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Thursday games not kind to visiting teams

On the bright side, the Dolphins get to put the stinker they just played to rest quite early this week. They travel to Buffalo on Thursday and get a chance to forget and make you forget the 37-3 loss to Tennessee.

So a Thursday night game is good news.

"In some ways, when you play a game like we just played, it’s the best thing you could ever have happen because, all of a sudden, you have to move forward," offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said. "You can’t sit around and think (about) what just transpired. You have to move forward. So I think it’s a blessing in some ways that way."

On the side of the equation where no light shines, the Dolphins are on the road. And for the road team, a Thursday night game has been bad news lately.

The NFL has played 20 Thursday games dating back to last season. Of those, I am discounting the two Thursday night regular-season openers because for those the teams basically had an entire preseason to prepare for the game and then had another 10 days before the start of the season to get ready.

But in games where teams came off Sunday games and then played again on Thursday the home team has a 13-5 record the past two years.

This season, the home team is 6-3 on Thursday night. But if you look closer, two of those home losses were posted by the Jaguars and Carolina Panthers. And those two teams don't win at home no matter what day of the week you're talking about.

The Panthers are 1-4 at home this year while the Jaguars are 0-5 at home this year. So their inability to cash in on a Thursday night game is well overshadowed by the fact they, um, stink.

Buffalo also stinks but not nearly as much. The Bills are 3-6 this season and have lost three consecutive games. But they're only slightly worse than the Dolphins who are 4-5 and have lost two in a row.

So Buffalo isn't so awful as to not pose a problem for the traveling Dolphins.

Why, you might ask, do traveling teams struggle so much on the road during a short week?

Well, perhaps the fact they have condensed preparation time might have something to do with it. The Dolphins coaching staff left Sunday's game at Sun Life Stadium on a bus and had a police escort as they headed back to their training facility to prepare for Buffalo.

Coaches were at the facility until the wee hours and they struggled with not only their upcoming preparation but the haunting nature of Sunday's loss.

"I don’t know exactly what time we got out of here, but it was (late). It was a long night, put it that way, particularly after the way we played and coached that football game," Sherman said. "It was a long night in relationship to that as well. Dealing with trying to put one game aside and then get ready for the next game, that juxtaposition was difficult to handle at times last night, but we managed."

The Dolphins Monday morning were still finalizing a game plan and as of noon still hadn't gone through the corrections on Sunday's loss with players -- and believe me, lots needed correcting.

The club did not practice Monday. It had a spry walk-thru that was closed to the media. The team will practice Tuesday and then depart Wednesday afternoon for Western New York after another walk-thru.

"We had a good practice today and we move forward and I think that’s the best thing we can do as I told our guys today in my offensive meeting." Sherman said.

One game. One full practice.

Indeed, the Dolphins will spend more time flying to this game than they will spend actually in a full practice.

And you wonder why visiting teams struggle on Thursday night?


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For a team that suck as BAD as KC....they sure are CLASSLESS.....when they reach the endzone.....


Whats up with your people Connors....AWFUL.....HORRIBLE......

This is embarrasing....even for a 1-7 team.....

Posted by: Kris | November 12, 2012 at 10:35 PM

Great information.

Here comes another L for us.

Odin, Maybe you should just answer the question?

If i got money for free id waste my time doing nothing productive too

Posted by: Tim Couch | November 12, 2012 at 10:47 PM

Well, that sums up your posts here.

These refs hate the Chiefs. I actually feel bad for them they haven't gotten a single call go their way

Tim, we're already sorry we drafted Tanny. The guys playing like a 7th rd project not a 1st rd pick. And he already knew the offense!

Root the Chiefs in tonite. If they win we'll still have a chance at drafting Matt Barkley.


Maybe you can finally explain to us your daily obsession with meth and deek? Nobody else has it. Nobody else does it. Only you. Every single day. Why?

Including preseason Tannehill is 4-9 with only 6 tds.

NFL NETWORK should ban rights to showing every team on thursday night, that means stinker teams that have no shot at the playoffs get to play on national tv for three hours of garbage football that only 25% of the nation gets anyway...
And to be honest the game between miami and buffalo this thursday is another stinker overall for the network...

does that mean you'll leave??*lmao*

Please do!!!

Including preseason Tannehill is 4-9 with only 6 tds.

Posted by: Ron | November 12, 2012 at 11:07 PM

Just curious?

What kind of idiot counts Pre Season Games?

Psyche! Don't care. Just know you're an IDIOT ;)

Visiting Team Chicago blew us out on a Thursday night.

Anybody notice how white Tirico sounds when he's calling play by play?

Nothing too it, I just thought it kind of funny.

To be fair, I like Tirico's Play by Play. He mixes in good details and could be doing radio he so good at it.

At least thats my OPINION!~

I honestly hate dumb logic like that...quick turnaround, have to travel and gameplan early, not enough practice time...blah,blah,blah...Armando

Teams that are semi good find ways to win against teams that are bad, teams with talent do not worry about little things such as playing in 4 days after a game on sunday..teams that are coached well prepare ahead of time and have a plan already in place in these situations, its not like miami didnt know this was the case coming into last week...and those excuses are for losers!!!

this horrible monday night game gets even longer with overtime*lmao*

The play where Leftwhich tries to tuck it was hilarious.

