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Mike Sherman: May be too late for Egnew (this year)

The Dolphins have needed more production from their tight end position for several years now. It simply needs to improve and while Anthony Fasano is a solid player, he's not dynamic.

So some people hoped when the Dolphins invested a third-round pick on the position, the issue would be resolved. But Michael Egnew has so far not been able to be that solution.

And his chances of being that this year are practically nil, according offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.

"We're at that point in the season where you can't teach football weekly," Sherman said Thursday. "It's cumulatively. There's so much volume that if he hasn't had that rep two weeks ago, there's things we'll call in the game that we haven't ... we've walked through it. We've talked about it. But we haven't run it through full speed because there's not enough plays in practice.

And how does that affect Egnew?

"He doesn't have the benefit of cumulative learning of the offense so it limits him," Sherman said. "That's why it's so important and I tell rookies all the time, you have to come out of the blocks early because the guys that come out of the blocks get the reps. He didn't do that early. Now, he's getting better. He's working his butt off. I'm really excited about what he's going to be. But it's just harder to put him in there ahead of Fasano or ahead of [Charles] Clay at this juncture." 

So don't expect Egnew this year -- at least not at this juncture. The Dolphins view of him today is it is basically a redshirt year.

And that leads me to this:

So any young offensive player that didn't get out of the blocks early, as Sherman says, is pretty much out of the question later in the season?

Seems to me the problem there is not only with the rookie's slow start but also with a system or approach that basically doesn't allow for a player starting slow and then bursting onto the scene once he gets his NFL footing.

New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham, for example, was raw and needed a lot of work when he was a rookie. And he didn't have a catch in any of his first four games and had only one catch through five games. But did the Saints basically store him away until his second season?


Graham was given the chance to grow in-season. In his final eight games of the 2010 season, he caught 26 passes. He scored four touchdowns the final three games of the season. Graham, who had played mostly basketball at the University of Miami, developed slowly as a rookie. But the Saints made room for that development and plugged him in as he improved later in the year.

Doesn't seem the Dolphins can do that.



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The nfl is changing into a glorified "flag football" league right before our very eyes. I say 85% of helmet to helmet hits are caused by the offensive player.

Now if a defender "leads with helmet" thats different. But, before the helmet to helmet rule, the nfl already have that infraction already addressed? It was called:


Lets just start dressing all offensive players playing at the skill positions in "pink mini skirts" and give them pom-poms instead of footballs.

YG, was the fine really $430,000 ?

I saw the hit and it was uneccesary but $430,000 sounds ridiculous.

Loria is baby huizinga Ross more like robbie

The nfl should take a history lesson from all of the great empires that once ruled the earth. They were toppled by thier enemies. Almost everyone one of them toppled themselves.

The nfl will wake up one day and arena football will be kings. Thats how much of a joke the nfl seems to will become.

I want owner like Arison that hires Riley and convices James,Wade,and Bosch take pay cut.

Ireland has never convinced anyone to take a pay cut except for maybe gaffney and armstrong


Yes, $430,000, it was announced on espn.

I watched that hit, the offensive player maneuvered his body at the last split second and caused the helmet to helmet hit. There was no way Ed Reed could defy the laws of universal physics to readjust at the last split second.

Offesnive players are causing 85% of helmet to helmet hits. Roger Goodell is flat out robbing defensive players of thier hard earned pay.

It was $430K because of a supposed pattern of such hits, not for the single offense.

Speaking of Graham...kinda ridiculous the Dolphins passed on him. Since he went to UM you figured they would have known more about him than any other NFL team. We also could have had Gronkowski and/or Hernandez. Such bad drafting in recent years. It scares me to think about all the ammo that Ireland has the ability to wast this year.

Ross is totally football clueless and only cares about the money. His "team" is a reflection of his incompetence.

Wayne Huizinga opened the door to dimwit owners like Loria so he is Baby Huizinga

Ross looks like he hangs around the bar till closing like robbie

Maybe if they run Egnew's college offense he can be a starter. It worked for Tannehill!

King Shula,

Wade-James-Bosh were not convinced to take a pay cut. All 3 are friends and had a dream to all play together on the same team. They knew the only way that would be possible would be to take a paycut.

To get thier wish there was no way around that. know one convinced them to do it. They knew taking a paycut was the only way to make it possible.

