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Joe Philbin sticking to the status quo

Remember last year when the Dolphins started the season on a seven-game losing skid? Then coach Tony Sparano changed things. He changed the practice schedule, the meeting schedule. He poked and prodded with changes to try to turn the thing around.

Ultimately, the Dolphins did recover somewhat and won six of their final nine games. No, it wasn't a grand fix, but it changed the direction of things.

Well, the Dolphins are mired in a three-game losing skid and need desperately to change the direction of things again.

But new coach Joe Philbin has a different approach than his predecessor. He's not changing things. He's sticking to his guns. He believes in the approach he and his staff have taken and, darn it, that's going to remain the approach.

"Again, we hope we have a process in place of getting these guys ready to play the game," Philbin said Tuesday. "Now, whether it's the right process or not, that's certainly open for debate. But we kind of believe in certain things in terms of preparing players to play in an NFL game -- be it things they do in the classroom, the things they do in the weight room, the things they do on the practice field, they type of meeting structure we have.

"We believe in it. We're sticking with it. We're doing it. We hope it's going to bring about the desired results we're all hoping for."

That doesn't mean Philbin is feeling confident or great about the results the Dolphins are getting lately.

"I haven't slept as well as I'd like to be sleeping No question about it," he said. "But at the same time you have to have a faith and belief in something and we're going to stick to this process we have in place and this plan we have in place to help these guys reach their potential. That's what we're doing.

"As we said, there's lot of football left to be played and, most importantly, we're excited about this opportunity against Seattle."

And that opportunity will help determine whether staying the course alters the season's course.


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Yes oscar

Wilson is a very special player

3 picks for D Thomas was as moronic as a 1st rd bust Ryan Hennehill. Oh BTW where's Egnew and P Merling?

Yo Jeffy, is your momma a hooka?

Listen, Marc, Philbin can get rid of all these non-triers by letting them fail forward fast and them get less or practically no $ next year and at the same time we pick up a higher draft pick the more they fail. More clear now? I think it's brilliant on Philbin's part.

How's Vontae Davis and Pat White workin out Jeffy? Chad Henne? Clyde Gates?

Has anyone ever seen D Thomas break a tackle?
Me neither.

Nobody with a 120 IQ can out-surpass somebody with a 140+ intelligence quotient.

Egnew for President!!!!!

We might even recover one of these non-tryers once they see the Stuff.

I can't believe there are people here calling RT17 a bust and wanting Joe Philbin fired...you people clearly have no idea about football and it's no wonder the rest of the league looks At Dolphin fans as idiots...have some patience. Tannehill is a rookie, anyone remember Drew Brees rookie season? No? How about Eli Manning? Maybe I'm wrong but were these guys "elite" in their first year? Hell Aaron Rogers and Tom Brady weren't even starters in their rookie years...but no I guess you guys are right...better cut our losses with Tannehill since he isn't Andrew Luck...And Joe Philbin? Every expert I've heard from on tv and in print thinks the Dolphins have a great coach in the making with Philbin...but hey...if we fire him now...we can get Andy Reid!!!!! If you guys were in charge we'd have Kyle Orton at quarterback and no draft picks having fluttered them away...thankfully you aren't. And the Dolphins are moving in the right direction. Rant over.

wasnt Vontae Davis a 1st rd pick too?

For Marc: the Stuff I referred to in regards to non -trying Players is that if they continue in their ways they will earn much less $ than they are earning now or be completely out of this League. I hope am Clear in my references now, Marc.

Chris excuse us, but you have to be an idiot to still be a Fin fan.

Marc? Marc?

so true Chris!

If i'm the coach now is the time i see the character of my team, those that quit and bi*ch when the going gets tough and things aren't going their way. Or those that knuckle down and give that extra efort to put it right and have faith not only in the coaches but in EACHOTHER. That to me is what these next few games are about. Philbin and co will tweak things(which he has already stated), should he feel the need to and i think we need to trust in his methods for a little more than 10 games.
As for putting in some of the 'younger/unknown' players i'm all for it at certain times but there is no way you can put more than 1 in on either side of the ball on any 1 play IMO.


Kyle Orton would be a huge upgrade to Ryan Hennehill.

Why does anyone care? It's just a game. They get paid well enough to try.

Kyle Orton would be a huge upgrade to Ryan Hennehill.

Posted by: Truth | November 20, 2012 at 05:31 PM

PooPoo would be a huge upgrade over Truth.

Hey, Cleo Lemon had a better QB rating then Tannehill.

You don't even know what to write anymore. jejeje. These are tries on Internet 103.(way too much now, please)


Why isn't the title of this blog....


Oh....I know....

Cause if Philbin is sticking to his GUNS....then Philbin has a BACKBONE.....

but you Armando...you right about "status quo"....as if Philbin os OK with losing.....

way to slant it....keep the SHEEPLE feeling negative......

The REAL FANS can see what PHILBIN is building.....


Thanks reg. I have full faith in the coaching staff and i think people seem to forget we were 6-10 last year...seems everyone expects to go the playoffs just like that. Sad part is that nobody will have the guts to admit they said some of the stupid things they said when Philbin n co are winning things....just like you'll be hard pushed to find anyone who'll admit they chanted for Orton at practises last year.

Which brings me to truth...your comment is so dumb I have to ask....have you watched any games this season? Hell, Have you ever watched football?

Philbin will be fired for leaving Matt Moore on the bench. Just like Sparano. Both are idiots.

