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Marshall goes to IR, Dolphins claim new DB

The Richard Marshall saga has come to an end.

This morning I reported the cornerback wasn't expected to play the next two weeks. Apparently his prognosis was worse than that because this evening the Dolphins placed Marshall on the reserve injured list. I am trying to find out for certain, but I'm assuming it is season-ending IR.

[Update: Marshall won't be back this season. He is currently in Los Angeles seeing spine specialist and surgeon Dr. Robert Watkins. He is scheduled for back surgery Thursday.]

The club is replacing Marshall by claiming defensive back Brandon McDonald off waivers from Tampa Bay.

McDonald was with the Bucs the first nine weeks of the season. He saw action in eight games with two starts. He had 20 tackles and one interception in that time.

McDonald, a former fifth-round pick of the Cleveland Browns, has played 77 cames in his career.



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Good. Move on.

What about Stanford Routt?

routt still sitting out there, pick the guy up!

Yep its too late in the season to be playing the waiting game for 2 or 3 more weeks... not a surprise

Armando, I broke this news at the begining of the Bye Week.

If Marshall couldn't come back after two weeks with a back injury, you know something is SERIOUSLY wrong.

Thats when I posted that he would go on IR for the year. When he couldn't return after the Bye Week I knew it was a wrap!

Too bad to, Marshall was playing pretty solid BEFORE the injury. He came back the next week, after the initial injury and tried to play through it. Thats when you could see his play wasn't up to par.

Prior to the injury though, he was playing pretty darn good. Strong in run support too, just laying the wood.

Day and Night difference between him, Carroll and Wilson.

I knew it was coming, but STILL........Big SIGH.......

marshall was mediocre

I'm assuming McDonald takes Marshall's roster spot.

We had three spots open back about the time of the bye week. Didn't we sign another corner a couple of days ago?

If this is right, I believe we still have 1 or 2 roster sspots open(I think we signed a LB or DL(but that guy might have went to the practice squad).

Anyways, I think we have the ROOM for at least one more signing. How is this Stanford Routt guy?

How is Brandon McDonald for the matter. Anyone have any idea?

routt is the better corner, neither is anything special but still an upgrade

Uhh..... no one in the FO saw this coming BEFORE the trade deadline! For any good will Irland had built, this brings more questions?? And with the playoffs in the balance?

He has a blood clot in his back so very serious. He is a good player who because of his injury could not prove himself this year

playoffs ended in indy but still get looks for next year

Oh well. Maybe next season.

We need to win the next two (Sunday and Thursday) and then we can think about playoff possibilities


marshall was mediocre

Posted by: bill connors | November 07, 2012 at 06:33 PM

If by that, you mean he was better than Carroll and Wilson, I agree.

The main thing though, is this injury hurt us pretty good. It's a passing league and we have been getting roasted on occasion. Carroll and Wilson both have been improving, but neither were/are even CLOSE to Marshall.

Does anyone know if either of these two corners we brought in are expected to supplant either Carrol or Wilson?

I mean no disrespect, but it shouldn't be too hard to improve upon Carroll and Wilson. Even finding guys off the street right now.

Realistically speaking, neither of these two were even guaranteed roster spots during the camp. And they SURELY weren't expected to be starters or heavy contributors.

If you remember, the original plan was for Davis and Smith to start, with Marshall upgrading the nickle spot.

So is it a Long Shot to expect one these guys to supplant what should have been our 4th and 5th cornerbacks?

Heres to hoping for the best!

id say lt, wr, cb 3 biggest needs for draft and free agency no doubt

yes very mediocre but i agree he was def better than practice squad types in wilson and carrol

Playoffs ended in Indy? Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the Fins just a game out of a playoff spot in a very mediocre AFC right now?

Where was it that I read that Irelands trade of Davis and the lack of depth would come into play during the season,I think it was JMMeister that posted it.


THANK GOD..........


it isn't 1953 any.....they PLAY a 16 game schedule now....

behind pitt and 2 games behind colts with tie breaker, good luck

From the last entry. There is a Time to run the ball. There is a Time to pass the ball. There is also a Time to talk crap like we are doing here now.

davis was great trade, got a 2nd rd pick for that lazy no playing bum

Time to draft a CB in the first round next year. Cutting Marshall will save 5 million next year,

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routt is the better corner, neither is anything special but still an upgrade

Posted by: bill connors | November 07, 2012 at 06:39 PM

Thank you Bill.

By upgrade, do you mean over Carroll? Wilson? Marshall?

Do you know enough about him to venture and opinion?

Not trying to argue, just curious ;)

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Never heard of this CB they brought in. A refill, a Generic?

I don't really care that much about the playoffs this year to be honest. I hope we make it and it would be nice. But in all seriousness and even though they say, "on any given Sunday", I don't think we match up very favorably with most of the playoff teams. The Wildcard Teams? Yeah, undoubtedly, but the Division winners, not so much. Not this year anyway.

The big thing for me is the establishment of young players and the development of Rookies from the last two drafts. It's almost been off the charts. Very favorable situations already shaking out.

When you consider every sane observer expected a throw away season of painful first year rebuildings. Especially when Garrard came clean about his injury(ies). The winless pre season. The uncertainty about Philbin and how Hard knocks made him look ridiculously obssessive?

Nope! The playoffs aren't my main concern. Getting the Kiddy Kats experience and developing our QB of the future. For me, thats what this season is all about.

That and Ireland fixing up the cap numbers for our Free agents and then stockpiling picks!

Watching this team rise from the ashes! Watching them move away from the Parcell's debacle is what it's all about. The "Cherry On Top' is the fact that nobody has blown us out. We've played tough against everybody the roster presented!

Here it is the first year of a rebuilding project and we're already better than almost any teams we've fielded for the past decade! Thats what I'm talking about!

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Ron in Dallas
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yes how many of those FA's worked out that Fireland brought in?? this guy is the worst general manager in the league!! Ross get rid of him!!


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Let's hope it's not "toast" McDonald as he was known as in Cleveland. I remember a Monday Night against Denver where he was totally lost and looked like a fool. Ask Ed Royal!!

I sure MR.Genius Ireland is wishing V.Davis is still wearing Dolphins gear.. Ireland is not as smart as he thinks he is .

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