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Live blog here: McDaniel most important inactive

INDIANAPOLIS -- Tony McDaniel is inactive for today's game.

That's it. That is all the damage the Dolphins have to report.

RyanTannehill is starting. Brian Hartline is starting. Everything is fine, folks. The Miami inactives are Pat Devlin, Richard Marshall, Josh Kaddu, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew, and Anderson Russell

McDaniel, as you know, is nursing a knee injury.

Rishard Matthews is active for the first time this season.

For the Colts, running back Donald Brown is active but Vick Ballard will start. Brown had his surgically repaired left knee swell on Friday and could not play today.

 As every game, we will celebrate a live blog today during the game. It starts at kickoff in the comments section. See you there.


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Crap. why are we not slowing Wayne down at the LOS?
3/4 of the QB's in this league couldn't make that throw.

No D today. No OL today. It's going to be a Long day!

Luck looks like the real deal.


Great 3rd down "D".

You douche bags beat the Jets. Now back to reality. Your team sucks.

Enjoy a real QB shred your overrated D all day.

Folks, Andrew Luck is good!

Well guys.. is time to answer and send a BIG Time answer

Coyle has to find a way to put more pressure on Luck...Give him time and he'll find the open man...He's that good...

So if Moore was in that pass to Fazano and touchdown would have been made , we can t afford mis fires , and Tanny isn t 100% , should have played Moore

Time for a fishy pick six!

Neither team can run the ball so far.

nice to have a VET receiver too.

Defense better start getting pressure or we are in for a longggg day

Not a surprise here...our pass d is bad, and Colt's strength is passing. Offense will have to play well today.


"Against Sean Smith" Jones was supposed to play center there.

C'mon Ryan...Time to show you're just as good as Luck...

Cots Run D us BOTTOM 5......lets get the GROUND and POUND going.....

Luck is one accurate SOB. You can blitz him but if we don't get there there will be big plays all over the field

Looks like Luck's got some MPB going on there LOL

Guys it's one drive. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water.

I believe Philbin's prophecy that we can't win if we don't score more than 17 might come true Today.

Bad matchup for us. Still think we have potential, but teams that can throw will give us fits.

Miami should get Fasano involved here on the next drive. That will slow down the rush from the right side and open some things up

They need to run the ball, otherwise this D is going to get tired chasing Luck and not getting there.

Thomas isgoing to be important this game. They seem to be thoughing alot towards Wilson the safety/corner because of injury. I think we need to hit Luck a few times and break up rythm

Tannehill is much more effective when he can roll out of the pocket and throw , he don t look to mobile today , thats gonna hurt us , he needs to be able to avoid the sacks

If we can cover Wayne, pressure won't be as crucial. Wayne is Luck's main target.
Coyle has to get someone to chuck Wayne early.
Hopefully, Coyle will dial up another couple of those corner/safety blitzes like against the Jests.
Why can't we run?

Def. must hit Luck 3-4 times hard to get him out of ritm.

I don't think they can get to Luck from the ends...he gets the ball out too quick. D-line and LBs have to do it.

Tann the Man

What a pass by Tannehill...Wow!!

Ryan Tannehill with a take-that-andrew-luck 35-yard completion.

itll be ok.. theyll make the adjustments

If we can hit luck and hit him hard I think we'll rattle him enough so he won't be as accurate as he is now.

P.s. SS is no lock down corner

Luck is one accurate SOB. You can blitz him but if we don't get there there will be big plays all over the field


You're 100% correct. He's a very good athlete too so he's tough to bring down as we saw earlier when Olivier had his leg.

This guy wasn't the Number 1 overall pick by accident BUT our guys is no slouch!!!

Eh, don't know about that one. I think his foot was on the line...

First two game PHINS offense line played well, the last 5 games offense line has play horrible! That's a big concern. Fellas!

Horrible CBS telecast
Don't show complete replays and countless commercials

Tannehill with the touch!

Like Rex Ryan says, it's time to put some "hot sauce" on Andrew Luck...

Calm down guys, 1st drive is always scripted, Philbin and Sherman are good at adjusting

I feel sad.
Cannot deal with this loss.
Home town cancer call coming from refs too btw

They gonna reverse this completion

finally remembered to switch names at the house..

ugh i want to see a replay stupid commericals

We could be watching the the 1st of many Luch/Tannehill matchups to determine who represents the afc in future sb's.

Get Hartline fired up .


Was that a complete pass or not?

Man oh man Hartline...This guy is a beast!!

Looks like it'll be Tannehill to Hartline a lot today.

Waste of a TO and an awesome completion by Tannehill and Hartline, love it

Tanne is the REAL DEAL....

We need Reggie to step up, really step up..!

Mandoon Twitter sez Fins should rethink man to man coverage on colts.

CBS feed keeps coming back late, but Kevin Harlan is one of the best.
I'm surprised we're throwing so much.

Tannehill is looking good ,hope I`m wrong about the mobility thing , just like when he can fire the ball on the run , he`ll need to dayday with this colts defense

we have a pretty good looking QB as well folks...

Tanne is ONE ACCURATE SOB.....

I'd be very surprised (& pissed off) if we don't re-sign Hartline.

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