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Joe Philbin sticking to the status quo

Remember last year when the Dolphins started the season on a seven-game losing skid? Then coach Tony Sparano changed things. He changed the practice schedule, the meeting schedule. He poked and prodded with changes to try to turn the thing around.

Ultimately, the Dolphins did recover somewhat and won six of their final nine games. No, it wasn't a grand fix, but it changed the direction of things.

Well, the Dolphins are mired in a three-game losing skid and need desperately to change the direction of things again.

But new coach Joe Philbin has a different approach than his predecessor. He's not changing things. He's sticking to his guns. He believes in the approach he and his staff have taken and, darn it, that's going to remain the approach.

"Again, we hope we have a process in place of getting these guys ready to play the game," Philbin said Tuesday. "Now, whether it's the right process or not, that's certainly open for debate. But we kind of believe in certain things in terms of preparing players to play in an NFL game -- be it things they do in the classroom, the things they do in the weight room, the things they do on the practice field, they type of meeting structure we have.

"We believe in it. We're sticking with it. We're doing it. We hope it's going to bring about the desired results we're all hoping for."

That doesn't mean Philbin is feeling confident or great about the results the Dolphins are getting lately.

"I haven't slept as well as I'd like to be sleeping No question about it," he said. "But at the same time you have to have a faith and belief in something and we're going to stick to this process we have in place and this plan we have in place to help these guys reach their potential. That's what we're doing.

"As we said, there's lot of football left to be played and, most importantly, we're excited about this opportunity against Seattle."

And that opportunity will help determine whether staying the course alters the season's course.


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Not sure what you're excited about Philbin. Fourth best defense? Second best RB this year? 6-4 team, when you couldn't beat 2 3-6 teams? What exactly is it you're excited about? More PI's for Carroll? More 3-and-outs by the offense.

When you're in a ditch, STOP DIGGING!

Chad Henne has regained the starting job and that is the most important thing.

Those comments by Philbin are bad news for Players that are not trying hard. Uff...

both philbin and tanny have hit the rookie wall. It seems like philbin is over his head. And tanny should have been benched after the titans game. I think if moore had played this year we would have had a chance at playoffs. Right now we're looking at another top 10 pick. Frustrating being a dolphins fan.

eliot wolf for GM fired ireland

Philbin and his rookie managing staff will find out sooner or later that it's fine to take a stand, insist your methods are good and be hard-nosed about it -when you show positive results. When the results are less than acceptable, though, it opens you up to some extreme criticism and morale breakdown on the part of those you manage.

It doesn't matter. Neither Philbin nor Ireland will be fired next year or the year after that one. They will impose their will here in the Miammi Dolphins like it We or not. Better get used to It.

I wonder how many of these posters here is YG?

Maybe since Tannehill is no longer facing crappy D's he might surprise us all? He seems to play more efficiently against better rated D's.

Only saying that since the worst 3 D's we faced all year he faceplanted but played well against the rest.

Get over it guys. The league is fixed. there are much hard evidence out there. certain people are starting to write articles with factual information, not speculation about it. Our team was playing good football and all of a sudden we look like we dont even want to be on the field? the fact of the matter is that the league makes more money when other teams win, i.e. the pats, giants, bears. big market teams. my brother and i love the dolphins more than anybody, but its over for us. i cant sit by and watch our team get screwed time and time again. its too frustrating. i know you may laugh now but its the truth. The FBI has countless files on the NFL and game fixing but they can nothing about it. do you know why? The NFL is not actually considered a sport. Through anti-trust laws they are able to label themselves as an entertainment company, therefore they are allowed to manipulate the outcome of games as they please. there is a good article explaining all of this in spaces.covers.com. the article is called 'reasons why the NFL is fixed for profit'. check it out. it will make you sick. anyways, i am done and never going back. i know its going to be difficult but i just have to keep telling myself it is not real. oh yeah, one more thing. in this article it explains that on multiple occasions, NFL.com has put up headlines during games referring to scores that have not yet happened. goodbye, and i wish you luck in the future

I LOVE the comments....


Sporano...lol....his answer when things got tough....Give the players a day off......make'em like me again.....terrible approach.....horrible.....

Philbin HAS the formula....you have seen the results....the GROCERIES have EXPIRED.....


What are Sporano's results....

If you thought the FINS were some kind of ANOMALY....just look @ the Cowboys and jets....and FINS......

Philbin, one and done.

Click on GREG in BLUE name....

It takes you RIGHT BACK to the HERALD HOME PAGE....

how's that for a CONSPIRACY.....lol.....

You herald clown/trolls are comical....and EASY...


They will come out in full force now....right 2 Watt....


That, greg, is a possibility. Everybody has and is considering it. However, in this case of the Dolphins, is not probable. It seems like it has been a sudden breakdown of discipline and effort and that can only be attributed to internal Team conflicts.

Staying the course is the manly thing to do. You can't give up on your approach if you believe in it.
That is what children, not men, do.

greg, thanx, so the dolphins sux on purpose.
pheeeeew. yeah, how can anything thing be that bad as the phinz.

nfl = wwe.
go dig up the botswana beast to play rg then.

super fly snooka as wr.

