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It was a long day for Jake and what that mean

It used to be that the overarching conversation surrounding Jake Long was about whether he indeed was the right pick as the No. 1 overall selection in 2008 over Matt Ryan. And the argument could be made that even if Ryan turned out to be a franchise quarterback, picking a Hall of Fame left tackle was still a wise choice.

Well, Long has not been playing like a Hall of Fame left tackle this year.

And on Sunday he didn't play like a Pro Bowl left tackle. Or even a good left tackle.

Matched against Dwight Freeney, who had been struggling with injuries and production prior to this game, Long was beaten soundly in the matchup. Freeney got a sack that stripped the ball from Ryan Tannehill and, ironically, Long plucked the pigskin out of the air and ran for a couple of yards.

It was a good save. But it wasn't a good look for Long.

He also yielded two other QB hits and at least one more pressure that forced Tannehill to get rid of the ball early. He also had a false start and had a holding call that was declined.

"Yeah, it appeared there were a couple of times, it looked like he got beat a couple of times," coach Joe Philbin said. "We'll have to take a look at the tapes to see if it's a technique thing. It might have been minor little things and some adjustments he'll have to make. But, yeah, we expect better protection."

Long echoed his coach after the game, giving credit to Freeney and his well-chronicled spin move. Long also promised an attempt at improvement.

"He got me on the one," Long said. "He gets off the ball quick and it's a hell of a move. He did well on that one and I just have to correct it and get better."

The truth is Long has not been Miami's best offensive lineman this year as he was in years past. That mantle has been passed to Mike Pouncey.

But the problem is where do the Dolphins and Long go from here? Long, you see, is a free agent after this season. And general manager Jeff Ireland is on record as saying he will not let Long get away from the Dolphins.

I get that because letting Long walk only creates another hole that has to be filled and the Dolphins have plenty of those as is. In fact, my column in today's Miami Herald makes the point that because quarterback Ryan Tannehill is good (but not great) the Dolphins have to surround him with more weapons and a better team to compete with teams that indeed do get great quarterback play.

And, by the way, Andrew Luck delivered great quarterback play against Miami on Sunday and has convinced me he's going to be great. Indeed, Luck has thrown for 2,404 yards this season. Peyton Manning? He's thrown for 2,404 yards this season.

The point is the Dolphins need to add talent, not lose some they already have.

Which brings me back to Long. It's going to be a hard negotiation if Long's agent, Tom Condon, is going to insist on having Long paid as the best left tackle in football -- which is exactly what Long was coming out of college as the No. 1 pick. Long was the highest paid offensive lineman in the NFL.

But after gutting through a couple of injury plagued seasons in 2010 and 2011 and still not playing at his highest level this year, I don't see how the Dolphins can justify paying Long like the best tackle in football. He's probably in the top 10 some games. But not every game.

Certainly not on Sunday.

"They're a hell of a defese. Their front line got a few on us. We just have to watch the film and get better and we will."


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Odin @ 10:25....

that is to funny.....and its funny cause its true....

he's got a 'kris' file too.....

Imagine the wierd sh@T we will find out when the FBI or Department of Homeland security raids this FREAKS home one day....

and they come to interview us because this psycho has 'files' with us...and who knows who else from this blog....

I said during the game...it was WAY more impressive for Tanne to complete passes against the Colts 7th ranked PASS D....

I was less impressed with Luck torching the 27 ranked pass D.....

Posted by: Kris | November 05, 2012 at 09:56 PM

-I saw that earlier Kris and thought it was right on Money!

-I haven't seen anybody try and argue the point either.........Hmmmmmmmmmm!

-Good Post ;)

Dashi pins the loss on Ryan Tannehill. Too many 3 n

outs puts pressure on our D.

Thanks Phins 78!

People think I go overboard on this dilwad. But he's actually went back and got posts of mine from more than a year ago.

**SOMETIMES** he even edits them to say what he **THINKS** will be "important and incriminating"-LOL.

And Armando asks US to define Troll, huh........what?


(Hims in Wove whiff Uncle Odie!)

Shula 73...

Even if that is the case....then Sherman and Philbin need to make some things change..and NOT @ QB....

It has to be in scheme....it has to be in player execution.....

This trio of frequent posters are on record having used more than one name, yet are the same ones that complain when others do it.

Odin (obviously)

Posted by: The Editor | November 05, 2012 at 10:17 PM

Oh look, hims pouting now. Thats OK, he'll just start making things up about us Big Meanies-ROTFLMAO!

