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Live blog here: Dolphins v. Titans

Tony McDaniel, who had miss part of the week of practice due to a knee injury, is active today.

The inactive players are Pat Devlin, Anderson Russell, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew, Rishard Matthews, and Jeron Mastrud.

As always, there will be a live blog. It starts in comments section at halftime.




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Dolphins love to get behind-start slow-give the opponent momentum, and then say wow-we need to do something-too little-too late-no talent, no preparation-no hope=no fans in the stands-Ireland MUST GO

keep taking moar penalties please its really helping

PUT MOORE IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tampon for president

Even Fields is stinking up the joint. Good grief

Right now the Fins are reaffirming what many you knuckleheads should already know:

"This roster is not yet complete".

What is it about this many of you dont understand?

Tannehill STINKS!

Nightmare quarter, as was was the 2nd quarter against the Texans.

even an incomplete roster can play better than this.

Do they want to take the Miami Dolphins to California? We'll see.

link for the game

if this is how they are going to play all game i cant watch


What a joke....

Locker falls down and gets 20 yds. LMAO!

This team is cursed. Shut this pathetic franchise down.

And the nightmare continues.
Time for a locker turnover, one can hope.

I must be a retard to cheer this loser team when my NY Giants are Super Bowl champs..Later fellas I have jock itch

Ross, move the team to L.A.

This is why the stadium is empty. Stop complaining about why people don't go to the games.

I guess all those great picks by JI is paying off hah! Just remember basically same players as last year except two good players missing Vontae and Marshall and bell. JI sucks.

Irescum will never win.

Our running game blows...And our run "d" is getting worse...This season is NOT going to finish the way we want...Watch...

Look at the brightside, a loss here could mprove draft stock 2-3 positions.

The Dolphins aren't ready-call a time out-at home-not ready to play

Well they arent waiting for the Bills game they are crapping their pants this game , fuckin losers

Dolphin tickets = waste of money...and time

You know it's gonna be a long day when Fields has a bad punt. At least we got the best punter in football. He's great

Our "D" is terrible on 3rd down...That should of been converted...

True.........any wonder why the fans stay away......last week was the high-water mark of the Philbin-Ireland-Tannysmell Era.......why they spit the bit in the fourth quarter, all the air went out of a very shaky balloon.

It's over fellas.

Jake Locker looking like Andrew Luck...SMH...

What an idiot. How do you completely wiff. Who was that??

Barf for Barkley

#57 wiffed on the blitz. LOL

Missed tackles on Locker. That can't happen.

i would have stopped watching if he caught that

Sean Smith-doing nothing again

Say it with me everyone!!

These LB's Suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sean Smith is playing awful right now. They are picking on him.

this defense is a joke

smith is giving a 10 yard cushion.

This team still sucks...

missed tackles are killing us

Sean Smith is beyond garbage

Sean Smith has given up three first downs on comebacks or out patterns so far today.



These LB's Suck!!!!!


This has gotten completely comical! LMAO...

Game over-defense-offense-no clue-I've had it

this tard broadcaster thinks the Fins played Chicago last week and Tannehill plays for the Titans

does smith even try anymore? The secondary is so bad

its another Titans 1st DOWN !!!!

What has happened to the Dolphins defense.

The Dolphins better score on this next drive.

This is pathetic

Fans are leaving. LMAO!!

Everyone trying to be the hero, we have to stay in our lanes. We're looking like the Canes.

This team ought to be booed! They should feel bad. This sucks!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. PHINS back to normal. Who said that Jeff Ireland knows how to pick players?? Yeah right! That's why that stadium is empty!

Titans go 65 yards in seven plays including a 20 yard run by the QB who had fallen down.

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