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Kevin Coyle: Record day not a setback

Dolphins defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle is a proud guy so he cannot be too happy his defense  -- until now effective -- was shredded by Andrew Luck on Sunday. Luck established a rookie record for most passing yards in a game.

It was a rookie record.

But a record nonetheless.

This is what Coyle said:

(On the defense allowing 13 of 19 third down conversions) –“It’s obviously very disappointing and that’s been one of our strengths throughout the year. We’ve been consistently getting better in that area. For a number of different reasons, we didn’t get it done yesterday. I think it was a combination of things. They made some plays against us. I wish I had a few calls back in the game. I’ll be the first one to take blame for a good portion of it. I think the combination of them executing and us not executing the defenses that we normally, we didn’t do anything different. We tried a lot of things as the game went on to try to change it up. We rushed them, we covered them, we spied the quarterback, we blitzed them. It wasn’t like, I went back after the game, wanted to see exactly what we called in what instances and tried to determine if there was a pattern or a trend. I don’t think it was that. It was just one of those games that they made some plays and we didn’t and we’ve got to do better. We’ve got to rush the passer better, we’ve got to cover better and I’ve got to do a better job of getting them in position to make the plays.”

(On the team’s struggles blitzing Andrew Luck) – “We hit him 11 or 12 times when we actually got to him, but we didn’t sack him only (but) one time. He made a couple of throws as he was going down to the ground. He made a couple of throws running away from the line of scrimmage. The long touchdown, if you go back and really look at the play, he just threw it up there. He never even saw Sean Smith overlapping the play and really laid it up there where we might have had a chance to make the play. We didn’t make the play. But to his credit, he’s very good in the pocket. He’s got great poise for a young player. As you watch him on tape, you see things that he does that you see a lot of veteran players in the league not do. In other words, when the rush is coming in his face, he’s not fazed by it. He doesn’t change his way, his demeanor. He’ll have a great pocket presence to slide and keep a play alive and we lost the edge a few times and he kept the plays going. I was really impressed with him. Even talking with some of their coaches prior to the game, they were concerned that he does it too much trying to extend plays and they’re worried about that fact. Certainly, yesterday, he made those.” 

(On if yesterday’s performance was a big step back for the secondary) – “No, I don’t think it’s a big step back. It’s a disappointment for all of us and that’s what we talked about today in the unit meeting with everybody, not just the secondary. We’ve been building something here since Coach (Joe) Philbin has come here and our first meetings with the players in April. One game is not going to set us back and I mean that and I told the players that. I said we’ve got a body of work where we were making a lot of progress and the secondary is one area where we have made a lot of progress. I don’t know if there’s anybody that has played the game or coached the game that hasn’t had a game where you come off and say, ‘How did that happen?’ Well, this is one of them and, I’ve got to be honest with you, I’m disappointed. I’ve never seen us get in a situation where we had a team in third-and-long and weren’t able to cash in. That’s always been something we’ve been pretty good at throughout the season here. Certainly, I don’t negate the fact that these guys, when you see them come to work every day the way they do, the way they prepare. It’s a bump in the road for us and a big one and we’ve got to get it turned around right away. Certainly, one game out of eight where we did not perform at the level of our standards, it’s not anybody else’s standards, it’s ours, is very disappointing. And we’re going to take that and energize ourselves as we get prepared for this next one. We’re going to come out and play a heck of a game come Sunday.”

(On the pass defense in the first half of the season) – “Well, rankings, you can twist rankings and statistics a lot of different ways and obviously we’re giving up way too many yards. Yesterday, we gave up way too many big plays in the game. You can also look at the fact that I think we’re somewhere around six or seven in the league in terms of completion percentages against us. I think that there’s been some positives in that sense. We’ve also had 45 passes-a-game thrown against us. By far the number one attempts in the league are against us. Tampa Bay is the only other team that has over 40 and they’re like at 41 and then everybody else is below that. But it’s a combination of we’ve got to do a better job in the coverage and we also have to continue to do a good job in the rush game (and) against the running game. I think, when you make teams throw the ball as much as we are, usually good things are going to happen sooner or later. It didn’t yesterday unfortunately for us. But the bottom line is, even with that being said, we were in the game with an opportunity to win the game at the end and we didn’t. The biggest disappointment… We had two scenarios that happened in the game – the one at the end of the first half where we had them third-and-long and they converted to kick the field goal was a big play in the game. Prior to that, I should say the third-and-nine in the red zone. It’s another area that we’ve been particularly effective in this season. I think right now Chicago’s the only team that is ahead of us in red zone defense in terms of touchdowns per attempts in the red zone per series in the red zone and that’s a good thing. But we gave up one on third-and-nine. We had them right where we wanted them. They gained nothing the first two plays and we gave up a touchdown there. We gave up the one right there before the end of the half and then we had them third-and-12 backed up and that play where they dumped the ball off and we missed a tackle (and) they converted and then eventually went down and kicked the winning field goal. That play was a big swing because, had we stopped them there, they’re going to be punting right around their end zone or out of their end zone and we would have had a chance hopefully to get the ball in good field position at that point, but we didn’t and they went on to continue the drive and score the winning field goal. Like I said, we’ve got our work cut out for us, but these guys have gotten better and I believe in these guys and we’re going to go out there and take the second half of the season. We look at it, we’re eight games in and honestly my wife had to remind me of this on the phone last night because I wasn’t feeling to good, but she said, ‘You know you guys have lost three games by three points, each of them.’ And I hadn’t even thought of that to be quite honest with you. That hadn’t even crossed my mind. When she said that, it kind of dawned on me that, yeah, we’re making progress, but we’re not where we want to be and we can be better. I think the players know that and we’re not going to accept anything less.”

