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Marshall goes to IR, Dolphins claim new DB

The Richard Marshall saga has come to an end.

This morning I reported the cornerback wasn't expected to play the next two weeks. Apparently his prognosis was worse than that because this evening the Dolphins placed Marshall on the reserve injured list. I am trying to find out for certain, but I'm assuming it is season-ending IR.

[Update: Marshall won't be back this season. He is currently in Los Angeles seeing spine specialist and surgeon Dr. Robert Watkins. He is scheduled for back surgery Thursday.]

The club is replacing Marshall by claiming defensive back Brandon McDonald off waivers from Tampa Bay.

McDonald was with the Bucs the first nine weeks of the season. He saw action in eight games with two starts. He had 20 tackles and one interception in that time.

McDonald, a former fifth-round pick of the Cleveland Browns, has played 77 cames in his career.



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Of course, those big A-ses are not there for nothing. When It faces you, you have to take it from behind. And hope that your pecker is long enough to touch that G- point. They say that children conceived from that Angle, are healthier.

There's plenty of Us. WE rule Miami and the Illuminati, of course They are only disadvantaged People as compared to Us.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 07, 2012 at 07:29 PM

Nanna Nanna Nanna NANNA - Batty Man!

Then how did you guys lose control of Bolito?

Ray, you're probably like me, part of the 53% paying our taxes so the other 47% can collect they're goodies... That's fine, but it's totally unsustainable and eventually there will be a huge backlash. In the mean time, we're just going to be another 2nd tier socialist country, no longer leading the way. Less invotation, growth and total stagnation.

Posted by: Ron in Dallas | November 07, 2012 at 07:56 PM

The USSR folded like a house of cards and now they want to run that model here with even larger pitfals.

I say larger pitfals because The Communists by the nature of their beliefs, were able to force the issues without any opposition.

Let that system marinate here in the America's a bit longer and watch what shakes out.

It's always good to invest in Silver and Gold they say.

I invest in LEAD!

It's going to get CRAZY before it gets better!

Time to release the porch monkeys from their leashes.

Interesting, odin. Fidel Castro is a horse of a different color politically speaking. He's a Mafiosi of the First Kind and of course does not believe in Politics or anything else except for his Benefit. We have known this for the longest Time but he's extremely smart and essential for the World Government's interests, at least up to now.

I've got an extra benefits card in case anyone is interested.

Funny, I called this in the last Marshall blog. LOL

Also said its likely he gets cut during the preseason. Especially if a 1st or 2nd rd pick is spent on corner during the draft. Marshall, more than likely has already played his final regular season game as a Dolphin.

I'm checking out now. Off to an Oblama victory party. I'm gonna stuff my puss with fried chicken, chitlins and watermelon till I throw up. Then I'm gonna wash the taste away with some Mad Dog 20/20. Yipee!!!!

Posted by: A 47%er | November 07, 2012 at 08:26 PM

You go do whatever it is you have to do.

The sad reality of the situation is this. The people re-elected Obama and he's not really done anything positive. He hasn't much in any areas of making things better.

So you have to ask, why would the people re-elect him? The sad truth is that "The People" simply viewed him as the Lesser of Two Evils!

After what George Sr. did and then George Jr. Are you kidding me? Sadly, this is EXACTLY the reason "The People" re-elected Obama.

The Bush Family ruined this country. They committed treason on a routine basis and violated the constitution to a degree that would have made Joeseph Staling proud.

To top it off, they BOTH created Wars ON FALSE PRETENSE! Wars that got many young Americans Killed, Maimed and Mentally Deranged. On FALSE PRETENSES. They actually sacrificed our Youth for PROFIT!

Sadly, the American People now associate the Republicam Party with the Deranged Treasonous Bush Family.

Therefor they would now be happy to vote for Pee Wee Herman as President. Just as long as it meant Bush, His Cronies and the Republican Party are not invited.

Qualifier: Before ANYONE retaliates with a Hissy Fit, just PLEASE acknowledge the FACT that I do NOT claim to be a Republican, nor a Democrat! The rest is Fair Game I suppose.

Vontae Davis was a 27th pick of the 1st rd. At 27th a player not much more than a glorified 2nd rd pick anyway. To get a 2nd rd pick for Davis isnt bad for a player that never even became a "pro bowl alternate" for you.

Good riddance Vontae, your 2nd rd replacement will probably be much better. Marshall cost us nothing but time and a few pay checks. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Next!



