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Thursday games not kind to visiting teams

On the bright side, the Dolphins get to put the stinker they just played to rest quite early this week. They travel to Buffalo on Thursday and get a chance to forget and make you forget the 37-3 loss to Tennessee.

So a Thursday night game is good news.

"In some ways, when you play a game like we just played, it’s the best thing you could ever have happen because, all of a sudden, you have to move forward," offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said. "You can’t sit around and think (about) what just transpired. You have to move forward. So I think it’s a blessing in some ways that way."

On the side of the equation where no light shines, the Dolphins are on the road. And for the road team, a Thursday night game has been bad news lately.

The NFL has played 20 Thursday games dating back to last season. Of those, I am discounting the two Thursday night regular-season openers because for those the teams basically had an entire preseason to prepare for the game and then had another 10 days before the start of the season to get ready.

But in games where teams came off Sunday games and then played again on Thursday the home team has a 13-5 record the past two years.

This season, the home team is 6-3 on Thursday night. But if you look closer, two of those home losses were posted by the Jaguars and Carolina Panthers. And those two teams don't win at home no matter what day of the week you're talking about.

The Panthers are 1-4 at home this year while the Jaguars are 0-5 at home this year. So their inability to cash in on a Thursday night game is well overshadowed by the fact they, um, stink.

Buffalo also stinks but not nearly as much. The Bills are 3-6 this season and have lost three consecutive games. But they're only slightly worse than the Dolphins who are 4-5 and have lost two in a row.

So Buffalo isn't so awful as to not pose a problem for the traveling Dolphins.

Why, you might ask, do traveling teams struggle so much on the road during a short week?

Well, perhaps the fact they have condensed preparation time might have something to do with it. The Dolphins coaching staff left Sunday's game at Sun Life Stadium on a bus and had a police escort as they headed back to their training facility to prepare for Buffalo.

Coaches were at the facility until the wee hours and they struggled with not only their upcoming preparation but the haunting nature of Sunday's loss.

"I don’t know exactly what time we got out of here, but it was (late). It was a long night, put it that way, particularly after the way we played and coached that football game," Sherman said. "It was a long night in relationship to that as well. Dealing with trying to put one game aside and then get ready for the next game, that juxtaposition was difficult to handle at times last night, but we managed."

The Dolphins Monday morning were still finalizing a game plan and as of noon still hadn't gone through the corrections on Sunday's loss with players -- and believe me, lots needed correcting.

The club did not practice Monday. It had a spry walk-thru that was closed to the media. The team will practice Tuesday and then depart Wednesday afternoon for Western New York after another walk-thru.

"We had a good practice today and we move forward and I think that’s the best thing we can do as I told our guys today in my offensive meeting." Sherman said.

One game. One full practice.

Indeed, the Dolphins will spend more time flying to this game than they will spend actually in a full practice.

And you wonder why visiting teams struggle on Thursday night?


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Most probably, the Players that will be gone next year are the ones that are not giving their maximum effort this year. And of those, there are plenty on this Team.

They don't even want to fill the 53 Man roster with another Muerto(Zombie).

What up my 4 great friends.
I see that Tanne has struggled a little in my absence.
So what.
As long as he acts like a man and does not cause us to play back-door football like NoodleArm did then we can continue to move forward.


unfortunately I agree...It all starts with the running game....

Like it or NOT...thats how this team was drafted...that's how it was curently built...and that is how we will WIn or LOSE games.....

We are still a classic football team...PHILBIN will have to continue to mondernize us going forward....

were like one of my wife's HGTV shows....

Gooddell is married to Kraft's daughter... And you wonder why the Pats get all the calls and unfair penalties.

I can live with one egg this season. But if they flop again then there are some serious issues. Remember the SF 49ers even had a game where they only got 3 pts too. It happens any given sunday. Some team gets embarrassed then comes back the next week and surprises everyone. Hopefully they got the stones to back it up. Otherwise it's all lip service. Bills is a must win. Hell if they really believe in the post season they better try to win out.

the offense was atrocious.!

even a sparano team never played that bad.!

6 pts. in 6 q's.!

1 pass over 17 yds.!
a total team collapse.!
does philbin have answers.?

I am not predicting a loss but if they lose this one going into the toughest part of their schedule(at least on paper)playing 4 out of 6 games against winning teams,they can almost assure they they will finish with a losing record, at least that is my opinion looking at the facts.The players know this lets see what type of effort they put forward on Thursday night.

armando,how's the 2014 draft looking.?.


I have been a dolphins die hard fan for 29years. I never post a comment but have been reading the comments for years. One question, why wasn't RT running to pickup yards on sunday when the receiver are not open? All other rookie Qbs do this. He could have picked up a few first downs.

sticking w/ 10-6

Ned that's a good question. I wonder that myself at times and as for the beginning of the season I really thought that'd be one of his strengths... The last couple games I think he has been instructed to play smart and protect himself. His leg and knee are probably not 100% after that injury during the jets game.


I brought that up too. Either he's still hurt, or he's still trying to understand the NFL game. I've noticed a slight lack of confidence in Tannehill's stature/game face. I think he's trying to absorb everything, learn how to be a QB (he's still young in that process from college) and live up to the high expectations the Coaches have of him. It's a lot, I give him that. I thought he was farther along (from his first few games). But obviously he's not sprouting as fast as we'd like. This might be a 1-2 year process until he's totally comfortable in his role (and doing the intangibles great QBs do like make plays when there are none, throw guys open, etc.).

It's a wait and see approach.

But to the others, the Titans game is OVER. We have another one coming up in 2 days. You've had your fun pouting, now it's time to turn our attention to Buffalo. Can't do anything about the last game. Get over it!

Buffalo may be just one game behind the Fins but do't let that fool you. Buffalo is not easy to beat at home with that tough crowd and the Fins right now are walking demoralized after that ass whipping on sunday. Reality is Miami will win one more game this season and back to rebuilding we go.

First thing is I wonder if you really read these posts. I would not blame you if you skipped some of them as they do not relate to the subject matter at all. I wanted to ask your opinion on something. When I watch a press conference with Coach Philbin I cannot help but notice how out of sorts he seems. His energy speaks of a man who would rather be anywhere else on the planet but here talking to the media. His answers are not informatory at all and I am wondering whats wrong with this picture. He seems so uncomfortable. I was wondering how it feels to you when your there. Also, are reporters given boundaries as to questions they can and more importantly cannot ask. It seems no one really asks the tough questions. Coach, Reggie feels he was benched. Did you in fact bench him, yes or no?? How do you feel benching a player of that talent is helping your teams chances of winning?? Seems like you might feel you would be better off without him being that he might just fumble now and again. Can you give us fans an insight on what your thinking is in this regards. I was wondering if you could give us some insight as to why Lamar Miller with over a 5 yard average is not being used in any packages with Reggie Bush or Daniel Thomas??You get the picture. Your thoughts??

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