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It was a long day for Jake and what that mean

It used to be that the overarching conversation surrounding Jake Long was about whether he indeed was the right pick as the No. 1 overall selection in 2008 over Matt Ryan. And the argument could be made that even if Ryan turned out to be a franchise quarterback, picking a Hall of Fame left tackle was still a wise choice.

Well, Long has not been playing like a Hall of Fame left tackle this year.

And on Sunday he didn't play like a Pro Bowl left tackle. Or even a good left tackle.

Matched against Dwight Freeney, who had been struggling with injuries and production prior to this game, Long was beaten soundly in the matchup. Freeney got a sack that stripped the ball from Ryan Tannehill and, ironically, Long plucked the pigskin out of the air and ran for a couple of yards.

It was a good save. But it wasn't a good look for Long.

He also yielded two other QB hits and at least one more pressure that forced Tannehill to get rid of the ball early. He also had a false start and had a holding call that was declined.

"Yeah, it appeared there were a couple of times, it looked like he got beat a couple of times," coach Joe Philbin said. "We'll have to take a look at the tapes to see if it's a technique thing. It might have been minor little things and some adjustments he'll have to make. But, yeah, we expect better protection."

Long echoed his coach after the game, giving credit to Freeney and his well-chronicled spin move. Long also promised an attempt at improvement.

"He got me on the one," Long said. "He gets off the ball quick and it's a hell of a move. He did well on that one and I just have to correct it and get better."

The truth is Long has not been Miami's best offensive lineman this year as he was in years past. That mantle has been passed to Mike Pouncey.

But the problem is where do the Dolphins and Long go from here? Long, you see, is a free agent after this season. And general manager Jeff Ireland is on record as saying he will not let Long get away from the Dolphins.

I get that because letting Long walk only creates another hole that has to be filled and the Dolphins have plenty of those as is. In fact, my column in today's Miami Herald makes the point that because quarterback Ryan Tannehill is good (but not great) the Dolphins have to surround him with more weapons and a better team to compete with teams that indeed do get great quarterback play.

And, by the way, Andrew Luck delivered great quarterback play against Miami on Sunday and has convinced me he's going to be great. Indeed, Luck has thrown for 2,404 yards this season. Peyton Manning? He's thrown for 2,404 yards this season.

The point is the Dolphins need to add talent, not lose some they already have.

Which brings me back to Long. It's going to be a hard negotiation if Long's agent, Tom Condon, is going to insist on having Long paid as the best left tackle in football -- which is exactly what Long was coming out of college as the No. 1 pick. Long was the highest paid offensive lineman in the NFL.

But after gutting through a couple of injury plagued seasons in 2010 and 2011 and still not playing at his highest level this year, I don't see how the Dolphins can justify paying Long like the best tackle in football. He's probably in the top 10 some games. But not every game.

Certainly not on Sunday.

"They're a hell of a defese. Their front line got a few on us. We just have to watch the film and get better and we will."


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We may just all have to face facts...

A fact I wanted to ignore....

Bush is a PHENOMENAL talent....but he isn't an every down...run in between the tackles 15-20 times back....

Bush just isn't going to stick his nose in there that many times.....he's gonna cut back outside 7 out of 10 times......

If D. Thomas isn't gonna soften up the D for Bush....then what are we paying him for...

Well like you said he didn t , but they were able to score on their first 3 drives , then Long decided he wasn t blocking Freeney any more , Tannehill took a couple good shots and was too worried about taking more to zero in on the receivers he does have, not saying I blame him , they looked painful as hell, just seems to me the whole team plays better when Moore is our QB , last week every aspect of our team was fired up and playing when he was in there , they demolished the Jets , the jets who just got done beating the Colts , so where where they yesterday???? If Moore had played I think you get a better game , the players seem to rally around him , and thats what a good QB dioes he gets them fired up in the huddle , they fight for him , apparently not so much for Tannehill

Long is simply a very good left tackle who is Top 10 in the league but he has deficiences showing up in his physical and mental game. There is no way he should be the highest paid LT in NFL. That is simply hurting the team by overpaying at that position and thereby reducing dollars available to fill the other holes that still exist....namely WR, TE, S, CB and a pass rusher.