Here comes the political experst talk. It is what it is. Who cares but the guys making a paycheck from it.

The gov never really helps po' mofos regardless of the party. Nobody wants handouts, but what do yu propose when there arent enough jobs to go around and republicans wont let the president create them?

4 years, the republicans say thier only agenda was to make Obama a one term president. They didnt care if unemployed and unable to get jobs americans starved to death. The American people answered lastnight.

Right on. You should never watch TV in this Country and only PBS at that. Otherwise, they will make you vote for whomever they want. True fact.

So hear are some of the dumb comments I've read lately. 'Routt is out there. Just pick him up'. Guys he just NOW became a FA. That means he's free to sign with whatever team he wants to sign with. Dolphins are just one of 31 teams who he may decide to sign with (assuming KC doesn't want him back of course). There may in fact be a lot of teams that want to sign him or that he may want to play for. This guy just got $5 million in guarantees TWICE in the last year. He may not be in a hurry to sign with whatever team wants to sign him to a minimum salary. So we have to wait and see what happens.

Also this idea that CB, LT and WR are our three biggest needs next offseason. To me that's just DUMB. To me, in no particular order we need to add S, OLB and a WR or CB. Our secondary isn't great but I think it improves greatly with an impact safety to replace Clemmons. Also, as I've said a number of times now, a more sufficient pass rush makes our secondary better. Jsut drafted the top ranked CB doesn't mean our secondary will be better.

".....nobody wants handouts..." (posted by YG4E)

Are you kidding? For real? You actually believe that? No, the truth is there are too many who want handouts. And jobs don't get created when the Gov't taxes those who are in the best position to create the jobs. You see, when the Gov't taxes high, there is less money to invest. When the Gov't tries to force an ill-advised and ridiculously expensive health care plan on the small to mid-sized business, the Gov't drives them out of business. Buddy, put down the bottle of blue kool-aid and get some facts straight. Obama was re-elected because the Republican party wants to remain rigid on social issues that I believe a majority of people, Dem or Rep could care less about. Abortion, Gay marriage, etc... This election result is going to lead to not only a full blown economic depression, but civil unrest. Mark my words. Real citizens are tired of the ne'r do wells and illegals sucking our public resources and contributing nothing. We are a Communist/Socialist Country under the leadership of this moron. It will get worse before it gets better. "Hope and Change". Yeah, right.

We don't need politicians laying religion, fake morality and family values on us. They are so out of touch with the general public it's shocking they get any votes outside their families.

Of course, the religious, the fearful, and those that never have much fun, I guess would vote Republican.

And I'm not even an Obama fan, but at least he is respected internationally and doesn't make a bumbling idiot out of himself when abroad.


I agree in that Fidel is very........Self Serving?

I believe that the Military/CIA/Illuminati decided to kill Kennedy. In an attempt to take Castro down with him(two birds with one stone), they were trying to get ANTI-CASTRO refugees to set up for the murder and in so doing, have them FALSELY track back to Castro(yes, they wanted to blame it on innocent Cubans).

What happened though, is the CIA contacts working with Anti Castro Cubans, they had been somewhat infiltrated by Castro's Double Agents. The CIA goofed(big surprise)and let Castro's double Agents get information about the plot to kill Kennedy.

Castro couldn't stop the assissination, but he did let the Americans know that he knew of the plot and who was behind it. Instead of blowing the whistle or TRYING to blow the whistle, Castro also let them know that if ANYTHING ever happened to him, the information about the true plot, The American Led Coup d' etat would be revealed to international media outlets and Governments the world over.

Castro very smartly used this information to blackmail the Military Industrial Complex(The Illuminati)into not harrassing Cuba and attempting to assissinate him.

If you think about it, it was shortly after Kennedy's death when almost all Anti-Castro and Anti-Cuban operations ceased and dessisted. In fact, the turnaround was so complete, Anti-Castro Cuabns were suddenly being arrested and even deported. When shortly PRIOR to the assissination, through the CIA the Anti-Castro Cubans were receiving Millions and millions of dollars of aid and assistance for operations. Thats Millions and Millions of 1960's dollars!

Quite the turnaround in policy! You probably are already aware of alot of these details because of your heritage and proximity to the events. Think of them in terms of my plot and see if alot of these things start to make alot more sense all of the sudden. Remember how flabbergasted the exile community was over this turn of events? They expected even more support, money and aid. But suddenly they were being treated like common criminals. It was devastating to many of the various groups as they were being disbanded in the later half of the 60's and into the 70's.

