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Mike Sherman: May be too late for Egnew (this year)

The Dolphins have needed more production from their tight end position for several years now. It simply needs to improve and while Anthony Fasano is a solid player, he's not dynamic.

So some people hoped when the Dolphins invested a third-round pick on the position, the issue would be resolved. But Michael Egnew has so far not been able to be that solution.

And his chances of being that this year are practically nil, according offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.

"We're at that point in the season where you can't teach football weekly," Sherman said Thursday. "It's cumulatively. There's so much volume that if he hasn't had that rep two weeks ago, there's things we'll call in the game that we haven't ... we've walked through it. We've talked about it. But we haven't run it through full speed because there's not enough plays in practice.

And how does that affect Egnew?

"He doesn't have the benefit of cumulative learning of the offense so it limits him," Sherman said. "That's why it's so important and I tell rookies all the time, you have to come out of the blocks early because the guys that come out of the blocks get the reps. He didn't do that early. Now, he's getting better. He's working his butt off. I'm really excited about what he's going to be. But it's just harder to put him in there ahead of Fasano or ahead of [Charles] Clay at this juncture." 

So don't expect Egnew this year -- at least not at this juncture. The Dolphins view of him today is it is basically a redshirt year.

And that leads me to this:

So any young offensive player that didn't get out of the blocks early, as Sherman says, is pretty much out of the question later in the season?

Seems to me the problem there is not only with the rookie's slow start but also with a system or approach that basically doesn't allow for a player starting slow and then bursting onto the scene once he gets his NFL footing.

New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham, for example, was raw and needed a lot of work when he was a rookie. And he didn't have a catch in any of his first four games and had only one catch through five games. But did the Saints basically store him away until his second season?


Graham was given the chance to grow in-season. In his final eight games of the 2010 season, he caught 26 passes. He scored four touchdowns the final three games of the season. Graham, who had played mostly basketball at the University of Miami, developed slowly as a rookie. But the Saints made room for that development and plugged him in as he improved later in the year.

Doesn't seem the Dolphins can do that.



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Yeah I don't get the team's thinking on this guy. If you weren't sold on him in the first place then why did you draft him? Draft him and store him. Huh? Is it realistic that he come in next year and start ahead of Fasano? Doubtful! So get him in there and get him some playing time. This could hurt him how?

Horse manuer

Too late for Egnew this year? Did Ireland trade Da Beast for Da Bust?

HUGE difference here, Mando. This is plucking words from context, trying to plug them into some other SIMILAR scenario and not taking the whole case into consideration. Your blog posts lately have been weak man!

Egnew is not NFL-ready material. He hasn't learned the playbook... Plain and simple. OK, so Graham didn't have any "receptions" during his first 4 games, but did he play during those games? Was he capable of contributing while he learned enough to catch a pass?

This is akin to the Tebow arguments I hear all the time on how fans want an NFL team to start him and allow him to learn on the job. HUH?? The NFL is not the place for on-the-job-training. If Egnew isn't ready, I think the worse thing we can do is throw him in there and give our rookie QB yet another horrible distraction on the field. Not bad enough that you have the entire DL destroying your current line... here's another sub-par TE for you to work with on the battle field! Makes sense, right?? No.

I know you're a UM homer and all, Mando but you have to stop pulling out of context to justify your slant.

Welcome to the biggest naysayer blog on the net.

Irescum has more busts then Dolly Parton!!

Different systems Saints and Dolphins. Just because the Saints system allows for growth, while taking playing time, does not make it better or ours worst, just different approaches. Sherman may also be saying something about the player. When other players have picked up the system and Egnew hasn't. Lets not condemn anyone yet.

Translation: This guy is NOT ready, he doesn't know his assignments cold. I don't want to kill his confidence going forward so I will be diplomatic in my remarks.

Da Beast for Da Bust?


irelands a-hole, i mean acorn.

who's worse, irecorn or luria?

How can he not know the whole system? Run up the middle on first down. Either a run off tackle on 2nd or a 4 yard pass and 3rd down and 6+ throw it 5 yards on a curl or slant. Doesn't seem so complicated. If he is really trying to tell us this offense is really sophisticated and not easy to pick up then i'd have to say he needs to simplify the terminology because the plays being run look awfully basic and simple. And they are not working and not folling the defense. This season os done so let's find out what the rookies can do. Get Miller in there and Egnew. Give Matthews a shot. They finally put him in and he made 2 nice plays. Fasano offers minimal and has no speed.