Yes, Kris. When you are confronted with your ignorance there are only 2 ways to go. You man up and learn from the experience or you will sink forever in that ignorance.

Who knows who the players want to be their QB, Moore won their friendship and respect last season , Long certainly seems to block better when he`s in there, maybe the players think that Tannehill only got the job because he knew the system and the OC from school last year , maybe they think Moore earned the job and they want him playing we don t know how they feel , we only know what the coaches tell us , hell maybe if Moore was plating we`d be 7-1 or 6-2 they sure played a hell of a game last week against the Jets when Moore was their QB

How bout drafting Matt Barkley? He's a lot better then Tannehill.

63 Tackles in 8 Games!


126 tkls in 16 games!

What kind of Math are u Doing Craig! How is that on pace to 150?! Stop Counting with ur fingers!

How many 10+ Tackle games! Does Dansby Have? ZERO!!

If Today doesn't show u know nothing! And that U don't listen to other people!

Who is the Heart and Brain of a Defense? Look at the Top D's! And tell me their CB's! Now I bet u know their MLB's!!

Again we have a TOP 5 D-Line! And U are saying a Pass Rusher is more important than a MLB.




THE D-LINE HAS 4-5 REALLY GOOD PLAYERS! The Line is not the problem!





And xyz7,



DASHI WILL NEVER PUT THAT PRESSURE ON T-Hill! Dashi just wants T-Hill to be T-Hill!!

Oh, and Peyton just broke another of Marino's record! Most Game Winning Drives In History! 49!


It has been a long drawn out process to take the fight out of the Americans after the Big Wars. Did you see many cases of PTSD after the I and II world Wars? Not even exponentially as many as we saw in Korea, VN, all the other artificial- Wars since our Civil War. You see, there's some People that had been assigned to "keep the Peace and the economical stability of the World " for Us. No more. They trespassed their authority and tried to rule Political events also, which is not allowed. So, in essence, vote, for this year's Elections will be the most valid since the US Civil War.


I think you need to FACT CHECK YOUR 5:19 POST....

I'm pretty Marino didn't hold that record.....

Elway was the comeback of that era....he was behind ELWAY when he retired...

I just wish Mando would take his blog up to Indy or some other city because he obviously doesn't want to be here.

Posted by: Pork Roberts | November 05, 2012 at 12:21 PM

Yeah, just make sure he takes his Gay Beret Troll Boy with him.

How pathetic is THIS? It's bad enough he has to use FeeAgg Troll Boy to run up his blog hits to stay atop the Herald's competing Blogs.

But DeeeeeeeeAMN! Couldn't he find a Closet Queen/Knob Polisher that knows at least a Little Something about Football?

He always accuses me of bringing up the how much of a Gay Meth Head he is(Just stating the OBVIOUS), but have you even seen his posts when he gets "Carried away(stoned on meth)? Offensive Gay Post after Post after post! Completely ignorant too.

Forgive though, for I digress. The Point: PLEASE take your trained Knob Polishing Monkey Troll with you!

Please, please.........PLEASE!!!!

Eyez been sayin it all along, Andrew!
TanneHenne does not have the kill factor!

Posted by: Illiterate Omar Kelly | November 05, 2012 at 12:23 PM

Way to pollute the blog all day you insipid fool!

So we can ALL SEE, U Still Mad Bro - LOL!

Dilwad here is still upset(Boo Whoo)because Ireland didn't bring in his Hero Tim Tebow-ROTFLMAO!

So how is Tebags doing anyway? According to YOUR PREDICTIONS, he put Sanchez on the bench in short order! So how many games did it take for this Prediction to come true?

What? Tebags is STILL holding the clip board? Dooh!




Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Mando!!! How on God's green Earth can you refer to 290 passing yards as "a ton?" 290 yards is an average day this year. 400 is the new 300. 290 is the new 180.

Tannehill loses games 23-20.

Moore wins games 30-9.