(On if this Sunday against the Titans if the team will copy what the Bears did against them yesterday) – “Well, I’ll tell you what, the Bears did a heck of a job. They started fast. Yeah, we liked to do that, start fast. Actually, the first play of the game was a nice conversion for Tennessee and (Charles) Tillman came from behind and stripped the guy after they gained about 18 yards or so. It didn’t look good initially for the Bears, but they certainly swarmed on defense and they’re playing great defense. We’ll look at them and anybody else that we can get a good thought from and implement it into our package.”

(On how it affects preparation not knowing who the Titans starting quarterback will be) –“Not a whole lot. They’re kind of a system team. They’re going to run their offense. I don’t think the one quarterback changes things dramatically. So we’ll see. I think we’ll know a little bit more as the week goes on because I don’t think the young guy (Jake Locker) has practiced yet and if he’s out there practicing, getting reps, there’s a good chance he’ll play. If not, they made hold him off until after the bye week. They have a bye week after we play them.”

(On how much of a difference it has made with Richard Marshall being out)– “It certainly (has) not helped us. You’ve got a veteran player there who gives us that veteran competitiveness and leadership in the secondary, both on the outside and also in the nickel. Jimmy (Wilson’s) role has expanded. Jimmy’s played well at times. I think I mentioned to you guys last week how impressed I was with how he covered the slot for the Jets (slot receiver Jeremy Kerley) who’s a good player too. And yesterday, he struggled at times. But like I said, there’s not a guy that’s played the game and the best one’s in this game that haven’t had a game where you got beat and you made mistakes. We just seemed to have too many guys at one time do it and we’re going to get it fixed. We’re going to do everything we can to get it fixed.”


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Kris, time to get a life.....

Lets not waste 4 years with a subpar QB in Tannehill like we did with RoboHenne. Start team MVP Moore at QB and move Tannehill to WR.

Our secondary is the most targeted because they suck or because of the run defense?

Lets not waste 4 years with a subpar QB in Tannehill like we did with RoboHenne. Start team MVP Moore at QB and move Tannehill to WR.

Posted by: Fin 77 | November 06, 2012 at 09:01 PM

While we are at it, move fin 77 to the toilet.

obama is the man......


Has anyone seen D Thomas break a tackle? Me neither.

SeanSmith-now here this-get your head out of your ass and learn to catch footballs! Practice with the receivers for crying out loud! Last season they JUST had to win 6 meaningless games to prove nothing and loose out on the Suck for Luck sweepstakes. This team does look somewhat better but at 4/4, they are, as usual, mediocre. Jeff Ireland MUST go!!! Way too many talent acquisition mistakes! At the end of this season it will be crying time yet once again.


I'm waiting.....

The Light.....

Sean Smith and Vontae Davis = more Irescum busts

Marshall is damaged goods. Why does everyone around the league get the word these players are damaged goods except the Dolphins? His nickname should be Richard "bad back" Marshall.

Congrats to President Obabma...

I think Romney dug his GRAVE.....with that 47% comment.....

anybody who publicly says something SO STUPID.....doesn't have the brains to be President....

I guess you guys will have to wait 4 MORE YEARS.....TO "TAKE THE COUNTRY BACK''....whatever that means.....

Down with Romney and his rich stubborn cronies

Ann Coulter
Donald Trump

Romney in favor of a 'controlled shutdown' of the auto industry didn't exactly endear him to some important states.

For a guy with no foreign policy or military background, picking a kid as VP with no background in the same was pretty gosh darn dumb too. Gosh darn dumb.

Not smart enough to be president.

Romney hid his tax returns. Game over!!

Bin Laden is dead, and GM is alive.

I think that statement resonated.

Veteran Fan, the Washington Redskins "didn't get a chance" to draft RG3 either.

Winning franchises make their own "Luck".

This game was the must win game , we were supposed to win it , Vegas book had us picked to win it, and what did it turn out to be , that same big game everyone watches when we show our weaknesses , this is what we do every year ,we show every other crappy team out there how to beat us , I`m sick and tired of them doing this every time they start to get get a little respect , they crap their pants little little bastards on national TV , this is just the beginning now of how bad our pass defense is going to look , and just like in this game the rest of the losers fall in line , they forget how to tackle , they forget how to score , its typical Dolphins football , I hope they prove me wrong , but I bet the farm on Thursday night against the Bills , they crap their pants again

Yeah right Indy and Washington should of both been banned from the draft and the league for losing games on purpose , that was nonsense your gonna tell me a team as talented as the colts were play that bad because frankenmanning wasn t there , thery should of been sent to the back of the line come draft day , you know damn well had the Dolphins lost all their games on purpose thats what wouldn t have happened to us , they`d of taken our first pick away

Luck had a great game. Lucky game. We were out of position a few times. 3rd and 21 you give them 12 or 18. To do that you need an extra blitzer and good to great man to man coverage. Sitting back 5 yards off the receiver worrying about the td when 21 is what they want is kind of useless. The middle of the field was wide open. They knew Coyles defense and played it perfectly. If we do this against Brady we are going to lose the same way.
We need another beast of a pass rusher. We need one or two good corners. Not necessarily to replace the guys we have but to sub in when there is a lot of this going on.
We were still in the game at the end and on the road you really can't ask for much more.

