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Live blog here: Dolphins v. Titans

Tony McDaniel, who had miss part of the week of practice due to a knee injury, is active today.

The inactive players are Pat Devlin, Anderson Russell, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew, Rishard Matthews, and Jeron Mastrud.

As always, there will be a live blog. It starts in comments section at halftime.




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OK let's hold them to a FG.

If I need to be part of the solution...then there MUST BE A PROBLEM....

I got something to say...


we suck right now!!

God, we suck so bad.

we weren't going to fall for that cutback again

Aye yi yi.

Hey just start talking about the draft its what you guys are good at.

Loser fish bait struggling versus the Titans.

Can't wait to see you versus Brady.

jimmy wilson is awful in coverage.

Jimmy Wilson has been bad this year. Shouldn't be on the field is how bad he's been.

Chris Clemons... Please let us know when you would like to start playing today... Thanks!!

Wow our dbacks suck

Put Moore in!


Oh its that vaunted Fish defence on 3rd and long again.

OOOOOOPPSSSY thats another TD on 3rd down!


OK it is early. They had a short field to work. We will still win this game. We just need to stay away from the turnovers.

Mando wasn't on Wilson... On Clemons who has to make that hit

We suck again.

Ok, this is shaping into a game Tannehill will have to step up and how he can win. Even thouh I hate putting it on a rookie qb to win a game.

they don't look ready to play....just thought they could mail it in against the titans.
plus, hard to get inspired with a home crowd like that.

wilson just sat there and watch him and he ran by then he chased him. Our secondary has no idea how to cover anyone its pathetic

Guys, it's the first 10 minutes, lets not panic.
I've seen the Titans all year here in TN, and they will find a way to collapse IF we force the issue.

who was the tackler coming out of the endzone who completely whiffed the tackle?? that was a really poor attempt at a tackle that HAD to happen???

And people wonder why nobody goes to these games.


Zonk please get off your knees, youre distracting Moore from watching the game..

Our secondary gave up a TD AND it was on third down....here's my surprise face :-| ....not surprised

Jimmy Wouldn't be on the field! But when U lose the other starting CB to IR! Ur Dime back becomes ur Nickel back!

That Davis trade is looking smart right now. Horible


From 9 yards out, Wilson should play inside technique to guard against slant. Didn't do it. TD.

O, has to get their A-s in gear.

Why don't we have a Kendall Wright?

Bench Hennehill.

Jimmy Wilson is best on special teams and when we blitz him.

Offense has to answer this drive or it could be a long day for the Fins.

Still a win-win situation because we improve badly needed draft position. I wont be to upset because I realize this team hasnt arrived yet.

Adam that Vonte trade was smart for the Fins.. Vontes hurt and not playing.. weve got two picks bro... know what youre talking about before you post

Come on give it to scratch and sniff. Lets go he's supposed to be leading the league in rushing.

armando, the cb was telling wilson who to cover in the MIDDLE of the play...he had no idea what technique he should be playing. how can the coaches not see this incompetence in practice?

Armando... really???? and if he'd have played the inside and he went outside you'd have said the exact opposite. the blame was on the tackler coming in NOT wilson. look at the play and tell me that that is not the case.

How did these scrubs win 4 games?

Does anyone in the league not know how bad jimmy wilson is in coverage. He was seriously in perfect position. And he lets the one man in the area go right by him. Terrible...

And Clown that VD trade is still looking great!!

What has vontae done? Does he even play?

Carroll and Wilson are having a better year!! Than Vontae!

These clowns are going to get smoked by the punk ass titans!

we wont jeff on the ireland gone-until then no fan support

Can Johnny Football come out next year?

this is pathetic.

please let this first qt end

The best thing about Ross/Ireland

1) Cheap tickets on the resale mkt.

2) Plenty of room to strech out.

3) No traffic at the stadium

culd we get anything going without a holding penalty?


long needs to quick shaking his head and smiling every time he is called for holding.

Jake Long is seriously pissing me off this year.. dang son

Pathetic SO FLA fans actually thought they had a contender. The Titans are pathetic and they are paddling your butts. Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic. Go back to counting votes or the beach.

Dropped pass. Holding. Another holding declined. Not exactly stellar offense.

nice way to play down to your competition

The Dolphins have to wake up. They are not playing well so far.

Lol, even on a punt we get a penalty. Pathetic.

We are playing very uninspired football right now and I can't understand why. They have EVERYTHING to play for.

This team is flat - thats got to be a coaching problem doesn't it?

It's not about panic it's about reality and it will set in today


Nice work Shlooong. Geeeeez great job drafting him over Ryan. Just one of many examples of why this franchise is the annual AFC doormat.

Time to move to a real market Mr. Ross. Take the team to LA or Canada or something. Just get it out of the a hole of sports.

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