamar Miller made most of his yardage. Dunn could squat 500# and that is what OL need to do and push away from the table.

Good point We Have RB's
The money that I think Long would want, or Longs agent rather, would not but worth the out put.
I think his knees are giving on him, regardless if its 315 lbs of muscle or fat thats still 315 lbs of pressure on those knees and they will wear down. I say let him walk and pick up a proven FA or draft a LT or RT and move Martin.

And "what that mean??" Really?? LMAO! I thought the Herald would have given this clown some help by getting him spellcheck....at the very least.

Posted by: konandy | November 05, 2012 at 10:20 AM


I keep spitting my Coffee on my screen - LOL!

Whut Dat Mean?

Either one of my girls would have caught on to freeny's spin move by the middle of the first quarter.

Posted by: konandy | November 05, 2012 at 10:23 AM

Freeny has toasted MORE than his share of Left Tackles in the NFL.

Long is slumping for sure. But Freeny probably isn't the best gauge to use.

For fans who actually watch the games instead of just listening to sports talking heads, Long struggles are no surprise. Its been a cover up from day one. I remember Longs first game in the league against the Atlanta Falcons when he gave up key sacks at crucial times in the game and Fasono lost a costly fumble. All anyone could talk about was the pass that Ted Ginn missed. The last few years Sparano covered up Longs short comings by keeping in the TE's and backs to help block. Which is part of the reason for Fasano's drop off in numbers last year. This year the TE's are running routes up field and Long is getting exposed. Hes had a history of injuries, but hes been a media darling. In the last few years he is the only player with a HUGe salary that the fans seem to like. Every black player that gets paid a big salary in Miami is easily ridiculed for anything less than great. I love the Dolphins but some of the fans and media got serious issues.

You can tell the players are losing confidence in Tannehill.

"....In fact, my column in today's Miami Herald makes the point that because quarterback Ryan Tannehill is good (but not great) the Dolphins have to surround him with more weapons and a better team to compete with teams that indeed do get great quarterback play."


Right now Tannehill is a good NFL QB & that's with a very limited pass catching core. He played very well yesterday & will eventually be one of the better QB's in the NFL. Bear in mind that not only is he a rookie but he's also a converted WR. He's WAY ahead of schedule & I don't see why he can't be every bit as good as a guy like Matt Ryan.

Luck played great yesterday & if he continues to play like that has a chance to be one of the best QB's in the NFL BUT he also has more weapons than Tannehill has. It wasn't their Number 1 WR/future HOF WR named Reggie Wayne who was tearing us up--it was Avery & Hilton & their TE Allen.

Long is not going to get a top o-line money from anyone else. he's playing average right now. maybe him and the o-line should have stayed home and watched film instead of getting dressed up as super man and going trick or treating.

Mando, you're right about Luck as a great QB and Tanny as good QB. Luck can become the next Brady or Montana. Tanny will probably become Matt Schaub or Alex Smith. A solid game manager that needs all the other pieces to win consistently. Luck on the other hand can take a bad team and make it a winner.

So he has a bad game or a couple of bad games and everyone is ready to throw him out. Wasn't there post after post after post criticizing Sparano because they kept tinkering with the line. Now people want to mess with it again and get rid of Long, move Martin to LT and draft a RT? HUH? None of us have any clue what's wrong with Long. None of us. Yet you just want to get rid of him. Dumb! None of us no if Martin can even play LT in the NFL. None of us. Oh you think he can because he played it in College but this isn't College. Lastly, you want to draft a RT. Who? Can this guy even play RT in the NFL? None of us no. So we finally get the line fixed and now guys want to cheap out because Long may be playing through injuries. Maybe he should sit out. Would that make people happier. We finally get a franchise QB and people want to f*ck around with the line again. Dumb!

None of us know what Long will want or how he'll play going forward. It was ONE game against a pretty good DL. How about we see how it plays out before we through him out. At worst we bite the bullet and franchise this guy. We have lots of room to sign our guys.

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