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Mike Sherman: May be too late for Egnew (this year)

The Dolphins have needed more production from their tight end position for several years now. It simply needs to improve and while Anthony Fasano is a solid player, he's not dynamic.

So some people hoped when the Dolphins invested a third-round pick on the position, the issue would be resolved. But Michael Egnew has so far not been able to be that solution.

And his chances of being that this year are practically nil, according offensive coordinator Mike Sherman.

"We're at that point in the season where you can't teach football weekly," Sherman said Thursday. "It's cumulatively. There's so much volume that if he hasn't had that rep two weeks ago, there's things we'll call in the game that we haven't ... we've walked through it. We've talked about it. But we haven't run it through full speed because there's not enough plays in practice.

And how does that affect Egnew?

"He doesn't have the benefit of cumulative learning of the offense so it limits him," Sherman said. "That's why it's so important and I tell rookies all the time, you have to come out of the blocks early because the guys that come out of the blocks get the reps. He didn't do that early. Now, he's getting better. He's working his butt off. I'm really excited about what he's going to be. But it's just harder to put him in there ahead of Fasano or ahead of [Charles] Clay at this juncture." 

So don't expect Egnew this year -- at least not at this juncture. The Dolphins view of him today is it is basically a redshirt year.

And that leads me to this:

So any young offensive player that didn't get out of the blocks early, as Sherman says, is pretty much out of the question later in the season?

Seems to me the problem there is not only with the rookie's slow start but also with a system or approach that basically doesn't allow for a player starting slow and then bursting onto the scene once he gets his NFL footing.

New Orleans tight end Jimmy Graham, for example, was raw and needed a lot of work when he was a rookie. And he didn't have a catch in any of his first four games and had only one catch through five games. But did the Saints basically store him away until his second season?


Graham was given the chance to grow in-season. In his final eight games of the 2010 season, he caught 26 passes. He scored four touchdowns the final three games of the season. Graham, who had played mostly basketball at the University of Miami, developed slowly as a rookie. But the Saints made room for that development and plugged him in as he improved later in the year.

Doesn't seem the Dolphins can do that.



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Parcells/Ireland were so interested in certain proto types, finding citizens of the year, and stroking thier egos looking for acorns draft. They forgot all about guys that just play great football.

Regardless of the team positions they brought these players in for.

Its really a luxury we can use 3rd rd picks on project players that can sit a yr and play the following year. Maybe in the 2013 draft we can use our 1st rd pick on a project kicker and sit him behind carpenter as the new kicker learns wind direction and ball placement. What a joke. Please remove Ireland and bring in Bill polian

I wonder how long before some mental midget suggests the Fins get Kaepernick?

...I agree that the defense is inconsistant. They are hardly shite. 20.5 points allowed per game is 8th in the league. What they are guilty of IMO has been the inablity to make big plays when the opportunities have presented themselves. We lack any playmakers on this side of the ball. But as a unit, they have kept us in games where the offense has been putrid. Yes we give up a lot of yards in the air..But only 12 td passes. Not bad. until the last 2 weeks the run defense has been as good as any in the league. So IMO we should be addressing the problems on offense as the biggest reason this team has "hit the wall"

Bears/49ers game tonight has been a tale of contrasting starting qb injuries. The 49ers lose thier starting qb and thier offense suddenly got better.

The Bears lose thier starting qb and thier offense suddenly gets worse. Jason Campbell sucks folks.


In the Colts loss I alluded to this saying Andrew Luck is good but was "lucky" against our defense we didnt capitalized on 3 critical mistakes he made. You seem you didnt have a clue what I was talking about, saying he wasnt lucky.

Well I hope you watched the Pats game because the Pats defense took advantage of every mistake he made. My arghument to you was that Luck was good but still makes mistakes and our sorry d couldnt capitalize.

Doesnt matter if you play solid defense. Capitalizing on tunover opportunities are game changers. You can play great defense, but, if always failing to capitalize on those turnover opportunities. You can still lose the game.

Whe it comes to capitalizing o turnover opportunities. I beg to differ, this defense is just flat out sorry when it comes to that.

This fo needs to identify the defenders who continously let turnovr ooportnities slip right thru thier fingers andship the lot of them out. FGailing to come up with easy turnover opportunities is just like losing a turnover yourself.