Tannehill is 3-4.

Moore is 7-3.

Congrats on your score prediction on the other blog with my ex-mobster bloggers. Good call Indy by 3.

Posted by: Illiterate Omar Kelly | November 05, 2012 at 12:28 PM

Thats Funny, I check the "Other Blog" daily(I was dumb enough to give them money)and I didn't see any 3 point predictions by Home.

So I went back and re-checked(I was bored, sue me), Lo and Behold, still NO Home Predictions!

Matter of fact, the FIRST reference I saw pertaining to the ALLEDGED prediction was TODAY! Like 99.9% of his "So-Called" Predictions, it was WELL AFTER THE FACT-LOL!

Not EVEN a Nice try Fool-ROTFLMAO! The ONLY FOOL you're FOOLING is Yourself..........FOOL!

Nan - Na Nan - Na Nah-Nah ;)


Correct! The most impactful play Dansby made all day was the pic 6 drp. Zach Thomas makes that play, the Ray Lewis', all of the great mlb's make that play. Dansby doesnt.

Dansby makes that play and we go up 24-13, silence the crowd, and create a huge in game momentum shift. Tha play has to be made. He makes tha play and our chance to walk away victors becomes exponential.

moore was 6-6 starting last year for fins moore is a solid backup nothing more. great to see thill back and playing. cant hinder his development. that was a devasting ,devasting loss to anyone that was thinking playoffs this year. colts and steelers skip easily now into the wildcard spots. but the real goal anyways was geared towards next year and i cant wait for that. stanford routt was cut by kc today. miami should sign him, he could start for us at cb right now

The Dolphins are not a playoff team nor are they like was said several years ago a few players away.Before the season started I knew they were rebuilding and they are.IMO they have overachieved to even have a 4-4 record.Dont let anyone tell you otherwise the toughest part of the schedule is the last 6 games.If they make the playoffs which is possible they will not advance.

Zach Thomas nevr tooted his own horn he was going to make this all star team or that all star team befor season begins. He just made them with his play.

Every season Dansby yaps how good he is or great he's going to be, and has yet to become a pro bpwl alternate in any season.

Zach Thomas we surely miss you!

Nice job, Home on the score prediction, Indy by 3.
tradeseansmith.com now also has my vote.

Posted by: Dave Hyde | November 05, 2012 at 12:31 PM

Kevin Coyle worked wonders with alot of lesser cornerbacks. Coyle carrer is long and storied. He has established himself as a very good Coach, and he's regarded as somewhat of a Defensive Backs Guru.

In Coyles PROFFESIONAL opinion Sean Smith is one of, if not "THEE" most improved player on Miami's Roster.

If thats not enough, Pro Football Focus has the numbers that back up Coyles contention.

Does Smith need to improve? Without a doubt. But who in the NFL doesn't?

You go ahead and have your Hissy Fits because Dickwad Omar "Put You In Your Place. By all means, keep running Miami in the Ground because Ireland didn't sign your precious(Snicker, snicker)Timmy Tebags-GuuuuFFaaaaW!!!!

But when it comes to **REALITY** and analyzing Defensive Backs, Thanks but ah..........No Thanks-LOL.

We'll go with Coyle and Pro Football Focus **ANYDAY**!

King Shula,

Outside of our d-line, Cam Wake, and Reshad Jones. I have "zero confidence" anyone else on the defense can make game changing plays. Smith has played a little better this season(up until Sunday, but yesterday he regressed to familiar old ways.

Clemons is often routinely out of podition to consistently make great plays. But same as Smith is playing slightly better than normal. Smith and Clemons playing slightly better than normal is still not good enough.

We cant seem to get game changing pays from the lb corps as often as needed. Mainly Dansby, because as mlb, he needs to be the heart and soul of this d.

Smith has shown tons of improvement. But much like our WR situation, Smith is a No. 2 Corner at best. Did he have an off game? YEP! Did he choke under pressure? He sure did? Was he playing against the Hottest Up and Coming Rookie QB's and his Future Hall Of Fame WR? Again.........YEP!