See what I mean you guys, hims ALWAYS accusing others of doing exactly what it is, he HIMSELF does.

Truly Pathetic!

odinseye, I wish you would just stick to football.

By the way, have you ever used the name Geronimo?

I'll ask you about the others later.


By the way, have you ever used the name LouD?

I'll ask you about the others later.

Silence. Ok.

Good night and don't forget to vote.

Funny, everyone keeps saying "pay Long top 10 money.
Folks, there ain't top 10 quality LT in the entire league, a reason they're so coveted at draft time.
Realistically, you're looking at top 5. This is not semantics, just "FIN-nances."
Whomever is the #4 rated tackle, give Long #5 money, whether he's rated that high or not at the end of the year. This should play to the inevitable ego, and saves face for his agent.
It's bound to be at least 6 million less than the reported 15million being talked about, far less than the franchise tag, and assures we have at least a "Top 10 left tackle the next 4 years.
We DO have more holes to fill, and Long has value as a great team player and leader.

Imagine the wierd sh@T we will find out when the FBI or Department of Homeland security raids this FREAKS home one day....

and they come to interview us because this psycho has 'files' with us...and who knows who else from this blog....

Posted by: Kris | November 05, 2012 at 10:40 PM

LMAO - Thats a scary thought.

But, on the bright side, I'm sure all the Kiddie P orn they find will be a violation of his parole.

Being his SECOND OFFENSE, who knows, with a Little Luck he could get Life THIS TIME!

Say Hello to Bubba for me Monkey Bu-oy!!!!

Can we please fire Ireland now?

Yeah, I used Geronimo, silence my a ss. You know it too, thats why you asked and tried to run so quick.

I argued with Armando openly over the "Carlito From Golfito" incident. When Carlito was banned or left or whatever happened with him(for all I know, YOU were Carlito).

Anyways, after Armando came on gave me a stern warning, I used the Geronimo name very briefly. I made it blatantly obvious it was me and turned it into a joke.

I told all the posters that it was really me Odin. But not to tell Armando because I was hiding out from him as Geronimo. Being funny, I TOLD EVERYBODY IT WAS ME!

You remember that? Huh? Isn't that a little different from being Doris and talking about peeing on the floor?

Or the Preist with some crap about being Gay?

Or just straight up impostoring someone else by using their sign in?

Don't pretend you don't know the difference, because we all know Damn Well you do.

As far as Phins 78, I didn't know he was LouD. Are you sure of this yourself?

If you are, how is it you know what IP addresses match up? Please do tell us how you specifically know who uses which fake sign in names.

And while I doubt you answer, if you do, please tell us how you manage to delete certain posts that are, shall we say, unfavorable to you particularly?

PS: I know you also realize we wouldn't have had to go through all this if you would have just chilled out a time or two there.

You know what I'm talking about too. You know, back when I thought Cuban Menace, ALoco, Oscar and Redsky were actually different posters.

Even though ive been a Jake Long fan since he joined the team in 2008, playing a tackle 15 mil per year is suicide to one's salary cap. I would say moving Martin to left tackle and grabbing a veteran in free agency is the way to go. Draft a right tackle with one of the seconds or thirds you have in the 2013 draft to groom. Take the money spent on long to pick up a WR, Safety and corner. For the production Long gives you know i just dont see him as an elite top 5 left tackle.

Long better be willing to take a pay-cut in order to stay on this team. I've seen him regress after his injury. We can find a good Right Tackle in the draft (2nd/3rd Rd) and move Martin to his natural spot at Left Tackle.


Tanny is not great huh? Isn't he 2 yards behind Luck in the rookie passing record? How quick we forget.

Armando Armando Armando. How many times will you tell half of the truth? Or leave out some important facts? Tanny does have a higher completion % and higher yards per completion than Luck. So why does Luck have a little under 700 yards more? He threw about 100 more passes.

Good lord Odindouche, You've been postng non stop since 8:30 this morning, Give us a break and just STFU.

What, is 3:03AM? I'm working on some other things now but odin appears passionate about the Miami Dolphins(nothing wrong with being passionate about anything, btw).

Were we inferior from the Beginning? Certainly. It was a Test for Us by Us. Had no choice but to do It.

