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Live blog here: McDaniel most important inactive

INDIANAPOLIS -- Tony McDaniel is inactive for today's game.

That's it. That is all the damage the Dolphins have to report.

RyanTannehill is starting. Brian Hartline is starting. Everything is fine, folks. The Miami inactives are Pat Devlin, Richard Marshall, Josh Kaddu, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew, and Anderson Russell

McDaniel, as you know, is nursing a knee injury.

Rishard Matthews is active for the first time this season.

For the Colts, running back Donald Brown is active but Vick Ballard will start. Brown had his surgically repaired left knee swell on Friday and could not play today.

 As every game, we will celebrate a live blog today during the game. It starts at kickoff in the comments section. See you there.


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Martin is going to get Tanny killed last week against the JEts this week.

Like I was saying, Jonathan Martin is getting abused. They need to give him some help or leave a TE in there to block


BTW--I do think that Tannehill is the best QB we've had since Marino & I'm not sure we need three or four years to know that.

I believe both Luck & Tannehill have already shown they are legitimate starting NFL QB's.

Now don't screw it up Carpenter...

Jake Long got away with a false start on third down.

Alright. At least we know that J. Martin is going to need help with Mathis.

Good first drive by our offense...Sack of course was costly...

Good job by Miami on getting points off of what was basically a turnover. Hopefully they make an adjustment and get Marting some help on the right side.


Bess smart to get back to the center of the field.
I have a feeling there will be a lot of scoring by both teams, but Martin has to tighten it up or Moore will be in sooner than later.

Good start. Our pass D worries me.

Dolphins may have to slide their protection to help Jonathan Martin.

Anyone asking for a link just google "first row sports" it's the first site that pops up


3 and out coming!! D is undersized and will tire with another long Fin drive...

Time for the pass D to tighten up here

We need to be able to run the ball , Bush hasn t been the same since first Jets game , give the Rookie some run time

Good first drive by our offense...Sack of course was costly...

Tough assignment for Martin today. We need to have a TE to chip Matthews or keep a RB in the backfield to help with Tannehill in pass protection.

OL hasn't improve, that's on JI. They give up too many sacks can't no push or holes open for the RB. Jerry sucks. And Martin is a project! Remember we going up against a defense that allows 130 a game! Only on defense and QB that this team has improve!

Mando, aas always, thanks for the blog.
Hadn't noticed, but has Gaffney been in for us as yet?

Clue to Sherman: STOP running Bush up the middle. O-line not blocking.

Talk about a lucky franchise (Colts)...They finish last when Peyton Manning gets out of college...And they finish last when Andrew Luck gets out...Talk about having a horseshoe up your you know what...

No doubt Martin's got his hands full over there .

think we need to keep eye on bush .. if he keeps dancing put in rookie

Best way to take the Colts pass rush away is to run the ball. If Bush can't get it done we need to play Miller.

Whaoo Almost pick 6 4 Wilson

Great play by Wilson...7th round pick...Wow...

Great defensive call on the Wilson knockdown

Vernon should of sacked Luck there...

Wilson is becoming a PLAYER.

Way to go RASHAD!!!!Most improved player on this roster by far...

The defense needs to play some bump and run, give the rush a chance to get there

I love this defense, I just love watching them operate

How did Luck find his guy? Amazing.

Colts are shredding the Miami secondary. Only incompletes have been a drop and a batted pass.

Pass D horrendous

Ohh my God...Wilson...How can you be 10 yards behind the WR???

We need to put more pressure on Luck or this will be a long afternoon...

Koa Misi covering 32 yards downfield is not a good look for him.

Come on Koa Misi!!! Just turn around

Broder, does Luck has some spring.

Gonna be a long day...now a flag.
We knew they were going to throw.

Why Clemons is still a stop-gap player

Man...Luck is REALLY good.

Cameron Wake...Best DE in the NFL...

WTF was that Defense?

Wow now pass interfernece

We have a very good redone D...they're going to have to be today.

Sorry, Red Zone

this kid Wilson is going to be an stud for this Def.

Luck going after Wilson

keep them to 3....


Reggie Wayne is good.

"Against Sean Smith"

The Colts converted every single 3rd down conversion on that drive...Not good...

Well this is going to be a long game we can't stop Luck at all Wilson is being abused badly

Amazing that Wake NEVER gets the flag!!!!!!! Son of a ......

Secondary needs to tighten up or it will be a long day.

Luck's on fire. Have to find a way to get to him

With Luck's arm you have to completely blanket those receivers.

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