KC, like the bunch of idiots they are go into the end zone and get a penalty. This gives the Steelers 15 yards and automartic 1st down instead of having to punt.

I feel sorry for Crennel having to Coach a bunch of over-paid retards like that.

PS: I'm also not blaming Crennel for this teams win/loss record.

At least Ireland didn't get us a bunch of Tards that rival Monkey Bu-oy in terms of complete Buffonery!

Just The Facts................

Dolphins vs Bills = BORING

daboll and cassel= one of the worst teams in football PERIOD!!!

anybody that would take teblow over any young REAL nfl QB is a either wets fan or a complete LOser(which is almost the same thing)...just sayin

its not like miami didnt know this was the case coming into last week...and those excuses are for losers!!!

Posted by: superPHIN | November 12, 2012 at 11:38 PM

Nice post. Totally agree.

I just don't see a overnite fix for the secondary running game and sacks! I be surprise if we beat buffalo. We are not that successful over there! So tough road game.

37-3 maybe Philbin needs to bench himself.

Tell me the refs don't try and steal games!

This was the most pathetic and blatant display of how quickly the NFL is becoming the WWE.

Can you imagine Shamus, Orton and the Big Show being more prominent so-called athletes than these NFL players?

Well, laugh all you want, with Goodell in charge thats the way it's going.

PS: I notice as soon as Talib signs with the Flagship Franchise in NE, guess what? His suspension is lifted.

I'm starting to suspect Goodell wears Fishnets and probably borrows Pumps from Monkey Bu-oy!

The second half of the season doesn't look good for the Dolphins. Since quite a long time the Dolphins don't take advantage of the home games. Playing in Miami means almost nothing for this team, except self-deception. I hope that Miami manage somehow to beat the Bills, but honestly I don't see how. The team, players and staff, look chaotic after the two loses. We cannot pinpoint one responsible of this debacle, the team has too many holes: rookie QB, new staff, bad secondary, mediocre WR's, a disapointing OL, infamous GM, owner struggling with his own limitations, a stadium which scares nobody except the Dolphins themselves, etc, etc. It seems that we will keep repeating the same lethany of last years: give the team and staff time and fire Ireland. Fed up of that, honestly. Apparently the only way to avoid futher masochism is to stop watching Dolphins' games, it's too painful.

Tebow has more playoff wins than Matt Ryan, Matt Stafford, Sam Bradford and a bunch other first round QB's.

Posted by: Tim Couch | November 12, 2012 at 11:59 PM

Timmy.......I mean Home, I mean Oscar.........I mean ALoco.........


Tebow > Tannehill

The idiots blasting RT will eat their words. The guys has everyone on NFL network and ESPN raving about him, he went into the game Sunday with a 90 something QB rating, and is in his first year. These are the same people who were telling everyone to "give Henne a chance" 3 years in lol

Henne cannot even start on the JAGUARS for heaven's sake.

I can't believe that the haters are back already. What happened? We are who we thought we were; a young team with a rookie QB and a rookie Head Coach and so we've lost a couole of games! We've already done better than anyone expected this year. And, the season's not over yet! There'll be more wins and more losses. 8-8, or 9-7 are still possible and we MIGHT sniff the play-offs, but don't bet on it. Still, this is a much better team than the one Sparano/Henne gave us. And, it should be even better next year. So, C'mon Man!


Still there tracy,just like the last 32 yrs

sorry,the last 42yrs

dad is still mad I'm not an eagle fan

I Belive this team will stand up.Jeff I and and joe are gonna ride this out and go hard into the draft and give tanne some young weapons.He is young and they are in full rebuild mode.AND THATS WHAT IS REALLY THE M.O.

Oscar Oye viejo no le tranduce lo que te digo aqui.Wayne Huizinga era el peor dueno de los dolphins i los marlins tambien.Wayne huizinga es un singado.wayne huizinga es un singado.

all the unemployed can stay up all night soaking up tax dollars doing nothing and then go to sleep when they feel....god I wish I could....wait, nevermind im glad I need to sleep and contribute to society....right oscar/odin? you two will die soon so it doesnt matter anyway
Posted by: Gay Goat Farmers | November 12, 2012 at 07:06 AM

Could be post of the week IMHO.

From the last thread, Interesting that Tennehill and Marino's Yards and complatiom percentage are almost Identical, Also intresting that Marino had Clayton and Duper and Tennehill has Bess and Hartline...Hummmmm.