Ireland is worse. Loria has a world championship.

Egnew will be a bust when it comes down to it because of what we traded to get him. A top 5 WR for a guy who is too stupid to learn the playbook and another sure bust in the 3rd. Genius!

They got two 3rds for Marshall. So you really can't say that until they use the other pick, but yeah being a d1ck makes more sense.

Looks like my impostor is out @3:45pm. I guess it's true, if you can't argue the points in a mature manner you just impersonate people and try and make fools of them.

I'm out for the day guys....cheers!

How can you call Egnew a bust? He hasnt played a down yet.

Posted by: Craig M | November 19, 2012 at 03:45 PM

If he was any good, don't you think he would play? A down even?

By your logic, he has to play to be considered a bust.

This guy is supposedly so bad, he can't even dress on game day, let along smell the field.

I'm out for the day guys....cheers!

Posted by: Craig M | November 19, 2012 at 03:58 PM

Now that's some of the best news of the day. It's Miller time!

I'm late for my Pro Jeff Ireland rally. See you later folks!

Is there anything this kid can do? Is it just the playbook stumping him or is he a poor route runner as well? Does he even play special teams?If he is just sitting there taking up a spot that sucks.I know he is a good athlete and has speed.Maybe ireland and co. fell in love with his combine numbers and pulled an al davis?

The offense is the #1 problem with the Dolphins right now, and the offensive coordinator is Sherman.

I would like to hear less from him about other people's faults and more about how *he* is going to improve.

The Jets need Ireland to complete the transisiton.

He'd fit in nicely with Sporano, Gates, Hilliard, Westhoff, D. Epps, & Bell,


Is he that dumb where he can't remember 5 plays this was a stupid decision Armando good point in bringing up Graham. What a waste of a pick thanks Ireland.

Egnew is a bust if he can't dress as a rookie you expect him to contribute as a 2nd year player. Dude have no idea how fast the nfl game is. Thanks ireland

"That's why it's so important and I tell rookies all the time, you have to come out of the blocks early because the guys that come out of the blocks get the reps. He didn't do that early. Now, he's getting better. He's working his butt off. I'm really excited about what he's going to be. But it's just harder to put him in there ahead of Fasano or ahead of [Charles] Clay at this juncture."

Sounds like coachspeak for he can't block at the NFL level. Kinda hard to believe a TE can't block but if you remember that was the excuse early on. BTW Sherman, ever heard of a 2 TE formation? Seems the O-line can't do it and Tannehill needs the time.

Watch out guys. Craig M OFTEN says goodbye but doesnt leave. LMAO!

Charles Clay can't block either. Couldn't block in college, will not block in the NFL.

We have a great OL. But evidently Tannehiill needs the Berlin wall to be even mildly effective.

Egnew was never supposed to be a blocking TE. He's just a little bit slow upstairs, that's all.
If anything, it's Clay who's the disappointment.

Believe me armando, teams are more dying to see our offense on the field than licking their chops at our weak secondary....thats where the games have been lost...with this sorry ineptitude for a viable passing game and non existant running game

Seriously what defensive coordinator doesnt look at us and think holy sh%t, why cant we play this team the whole year??*lmao*...DC's wouldn't have to worry about job security, thats for sure!!!

Philbins family values, Egnews learning difficulties and Henne vs Tanny. How did this team go from thoughts of playoffs to this crud? Has the head coach lost the team? We are suddenly getting man handled by the worst teams in the league and the fans want answers please.

BTW dont even bother resigning Long. Trade him now for whatever you can get.

Perhaps Sherman is being really nice to Egnew in front of the press - so not to point the finger at Ireland. The fact is, if he's not even suited up on game days, then he's no where near qualified to be in the pro. And that's a pretty harsh assessment of a 3rd round pick.

9 of our 10 games were against pathetic teams. And still Tannehill cant move the friggin ball.

We Freakin Suck ok We know already

Well you know running up the middle on 1st down, running to the left or right on 2nd down, then throwing 2-3 yds shy of the first down stick on 3rd down isn't something any player can come in and do.

Dear Ross:

You've got Cleveland (for sure), along with possibly Jets, SD, and KC looking for a new GM after the season. Better get started on your search soon to get a head start. (cough)Polian(cough)

Its not about Philbin losing this team Kappowiski. Its about this team being in denial of needing upgrades on the offensive side of the ball for years and bieng ignorant of the fact that your not going to simply win games by just playing it safe and relying heavily on your defense all the time...

