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Mike Sherman challenges players: Make sons proud!

 Yes, the Dolphins had their pride handed to them on Sunday.

And for players, particularly those on offense, the fact they have not scored a touchdown in six quarters also has to be a humbling experience.

That's perhaps the reason Dolphins offensive coordinator Mike Sherman apparently went all Gen. George Patton on the group Monday. During a team meeting with his players, Sherman implored, indeed, demanded that players respond in heroic fashion against Buffalo Thursday night.

"That’s the great thing about football, it really tests you, not just your character as a football player, but your character as a man," Sherman said. "How do you handle adversity? Do you point fingers? Do you accept responsibility? Do you move forward? Do you wallow in despair? Feel sorry for yourself or do you push ahead? It really is a good character test for everybody in that room.

"I told them I want all of their sons to be proud of them, how they handle themselves."

Sherman threw down the proverbial gauntlet and seems confident Miami's players will answer the challenge.

"I’ve never felt more confident about a group of guys being able to handle a situation than I do the guys in that room," he said. "It’s ugly when you lose a game like that and deservedly so. We looked like we never even practiced a day in that game, but we’ve had some good days and we’ve had some bad days.

"Now, we have better days ahead, so I’m looking forward to it.” 


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I know you really missed me.
I missed you too!
But I did not miss reading about you playing subnarine periscopes in the jacuzzi filled with men.

yo Ireland hows Pat White and Philip Merling doin? Where's Vontae Davis or Egnew or Henne or Gates or Hagan?

craig m, when did you become tim couch. I thought you never trolled?

moore = 8-1

all your credibility just went out the window... buh bye

El Rodeo Buffet for lunch today.
First I am going to build an enourmous Nachos Bel Grande.
Then I am going to have 3 hard shell loaded tacos.
I place a chicken wing on each side of the taco shells and it acts like bookends while I am filling the shells.
To drink: aqua.
Total cost: $7.61 incl tax.

Ryan Tannehill makes Chad Henne look like Joe Montana.

mando, = #1 phinz beat writer.

Henne started 4 games against Jets and beat them 3 times all on MNF.
Remember in the 2nd start of his career he hit Ginn with the 60 the 60 yards bomb in the endzone for the winning score as time expired?
That was on of the best day's of my life!
I even remember how Joey Porter praised Henne in the postgame interview.
In fact I still have the tape of it!

moore = team mvp. how do u not f'ing play him huh.?
clueless regime, just like the previous 4.

the players called henne the white vick too.

How in the world do you bench the team MVP for the worst QB in football?

caddy, is that guatemalen or mejican food.?

moore,2nd among long ball accuarcy onlt to palmer.

I dont understand opti when did Philbin install the WCO,I think he will need to reboot and install the operating system again.

I think maybe Ireland mislead you opti he forcibly installed the power running game and trumped installation of anything by Philbin or Sherman.Parcells would be running windows 3.1 if an owner was stupid enuff to pay him ten million.

2 watt = #1 nfl football blog mensa.

mando knows that i'm correcto mando on all that iz phinz newz that's why.

soundz good caddy, i ain't have good mejican in a long time.

On to Buffalo:

How do we beat the Bills?
- Reggie Bush cutbacks against over-pursuit?
- Tanne throwing frozen ropes into tight coverage so the WRs can make a play?

Come on spit some fire

I knew Ireland would find us another Chad Henne.

We want no quitters or losers around here. We admit nothing; we make no mistakes around here. Now, you go and kick them in the A-s.

caddy, i looked it up,
henne i mean tannehill has a qb rating of 88 on turf
compared to 73 on grass.
swills r turf?

Finally my best friend oscar is here.

Please tell these fools how we will beat the Bills.

C'mon Oscar spit some fire!

oscar, make us some enchiladas 4 lunch.

"This team stinks."

The sherman, tannehill combination did not work in college and it's not working in the nfl!

As you probably know, 2 watt, I was born with the Silver Spoon(just as Gen. Patton was). I'm a very fussy and refined eater. I don't think I've had an enchilada in my life.

But Oscar, some might say, we know you cook Picadillo and Arroz con Puerco! Yes. But only from very old recipes from the Cuban Aristocracy, circa 1902, when French chefs were imported by them.

oscar why did the Cuban's bring in french chef's?

It is what it is. Like it or don't. B. Marshall is gone; V. Davis is gone; Matt Moore rides the bench. The Dolphins today look nothing like the team that finished the 2011 season at 6-3. They scare nobody except their fans and coaching staff.

These were front office/coaching decisions that eliminated the playmakers from last year. Were they good decisions? When will we be able to tell?

Where are Tim Couch's posts?

Cheapskate Ross was too cheap to pay Matt Flynn.

Matt Flynn? Really?

I gotta go put that El Rodeo Buffet out of order.

You guys blaming the o-cord is way off. Players make plays, no matter how you slice it... when you get beat at home 37-3 - by a team that everyone outside of Tenn... said you should crush...that is 90% on the players...what is it with football players who come to S-Fla..., they get comfortable, lazy, are they hitting s-beach too much.. what is it... ?

To be more culinary refined, Cadillac. France is still at the top of Gastronomy.

new blog dummies.


Have you tried Vietnamese-French food(as you know, Vietnam fell under the French influence of Power for many years). Absolutely heavenly food. Go to Hy-Vong restaurant, 8th St and between 30 and 31 Ave in Miami to taste this delicious Food.

Tannehill hasnt won a game since Oct 14th

Lesser known,(perhaps for some Americans) is that Haiti was a French colony. You can also get great Food and Sex there.

the WORST game I have seen the Dolphins play since the 1999 62-7 debacle against the Jags in the playoffs. it makes no sense. They demolish the Jets, play extremely well against the Colts in a loss then completely s*** the bed against the Titans. However, some credit has to be given to the Titans.....after being completely embarrassed by the Bears, they came out and played an incredible game against the Dolphins. well guess what Dolphins, it's time to "pay in forward" and take out Sundays mess on the bills Thurs night. Let's get this DONE....!!!!!

Mike Shermans play calling reminds me so much of the same crap that Dan henning called a few years back. Dink and dunk pass routes in front of linebackers dropping back into coverage with no real seperation at any one time.I would like to see someone anyone streaking down the sidelines just so these opposing corners will think the possibility exists. It's like Sherman and Henning are sitting on a park bench during the week comparing notes.


Anybody that posts a comment immediately followed by "LOL" should be shot.

Sherman is horrible. He's about 89 years old and has lost his mind. He is redefining boring.

they will be given every opportunity to succeed while others won't(matt moore,reggie bush etc). unequal treatment of players by coaches breeds resentment among players. matt moore should have started and vontae and marshall should still be on the team.

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