Yep, out of all those involved with the intriqued, Castro managed to stay in power. He outlasted them all and was basically left un harrassed by the CIA and the United States Government from that point forward.

I honestly suspect that shortly after Castro and/or his Brothers death(Probably after just Fidel's Death), that we will finally get the true story(as much of it as Castro and his intelligence apparatus learned)behind the assassination of President Kennedy!

Of course there will be those(Current Illuminati)that go all out in an attempt to discredit this information. But it will come out umong the festivitites surrounding Castro's passing.



Odin is talking to Oscar now.

Tell us, are you jealous?

The American people answered lastnight.
Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 07, 2012 at 09:31 PM

-They certainly did. And my only point is this, the American People would have been happy to elect Elmer Fudd. As long as it meant no more Republicans and no More theiving rich thugs named Bush, Cheney and the whole rotten lot!

PS: YG, I do not claim to be an expert and the troll above is OBVIOUSLY no expert. He's just parroting some sour grapes he heard somewhere down the line.

PSS: I called the Marshall to IR thing 3 weeks ago-LOL. Also, depending on how the draft goes, I think there's a high probability that you're right again Marshall in that he may have played his last games as a Dolphin.

Craig M,

I read your response to me earlier.

I just wanted to reply to your comment on how risky it is too draft cornerbacks in the first round.

I totally agree. To me, drafting a WR with an early first rounder is a SCARY FREAKING PROSITION. In my mind, Cornerbacks are only a notch below that.

I mean once in a while a sure fire can't miss corner comes along, but more times than not, those easrly first rounders turn out to be just average.

PS: I hope we have better luck drafting a Corner than we've had in the past picking WR's!

Oscar quit being stupid. If it wasn't for Obama, women wouldn't have free health care.
It would take a black president to kill Ben Laden. The white presedent had him sipping Martini's in his huge compound.
And Obama is hiring more teachers. Republicans fired them all. The legalazation of marijuana will save the economy. No brainer!!

I realize that hindsight is 20-20 but the Dolphin brass made horrible decisions to start Tannehill and trade Da Beast. We'd easily be 7-1 and playoff bound with the easy schedule this season.


Thank you for thanking me, I just wanted to thank you,



Thanks, I too want to thank you for thanking me.
Thanks, Odin


Thank you for thanking me, I just wanted to thank you,



Thanks, I too want to thank you for thanking me.
Thanks, Odin


Thank you for thanking me, I just wanted to thank you,



Thanks, I too want to thank you for thanking me.
Thanks, Odin


Thank you for thanking me, I just wanted to thank you,



Thanks, I too want to thank you for thanking me.
Thanks, Odin

Thank you for thanking me, I just wanted to thank you,



Thanks, I too want to thank you for thanking me.
Thanks, Odin

Legalize Mary-j to lower our deficit? I'm down

Posted by: odinseye | November 07, 2012 at 08:09 PM

nice posting.
BTW, there was another coach who many then, and now would call rediculously obsessive, as you mentioned was said about Philbin.
That coach's name was PAUL BROWN, perhaps one of the greatest HC's of all time.
Even back then, in the 50's and early 60's, Brown shuffled a guard in and out with his play call.
This, in an era when nearly all the QB's called their own plays.
He won...BIG.

Philbin will win big, no Jim Brown, but a well rounded team that won't quit.
We're slowly getting there. This has been a wonderfully fun year so far, even with the heartbreak of those OT's.

Thank you for Yanking me, I just wanted to Yank you,
Monkey Bu-oy

Monkey Bu-oy
Thanks, I too want to thank you for Yanking me.
Thanks, Armando

Posted by: politicaly correct Whanker Yanking | November 07, 2012 at 10:34 PM

Nice posts ya Wierdo! But do you think you could keep that..........STUFF.........I dunno.........In The Closet maybe?

Nice posts ya Wierdo! But do you think you could keep that..........STUFF.........I dunno.........In The Closet maybe?

Posted by: odinseye | November 07, 2012 at 11:20 PM

Legalize Mary-j to lower our deficit? I'm down

Posted by: MiamiD20 | November 07, 2012 at 11:16 PM

Hey, thats old news! I was going to "Run in 96" on that platform!

But ah........they denied my Parole!

Anywhoo.........better late than never, I always say ;)

Nice posts ya Wierdo! But do you think you could keep that..........STUFF.........I dunno.........In The Closet maybe?