Perfect example is by watching the texans yesterday against JAX...going into that game the texans had one of the best defenses in the league yet Henne of all ppl threw for 4 TDS and gained over 400 yards of offense on them...YET, when they needed their offense to step up, they did in matching the Jags TD for TD in that game....becuase good teams find ways to maintain balance and can pick each other up when the other shows up flat which the texans did sunday on defense...

When has the offense ever shown that kind of promise this year???...they cant, they dont have the ability nor the talent to do so and that is why they are now starting to stink it up on offense...They are not good enuff and its not all on philbin, coaching can only take you so far!!!

Since any of articles written on here turn into sort of a debate anyway I WILL take a side on this one.I think Egnew should play some THIS YEAR.I dont think he should start ahead of either Fasano or Clay but I think he should be put in.Then next year there will still be doubts in everyones mind what exactly they have in Egnew and it will affect the draft and free agency.I am sure which side I am on in this one and that is to play him.The only way I would change this opinion is if the Dolphins are in contention with three games to go.I think Sherman is still optimistic about the 2012 Dolphins chances.He should be but lets see what he does when they are mathematically eliminated in that case he definitely should play him not start him after all what will they have to lose.If you are thinking protecting the QB I would play him to throw to him not to see how he blocks,they need a TE with speed for the passing game.If they can aquire a TE with speed the blocking assignments can be adjusted if whoever that TE turns out to be not a very reliable blocker.

Its ok dolfans, the Shula, Arnsparger, and Schnellenberger should be ready to see field by the 2013 offseason. We're going to prop up Joe Robbie's still drunken corpse and dammit we're going to win another super bowl!

Sherman's talking like he won't put Egnew into the game until he can stay in the game, play after play. Sounds like more "my way or the highway" training for Egnew. C'mon Coach; assign someone to work with Egnew and get him some gametime.

Its a good thing Tanny doesnt have to face the Ravens, Steelers, or Giants. LOL

Its ok dolfans, the Shula, Arnsparger, and Schnellenberger "CLONES" should be ready to see field by the 2013 offseason. We're going to prop up Joe Robbie's still drunken corpse and dammit we're going to win another super bowl!

My suggestion for Sherman: if (or once) we are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs, then go ahead and play Egnew to evaluate his progress. We need to find out if he has potential or if he's the next Pat White.

So then why drafed him in the third round ? It would make more sense to play Egnew during the preseason games... all of the Offensive snaps and see, beside I thought that's why they have a TE coach, isn't that what that coach gets paid for ?

Loria has never won anything as an owner except the Fans and the City of Miamis ire.


Peeu Egnew = Bust

Just like Mud Clay

Dynamic means "changing."

I think theyre brining the kind along like Finley.. Sherman did say he is coming along nicely and is really excited about what hes going to be... This from the same Sherman that told him hed cut him in preseason.. So that speaks volumes..

Mando, it actually would have been more correct and a better way to express your thought to say that he is not "dynomitttte!"


Dynamic means changing.


Posted by: Kappowski | November 19, 2012 at 04:36 PM

Final year of contract and trade deadline has passed only way to trade him now is to franchise him and then trade..


Nice joke tho, yea egnew has really be turning heads all right, so much that sherman has basically labeled him as a "REDSHIRT" on the practice team. Another hopeless draft pick clogged in the sheeter.

Ed Reed fined $430,000 and suspended 1 game forhelmet to helmet hit. Really NFL?

I watched that hit. What is a defender to do when the offensive player changes his body position a split second before he's hit?

This helmet to helmet thing is getting way out of line. Ive seen far more helmet to helmet contact as a result of the offensive player actually causing it. Than a defender actually targeting it.

Where the hell do you draw the line Mr Rodger Goodell?

Its a good thing Tanny doesnt have to face the Ravens, Steelers, or Giants. LOL

Posted by: Marino 13 | November 19, 2012 at 04:48 PM

Nah, Facing some of the worst defenses is proving to be too challenging enough for the kid, dont want him to callopse dead on the field at the ray lewis poster board raging towards him in the stands...just sayin!!!


Ireland got us the worst QB in football with his 1st rd pick, so why be surprised his 3rd rd was a bust also.

LOria is the baby huizinga he want control of the s.florida sports dollar.

I'd take Loria over Ross 8 days a week.

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