Dam_ Klndry, I was feeling all good about the election until u reminded me that NE is going to light us up, as usual. Lol
We better have a Serious pass rush that day!

We need the corner from Alabama.

Odinseye, define "Ruins the Blog"?

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Who are you talking to?

It better not be Odinseye!

Turn off that computer and come to bed.

Gonna be ALOT of mad people today...lol...

the phrase of the day.....





I remember 2008.....stunned silence from my....counter-parts.....lol.....let's see what to day brings.....first stop....the gym.....

Before I go....

Do you republo-cats REMEMBER when the PRESS told you that HERMAN CAIN was the man to vote for....lol.....and you guys were like...EFF YEAH....Herman Cain...and his 9 POINT PLAN.....lol.....stupid sheep.....





Thinking about Long, could it be that his talent is not well suited to this zone blocking approach? He looks more like a drive blocker.

Some publication named The Signal got the exact # of electoral votes and all States in favor of Obama NINE MONTHS AGO. Amazing.

No doubt Obama is the more educated and intelligent of the 2 Candidates, however, he is more easily controlled by the Illuminati than Romney would have been.

I'm still mad as hell over the Game. I can take mistakes from the Players but mistakes from the Coaches disgust and worry me. The Team was ill prepared and the Game plan sukked for last Sunday's Game. We'll see this Sunday.

fo mo yaers. free cheeze and cell fones.


Hail to The Dashi!

I Mean the Chief!


oscar, they sux, no talent, move on.

coyle is in over his head.?

5-5. beat the titans and get crushed by the bills.
williams is healthy now and will put long into retirement after the game.

7-9 they should pix 10th.

cowher 2 panthers rivera 2 ?

even shulas'/olivadottis' d never played as bad as coyles did last week, and olivadotti was f'ing clueless.

no talent and who pix the players on the field again.

NFL.com ranks Joe Philbin as the 3 rated coach in the league through midseason... with only Mike Smith of Atl and the Colts coach ahead..


Its pretty bad we are sitting here still reading about Coyle when the Head coach gave his take on Sunday..

That's bull matty (not what you're saying, I disagree with the article). I wouldn't put the Colts HC that high. First off, which one, Pagano or the guy who's doing it now. 2nd, Colts were bad for ONE SEASON, because they didn't have a QB. They are not a bottom-of-the-league franchise (like Miami has been). 3rd, I think Lovie Smith's doing a MUCH BETTER job than anyone at Indy. His defense scores more points than some offenses. And now he has weapons on his offense (thanks to us). So, they left him off the top 3 (but I agree with Philbin).

This blog will be gone for a while. Mando will be pouting about the Obama win.

Let's kick the crap out of the rest of the season and hope to meet Indy in the playoffs for redemption. It's the best we can hope for.

I think they based that off of the fact that the Colts with a brand new head coach that went into a life and death crisis and the coaches have over come a huge "distraction". The HC prepared his team all preseason etc and then was plucked away. The assist HC stepped up to the plate, had his team rally behind him and are at 5-3 now. I think thats what it is based off of. Alot of teams would have sunk. ie the Saints

I dont think us meeting Indy in the playoffs is logical because they wont win their division and will only get in, in a wild card spot which if we make it is what we will be vying for. There is the outside chance, and i did say outside, that this woke the team up and we could possibly win the division thus making the Indy vs Miami playoff match up more likely. Titans at the house this sunday will tell how we respond and then the bills on a thursday.. tough week coming up

Sean Smith is a PUNK!

Sean Smith is a guaranteed First Down for any decent NFL QB he faces.

Sean Smith tackles like a girl!

Sean Smith is the best of the worst CB's in the NFL!

Na, Na, Na, Na

Na, Na, Na, Na

Hey, Hey,

Sean Smith!!

omar, is that u.?.lol
did u and ss have a spat.?

ss = clutz.

We thought The Beast had pesonality disorder....

Sean Smith looks like a pro-bowl CB against top WR's (ie. Fitzgerald and Johnson) one week and then the next week he is PUNKED by rookie and no-name WR's who have proven nothing in this league.

Nothing worse than wasted talent!

Adios Sean...you inconsistent POS!

Leave Sean alone,he is our best corner back!

Sean is also the designated speaker for the Miami Dolphins because of his intelligence as well as his articulate command of the English language.

Home is that you? lol

No, it's me posting from Grandma's house.
Home is making us omelets in the kitchen.

Let me get him

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