But does this wipe out all of his progress? Not a chance. This is the same Sean Smith that **AT TIMES THIS SEASON** was playing like a true No. 1.

Wasn't he the guy that lobbied to get matched up on other teams no. 1 WR's? Did he elevate his game and rise to the occassion?

Yep and Yes!

Smith has had his off games this year(Colts and jets)but he's also had some very good games against some very good competition.

Having said all that, Smith is clearly playing better than he has since becoming a Dolphin. By the time we get our true No. 1 Corner in next years Free Agency or Draft, Smith will be up to speed and have a firm grasp on this new defenasive system!

This Colts game only counts as one and I'm putting it behind me. It's time to focus on the Titans anyways!

Good Times Are Coming..........You can BET own Nat!

Now, don't go feeding the fire on YG and the LBs.


No one in thier right mind is advocating getting rid of Smith. Just that I dont feel he is a true #1 corner. He has to play above his head every week to achieve that.

With Marshall out, its like we're playing with a #2(Sith) and a #4 corner(Carroll) each week. Both are p[laying over thier heads, but just like Sunday, there will be games "the other shoe" will fall for both. Especially when we face great qb's this year.

Also, even when Marshall does return, he'll be a true #3 corner that will have to play over his head too.

YG, Agreed.

Agreed on almost everything U said today! But talking to Craig about Defense! Is like Talking to him about QB Play!

And Kris.

ESPN AND NFL NETWORK! Are the One's Reporting The Facts!

Agreed. With U in that I(And Everyone Else has been told!) thought Marino was Second and Elway was First!

But when Peyton Whooped the Chargers! To Earn his 48! They Said he Tied Dan! And he just passed him Yesterday!

Here's 2 Post! With the Facts.

This one States Marino Should Really Be Credited for 51!


And This is the REAL LIST! for 4th qtr Comebacks!


Again, Marino gets Painted as Something he is Not! A Choke Artist!



HE WAS THE OFFENSE! NO RB's! NO WR's! NO Right Tackle!

Just Marino and His Laser Arm!

Im still advocating, 2013's 1st rd pick needs to be BPA out of the wr, corner, and mlb positions.

The the two 2nd rd picks can be used to attempt to fix the other two positions.

Yeah, we need better over-all Personnel. Ireland knows this. But we really needed a good QB. You dig?

Tannehill choked overthrowing bess and DT thomas, just like the game he coulkd not hit Hartline in the end zone twice overthrowing him in the 4th quarter.
Tannehill is not a closer.
Might start thiniking bout Moore starting and Tannehill at WR
Home is right on this one!

Posted by: Ben Volin | November 05, 2012 at 12:34 PM

Tannehill started 19 collegiate games at QB and 7 in the NFL. And Home can already proclaim he's not a closer?

Yeah SURE HOME! To hell with what Marino says about him. Forget Philbin and Sherman's assessment(even though both coaches have coached Hall of Fame QB's).

To hell with what all the Pundits and Sane People are saying! We're going to take Homes word for it(heavy sarcasm)!

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

(I knew he was mad about and missing Timmy Tebags dearly, but DAMN Home! Do yourself a favor and SOBER UP-LOL)

Craig and others on the WR topic. I need to clarify what I truly believe is needed.

We need speed to stretch the field and get defenders from stacking the box. Someone has to be feared betweent the 20's as being capable of taking it to the house in one play.

But we also need a big physical receiver who come down with the ball in the end zone. We need this in the red zone and we need it badly.

Now it can be one person (i.e. a true #1 WR - by my definition) or it can be two people. If it's a true #1 WR we are only getting him by paying big money in free agency or getting it right in the first round.

If it's two people then we need to let someone go who is on the roster because we don't have either on the field now. Hartline is quick but he is not scary quick. Yes he makes a few big plays but he is not really stretching the field. He and Bess are reliable posession receivers.

So, we can use two picks or FA's to get it done or we can go for the dominant #1 WR. But in the end we have two big needs.


You Sir are correct....

