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Mike Sherman challenges players: Make sons proud!

 Yes, the Dolphins had their pride handed to them on Sunday.

And for players, particularly those on offense, the fact they have not scored a touchdown in six quarters also has to be a humbling experience.

That's perhaps the reason Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman apparently went all Gen. George Patton on the group Monday. During a team meeting with his players, Sherman implored, indeed, demanded that players respond in heroic fashion against Buffalo Thursday night.

"That’s the great thing about football, it really tests you, not just your character as a football player, but your character as a man," Sherman said. "How do you handle adversity? Do you point fingers? Do you accept responsibility? Do you move forward? Do you wallow in despair? Feel sorry for yourself or do you push ahead? It really is a good character test for everybody in that room.

"I told them I want all of their sons to be proud of them, how they handle themselves."

Sherman threw down the proverbial gauntlet and seems confident Miami's players will answer the challenge.

"I’ve never felt more confident about a group of guys being able to handle a situation than I do the guys in that room," he said. "It’s ugly when you lose a game like that and deservedly so. We looked like we never even practiced a day in that game, but we’ve had some good days and we’ve had some bad days.

"Now, we have better days ahead, so I’m looking forward to it.” 


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37-3 . At home?. The entire team, coaches and all certainly drug a underserved paycheck that week. With the orginization picking up thousands of tickets to keep a blackout from hitting..Ross should be angry. How could the Dolphins,at home, let ANY team come in and put 37-3 beat down on them....Good luck getting fans back to the stadium...way to go Dolphins... when your check hits your bank account, you should give it back ... because you certainly didn't earn it...

2 complete diff. coaching staffs and the same chiz.
who pix the players again.?

Some asshat stole Tim Couch's name on the last few posts. What a loser.

Mike Sherman is copying off of me.
I'm the only poster that ever mentions MANHOOD as the primary requirement for an enjoyable football game.

I am here to educate you once again. As I told you beginning this summer, Sherman *is* the problem! He's a career .500 guy, much like Mustache Man Fisher. He's a 6-6 guy in college. He's a 8-8 guy in the NFL. Our offense is horrible. One cannot win in the NFL calling less than 20 runs per game. One simply *must* call 30 to 35 runs *even if the first 20 are stuffed for an average of 2.0. One must keep running the ball, period. The athletes in this league are fungible (like oranges and dollars--look it up). All teams have a 230 pound RB with the same speed and strength and all teams also have a 205 pound dart guy. The O linemen are fungible. They make blocks and they miss blocks and get beat. The NFL game is a chess match between the coaches, and our coaches have not been good for many years, including this year.

Sherman single handedly cost us at least 2 games and he needs to look in the mirror.

You heard it hear first: I GUARANTEE you that Sherman will be fired after this year. Philbin will be given a few more years but there will be a new O coordinator next year.

6 passing TDs in 9 games ain't gonna cut it.

andy reid oc.
r.rivera dc.
= sb run.2013,2014,2015.

Additionally, I educated you earlier that Matt Moore is the Fins' starting QB and I should have been correct.

scratch that.
= no talent 4-12's.

And 1 more thing:

Your crappy blog 2 blogs ago entitled, "Three QB Charts to Chew On": Why did you not point out that Henne was pulled 20 times in the redzone for the BACKDOOR wildcat?

That's right Henne was a Franchise QB Bust, fine, but he still outperformed Tanne even though he was pulled in the redzone 20 times.

Not that reporting ALL of the facts will ever take place here.

We blew up a team that had B Marshall and finished 6-3 last year. Nobody wanted to play us the last 9 games of last year, and we should have finished 8-1, including victories over the SB champ Giants and the Pats.

We keep B Marshall and Matt Moore as starter and we're a 12-4 team this year and a contender.

I wanted to believe, but Mando's other post shows it all. Tanne is mediocre. You either can produce TDs (the name of the game) like Matt Moore and Dan Marino or you can't produce TDs (like Tannehill and Henne).


