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It was a long day for Jake and what that mean

It used to be that the overarching conversation surrounding Jake Long was about whether he indeed was the right pick as the No. 1 overall selection in 2008 over Matt Ryan. And the argument could be made that even if Ryan turned out to be a franchise quarterback, picking a Hall of Fame left tackle was still a wise choice.

Well, Long has not been playing like a Hall of Fame left tackle this year.

And on Sunday he didn't play like a Pro Bowl left tackle. Or even a good left tackle.

Matched against Dwight Freeney, who had been struggling with injuries and production prior to this game, Long was beaten soundly in the matchup. Freeney got a sack that stripped the ball from Ryan Tannehill and, ironically, Long plucked the pigskin out of the air and ran for a couple of yards.

It was a good save. But it wasn't a good look for Long.

He also yielded two other QB hits and at least one more pressure that forced Tannehill to get rid of the ball early. He also had a false start and had a holding call that was declined.

"Yeah, it appeared there were a couple of times, it looked like he got beat a couple of times," coach Joe Philbin said. "We'll have to take a look at the tapes to see if it's a technique thing. It might have been minor little things and some adjustments he'll have to make. But, yeah, we expect better protection."

Long echoed his coach after the game, giving credit to Freeney and his well-chronicled spin move. Long also promised an attempt at improvement.

"He got me on the one," Long said. "He gets off the ball quick and it's a hell of a move. He did well on that one and I just have to correct it and get better."

The truth is Long has not been Miami's best offensive lineman this year as he was in years past. That mantle has been passed to Mike Pouncey.

But the problem is where do the Dolphins and Long go from here? Long, you see, is a free agent after this season. And general manager Jeff Ireland is on record as saying he will not let Long get away from the Dolphins.

I get that because letting Long walk only creates another hole that has to be filled and the Dolphins have plenty of those as is. In fact, my column in today's Miami Herald makes the point that because quarterback Ryan Tannehill is good (but not great) the Dolphins have to surround him with more weapons and a better team to compete with teams that indeed do get great quarterback play.

And, by the way, Andrew Luck delivered great quarterback play against Miami on Sunday and has convinced me he's going to be great. Indeed, Luck has thrown for 2,404 yards this season. Peyton Manning? He's thrown for 2,404 yards this season.

The point is the Dolphins need to add talent, not lose some they already have.

Which brings me back to Long. It's going to be a hard negotiation if Long's agent, Tom Condon, is going to insist on having Long paid as the best left tackle in football -- which is exactly what Long was coming out of college as the No. 1 pick. Long was the highest paid offensive lineman in the NFL.

But after gutting through a couple of injury plagued seasons in 2010 and 2011 and still not playing at his highest level this year, I don't see how the Dolphins can justify paying Long like the best tackle in football. He's probably in the top 10 some games. But not every game.

Certainly not on Sunday.

"They're a hell of a defese. Their front line got a few on us. We just have to watch the film and get better and we will."


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Posted by: Anrew Luck | November 05, 2012 at 11:27 AM

im glad you got your name right this time Andrew lol

The question is not "...how much money is Long worth...?"
The question is: Is Long still an adequate LT?
If not an adequate LT can he be adequate at RT? or G?
That should determine how he gets paid.

"Clady will make $3.5 million this season in the final season of a five-year deal he signed as a rookie out of Boise State in 2008. The Broncos had reportedly offered the fifth-year pro $50 million over five years with $28 million guaranteed.

In free agency next year, Clady and his agent, Pat Dye, can seek a deal more in line with Cleveland's Joe Thomas, whose deal averages $11.5 million a season. The Broncos could also put the franchise tag on Clady, which would pay him in the neighborhood of $10 million in 2013."


Clady rejected $10 Million a year. He's not going anywhere though. If Long wasn't having a down year I'd say pay the man but CLEARLY he is.

BTW--I really thought our secondary was coming together until yesterday. I realize Luck had an unbelievable day but our CB's couldn't break up a pass. Hopefully Smith will bounce back next week.

Sean Smith was rated 105th CB in the NFL last season.
Now he is Miami's best CB. lol


If yopu really want to get into who happened to whom then let's start with Parcells signing NoodleArm without a tryout and then go from there.


I'm fine with everything you are saying but two things I would say:

1) There's no guarantee that drafting 2 CBs next year solves the problem. We picked Davis and Smith as high draft picks and neither one is a star. So I'm wondering when you want to pick these guys. I'm not a fan of picking one of these 'supposed' shutdown corners in the first round. There's just not very many of these guys around. Claiborne was supposed to be one and the Cowboys got lit up last night by Matt Ryan and last week by the Giants. So while I agree we need to upgrade the secondary I'm just not a fan of spending high picks on cornerbacks. Rams did it last year and got lit up last week by Brady to the tune of 45 points. It's not the answer. The secondary is being exposed because of a weak pass rush. Not saying we couldn't use help but it would be better if we could put these guys on their butts more. That's why I'm advocating pass rush.

2) I don't think you can just get rid of Smith AND Marshall. I think Marshall is better than he's shown. I also don't know the cap ramifications of doing it but it just doesn't make sense to me.