Posted by: odinseye | November 07, 2012 at 11:20 PM

told you

Posted by: Once again, odin can't resist any exuse to make a gay reference. | November 07, 2012 at 11:28 PM

Wow! You do seem to have a problem with "Gay".

Gee, I wonder what it could be. Let me guess, you're NOT "man" enough to come out of that closet and let the world know just how big of "Little Be-Atch" you really are.

How am I doing? Batting a .1000, eh?

We know..........WE KNOW!

Hi all. I am looking to make some new friends. Maybe with someone who says things like buoy, beatch, monkey this, meth, gayola stuff.

Anyone like that out there?

We know.......WE KNOW!

Tell the TRUTH this time Monkey Bu-oy. For real. We're not laughing **AT YOU** - We're laughing **With You**

Just for curiosities sake, admit it. Tell the TRUTH.

How many times have you been alone in a motel room with Armando and referred to him as:

**Scrump - Dilly - Iscious**

Come on now Bu-oy, "Hand To God"!

Kris, DaShe,

By any chance do either of you know where I can make a new friend, maybe with someone who says things like buoy, beatch, monkey this, meth, gayola stuff?

Anyone like that out there?

Posted by: Normal guy | November 07, 2012 at 11:37 PM


But there is one poster here that'll put a "Happy Ending" on all your stories. Cheap too.

He answers to Larry, Curly or Moe.

My Bad, he's a Stooge but they call him the "10 Dollar H o e" !

PS: You can find him at the Rainbow Room. He'll be the guy with the stained T-Shirt and the worn out Knee Pads!

Oh yeah, if you see him, tell him his Parole Officer is looking for him.......AGAIN! Something about living too close to an All Boys Catholic School.

Good Luck!!!!

OK Knob Polisher, get real for a second.

Look up above. I ignored two of your(snide/off color) comments and I kept on posting about Football(and politics-Ewwwwwwwww).

Anywhoo.......@ 10:34 you again tried with your Bullshyt!

Now seriously Dude, do you want to go there........AGAIN? Do you really want to get schooled.........AGAIN, right here in front of God and Everyone?

(Tell me this guy ain't a Sadist Bu-oy! He like to get embarrased, humiliated and pretty much Smacked Down.......EVERY SINGLE DAY!)

Bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


Feed me more baby. Feed me, feed me, feed me.


VIO!!!! (Village Idiot Odin)

WOWWWW. You are still here? How are things?

So FIreland's 2012 FA report card is a full-on, unmitigated F. TOTAL FAILURE. Not one of the guys he signed is still on the roster. Four starts out of Marshall, zero for everybody else.

Again, anybody who thinks he's gonna do a bang up job with the cap space available next summer is D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L.

Ireland is the best in picking up the worst DB's in the league. As himself, I don't understand how S. Smith is still in the rooster. Even a baby has a better hands coordination.

I'm very impresed by your knowledge of the John Kennedy affair, odin. That's exactly how it happened according to the Highest level of the Cuban government. Whether it will be amply publicized, I really see no purpose of it now. What's done is done. The interesting question, at least for me, is why so many powerful entities wanted to eliminate President Kennedy. What I mean is, did they kill him for being very good or very bad? We know that the Kennedy brothers felt that the Social fabric of this Country needed some changes(that still apply) and they were doing it(civil rights, anti-corruption, etc). Were those ideas too extreme for those Times and against many interests then and woud have created chaos in this Society if fully implemented? That's one possibility for the Magnicide. Or, was he an outright Traitor to this Country and serving the interests of the then powerful Communist(USSR) sphere of influence. The answer to those questions very few People know(or knew). My belief, it was some sort of combination of the 2 ?

Death is not Final, probably in any sense.

Don't know how much help Brandon McDonald will be. How good can a backup db, with an ankle injury, recently terminated from the worst pass defense in the NFL, be? Just hope he's not another stone-handed defender who can't understand he needs to look for the ball occasionally...

This year we find out if Carroll, WIlson, Clemons, Jones etc are can play productively or not. Unproven. Clemons is probably a keeper but may or may not be worthy to be a starter. By the end of the year we know how many of our draft picks go to CB and Safety.

This year we find out if any Moore or Gaffney are worth keeping or dumping.

This year we find out if Clay, Egnew or Mastrud are keepers or not.

I hope they all emerge as good players. But so far I am thinking that of our top five draft picks we are looking for a 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 CB, and 1 offensive guard. I would be fine if they used all 5 on WR and TE if that solved the problem by giving Tannehill the people who will be his targets for the next ten years.

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