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Jonathan Amaya in jail at this hour

Jonathan Amaya is fortunate Dolphins players didn't have to report to the team's training facility today because he was busy -- in jail.

Amaya, a special teams player who also plays safety, was arrested for battery early Monday after he tried to choke a taxi driver, according to Miami Beach police records. Amaya, 24, was arrested after the incident which happened in the early morning hours outside Club Bamboo on South Beach.

According to an incident report, Amaya ordered the taxi and asked the driver to take him to Weston -- which is about an hour north and west of Miami Beach. The driver allegedly told Amaya he didn't provide rides to Weston but changed his mind when Amaya gave him $100 cash up front.

According to the report, Amaya became "aggressive" during the ride and the driver took him back to where he picked the player up. The driver also allegedly returned Amaya's money.

Amaya apparently didn't appreciate this because the driver told police Amaya "leaned forward and wrapped his hands around his neck and started choking him."

Police arrived while Amaya was still in the cab and arguing with the driver. The driver told police, "This man is trying to kill me."

Amaya was taken into custody and records indicate Amaya is still at this hour being held on $1,500 bond. It is unclear why Amaya ordered a cab if he got to the club in his own vehicle.

Amaya is a marginal contributor on the Dolphins. He has all of five special teams tackles. His spot on the roster is definitely in jeapardy unless he has a really, really good explanation for the incident.

The Dolphins are aware of Amaya's arrest but have not yet commented on it.

[UPDATE: The Dolphins have released this statement on the matter: "We are aware of the situation and are in the process of gathering information."]


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Was Amaya a draft pick or an acorn?

Tannehill should have been arrested fro posing as an NFL QB!

Good thing the ref gave him a second chance to redeem himself


Too bad he didn't choke out Jeff Ireland

Wonder if he chokes as bad as Tannehill on 3rd downs


Do u think alcohol was involved?

Who cares


U mean like Tannehill until the ref gave the baby a "DO OVER"

Did anyone see Amaya picture on SS he looked loaded


U mean like Tannehill having his 6th game of the season passing for NO TDS?

At least the ref gave him a "DO OVER"
so now it is only 5 games this season with no passing TDs for our (lol) franchise QB

Retiring #17 Cleo Lemon? Ryan Tannehill?

whatever ...

Choked ?

Like the Dolphins having a winning season or shot at making the Playoffs?

Ive wanted to choke many a cab driver ... and Home

Can we use one of our draft picks to replace Juan Amaya?
Or do we have to use our 10 picks to replace our 20 departing FAs before we replace Juan Amaya?

ya'll deal w/ those awful f'in cabbies.?
if u'r buxxed off of u axx they take u'z to little haiti or lib. city and rob u'z.
no chiz.
be aware of those scum bags.


U mean like ugly mark alone choking his chicken year after year


it happened 2 a bud of mine in wpb. the nigros cabbie didn't follow his rte. so he choked him and he still threw them out on the outskirts of the wpb ghetto.

Fyi...it is jeopardy

Simply The Bess was awesome y-day and should get a game ball for bailing out Tannehill

Ref gets a bag of money from Ireland and Mr. Ross
for not letting Tannehill go down with 7 interceptions to 1 TD in the last 3 games
like Mark mentioned on the other blog

Choked ?

Like Jeff Ireland on Draft day?


like Omar Kelly's people skills to Caucasians?


oh what happened 2 palm beach + pompano bch.?
back in the day u could leave u'r keys in da car and houses unlocked.
so what happened huh.?


Like Home showing up to a F'ME FEST w kooky radio show callers and wacky disgruntled out of touch out of town clueless bloggers?



Senor Troll.

What's with the PipeGrabbing Humor? AGAIN!! U SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO TALK QB's!!

Just cause U and Qb's Have a Lot in COMMON! Doesn't Mean U know The Position!! U are the Clown!! That has been Riding The Matt Barkley!! Train! All Along!! Look where that gots U!! Moore COMPLETED LESS THAN 45% OF HIS PASSES IN PRE-SEASON! U say it's just Preaseason! EXCEPT!! MOORE!! HAS NEVER THROWN OVER 60%! In any Season!! And Look at Moore's stats!! He has 1 OK Season! 1 Horrible Season!! Moore is the Definition of Inconsistency!! Add to that he only threw to 1 Player 75% Of The Time!! Moore is not the answer!!


Instead of Wasting Picks On Orton(Same player as Moore), Ireland signed Moore for 2 Years!! For Nothing!!!

Also, Deciding Moore was about the same as Flynn!! And NOT WASTING MONEY!! On Bad FA's or Trades!! Like the Jets with Tebow!! And Holding His Position!! When Everyone knew Ireland was Picking T-Hill before the Draft!!

Give The Man Credit!!

He Did The Same With The RB's!! He was Thinking For The Team and Its Future!! Not Just His Job!! Like Parcells!! He signed Bush for 2 Years! And Drafted Thomas last Year! And L.Miller this Year!! Not bad for having to Rebuild the Whole Team! And Not Wasting a 1st Round Pick on a RB! OR 2-2nd Round Picks!! like the Pats!!

Ireland Doesn't Mortgage The FUTURE!! Parcells Did!! But Philbin's Philosophy FITS With Ireland(Reason Ireland WANTED PHILBIN AS THE COACH)!! THEY WANT TO DEVELOP PLAYERS!! NOT GO ON A SHOPPING SPREE FOR OLD ONES! Philbin is Just Teaching Ireland What a REAL FOOTBALL PLAYER LOOKS LIKE!! (Unlike Sporano's Prototype!!) Smart! Hardworking! Love Football! Has Fortitude!!