3) I've long believed that our secondary will be better with an upgrade of Clemmons and better pass rush. I'm fine with drafting a CB. I'd just like to see what Coyle can do with these guys. Smith was REALLY bad yesterday. Just not ready to get rid of him yet.

Dolphins do presently have an "in-house" answer should Long's play continue to decline. Jonathan Martin.

If Long's play continues to decline I would consider switching out the two. J-Mart at lt and Jake Long at rt. I would make the move before seasons end to see if both players are taking well to the switch.

J-Mart seems now to be doing very well inpass protect at rt. But we already know he's a natural lt coming out of college. This just might work and save and revive Long's career as a Dolphin.

I did what i wanted and caght the game winner over Smith, yet Miami folks said Smith had a good game-LOSING


mike said it above, Long ALWAYS gets schooled by Freeney. He just has his number. Long's played better, but he's not even close to the bottom (he's just not the #1 anymore). If Ireland is good at anything, he's good at signing talent at a fair price. So I'll wait and see if he can get Long to play ball (and I'm sure Long knows he's not as good as before, so will he leave the place he's played his whole career to underachieve elsewhere at top dollar, not sure).

But I DO know that oline CANNOT be a concern AGAIN, demanding a high draft position, AGAIN. Not when we have so many holes elsewhere. Best thing you can do for an oline is give it stability, so if we can have the same guys play together for a few years at least, that would be the best outcome.

i caghtz 150 Yds and won the game over clown cb Sean Smith.

Guess I should try to unload that jake long autographed jersey rookie card I pulled from a pack a few years ago? Last time we played the colts jake had smiley helping out against freeny. This time mostly one on one and jake got killed.near the end tanne knew his oline couldnt protect and he rushed his throws.

Sean who?

Well Smith certainly does not keep me awake at night!

Sean Smith and Vontae Davis = more Irescum busts.


I dont think we need to draft an olineman. I believe we should consider swapping Long and Martin around. Long at RT and Martin at LT. That's only if Long continues to struggle. This was easily his worst game in a Dolphins yuney.

Armando stirring the pot again, now regarding Long. Don't know why he bothers to do that if he knows that Ireland wipes his As- with any opinions and will do what he wants in respect to Long.


From earlier regarding Devin Gardener, honestly I think he stinks lol. Michigan's got this new kid coming in next year who is supposedly one of those ELite 11 Trent Dilfer camp kids. I know Bellamy is terrible and Gardener doesnt do it for me either. Wants to run too much.

If you supposedly know about Football, you should know when a Player is hurt. There is nothing physically wrong now with Jake Long for I saw him sprint 20 yds downfield to block someone. And he did right.


1st picks should be for playmakers not Jake Longs.

YG long and martins bodies are conditioned to play where they are currently playing. Martin even said in an interview that he had to train and develop muscles he didnt use before learning to play right tackle. Thats partly why he struggled so bad so early. Maybe in the off season when both guys have time to acclimate to such a move. Lets not forget long hasnt played on the right side since his freshmen year at michigan.


I know you "know your football)...lol....

but I got an UPDATE for you.....ALL the players are hurt @ this point of the season....

Some more than others...

STFU...and stop showing how little you know...


First of all the pass rush wasn't bad yesterday. What I saw from Luck yesterday is that he's a heck of an athlete & very hard to bring down. He was making throws while he was going to the ground yesterday!!! He doesn't get rattled under pressure either. Although it won't show up on the stat sheet Olivier Vernon was getting good pressure.

At some point you have to see your CB's make plays & they didn't make them yesterday. Smith was playing ten feet off the receivers & when he did he have chances to make INT's he blew it. I actually thought Carroll played better than Smith which is actually kind of scary.

I believe that the one position where we should spend money in FA is on a CB or WR. I believe Mike Wallace could take this offense to another level & a guy like Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie would do wonders for our defense.


Martin: 2 QB Sacks, 2 QB Hits, 19 QB Hurries ... so far

Martin SUCKS!

Tannehenne does not need both legs or his knee.
I'm taking this play off.


You may hae a great point there.

Vegas mike....

I agree...


what are we gonna do....

Forget about re-signing Long, Smith, & Fasano for now. Ireland needs to get deals done with Hartline & Starks who are both having great seasons.

Along with Long Ive read on this blog that these players are also free after this season

Smith and I think I missed two others.In that case as of play thus far and necessities and depending on if they can negoitiate with these players after the draft.I would keep Long from the list but would let some on here go especially after the draft or getting a free agent in the off-season.I would negotitate a top offensive lineman contarct with Long but load it with incentives to make sure I get what Im paying for.Good luck to the Dolphin negotiator as guaranteed money has hampered a teams ability to get rid of non -producing players.

Do you think Long is hurt at this point of the Season, Kris, or simply has just sukked all the time, or is he not really trying 100% this Season for some reason?

he sux.

C'mon spell it out , Kris. Nobody will fire you for your opinion. Of course, I'm safe. I have a PhD.