All you doubters that are stuck in conventional thinking 101 for life without chance for parole.Right under the noses of the whiners which are the dolphin fans who cant wait for a loss so they can come on here and babble about the 4-3 defense and conerback technique, subjects Im sure they can write a bunch of malarkey about.Here are the players the Dolphins drafted in the first 3 rounds for the last two years 2011 pouncey offense thomas rb offense gates wr offense 2012 tannehill qb offense martin lt offense vernon de defense.So for the last two drafts the top six picks total the Dolphins have focused on the offensive side of the ball taking 5 offensive players and one defensive player.A lot of you didnt realize this because your busy yawking about YOUR OPINION of how so and so will be used and how YOU SPECULATE that he will play in the NFL.



lAloco, What will you be Cooking at he "Buffet of Knowledge
Lounge today?
I've got a date tonight and want to come over, What say you?

I would really like to see us win this week. Sunday was like watching preseason.
Go phins
Draft another pass rusher, a killer free safety and a cornerback. 1 2 3.
I wanna hear shut down next year.

Didn't indy just kick jacksonvilles ass? In jax. Oh yeah, that is because they have luck, and well miami has tannehill. Enough said. Buffalo in another blowout.

I am really disappointed i thought they were a much better team especially the way they have played with every loss except for the first one being very close and coming down to the final minutes or OT. Maybe they need a psychologist or something there is definitely a mental side to the game, HOW CAN YOU GO FROM VERY COMPETITIVE TO NO EFFORT AT ALL? MIND BOGGLING REALLY.I bought tickets to the jaguars game a little while ago and was thinking they would be in the playoff hunt, however it looks like they most likely will be playing out the string, and I am coming from 1000 miles to watch.

Tim Couch, if you would take Tebow over Tannehill, you know zero football, and are an idiot.

Tim Couch, take a look at the Jets QB situation. Sanchez is the worst QB in the league and Tebow can't sniff the field. Right you'd better have Tebow. Quit showing you ignorance. Quit posting hate for no other purpose.

Oh, I know, King Shula, I know. Agree with you completely.

I understand that this is a blog about the Dolphins, so the focus is on what happened in the last game and what might happen in the next game that the Dolphins play...however, wheat about the other team? The Bills lost to the Patriots...they came back, had a chance to win, and their terrible QB threw an interception. They are 3-6. What do you think is in their minds?? They don't trust that QB...they know that the Dolphins defense is good, they know this is an important AFC East game - not necessarily for playoff position, but for bragging rights! The Phins and the Bills have a LONG history of battling each other! Kelly vs. Marino! Thurman Thomas vs. Cox!

The Dolphins as a TEAM need to get focused, bounce back and understand that this game for them is as important as the Jets game they won not too long ago!

I'm sure they will!

Well, this coming Game will define our destiny for the rest of this year, at least.

Oscar ya leiste lo que escribe

They need to continue to draft for the offensive side of the ball in 2013 5 out of 6 of the top three picks last two years,otherwise the reparation of the Huzinga mismanagement decade will take YEARS to fix not next year or the year after.

Right now their top 4 needs are DB, Rusher, WR, TE. In order of importance.

They got to let the head coach that they invested in run his west coast offense if its anything like Bill Walshes west coast they need receivers who can get yards after the catch as the 49ers had Rice and Taylor.Wilkopedia list Don Coreylls offense as west coast but I remeber they called it AIR COREYLL.

I have a strange feeling that Philbin is going to clean House next year.

In Bill Walshs WC he would start the game with 15 scripted plays that they would run every game do you remember oscar.

Mike IMO drafting one DB isnt going to solve the pass defense issue unless they luck upon a shut down corner and right now in the NFL there is less than a handful.If they draft receivers and TEs in the first three picks they got a better chance of scoring more points.I guess you have never heard of defense by offense.

Philbin seems to be a very intuitive coach his concern about the Colts game was one of the reasons I picked the Colts after all they were on a three game win streak.

No doubt we are going to see a whole new O with many new players next year, KS. Also I believe the D personnel will change dramatically.

"you are what the film says you are" -J. Philbin
"you are what your record says you are" -B. Parcells

Pragmatic views expressed by these coaches don't leave much for Dolphin players or fans to feed on.

Consequently, it looks like many fans have turned the page on this year and are focusing on the possibilities of next year's team makeup. However, it seems like there is a LOT more evaluating for the coaches to do before next year's roster nucleus takes shape.

Well, good news for Miami is we won't see Fred Jackson, who usually thrashes us. We'll only have CJ Spiller to contend with. Oh, and Fitzpatrick, Mr. Turnover, should give our DBs at least a couple good looks at a takeaway to give them a little confidence. This is another winnable game. All Miami has to do is WANT TO WIN IT!

It all starts with the running game. When we had a running game, Hartline was getting 40 yard catches and opened the passing game. That being said when we are scoring our defense has played better. The safeties have come up for blitzes and have been successful. Wilson has two sacks that is more that any of our line backers.
We play with aggression on both sides of the ball instead of playing prevent football because we are behind the 8 ball.

Mando cut the crap.
For the past 5 years you have told us that all we need is an elite, franchise QB to be a consistent winner.
3 weeks ago when were 4-3, the first time with a winning record this far into the season since Henne was QB, that Tannehill was indeed an elite, franchise QB.
Now 3 weeks later you're backing off?
How long until you turn your back on Tanne?

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