They're in Miami because, could you ee the trio signing with Toronto? NO How about Cleveland? No So it was Miami by process of elimination.

If you had a choice of signing with Toronto, Cleveland, or Miami. Which of those 3 cities would you choose to play and live in?

Those owners believe or not are not in the same league as Mickey Arison owner of Carnival Cruise lines.He can buy Huizinga and Ross.

The heat do not pay rent at AAA so if you think Loria was slick,off course Arison owns Carnival Cruise Lines so Miami politicos want to be very careful or he will move the cruiseline somewhere else.

Arison is an owner with clout and two rings to show for it.These other clowns are ringless or retired with one.

Huizinga made money with the Dolphins I think Ross businesswise wants to be an owner for the cash flow he is in real estate you know,plus the Dolphins are 40% leveraged.

Loria did win a championship. And without him we wouldnt have baseball in S Fl. He did offer Albert Puljos 220 mill. He also knows enough not to honor the opposition like Ross did. Or to hire a coach before he fires the existing one.

King Shula,

Wade was the first of the trio to be signed. Because of the private vision all 3 had of playing together. That signaled what was to come. The trio had privately agreed to play in Miami.

After Wade, Bosh signed. Then the last domino to fall was, well I'll put it this way:

"Im taking my talents to South Beach"!

Wade signing first signaled he had gotten the greenlight from Arison/Riley they would honor the trio's wish to play together.

If Wade-Bosh-Lebron werent all great friends and had a secret desire to play together. Signing all 3 in Miami could never have happen.

Still, 3 huge contracts in a single year, had to be written off on by Mickey Arison. Wade had to sell Riley and Riley had to sell Arison.

YG4E they pulled it off and the rest of the NBA hated the Heat the Cleveland owner proclaiming that the Cavaliers would win ring before the Heat WRONG

Mickey Arison save Miami, buy the Dolphins. LOL

Ross got paid to buy the Dolphins from a cash flow standpoint. He took a 0% mortgage from the government on his RE during the economic crisis, used that money to purchase the team and then sold off pieces to rich celebs putting that cash in his pocket.

VAZMAN when did Loria win a ring?


Vazman Marlin rings Huizinga owner and John Henry

We've had this clown IrelLand in office for 5 years and every year we've been rebuilding. How many sacks does Odrick have this season? Another bat!

Vazman sounds good you should sell RE

Let me see, who will remain here? On O, Bess of the great hands, Hartline as a 3rd or 4th WR, Fasano as a blocking TE, Pouncey, D. Thomas. And all our rookies now, of course.

No, Loria owned the team not Henry

John Henry was the owner in 2003

King Shula,

I believe the Cleveland owner sealed his own fate in the Lebron ordeal. With his owner-slave mentality, I doubt he'll ever be able resign any top black fa he ever has.

Kyrie Irving probably bolts once he becomes a fa too. Keep an eye on that in coming years.

Loria was the owner for the WS. Maybe Henry owned the team in Jan 2003.

Henry entered Major League Baseball with his purchase of a small interest in the New York Yankees in 1991. Henry became the sole owner of the Florida Marlins in 1999, purchasing the Major League club from Huizenga for a reported $158,000,000. In January 2002 Henry sold the Marlins in a multi-franchise deal to Jeffrey Loria then owner of the Montreal Expos.

So Loria bought the team in Jan 2002. Won a championship in his 2nd year after hiring Jack McKeon to manage.

On D, Big Paul + Odrick, Mr. Kevin Burnett, back there Reshad, SS as backup.

On D, all of our present rookie will remain. On STs, the great Marlon Moore, Jonathon Amaya, Brandon Fields, Thigpen and very, very few others.

OK Vazman Loria did own them in 2003 I stand corrected

And Loria spent a lot of money to add players at the trading deadline.

I saw Trader Jack Mckeon recently at a casino. He came up to me and gave me a big hello, how are you? I guess he's now senile as I've never met him before....

Less see, that's about 20-30 Players now that will remain with the Team next Year. Expect 20-30 new faces in the Team next year.

YG4E I would be of the opinion that Arison would not buy any other sports teams,what for he is worth 5 billion and owns carnival cruise lines with his family.BTW he cant quite buy Huizinga and Ross who each are worth 2.4 and 3.1.