Brandon Marshall scored more points than the entire Dolphins roster.

"The key to success for the rest of this season is the PROPER REST. These guys already know how to play."

Sean's Mom, (logging in as bond, david bond)

Okay, well, I am scouting the college ranks for a better cornerback, and safety. And a receiver. I need small injuries to both quarterbacks, then, start Pat. We simply are not good enough to win the superbowl right now. And, I hate being mediocre.


Exactly! Coverage and tackling was a greater issue yesterday. Guys were catching passes short of the 1st down mark on those 3rd down plays and converting off of missed tackles. Luck also made a couple great plays on his own with pressure in face.

Remember that 3rd down conversion pass he made with Wake dragging him to the ground?

Yesterday it was Luck coming thru and making plays in the face of the rush, poor coverage at times, and at time poor pass rush lane discipline by our pass rush.

I think we should have had more press coverage at the line for a qb like Luck who is as accurate and gets the ball out as quickly as Luck. Maybe we didnt see more of that because Coyle doesnt feel comfortable doing it with the present team corners.

If we had great press coverage corners, we could have forced Luck to hold the ball a split second longer tomake him more vulnerable to the pass rush Sunday. We played "soft coverage" and Luck completely disected it.

Tannehill is doing okay for now. 3-4 record
Martin is below average and weak giving up more hurries than anyone in the NFL.
I traded Brandon Marshall for some inactive player.
Miller we didn't need.
Kaddu was cut, the practice squad.
All my WR picks suck and did not make it or inactive.

Tannehill plays just like Henne. Crappy when it counts.

OK, 2watt, I'll accept your commentary at face value. He sukks. Now, why? Has he always sukked? Is it only now? Then,why the decline in him? There could be a 1000 reasons for this.These are important questions for Ireland to decide what to do with him. You People inform Ireland.

how 'bout dat colt rb on the last play running backwards 4 18 yards.?.
he did that so the dolphins d could kixx his fat stink'n axx.


I already stated that I believe that he still has nagging injuries...(knee/shoulder Others?)...that are keeping him from preforming @ a high level...

I don't believe anybody (especially a Long) goes out with intentions to suck....no even S Smith....

I scored 3 more touchdowns yesterday and we won again!
I scored more points than all of Miami yesterday alone.

Thanks Jeff Ireland.


Miami lost again! OMG!

How is the guy Jeff Ireland replaced me for doing?

I'm Jeff Ireland's best corner back!

Shut Down Sean !

Deal with it!

Shut - Up Sean!

You Suck!

Ryan Tannehill came one yard from breaking the rookie passing record against Arizona. If throwing for a lot of yards and picking apart bad secondaries is the mark of greatness Mando needs to rethink his position. To be honest and I've been saying this for years I just wish Mando would take his blog up to Indy or some other city because he obviously doesn't want to be here.

HOME is that You! lol

Brandon Marshall 3 TD'S YESTERDAY! YIKES!

Tannehill cannot close out games.
Did you his last few throws!


2 years AGO Long was my FAVORITE FIN....and I admitted so right here on this blog....and its a SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS when an OL is your favorite player....

2 years later...Long has declined (tho still servicable)....and he is o longer my favorite FIN...

buisness is just that...If he want to break the bank...let him break it in B-More...I think there still looking fo a franchise LT....

All day long the tv game announcers were even saying the Dolphins db's were giving to much of a cushion. Seems the defensive stragtegy was bend dont break. We broke for 433yds passing but only gave up 23pts.

Still we had chance to win or tie at the end and it was probably our most pathetic drive attempt of the entire game. With the final play of that drive coming up 1yd shy of the 1st down on the final 4th down play.

Too many pressures and penalties given up by the oline yesterday. Especially during the 2nd half scoring only 3pts. We pretty much beat ourselves, as badly as it seemed the defense played, they only gave up 23pts for tha game. We cant say we didnt have our chances to win the game. We just failed to properly execute in the 2nd half. Especially along the oline.

Smith dropping that late 4th qtr pick didnt help things any niether. That was almost surely a game tying pick to say the least. Like I said, "we had our chances" and failed to take advantage

"Luck was going against the 28th ranked pass D! T-Hill was going against the 7th Ranked Pass D! Yet, 4 straight game without a INT for T-Hill."

"( . )Y( . ) > long"

Yeah....but ( . )Y( . ) > (a loooong list of stuff including even football)

BTW isn't the 'Y' redundant cleavage? Clean up your ascii!!!

Let me beg to differ, YG or Kris. I KNOW when People are hurting and Long is not hurting Anywhere. You guys look for other reason for Long's poor play; then be sure to tell Ireland.

Eyez been sayin it all along, Andrew!

TanneHenne does not have the kill factor!

kris, colombo was servicable.


I have more TD passes than Jeff Irelands "franchise QB"

ROTFALMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pork Roberts,

Throwing for a lot of yds is meaningless. Obtaining the W's is the sign of greatness. Its the object of the game.

Matt Moore is better.In his last 10 games, Moore has won 7 of them.

Duh, Jeffrey!


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