We are in for many more months of pain because Tannehill will, of course, be given at least 3 years (as he should--team has no other choice now) to be average before we start over once again.


moore = 8-1

coach and gm ireland have players they are heavily invested in( daniel thomas,sean smith,tannehill,egnew etc). they will be given every opportunity to succeed while others won't(matt moore,reggie bush etc). unequal treatment of players by coaches breeds resentment among players. matt moore should have started and vontae and marshall should still be on the team.

armando, make sure ross gets this post.
no irecorn.
get reid oc.
get rivera dc.
make 3 way think tank 4 pixing players.
reid gets his on o.
rivera gets his on d and phil. overseas the equation.
reid and rivera only do o + d, no extra cra.p like asst.c or dl and ol too.
watch the the joe fill up.
either with phanz or cement.

I see we're back to knee jerk reactions. Before we fire all the coaching staff and cut all the players let's see how the rest of the season turns out. Think back to your projections before the season started. Who thought the team would be better than .500? Our running game has disappeared putting all the pressure on our rookie QB without a #1 WR.

i haven't seen tim couch on this blog in a long time? now when someone "steals" your name you come back? LOL what name have you been using?

rt = 3+outs at the worst f'ing X's...

Uhhhhuuh. 40 Yrs. and no SB and sniffed it just 2 times afterwards.Wait another 40 Yrs.

ross gonna go 2 la.

I agree with some previous bloggers. Sherman has been brutal this year, particularly at the end of the games.

He lost us the Jets game. He hurt us against Arizona.

And his offense is not as good as Brian Daboll's. Maybe Sherman should plow his own field before he tells the players how to plow theirs.

well since he opened his mouth Sherman at least on this blog seems to have risked his reputation as a coach that the fins will bounce back on Thursday night.We wont have to wait very long to find out.

Hey Cadillac,

Suck it!

Henne was a bust and your excuses about Wildcat hurting him are more lame than his career stats which are total poop.

Greg Irelands best free agent aquisition thus far was R Bush do you disagree with that?

Going to swim against the tide here.

I like Sherman's demeanor. I wish he was the head coach although I don't necessarily love him as the a play-caller.

This speech he gave is something that should come from Philbin.

Henne outperformed Tanne.
In college.
In the pros.

And I know who you really are!

Now we know why Shermans been fired 4 times.

Well, it's unanimous.

Sherman is *garbage*.

For once I agree with most of you here.

Matt Moore and Marshall had things rolling last year.

The thing is, Sherman is not running a WCO. Few modern coaches are running Walsh's WCO. You can't just claim to do it if you're not a natural like Walsh. Walsh's WCO featured Roger Craig and Rathbun and a lot of power RUNNING, you fools.

Philbin should bench Sherman instead of Bush.

What Sherman is running is closer to the Jerry Glanville/Warren Moon "run n shoot," except we don't have Warren Moon.

Why not make their daughters proud? Sherman needs to update his Patton speech.

Let's review the facts for the itty bitty percent that believe Moore should be the starting QB. Matt Moore lost the job in training camp and here's why. He was his 7 of 12 with an INT and 43.4 passing rating in the first preseason game. The second game he was 5 of 15 passing. The third he was 4 of 12. His overall totals from preseason were 20 of 51 for a 39% completion rate with 2 picks and a rating of 37.5. Someone please tell how that wins you a starting job? LOL

I agree with Bill and 2 Watt and most others, including even DC Dolfan.


Henne outperformed Tannehill in college because he played 5 years there while Tannehill started only 19 games there.

In the pros? Well, Henne outperformed right to a backup job on the worst team in the NFL.

And I know where you live!

MarkAllen, that's because of Sherman's crappy new offense. We should have kept Daboll AND Moore as starter and Marshall. Doing that would have us at 25 points a game and 6-3.

Sherman and Tanne = 14 points a game.

Moore gets to play once (3 quarters) and produced 37 points, being 12/18 for 215 yards and 2 TDs with no INTS (yes, the perfect 80 yard bomb that was dropped by Gaffney makes him 12/18 for 215 yards).