Its opportinity lost to have the ball on offense. You cant score when you dont have the ball. Also, look how many times offenses have gone on to put point on the scoreboard right after the defense didnt capitalize on a turnover opportunity.

Its amazing what a train wreck the Dolphins are on both sides of the ball. Theyre not small problems, thyere huge problems. Its not the coaching staffs. Its the exeution of the personel on hand.

Plus a gm that creates new issues every offseason. Its like having a plumber come to your home and fix a leak. Then next thing you know is that your whole house has become a river.

"We have a great OL. But evidently Tannehiill needs the Berlin wall to be even mildly effective."

Well yes it's hard to throw when you are on your back, because your "great o line" can't block, and your star left tackle forgets which man he is supposed to take care of (happened in the last two games).

Funny how there are no complaints about the OL when Moore is playing.....


Where do guys get the crap qb's would get ruined in Miami? It certainly isnt based in fact. We drafted 2 crap qb's Whute and Henne. They would have been the exact same anywhere they went.

Tanne wasnt quite ready to be a day 1 starter, but Moore was so horrible the preseason, Tanne became starter by default. when a guy comes into the league he either has it right away, or isnt far away from having it.

Coaching staffs help players refine hat they already have in them. Guess what happens when players dont?

When it came to Pat White and Chad Henne specifically. This scouting dept and its gm did a piss poor job of recognizing true nfl level incoming talent.

Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 19, 2012 at 11:18 PM

I was praising the job done by Kaepernick tonight and commenting how that trade worked for S.F. Yes he has better players around him but beat a sound Bears D with some amazing athletic play and yes if drafted by us may have found himself in a tough spot last Yr. as a rookie, that's all!

I don't dispute that probability but your under the assumption that he would have been the player we saw tonight in week 5 last Yr., WOW!! That has to be one of the most brain dead narrow minded posts I've read in sometime. I guess by your thinking Steve Young should have been done after that horrific start to his career in Tampa in the late 80's or for that matter Testaverde should have been run out of the NFL in the mid 80's Bucs.

Hey Favre was stuck 3rd string in Jerry Glanville's Atlanta before the Pack made that terrible trade, I guess Holgrem, Andy Reid, Gruden and Sherman had nothing to do with the player he later became??? Unless you've drafted some guys called Manning, Marino or LUCKED ( get it ) into a Brady Coaching does and always will go a looooong way! Ask Drew Brees how he feels about Sean Peyton. We drafted a BAD prospect in White an all time worst but are just as guilty of TERRIBLE Coaching at the most important position.

It's on the coaches to find something this guy can do. The team is severly lacking in playmakers. You don't want Tannehill getting killed by missed assignments, but that is already happening anyway. They need to get him in for a few snaps and special teams and see if the guy has potential or not. Get the young guys some playing time so maybe we can figure out just how many holes need to be filled. Sherman is too reluctant to use rookies. This season is dead. Get Mathews, Miller, and even Egnew some PT so maybe they can become contributers next year. It's not like the offense can get any worse. Tannehill has no time and no receivers getting separation. I hope this doesn't lead him to develope bad habits and having the turnovers snowball, but that is kinda what has happened the last couple of games. Moore has shown some ability, but he can't get any snaps either. Gaffney (who is not very good anyway) sits on the sideline for a month before the coaches think he understands the system good enough to play. Sounds to me like the system sux and is too complicated to learn, and too predictable for defenses. At the beginning of the season, the Fins had a running game, but defenses adjusted and Sherman has not. We had a short to intermediate passing game, but defenses adjusted and Sherman has not. I like Philbin so far, but I have serious doubts about Sherman. I'll give them a pass this year with a young team and rookie QB. They better get this crap figured out by next year.

Very few complaints when Moore plays. Tons of complaints when Tannehill plays. Moore makes his teammates around him better and Tannehill makes them worse. Thats the difference between good and bad QB's.

There only about 5 teams max that have realistic chances of being sb champions. Each one of these theams are stud loaded to the hilt.

Guys here love the "adjustments bs as the answer" as to why a coaching staff fails. Have you ever considered adjustment have been made the team personel doesnt properly execute it?