Again the O-Line only Needs a Athletic Guard(I see Jerry Staying for 1 more season and The Fins Replacing Incognito with a 3rd or 4th rd Pick)! And the Only Problem on Offense Is we Need 1 Dynamic WR!! Which we all Know Is Mike Wallace!! Ireland will do his Job!! And Get THE DYNAMIC WR!! The Fins Need! We Just have to wait until the Offseason!! But He Tried to Fix THE UNIT!! BY ALWAYS LOOKING!! BELIEVE ME!! IRELAND KNOWS!! WR AND CB ARE PRIORITIES!!!Expect To See a COUPLE FA's To FIX THE HOLES!! Next Year.

THIS YEAR!! THE FINS WERE CAP STRAPPED!! WE COULDN'T SIGN BLUE CHIP FA'S!! PLUS IRELAND!! DIDN'T WANT TO MESS WITH NEXT YEARS CAP!! Always Looking Forward!! Ireland Doesn't want to make the same mistake Twice!!

Now, Amaya and Ochocinco will have plenty of time to go to the clubs and 'hit' on women


Like sean smith trying to hold on to a football?

“With Tannehill back there at quarterback, we have so much confidence that he will win us the game,” Dolphins center Mike Pouncey said. “And that’s why, no matter what happens, we win or we lose, we’re always going to believe in him because he’s a great football player.”

Now this is what true leadership is all about. I didn't really love the Puncey pick but man am I glad he's on our team.


Like RT Martin trying to block for Tannehill?


like Egnew dressing out on game day?


Like Martin on the bench press?


like Tannehill leading the team to losses
... unless the ref gives him a "DO OVER" with four more downs



Like the Chargers letting the Ravens get a first down on
4th and 29?

lol @ Home


Like Home swallowing the kelbasa???

wish Home was gay, i would be in Heaven ...

LMAO at Mark still wishing and hoping Home was gay.


Like NoodleArm throwing 4 picks against Ravens in wildcard game in 2009?

Just so I'm clear:
Tanne is elite because he came from behind.

If Tanne won, but there was no comeback he would not be elite?

If Tanne lost because the D spit out the lead after Tanne gave it back he would not be elite?

Marino is elite because he could come from behind but not win a post-season game?

Eli is elite not because he won 2 SBs but because he could come from behind like Marino?

Did you go to the blogger MOB FEST party at the stadium with your friends from the other blog?

Dan Marino, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, John Elway, Joe Montana, all the others made their reputations on bringing their teams back from the brink of defeat and delivering a victory.

Mando replace Marino's name with Griese in your argument.
Marino belongs in the list with Tarkenton, Rivers, Romo & Ryan

No Dolphin Dave

Home did not go to the F'ME FEST as it was called

Too bad, there was def some cool bloggers there Home wanted to meet in person including Walker, but like all blogs there are a few little chronic cyber tough guys with Napoleonic complex's that Home might have had to Bust Up and Toss Around if they stepped out of line

Wanted the bloggers to have a nice fun peaceful day and a good time and they did despite Tannehill's performance

Hope to meet some of them in small groups later and hang out Down Home, South Florida Party style :)

Home OUT


Gotta admit Home you are kind of a tool

I thought it was refreshing to actually see our guys making some plays in the fourth quarter. Nice building block for the future. Not so confident about the Pats though. I do hope I'm wrong.

Not coach Joe but I do coach football

It's 'Pembry' not 'Hendry', no?

Amaya im thinking will be looking for work once he gets out of the clink.

Surprised no one has said anything about Thomas or Clay. I thought they were really making plays. It seems like they are starting to develop.

dashi is a fool. The guy is a complete idiot when it comesto fotball.

when it comes to football.

If Thomas and Clay are developing, and they are not busts after all, then Ireland actually did a good job, no?

The Coach has re-focused us on what is important.
oscar canosa/Dashi/Aloco/Kris and I are a fivesome but that is not the most important thing in this blog.
Clay and Thomas are more important to the blog.
The fans in here do not want to hear tales of hot tub periscopes.

Thomas has been doing alright really. Just got featured more in this game.

Clay learned to catch again, thats a good sign. If he is consistent he could be a good TE that will cause some matchup issues.

CDV, if that's the case, Mando will be unemployed and lose 89% of his blog traffic.

Well if you take out that Home guy (and his other logons). There are like 5 post : )

I didn't want to feed the troll, but really really wanted to add:


Like you did in every aspect of life.

Well the TD catch Clay was coming out of the backfield. I wonder if he is able to be a TE on the line. Not sure if he can do the blocking. Might like to see what Agnew could do but it seems he still needs more time to develop. Clay being a receiving threat could solve one of the TE issues. Fasano seems like he is not even on the field. His lack of production is a little surprising. I thought he would have been used more given our lack of depth at WR.

Yeah Fasano has been disapointing. He was somewhat injured last game. Probably why Clay was in there more than the norm. Clay can block, more of a pass catching TE but he could be a solid all around player if he was consistent.

His name is Egnew too btw, that why his name never shows up on the active roster? : )

The Police in this case are idiots. You simply write a citation to Amaya and everyone goes on their way. There was no need to arrest the player. Period!

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