The freeney sack where Long caught the ball was not on Long, watch the play- Long picks up the blitz in the G-T gap leaving the outside rusher for the HB to pick up. Which he doesn't do. The only way it is jakes fault is if he was supposed to leave the blitzer for the HB

the big difference between this year as opposed to the others has been the guys up front, our new right tackle, pouncey... and defenseive front is second only to the giants, having said that, we all saw the best QB(brady) in the league reduced to normalcy against those same giants in the superbowl, so what does that mean? it means that the colts offensive line is pretty darn good, it means that our offensive line had a bad day or wasn't playing to it's potential, i think they came out a little flat, i think they got caught up in the big picture.

********** THE BIG PICTURE ************
it's human nature at it's best, influenced by time and resources people mostly do the minimum to get the job done, if your hungry you buy the food you are going to eat, you don't buy 5 additional lobsters to only leave them at the table, if people identify a certain amount of money as disposable income, they will spend it. this is exactly why coaches tell their players to take it ONE play at a time and NOT to get caught up in the BIG picture, i believe this is what happened to miami vs colts, players looked at the big picture(standings), miami players saw a small cushion and they spent it, they saw that they were a game in front of both the jets and buffalo, they identified this as a cushion and human nature took over as they gave the minimum which resulted in a loss. this team will have to loose that mentality, if they want to win they really have to take it ONE play at time. philbin some how must find a way to change human natures goal into a champions goal, players will say our goal is to win the superbowl, but no matter how small the cushion, if it's there, the miami culture lately has been to spend it.

mando, you say miami needs more chess pieces, i agree, BUT... just as LUCK saw no pressure, just as brady rarely sees pressure, tannehill could be pretty darn good if he had the same excellent protection. we have been waiting a long time for the adrian peterson's, the megatrons... but as much as i want to see these stud skill position players on a dolphins depth chart, i believe miami will be better off ADDING to the protection on offense and further upgrading the pressure on defense. just look at teams like the giants, year in, year out, the pats...i would settle for one big time skill postion upgrade on offense, and a big free agent cornerback, all the rest could be linemen, another top ten left tackle would be great, and although a big time defensive end would be awesome, i think oliver vernon is going to be just that.

What, is 3:03AM? I'm working on some other things now but odin appears passionate about the Miami Dolphins(nothing wrong with being passionate about anything, btw).

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 06, 2012 at 03:12 AM

Working on what at 3am except posting on a dolphins blog? do you have nothing better to do than to hit refresh and drool over odin's response and get butterflies when he does respond?

Did anyone proofread the title of this article??? So very sad. Only in Miami baby...

I have a idea..let's get rid of Brandon Marshall and free up some salary cap space..........he really sux this year, huh?

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever I read your post of 6:18

I didnt know so many of the Dolphin starters would be FAs after this season so my a team that is rebuilding thesis could occur to a higher degree than I originally thought.They are not going to be able to keep them all.Thats another reason they traded Marshall for draft choices before the season and did not draft a WR in the early rounds.IMO I think Fasano is a good player but they need more speed at TE Egnew has thusfar been a ghost.Yesterdays Gone 4Ever they need more playmakers on offense and next years draft should include receivers in the early rounds whether they are TEs or WRs.They are not going to be able to draft all their needs in the next draft especially with the starters that will be free agents but since they drafted Tannehill if I was the GM I would focus on improving the offense in the early rounds.Scoring points makes a team attract more attention even if they lose, more fans would attend the home games.

who pixed all of those bust db's anyways,?
oh yeah uh huh.

move on 2 tanneessee.

Tennesse's owner called out his team.. They should be pumped for this game at least you would think. I think Philbin and crew take the pounding they took on Sunday as far as the lack of being able to run the ball and the DB's getting handled and make adjustments. They need this win for many reasons, after a L they need a pick up of winning a game, it has them right in the thick of things as far as playoffs and they need to be able to show that they can bounce back from a game they should have won on paper.

pretty disappointing Reggie Wayne wasn't signed down here. Hall of Famer. SMH

Reggie needs more than 10 carries a game. And he seems to be getting those ten early in the game then nothing

The best LT in college is probably Texas A&M's guy....

play sun. + thurs. bytches.

Can we start talking about the draft yet? This team is done as far as the playoffs are concerned this year. There is only 1 spot left and the colts have the inside track for that spot.

need a lt.
2 lb's.
2 db's.
1 rb.
2 wr's.
1 de.
that's 1/2 a team right there.

What it mean(s)is that your syntax and journalism is way worse than the play of the team you hack. the Herald takes 5 days to put up a post after the Dolphins end the Jets season but yet the day after a close loss on the road you put up a post criticizing the play of one of our team leaders and a guy who's played hurt and put the team first time and again.