A coaching staff can make adjustments. But the $million dollar question is does he have the talented enough personel to properly execute it?

fin 77

Let us know a few days in advance if you ever intend on making even a slightly positive post. This way we can all be ready to see it. Until then, we won't expect anything more than your usual post trying rattle someones cage.

Could be that Vanessa saw this coming and shaved her private areas in preparation, guys. You know how it was with Bob Griese and Duriel Harris so I don't see how this be not different from whence it came?

Back in the Orange Bowlm days this was NOT A PROBLEM! You'd have your drink from the well and go see a horse or two on Hooray Beach, you know?

Well, then we had Larry Little of course not Prunella Scales and her dancing Velveeta show.

Fin 77,

Im all for starting Matt Moore against the Niners. Oh, and by the way, Aldon Smith had 5 and 1/2 sacks tonight.

SongDance ,

Nothing negative about my post. Maybe it doesnt jive with your opinion. Thats life.

And there's not a lot positive about 4 consecutive losing seasons. Being positive now is like being negative after winning a SB. Its backwards.

Thanks to a friend, I've got the 1985 Dolphins/Bears game, where the fins beat Da Bears and kept them from beating the fins perfect season. Walter Payton on the Chicago side! The day before this game is when Joe Robbie broke ground for his stadium! Paid with private money, it still stands! Great football stadium! The perfect season was saved. Great game. I was at the orange bowl! Thanks to my friend, who taped it, I was able to watch not only the game, but the pregame, commentary by OJ, Namath and Gifford, plus all the commercials!

Hey SongDance whats positive about being in the cellar? take off your rose colored glasses and see the real world for once. Or better yet just STFU.

Ditka is starting to worry. His overrated Bears are down 24-10. 31-10, Ditka wiping his brow, 50 secs before half!

Egnew is worthless!

Mando, have these New Dolphins watched that 1985 game between the undefeated Bears (12-0) and Dolphins (8-4) at the Orange Bowl?

Red, A great game indeed, I wish I could get the whole game on a DVD, There was other reasons why that night was great, but the start of that great night wasd that game.
AHHHH to be young again.

FP4GS, truly one of the Dolphins greatest games, I'm watching the 2nd half now. To be able to watch Walter Payton for the Bears, Marino, Duper, Clayton, Nat Moore, the announcers rooting for the Besrs. I was at the OB, loved the Bears loss!

FP4, I meant I was at the game....

Not I was at the QB

It just seems that once anybody becomes associated with Ireland - the passing thru his thought process and become a dolphin they are JINXED. WHY cant anyone see this. You know why LUCK is great? He is big and very hard to drag down.. Tannehill is easy to sack Never ever never leaves the pocket . This experiment will not work this year or next. Luck is a MERCEDES Tanehill is a k-car. Dolphins wont play moore. When Tanehill was injured he should of sat out vs COLTS. Miami would be in playoff contention now because Matt Moore was ready to briKGng down the COLTS. The Coachingstaff has turned the dolphins into a joke. ITS NOT TO LATE TO START MOORE so we can finish 9-7 . I BELIEVE THE PLAYERS WANT HIM

The oZb crowd almost got the team penalized! Crazy!

Ok Stop! For all those reading this is my final post. Maybe just maybe the DOLPHINS CAN WIN THEIR LAST 6 games. Oh yeah, its a Maybe without Matt Moore. He won 6-9. Mvp

Failing to come up with easy turnover opportunities is just like losing a turnover yourself.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 19, 2012 at 11:44 PM

How many concussions have you suffered?

You can play great defense, but, if always failing to capitalize on those turnover opportunities. You can still lose the game.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 19, 2012 at 11:40 PM

If you're playing great defense, you're not dropping int's.

Hello? How many times have you watched a defense drop 3 int's and heard someone call it great?

Do you actually think yur posts make sense?

You cant score when you dont have the ball.

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 19, 2012 at 11:44 PM

Unless you return a punt or kick off for a TD. Or block a punt and return it. Block a field goal and return it. Intercept a pass and return it. Pick up a fumble and return it.

Do you see where this is going?

