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Live blog here: McDaniel most important inactive

INDIANAPOLIS -- Tony McDaniel is inactive for today's game.

That's it. That is all the damage the Dolphins have to report.

RyanTannehill is starting. Brian Hartline is starting. Everything is fine, folks. The Miami inactives are Pat Devlin, Richard Marshall, Josh Kaddu, Will Yeatman, Michael Egnew, and Anderson Russell

McDaniel, as you know, is nursing a knee injury.

Rishard Matthews is active for the first time this season.

For the Colts, running back Donald Brown is active but Vick Ballard will start. Brown had his surgically repaired left knee swell on Friday and could not play today.

 As every game, we will celebrate a live blog today during the game. It starts at kickoff in the comments section. See you there.


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Good placement where only he could catch it but if he leads him a little more towards the hash possible TD.. GOod pass and catch

Guys I'm worried about the D. We need someone to lay Luck the F U C K out!

WTF CBS. They come back 5 seconds late after every commercial


Late again...CBS get with it.

And just think, Hartline was questionable this week.

"Tanne is the REAL DEAL...."


Yep. Both QB's are.

Fuc Long...I hope we don't re-sign you...

Thats what I'm saying @ 1:42....

these guys are comming all over themselves because LUCK completes a pass against the 27th ranked pass D.....


Tanne competing passes AGAINST the 7th ranked PASS D=WAY MORE IMPRESSIVE....

Lamar Miller time baby...

Millet sighting!!!!!!

Nice lead blocking by Lane on that Miller run


About freakin' time CLAY !!

T A N N E H I L L !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally Clay makes a play!!!


Thank God Miller got positive yards....I'm not sure Miller knew the play...

Bush ain't getting it done so Philbin brings in Miller. Very good.

Okay we got some receivers now!!!!

Hell yea!!!

Huh Kris? What makes u think that?

can Tanne get some of the same love you guys want to gush for Luck every time he completes a screen pass....

If anyone questions why Philbin continues to play Thomas you need to watch the job he did blocking on that throw to Clay.

If the Jets beat the Colts , we gotta beat the Colts ,lets tighten up our pass coverage


it looked like Tanne gave Miller an extra word or two after they broke the huddle (and Tanne didn't look happy)....

and then Lane turned around before the snap and said something to Miller....

just my hunch....


Bush has not be the same player since he got hurt. I wouldn't be surprised to see Miller more on 1st & 2nd down.

Wtf is up with our defense!!!!!!!!!! F!!!!


Screen, Kris?

Luck gets ALL the love on that one....and he deserves it...nice pass...

COME ON double covered and he makes the catch WTFFFFFF

Flattest I've seen our D all year!! Seems like every play is for 10 yards...

Hopefully Burnetts playing possum to give Miami time to make adjustments and old Jets trivck

guess its going to be up to the offense today the defense looks terrible

Wow what an overrated D. All I've heard about all week is how great it is. Terrible on 3rd down today. Terrible secondary. SO they can stop the run. BIG DEAL. No one runs in the NFL anymore. This D is getting shredded. Pathetic fishy D as usual.

Andrew Luck very clean uniform. He'll look like an all pro

If we don't get more pressure on Luck this is going to be a LONG day....


hey troll how the jets doing?

What the fu?K was Odrick doing? Going to the side of Luck? Got to get your HANDS UP!!!!

What I like about Tannehill & Luck is that they don't get flustered when they get pressured. They both stay cool in the pocket.

Well this "fishy" d stop them to 3 . Good job d. !

gotta stop giving them bug chunk plays and we will be ok

offense needs to get another TD on this drive and make a statement

What was Odrick doing? He got out of Luck's way so he could complete the pass. Hey Odrick, if you can't sack him, get your hands up. You should have learned that by now.

What the fu?K was Odrick doing? Going to the side of Luck? Got to get your HANDS UP!!!!

Odrick better step up his play or Olivier is going to take his job.

Long had a better run than Bush!!!

That's what I like to see....Reggie catching the football.

There it is Thomas!!!!

Run Javorskie!!!


Damn we look good!!!!!

Long almost got Tannehill Killed , he`s gotta protect him geez

Fuckin Long needs to stop smokin whatever it is he`s smokin , fuckin idiot this was our chance to put game out of reach

My Dallas Cowboys are taking it all and I agree with Craig, these players wearing really tight pants is why I watch NFL Football

Armando told us last week that if we get to the playoffs, he will treat All of us here to a free taco dinner and soda from his taco stand, right dude.

I saw this commie pinko dude Igor on a Russian boys to boys love site last week, you freaking immoral loser.

I guess our defense left it all on the field in NY last week , they suck today , getting ready to turn the game off , these a-holes are gonna give me a heart attack

They aren t tackling , they aren t putting any pressure on Luck , they are giving up every single pass he throws, they are an absolute nightmare , what are they thinking , I can play better then this

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