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Live blog here: Dolphins v. Titans

Tony McDaniel, who had miss part of the week of practice due to a knee injury, is active today.

The inactive players are Pat Devlin, Anderson Russell, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew, Rishard Matthews, and Jeron Mastrud.

As always, there will be a live blog. It starts in comments section at halftime.




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The stadium is empty.

Dang, stadium does look empty.

Bush is 100% again.

horrible push

are u serious?? how bad is this oline

Is everyone wearing orange seat costumes? lol

I hate lame misdirection stuff on third and one against one of the worst run defenses in the NFL. Shove it down their throat!

how can it be horrible to watch when a) your team are playing and b) the game hasn't even started??????

hope for a good performance this week and need everyone to play their part

Another Tanny 3 n out. YIKES!

Moore has been consistently sweet on punt coverage


Not looking too good now.

What part of fair catch! Doesn't that returner understand!!

when the overweight fullback can't get one yard, what use is he?

Looks like Lane put his head down and closed his eyes on the 3rd down run. Gotta keep your head up as a rb.

3rd and 1 and cant get it. unreal how bad they can be

Wasnt a 3 and out. We got a 1st down that drive.

They should paint seats camouflage or at least pictures of people on seats

Did you see the hole to the left side of JV? All he had to do is lean left. Damn. No vision.

Somebody needs to tell our o line, if you did it before-then do it again-run block-what's with Lane-300 pounds and 1 yard-his body is over a yard!

Bush seems to be running! With some passion today!

J.Lane!! Should've cut back left!!

They just tried to run it in! Behind martin and Jerry! Long and cog's had a huge hole to the left!

Lane looks slow and plodding after the first few good weeks

Are ther even 20,000 fans there?

A good QB would have Renaud celebrating in the end zone right now. Jake Locker ... hahahaha.

We were lucky there on that pass.

please help me to understand why you give a guy 6-7 yards of cushion on a 3-4.. youre giving him the 1st down..

that's right YG4E that's how dumb some people are and never do anything but moan

Some here seem to be more concerned about attendance than winning the game. Enough already simpletons.

If we shuts down Johnson maybe then Mando will re-grade our D-line. :)

Good coverage. Bad receivers. Uncertain QB. Good rush.


I guess the Titans didn't scout the corner blitz.

Uh huh!

The defense came to play!!

We still need faster LB'S!!

God wants the Dolphins to score on this drive !!!


I see they are trying promoting your BLOG..LOL....

This thing use to run itself.....

That's what happens when you choose quantity (tolls)...over quality (good posters)....

Are ther even 20,000 fans there?

Posted by: Fin 77 | November 11, 2012 at 01:10 PM

Theres more fans at a Stanford water polo match! LMAO!

Win and they will come.. Lets go Fins.. destroy this team...dont play to their level.

Should have got to that ball on the punt bad decision there

Marcus sure makes some curious decisions back there on punts.

nice job thigpen you moron


Manti T'eo would look great in a aqua and orange, with Dansby moving to the outside.

Kris, be part of the solution. You got anything interesting to say about the game?

should have caught that and made some yards, his uncertainty is why bess goes back there when we are put under pressure in our own 20

Jab! POW! Dang, Kris!


wow these are 2 very mediocre football teams going at it with zero emotion and 560 people watching there

40,000+ empty seats.

Jimmy Wilson has stood out this season as a playmaker.

nice job bush, way to give titans points

OK, whom ever the clown is posting as me, please stop.
Armando, can you trace an IP address?

OL sucks. Could get one yard against the 32 rank run defense! Nice offensive line! Jerry backup at best!

If you look at the play, Bush was also lucky not to hurt his ankle.

typical ...tragic

F!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't give a bad team confidence!!

cant watch anymore of this garbage ill check back

great defensive play. Titans db's learned from Peanut Tillman last week. LOL

That was a very large cutback lane Johnson just ran through.

you suck bush

C'mon! Bush!!

U know this defense doesn't know how to play! After giving up a turnover!


Scratch & Sniff at it again. Whats up fish bait. Ready for another loss?

Its november losers = fish lose.

Get owned fish bait.

Locker is a 55% passer, play the run.


The oline blew Starks out of here on that Johnson run.

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