Dolphins receivers couldnt even get open against the Colts in the 4th qtr. But Tanny does need to move around more in the pocket. And Egnew must be real dumb not to be able to learn a college playbook.
To Sherman, the playbook sucks, u know we dont have legitimate play makers. This Texas a&m playbook is not dynamic or explosive. U ruined your chance to be a head coach next year.

I don't dispute that probability but your under the assumption that he would have been the player we saw tonight in week 5 last Yr., WOW!! That has to be one of the most brain dead narrow minded posts I've read in sometime.

Posted by: fin4life | November 20, 2012 at 12:35 AM

No big mystery as to whom this poster is refering-lol.

There only about 5 teams max that have realistic chances of being sb champions. Each one of these theams are stud loaded to the hilt.
Guys here love the "adjustments bs as the answer" as to why a coaching staff fails. Have you ever considered adjustment have been made the team personel doesnt properly execute it?
A coaching staff can make adjustments. But the $million dollar question is does he have the talented enough personel to properly execute it?

Posted by: Yesterday's Gone 4Ever! | November 20, 2012 at 12:47 AM

3 weeks ago he was huffing and puffing all over the place about a Dolphin Super Bowl Run.

If fence sitting was gun fighting, YG would be Jessie James.

Oh Broder.


Someone should shoot poor ALoco and put him and his family out of their misery.

Judging from his reading and writing skills, he's probably the only one here more ignorant than YG.

We know these two didn't "Just Say No".

I'll do it. I'll do them both.

And THEN I'll shoot them.

Mike Sherman was replaced by Kevin Sumlin at Texas A&M. Mike Sherman will ultimately be replaced again here. I am still scratching my head as to why Ireland & Philbin still have jobs after trading Brandon Marshall. When will this circus act end?


Coffee is good in the AMs, specially if mixed with Rum.

I'm not sure, but my youngest Son don't look Gay to me.

I think The Miami Herald(El Nuevo Herald) is mad at me.

Listen, I recognize that I have eccentricities that, of course, are reflected in my writings. But, I don't mean bad. Just the way I am and it's just too late to change me(I don't want to die either).

I read about a Chinaman that always spoke the Truth and it didn't go well at all for him. I have never forgotten Him.

Slick you are embarrassing and are yet to offer anything to improve the team! As already asked but you're yet to answer - after getting rid of everyone you say who would you bring in to turn the ship around? When you can make suggestions then maybe just maybe you will regain some credibility(unlikely I know).
For the rest that talk sense I look at the team and see holes that need filling like everyone else but I think this offseason will be the real test of how good a staff/team we're going to have - good cap space(I believe) and a lot of decent picks. If at this point next season we haven't got a better team on the field we will be able to start questioning the coaches direction

It's not too late to get rid of sherman. His offense is "offensive"" and atrosious! He csn take his little boy toy tannehill with him!

Slick(not in a good way either) refers to you Aloco

The problem here, reg, is that we are caught in a paradigmatic laberynth were DolFans are always waiting for Answers and find None.


a TROLL will always DEFINE HIMSELF......but YOU already knew that.....
Is Kris = YG? Nahh, Kris is black as night and YG white as snow.

Posted by: oscar canosa | November 19, 2012 at 07:59 PM

Oscar, burnt some fans do themselves no favours when they moan about their team and yet can never be constructive in how/what they would do to correct it. You can't continue to just say 'sack the lot of them' because at some point either there will be noone with ambition/credibility willing to come here, meaning we will constantly changing staff and costing the tram more and more money yet getting nowhere

A laberynth implies some kind of Road. But, at any point, there is escape from It(if you want). You know, as simple as climbing a Wall or as complex as going to the Edge of our Universe.

Oscar the comment of everyone complaining is not aimed at you and I understand what you're saying ;-)

WhoTH said "sack the lot of them". I said that, I BELIEVE, Philbin will keep the Players that he wants to keep and yes, the ones that he doesn't want, will go. I am NOT Philbin and its only my opinion on what he will do in the off-Season. There is a difference between an opinion and a fact(although opinions can be facts, sometimes).

Lol the you can't continue to just say sack the lot of them was not aimed at you, lol. It was meant as a generic, so maybe I should of typed 'they'

Oh and predictive text never helps

I know what you're saying, reg. But We have to ventilate our anger sometimes, No?

I don't know, reg, I just want to Win.

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