This is pathetic.

By the way, next time you rip a line off of one of your few real posters, try crediting that poster i.e. ...

"The point is the Dolphins need to add talent, not lose some they already have."

Was alost word for word something I wrote in here just about a month ago.


Its still NOV....seasons are decided in DEC....

even ours....this year...

Nice point Mark In Toronto

It's clear Long has regressed this season but he is still a top 5 LT which means there are only a few better than him. Dumping him (unless his price tag is outrageous) would create another hole. He may not be HOF eligible anyone as many of us (myself included) have labeled him but he is one of only a few LTs in the league you can put on an island to protect your QBs blindside. Most teams double-cover Freeney or throw an RB to block him or chip him with the LG, Long had the task of taking care of him alone. There are only a handful of DEs of Freeneys caliber: him, Ware, Wake, Tuck/JPP combo who you ALWAYS have to double-team. Long did it himself and out of the 60 offensive plays we ran he was beat less than 5 of those times. Overall perspective: not too bad. If he asks for top LT $$ let him go or franchise tag him, if it's a reasonable offer then keep him. Losing Long only creates a hole on our OL that we can't waste resources filling as they need to go to WR and secondary

Agreed MD20, the idea of not paying Long is absurd. It's a premium positiona nd he's one of the best. He may be struggling a bit this year but the idea of letting him go does nothing but set us back. I mean, who really cares what we pay him as long as it's market rate??? It's not my money and the idea of people in here debating this is stupid. I mean, you only get the talents of a Jake Long at the top of the draft, they do not come up in free agency. This is not baseball where you can let a guy walk and sign a similar talent in free agency. Good football teams do not let talent walk.


That joker (Armando) NEVER gives credit were credit is due...albiet to the players...or the posters....

It's funny, either Mando or the diva Omar said this is the best shape he's seen Long in during his Miami career, yet, he's given up the most so far this season. I think Long is embarrassed and can see him working his a** off this offseason to get that step back that he lost. Putting on some more weight as well (but still be athletic enough to drive upfield like Pouncey can). Losing best OL nod to Pouncey isn't terrible, Pouncey is an amazing center, but when you're captain Jake Long, #1 overall pick in the draft with a 70 million dollar contract you shouldn't be losing that title to anyone. Although he's making us rethink that Long vs Ryan debate he is still extremely valuable to this team. We expect him to be flawless, his draft position and contract say he should be, so when we get something less than that we want him to go. Again, if he demands an unreasonable contract than show him the door, if it's any way a reasonable contract show him a pen to sign it

What we really need!

2 LB's!!
2 DB's!!!
1 WR!!

Reggie is holding back 2 good Young RB's!

Long will be resigned! It's Ireland running the team! Not U! Ireland will make the smart decision! And If 1 Player is tied to Jeff Ireland! It's Jake!! So the Franchise isn't going anywhere! What's going to happen when Jake has more suberbowls than matt Ryan! And Sam Bradford Combined! By the end of their careers!

S.Smith should be resigned. More than likely will be resigned. 6'3" Starting CB's Don't grow on tree's!

It's like Jake! U clowns! Make some of the most ignorant remarks! Off the top of Ur head! U can only name 2 Left Tackles! In the same League as Jake!!!

Never Mind the AFC East Has 2 other LT that are Top 10 (D.Ferguson) and a Top 20 (N.Solder)! And WE ALL KNOW BOTH OF THEM COMBINED CAN'T HOLD JAKE'S JOCK!


And U clowns want to Put T-Hill's Life in a Mid-Round Pick LT!!!!!

Miami D20....

No debate...

Franchise QB beats franchise LT every time....

Kris, agreed at both 10:06 and 10:19.

Still upset about the result. The Dolphins are better than the colts. But then again, 1 sack against that O-line was nowhere near enough. Let our secondary hang out out to dry way too much. The strength of our defense is the front 7, we admittedly have a weak secondary and that's what happens when you can't get to the QB.

just another long,long,long day this guy might have #1 comming out of college, but jake has never lived up to his hype or salery. this guy gets beat like a rented mule more often than not. until the front office changes this team will not.

What happened to Jake Long and what will the Phins do with him after the season?

Woe the defense gives up 500 yards and y'all blame jl... smhd

Long has to be hurt and the Fins concealing the injury. Impossible for a #1 draft-pick to go from great to crap practically overnight.

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