3 weeks ago we were 4-3 and Mando declared that Tanne is indeed an elite, franchise QB.
Ever since that day no one around here can understand how we could possibly ever lose a game again.
You people are living in the past!
Perhaps in the day of Big-Dan-13 we were able to go for 18 years in a row and never lose a game.
Things are different now.

dusty rhodes and his atomic elbow as an mlb.

Now, Philbin knowing that some Players are not trying their fullest, why not sit them down now, they are going to be released anyways? Philbin knows that this Season is lost with/without those important Players that are not trying, so, let them Play and look horrible. Next Season, when all of those are let go, their market value will decrease drastically. Now, that's a bright Bulb on Philbin,(same as I have).

I hope we can all agree that none of this is the fault of Jeff Ireland.

The FINS finished 6-3.....lol....

last I checked.....the FINS finished the season 6-10.....

It is still a 16 game season right....

Last I heard Goddel wants to make it longer...not shorter.....

Since we WON our last game.....would you say the FINS finished 1-0 down the stretch....

The Bears got blown out last night.
The Bears are a team with an elite, franchise QB.
The Bears are a team with NFL quality RB, TE, WR, OL, DL, LB, DB.
If a team with all of that can get blown out on MNF then how can not expect to lose most of the time?

Once agin Mando was wrong and the PriceMaster was correct.
Mando said, "We need an elite, franchise QB or we cannot compete".

PriceMaster said, "We need a scapegoat to blame all of this on".

Once again the Master was correct!

In Jeff we trust go Phins

Jeff's equatic army of flying squirrels

If Mike Sherman gets fired after this season then Tanne will pass Moore in the category of getting his coach fired.
Moore got his coaches fired in consecutive years: John Fox in 2010 and Tony Soprano in 2011.

If Tanne gets Sherman fired then that will mean he got Sherman first from T A&M in 2011 and got him fired again in 2012.

Just how do you go about finding an elite franchise quarterback anyhow ,,,,,,,,,, let's see you draft one isn't there risk involved in the draft ,,,,,,,yes there is bone head

Who knows, we might recover some of these very good Players once they realize they are going to play for peanuts next year.

You people are pathetic in three years he is still not getting it then you can call him a bust but for now shut up

it took philbin about a 3 weeks to start sounding like sparano. When the coach runs of answers it's time to call it the season. Bring on the draft.

In the past I would agree with you.
For the past 5 seasons any unemployed player that showed up was immediately signed and moved to the top of the depth chart (NoodleArm, Fasano, Columbus, Olshansky etc).
If Soprano were still here the acorn parade would continue.
Philbin has higher standards.
Philbin gets rid of acorns he does not try to keep them around or accumulate more.

We all knew this team would struggle so where's the surprise

At the same Time, if we lose all of our remaining Games and those Players that are not trying look terrible, we probably will draft top 5 and hopefully get one hell of a Player. I am in agreement with that approach this Year.

I am as fustrated as everyone else. I do not know what happend to this team as a whole. But at the beggining of season i thought they would be a 6-10 team and would be 6-10 in the draft most dolphin fans thought the same thing because if you thought they would be a winning team you would of went to the games. So this is a rebuilding year i am not getting high/low and win/loses. my biggest problem with coaching staff is i see no improvement with this team through 11 weeks. actually there has been alot of area that has went backwards. that part has to be fixed

The following are elite, franchise QBs: Rivers, Romo, Ryan, Smith, Stafford, Freeman, Kaepernick, Cutler, Dalton, Bradford.

Just ask thier fans how it feels to win the SB every year.

I am already looking forward to the draft it's a huge one for our future moving forward this draft will be deep in playmaker at wr s and te s

Ok how did those teams acquire them and how many did rivers and romo and any of them win oh ya none

The true elite qb s are Brady manning Rodgers and that's about it

Of course, Cadillac, From now on I will enjoy watching all those good Players we have that don't try fail and then Philbin get rid of them to play for peanuts elsewhere. Remember, Te'o in the Mayo.

Let this regime build this team the right way it's a process

how do you call Kaepernick a franchise QB after one game?
Defenses havent had time to plan for the guy, if after he starts for a year and still produces then you could call him that.
Its kind of like Flynn last year, one or two games and the Seahawks give him 9 million a year to ride the bench after he got beat out by the rookie Wilson

Forgot Carson Palmer in the list of elite, franchise QBs.

This guy reminds me of Cam Cameron/ Larrk Coker the more the year progresess what have we gotten ourself into?

We could of had Mike Tomlin as coach if Huzienga didnt have a problem with hiring a black coach.

Oscar what are you talking about

Major House cleansing is it going to be, Oh, My!

What? Marc?

Philbin will succeed

Personally I think we are better off changing QBs every year or two and trying to catch lightning in a bottle which is possible if the rest of the team is sound.
If you need the QB to elevate the level of your skill players then you need better skill players.

Has anyone seen 1st rd pick Jarod Odrick?

"We believe in it. We're sticking with it. We're doing it. We hope it's going to bring about the desired results we're all hoping for." -J. Philbin

Dear Armando;

Next 2 questions for J. Philbin:
1) What ARE those results?
2) When?

What? Marc? Russell Wilson can move any Team in the NFL and we are going to have trouble stopping him this week.

Lets hope and pray.

Marc? Marc?

That might be correct Oscar Wilson also beat Green Bay and New England so what's your point

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