So Home was right on 1,2 &3 of Ireland's picks in the 2012 Draft by Jeff Ireland

Tannehill = Sucks

Martin = too weak and a liability

Egnew = Bust

the rest is BS and simply not the truth

Home Scout was absolutely right



"Nah, Facing some of the worst defenses is proving to be too challenging enough for the kid,"

I'm sorry but you people are pretty ignorant huh?

Did you SEE those bad defenses you speak of? Did you notice how our WR's created no separation and were barely ever open, especially after the 10 yard mark? Did you notice how those HORRIBLE defenses shut our running game down completely?

So what does that tell us? If these defenses had their way with our wr's, te's, and rb's WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU?

Maybe that we have no play makers at the skilled positions? Hmmmm wow what a shock. I mean if these defenses suck so bad but still blanketed our entire offensive unit doesn't that tell you everything you need to know about how inept the players around the qb are? Wake up for f*&^s sake.

Vazman Loria would have had to do more than hire the manager they were active in free agency and basically went from rags to riches just like in 1997 and won the World Series both years as a wild card.

Do NOT be surprised if Ross sells the Team after this Season. Ireland will remain here.

Oscar on that same note if Dolphins are to go from rags to riches 2013 is possible because of all the free agents and draft choices.

To have an opinion on who I would keep and let go is spinning my wheels because I dont know who will negoitaite a contract that will fit into the budget and all the details that I dont think any one of us can know.

I see nothing that says Philbin will not be gone next year. He is just another Cam C. with a couple more wins. I lost faith in him during HardKnocks. He is just another good O coordinator who is out of his element as a Head Coach .Our third in a row and the sooner he goes the better. If you don't think coaching wins games ask SF and Baltimore. I think that by the play of the last two loses it is evident that he has lost the team's faith. Another wasted year.

can we please fired ireland try get bill polian for gm or somebody from green bay.

The absolute truth is that Michael Egnew was a great pick by Jeff Ireland. The only problem is he is a lousy player.

I'm just shooting BS and probably trying to delude myself, King Shula. The only way I see the Dolphins as a good Team is if Philbin resembles Bill Walsh with his patience in building a Winner. Usually, good Coaches make their impact quickly known. Shula Harbaughs, now Greg Schiano(TB).

Is it really Gildo?

how many fans do you think show up for the next home game? My guess? 106. Each player will have 2 family members attend.

I hope mark Cuban buys the dolphins

We all are way too tough on Jeffrey Ireland it is really only his second year without his parcels training wheels his draft have been solid but in no way spectacular so be open minded in regards of him he picks safe players trying to not screw up value is high on his way of picking he is a superb scout




I'm not buying what Sherman is selling here when we played the Colts their 3rd RD T.E. Allen really showed out. He made memorable plays including barreling down on S.Smith who completely whiffed on the tackle. Yesterday Vs. the Pats there he was again. We all know that Coaches like Jim Harbaugh and Jeff Fisher turned down in large measure the Dolphins job because they wanted more control over personnel.

We will never know for sure but you can make a case that the Tannehill pick was made by Ireland given the Coaching staffs conviction while giving him the perfect out and scapegoats should he flop. Some will say that I'm simply hating but Ireland is just that kind of sneaky little back handed type while I'm by no means a fan of Sparano I did think his treatment by Ireland was sickning and Ireland wouldn't know a skill position player if one bit him in the ARS!

Philbin started to assert himself as his own man early if you watched HARDKNOCKS in showing people he didn't think cut it the door and for all we know this was as much a statement to Ireland as it was to the players, as his teatment of C.Gates who Ireland practically pleaded to keep showed. Ireland after all was the man who passed in one draft on Gronk for K.Misi, J.Graham for J.Jerry (we needed a Guard so I give him a pass here) and the whopper was drafting a player in AJ Edds who by his own admission was a part time situational pass down LB while passing on Aaron Hernandez.

All of these players passed on a team in need of a seam threat since injury ended David Martin's tenure as the featured T.E. making Fasano the 2nd option in the double T.E. set were he was best back in 08. I feel Egnew hasn't cut the mustard and will probably be gone before the start of the 2013 Season, it's like Sherman told Egnew in an O team meeting during HARDKNOCKS, "If I were the G.M. on this team you would be gone today" I believe there basically telling Ireland that they will have more say one way or the other!

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