Now, now, YG, let it rest. Concentrate on what we can do this year with our Personnel and forget next year's Draft.

Thanks for the suck and blow job from Odin the Drunk lizard

Dumbo, I ranked at 105th corner back in the 2011 NFL according to to Pro Football Focus.
That was the last ranking.
Sunday I was once again the worst ranked CB in the NFL.

Next time keep you trap shut.
I do better defending myself.

Sheez Louie z

It is a sure sign of somebody who has quit, to not keep fighting.

Home is almost always right and you need rehab bad! lol

Tannehill lost another one.LMAO!
Choke artist TanneHenne!

Sean "Tampon" Smith is a peak and valley player who is not a #1 or even a #2 CB in the NFL. He is the best CB on the team but he is not a top flight CB in this league. He has always been inconsistent with his coverage.

And 9 out of 10 times he tackles like a girl...too many arm tackles. He was scorched in the Jets games and often times balls were dropped or Stinky Sanchize flat missed the wide open WR's. He was scorched by a great rookie yesterday (multiple times).

He is a free agent at the end of this year and Ireland should be fired if he signs him to a big money deal. Vontae was better and Ireland traded him for a #2. I'd take any pick that any foolish team would offer right now and go with the other backups we have on the team now (Wilson, Carroll, etc).

Anyone claiming these are young development players are crazy. These guys are special teamers at best.

Order up two new CB's now...I'm telling you...it has to happen.

I owned Sean Smith.

There are better CBs in Pop Warner and they are 4 feet tall and 9 yrs old.

I swallowed Sean's load. So what!

The biggest difference yesterday between Luck and Tanny was that Luck saw wide open receivers and felt little defensive pressure compared to Ryan.

Posted by: CoyoteGuy | November 05, 2012 at 12:47 PM

I agree with this entire post. All except the last sentence. Luck was getting pressured all day. Especially in the first half. The second half not so much.

The difference was, Luck dealt with the pressure excellently.

Wake, Vernon, Derrick Shelby and Odrick all got some good pressure on Luck. Someone got it wrong earlier too. It was Derrick Shelby that dragged Luck down to his knee when he threw that pass.

It should have been a sack.

(PS: I hate blaming officials, so I refrain. However, having said that, the officiating was pretty bad at times. Especially at key moments during drives and late in the game. Good Teams overcome bad officiating. But the refs almost killed us.....**ALMOST**......as bad as we killed ourselves. The phantom hold on Marlon Moore is an excellent example. It negated Thigpens return out to mid field!)

After yesterday's game Im now clear on several things:

1. Defensively, overall, we're not ready to beat great qb's and passing attacks. We'll lose both games to the Patriots.

2. Offensively, we cant consistently protect against great pass rushers(Long)and dont have easy point threat wr's(points over the top. We'll lose to San Fran trying to go length of the field every drive.

3. There's great chance we lose at least 2 of our remaining games against our other opponents.

Nothing's written in stone with this team. There arent enough impact playmakers both sides of the ball. 2 Losses to the Pat, 1 to San Fran, and 2 losses to our other remaining opponents means 5 more losses could be upcoming.

That would make our final 2013 win-loss total 7-9. Which on draft day is about right where we should be considering the major holes still needing to be filled. This team should finish just short of being a wildcard playoff team this year.

The Colts took my 12-4, 11-5 aqua and oranges sunglasses and stumped them into millions of tiny pieces. We're only good against not so good offenses. The truth has been revealed.

Sean Smith = HA HA HA

As a matter of fact, many here never wanted to fight and just go along for the ride. We know that and we tolerate you. For the Present.

Kris, Thanks.

Yg, Agreed. BPA! Out of those 3 Positions! The First 3 Picks! And for Dashi the CB Pick! Is Either CB/FS! In My Book! BPA! A Good Safety makes the CB's! Look Good! A CB doesn't Make a Safety Look Better! Don't get me wrong CB's! are good for Covering 1 on 1! But to affect The Secondary! A Safety Covers More Field!