We don't have Warren Moon running our run 'n shoot. That's not good. We also don't have Barry Sanders.

There are opinions and there are facts. Let's cut to the chase.

I again remind you that I GUARANTEE you that Sherman will be fired after this year. Our offense will be ranked about 30 in points per game.

The problem is that no good coaches will work for Ireland.

Coaches, players, and the local media keep making excuses after excuses when simply, the truth is the lack of talent on this team. Thats it!!! The majority of players on this team are just not good enough. If you look at winning teams you can see why. Sherman will be gone at the end of the season and hopefully Ireland also!

What a mess we're in. I respect Philbin and I feel sorry for him. His son recently died tragically, as you know. I think he's shell shocked and running on fumes just to be able to do this season, and I predict it will get worse from here.

I'm divorced with 2 daughters and I get to see them a lot and still I can barely function. If anything bad happened to one of my kids I'd probably be catatonic in a padded room in the fetal position.

It was horrible luck but I just think we are not lookin good (the team) for another 3 years and it will be back to the drawing board once again.

Henne went to Mich for 4 years and started all games from the time he was 18.
He led Mich to and started 4 BCS Bowl Games which is a record.
He also broke all Mich and Big 10 Passing records.

I know where you live also: Michigan.

Tanne got Sherman fired at T A&M last season look it up

Tanne got Sherman fired at T A&M last season look it up

Tanne got Sherman fired at T A&M last season look it up

Tanne got Sherman fired at T A&M last season look it up

The Miami Dolphins have announced that all their future games will be broadcast on the Comedy Channel.

Tannehill is looking more and more like ANOTHER IRELAND BUST!!!!!!!!!!!

Ireland will be fired THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway how do we beat Bbuffalo this week that is the question.

So I have answered the question of why Tanny is starting correct? Than save me the could of and would of's... hindsight opinions are a waste of time. We started a rookie QB and you never bench a rookie QB 9 games into the season unless you have serious multi game regression. We are a surprising 4-5 and do need some more talent. And I no I don't believe Sherman will be fired.

rt plays better on turf.
ross. change the field.

The mood swings on this blog are giving me wiplash!

Even if Sherman does not come back next year, I think is was a good move with the development of Tannehill. Philbin installed the WCO and with a rookie QB with only 19 games in college as a starter, who else would you bring in to develope him.

Dudes just shut up already you where the one screaming playoffs not them we are in a rebuild understand that

rt plays better on turf. ross change the joe.

That game was pathetic, all around. Missed the first few drives of the 1st quater, but I saw enough...

That said, was only one game with a truely bad showing. How they respond the next game will show a lot, but they should never get blown out at home to a bad team.

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Well blowing out the Bills "should" be easy. But with this group you never know!! I just cant understand why its so hard to score a touchdown!!! We should have solved that problem 5 yrs ago. I get excited about this team and then Sunday happens!! The level of quit in this team after a few bad plays was astronomical. How can we keep tolerating players that quit!!! We have zerrro ability to come back from a large lead. We need heart and identity on this team!! We need fighters not knee jerk players!! I know all you so called die hard fans say it was only one game!! But you have to look closely at the lack of effort and concentration that was the Miami Dolphins on Sunday This thing goes VERY deep. We have a poop load of draft picks and we have really make the right moves this time and I have very little faith in Ireland to make those moves. And we are gonna have to move alot of these offensive players out of here next year and Im afraid it needs to start with Jake Long.

Philbin is making the same mistake Sparano did leaving Matt Moore on the bench. I think he gets fired like Sparano at seasons end.

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Chance of rain:20%Wind:NE at 3 mph Humidity:75%.

the big fat slow pigs on both sides of the los shouldn't wear the f down.

Buffalo offense is ranked 16th.
Mia offense is ranked 26th.

Sherman is correct: MANHOOD is all that can overcome whenever a lesser team like Miami playes a superior team like Buffalo.

Frankly, I hope we lose and get in position to draft Matt Barkley who is the Andrew Luck of the next draft.

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