That SOB Ross was too cheap to pay Kyle Orton or Matt Flynn. Even Tannehill had to hold out to get a fair deal from cheapo Ross. Ross also pocketed Brandon Marshall's money and Hard Knocks money rather then use it to improve his crap team.

Sorry Oscar


How are Kyle Orton and Matt Flynn doing this year? Have either even thrown a pass this year?

Guys we have waited a long time for someone to get this ship on the right track so let coach philbin and co. Do there jobs what's a couple of more years

what philbin is showing to the media and what is happening inside that locker room and on the practice field etc are clear as night and day to me. The media haven't a clue what's going on if the truth be known. I'm all for philbin talking straight to the media but does anyone really think any coach worth his salt would discuss team issues/tactics/concerns with a bunch of journalists(if that's what SOME of them profess to be? ) because i certainly wouldn't!!!!!!!

Don't blame the People. They are mostly Media oriented.

Philbin is a genius just ask the packers and now he's a dolphin

I really want to see more of Rishard Mathews and josh samuda it's time to unwrap these. Two gifts

dont you people watch these games. Its fixed! get a clue. they are just making up the rules as they go along. I told you people would laugh. just wait. The NFL is worse than the WWE. at least people know that the WWE is fake. read that article that i posted if you dont believe me

You think People are dumb? We know fully well what's going on with the Dolphins(and with many other things). We let ourselves be manipulated by the Media, but only for survival purposes(just like most Women do).

Staying the course
w Ireland, Sherman & TanneREACH + CB Smith is why Home sold his 4 premium season tickets b4 the season started

Staying the course
is why the Miami Dolphins are losing

Staying the course
is why our Home stadium is 1/3 empty and getting emptier every week

Staying the course
is why other than Patriot, San Fran or Buffalo fans
the Dolfan actual attendance will be at an all time record low for this stank fish franchise filled w Fraud Playas

If the nfl is fixed when will it be our time to win smarty man

Home on the herald

How can it be staying the course if we have a rookie head coach and rookie quarterback?

You're a friggin moron

Dude the fins never ever sold out that stadium ever not even when Marino and griese where here you fair weathed fans are the worst if the dolphins where up north they would sell out every single game can you comprehend that

You think those plagues, Hurricanes, Earthquakes and other disasters are sent from HARRPY, Home? You are wrong, they are being sent by God. You DO believe in God, Home, don't you?

Fair weather fans suck

The ONLY person on this blog that should be PI$$ED off is ME....KRIS.....

all of you geniuses PREDICTED 4-12...or 6-10......

I said 11-5....lol....

what are guys mad about....

Home? Home? Take off your right shoe.

Marc...totally agree

Kris. Damn right buddy.

Don't know , Marc, but when Griese was at the OB years 72-73, the place was packed.(tell me about it).

Wilson didn't beat Green Bay, The Packers beat themselves, with help from the Seahawks D. 6 sacks of Aaron in the 1st half

Chris....Exactly....we can see what's going on here....

Must have something to do with the name buddy haha

They always had a hard time selling out home game half the crowd were out of town fans just like now believe me I know I've seen it with my own two eyes

Oscar are you a season ticket holder

Oscar oscar

Finally got a coach with some guts, stay with the plan this year and see what pans out, if it doesn't then there isn't nothing lost. Evaluate the players at the end of the season and cut the ones not playing up to thier potential. We can see who wants to be part of the team and give it 100% or who doesn't. Its a rebuilding year, give the coach and QB a chance. I will be honest, there are some vets on the team that would not be there next season.

Since I have become a regular poster on this blog using the same screen name,I will check-in with my 02 cents.I am sticking to my original thesis, until I see proof in the next game that the team has not had a letdown after the loss against the Colts.They havent been competetive as a team since that game. There are some players that are still playing as well as they were before that loss but mentally that loss put a dent in their effort as a team.I dont know how else to explain it so that is how I do.

Well put tnhillbilly

Marc I agree there arent many that the majority would agree are franchise or elite QBs,thats why they are elite there arent many.I would ad Brees to the list and the other Manning.Remember this off-season Matt Flynn was thought to be elite off his performance in ONE GAME that is ridiculous people,he isnt even starting is he.Look on the sideline on Sunday you will see his name.

I believe we are on the right track evaluate and act on what we see and keep adding quality players

Sorry bit irescum will be gone at the end of the year. Then philbin and tannehill and sherman will all be gone next season.

I said 11-5 'cause I am an idiot. People should be able to tell that from my posts. I usually spew hate, but mostly stupidity whenever I post.

Mando, The last couple posts are arrogant. Please stop acting like you know better than Super Bowl winning coaches how to handle their business.

CadillacDeVille I'm glad you mentioned Chad Henne. I watched the Jacksonville game and he didn't play like a super star but he played well and had 2 TD's. The club gave up on a QB that could have been blossoming right now instead of letting Cameron destroy his confidence in year one. We could have filled a #1 receiver with the pick we used on Tann. I like Tann but if we don't let him develop then we'll screw the organization once again.

The Problem is teams are throwing more and exploiting our lack of pass rush plus horrible we cant make a play secondary.. These bums cant catch or cover.. They are like robots who chase and tackle and draw interference flags ilo of ints and turnovers plus never look for the ball.. Its every game!!! The offense is getting half the opps the other team is getting due to this. Man its hard to watch ints wizz by series after series with zero ball awareness by this unit. They make the worst QBs look like superstars... They have to be the worst in the leauge...

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