Dashi would still go into the draft With an Emphasis on Te'o! Even If I have to Trade a Couple Picks! If 1 Player this Next Draft! Specially on D! Is Worth a RG3! Trade! (Not saying Trade all the Picks)

It's Te'o!

The Guy is A Difference Maker!

The difference between Luck and Tannehill yesterday was we didnt take advantage of clearly 3 pick opportunity mistakes by Luck yesterday. Tannehill never came close to throwing a pick.

Se4condly, the announcers were saying all day long that the Fins db's were giving Luck's recievers "far too much cushion". Werent you guys even listening?

The Colts werent giving our recievers cushions. At least, not even once, did the commentators mention it. Several times they mentioned we gave Colts recievers far too much cushion and Luck ate it up.


I also crave for the days of Zach Thomas when we had a true 4-3 mlb. Dansby's just a "make'do" fit for th position right now. He isnt a true mlb like T'eo would be coming in.

From earlier YG, in regards to proclaiming Luck the Second Coming.

I think you're absolutely right in that Luck "Should Have" been intercepted. I think you're being a bit too kind though. By my count, we "Should Have" had 4 int's.

3 were pretty clear cut. Our guys simply failing to make the play. There were also two more that "COULD Have" been intercepted and one of THOSE "SHOULD have" been.

Luck played fantastic for a Rookie. But make no mistake about it.......Luck Got Lucky!

All these people that supposedly broke Marino`s records really haven t, all Marino`s yardage or most of it came from actually throwing bombs down the field , these new breed QBs breaking his record and doing it with little drop off passes that get all the yardage from the yac ofter the catch, I have tapes of Marino`s games you little dot headed fool , These quarterbacks are fit to weear his cup let along claim his records with phoney yardage

T`sizzle alone tells me your an ignorant little wigger

Odin @ 6:57 PM,

Ive been preaching this to several posters all day. Seems they werent even watching the same game. Its like having 10 witnesses to a crime. Some seeing it a little diffrent, and some seeing it a lot different.

The only thing they all agree on is that a crime indeed had taken place.

So no one agree`s the team as a whole plays better when Moore is in , are ya`s that blind you can t see that?

YG is right. They said it yesterday & Hilton was taken in the 3rd round @ 92.

Posted by: We Have RB's | November 05, 2012 at 01:11 PM

They didn't NOT draft Hilton as a wide receiver.

What the commentators were refering to was a comment made by Colts interim Head Coach Bruce Arians. He said they didn't expect Hilton to develop into such a good receiver so quickly.

They drafted him with the expectations of him contributing in the return game(4.3 speed)right away and taking some time to develop as a receiver.

None of you guys are wrong in this regard. The commentators just garbled the Arians quote.

I myself tend to agree with YG's statement. Hilton's more of a 2nd or 3rd complimentary type of receiver.

While Philbin says our passing game isn't predicated on a True No. 1 WR, I think the point gets lost in the labels. We do indeed need a True No. 1 **TYPE** of receiver. Hartline, Bess and possibly Gaffney and Moore fill out our complimentary needs.

We need a Big, Strong, Burner that can be a threat from anywhere on the field.


So what does that make u? A real dark nigauh! With a BIG ER!! At the End! Fool!

It's doesn't matter if I'm whiter than the crack u smoke!

Dashi writes what he feels! Unlike U I was Born ColorBlind! And HAVE BEEN BROUGHT UP ON BOTH SIDES OF THE FENCE!



Whoop the black out of U! Till ur white! And then Beat U Black and Blue! Just to make U colored again! Alright BOY!

First I will say that the fins will finish with a 7-9 record which will put them somewhere around the mid teens in the draft lets say 17.

In the offseason resign- Hartline, Sean Smith, Chris Clemons, Resign Jake Long to 3yr deal

Offseason FA signings- Sign GB WR Greg Jennings to 3yr contract, Sign NYJ TE Dustin Keller

Draft I say we trade down to the early to mid 20's for more picks that should give us another 2nd and 4th

1st rd- TExas DE Alex Okafor (Pass Rush)
2nd- Baylor WR Terrance Williams
2nd- NC OG Jon Cooper
2nd- NC Stae CB David Emerson
3rd- Rest BPA

Dashi is funny as hell....

Stop blaming all the receivers Tannehill wasn t playing the same after Long let him get clobbered twice, my question is did he do it on purpose , does he want Moore in there , I think if this guy writing these blogs for the Herald wants a real story , he`ll question the players ... see who they want to be their quarterback , now theres a story we need to be told!!

It's amazing that Mando lets trolls try to take over his blog. Why Mando??? Why???

Posted by: We Have RB's | November 05, 2012 at 01:13 PM

I know you think I just bullshyt and fight with Mando's Monkey Boy here, but I have the answer to this and it couldn't be more obvious(once you here it anyways).

Armando allows his "Good Thang" pollute the shyt out of this blog in an effort to stay ahead of the competing political blogs.

It's a tough Gig because this is an election year. It's getting unbearably obvious! Mando lets this idiot post anything because they all counts as hits. He'll put up with anything to claim Bragging Rights among Fellow Herald Staffers.

It's like Kris responded when Armando asked us to define Troll.

Kris asked: Define Integrity!

Howdy all!

Tough loss to go with our two nail biting OT losses. Oh, the "Coulda, Woulda, Shouda" lament applies just perfectly to our Fins in several games...but dat's the NFL for ya.

That lame ass ST holding call (Indy guy grabs ours and flops on his back getting a ref's eye and the flag) on Thigpen's nice return on the final series. This of course after Sean Greatness Smith leaves a bonafide INT on the carpet. I really don't believe games come down to one play so I won't flog that dead horse.

The most pronounced thing about the game to me was the spacing and cushion our vaunted Def was handing out like candy. Sooooo many pitch and catch type plays for Luck. Not to mention our guys making him look like the next Rothlesberger by not getting him on the ground.

It sure looked like our guys were afraid to hug up on their receivers. Maybe it was the carpet? Maybe their guys are faster than they look. The way the DEF was playing it made all the Indy WR's look like WR Mike Wallace from Pitt (and they are not). Best third down % in the league...pfft. Luck and Co made sure to not read our press clippings. Our guys would do well to stop reading them as well.

Tannehill did well. It sure appears to me that his "NON Coddling" season is going well. He is taking some lumps but gaining super valuable experience. I stand corrected as he is a much better overall player and waaaaaay ahead of where I thought he could be. I was always for playing a guy drafted #8 overall though.

We need one fast seam splitting TE as well as a blazer WR that can catch.

We definitely need a Safety that can make plays on the ball deep. That T.Y. Hilton catch between TWO Fins was sad. It's one game but our turnovers are not where we need them. Someone needs to be the ballhawk back there.

The pass rush was decent most of the game but when the Fin's pass rusher gets to the QB he has to be more violent (within the rules of course). A guy like Luck needs to be rocked to take his eyes away from down field.

I thought the false starts on Pouncey were bogus! He seems to do the same thing all day long and they randomly flag some of his pre-hike motions??? WTH??

All in all I like were Philbin is taking the team. Lotta tweaking,drafting and rebuilding to do but he seems like a man up to the task.

On to The Clash of the Titans! Clamp down on CJ-Somedays and the Fins should get back to the winning side of the ledger.


Chiefs waive CB Routt...worth the pick up? According the yesterday's game it certainly is

Long is a great tackle - but he was always more suited to RT than LT in the NFL. My bet is Martin moves to LT and Long to RT next year. Long can have another few Pro Bowls by switching sides.

WHRB's, here's a Prime Example for you:

f!@# i suck!

Posted by: SEANSMITH | November 05, 2012 at 01:16 PM

See what I mean?


U know Dashi never serious. But if they want to get ignorant and stupid! Dashi is straight Autistic! With the best of them!

It's Cool this is the internet! And u have guys being twitter thugs! But If U don't know where I'm From! Or where I've been! Don't make Asinine Comments!

U will never catch the Dashi being so ignant! As xwyz7! @7:09!

Shadow Master! Doesn't know who he is dealing with!

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