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One more time for emphasis: Henne was not the answer

Stop it. Just, stop.

I should have predicted that today would mark the rebirth of the Chad Henne debate on this blog. While the Dolphins have their own serious and important quarterback issues, many on here have been debating whether the Dolphins should have kept Henne, Miami's former starter, during the past offseason.

This because on Sunday Henne had a very good day. Starting for the injured Blaine Gabbert, Henne completed 16 of 33 passes for 354 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions in an overtime loss to Houston.

Let me jump into the fray.

The Dolphins did the right thing by moving on from Chad Henne.

He's a hard worker. He has all the physical tools to play in the NFL. But something is seemingly always missing. Something is lacking that keeps him from being a great NFL starter. I'm not saying this based on the fact his team lost on Sunday. I watched him the past three years. I listened to complaints from teammates and, yes, coaches, who came to the conclusion he wasn't franchise QB material.

He was not the answer and I doubt he'll be the answer in Jacksonville.

Henne, as usual, was streaky on Sunday. He was impressive at times. But then he went into the proverbial tank and nobody knew why. That's the worst kind of player, in my opinion. The guy who builds up hope and then waits or the crucial moments to play poorly is the biggest waste of time because teams keep them around and keep them around hoping he turns the corner.

Except he never turns the corner. He shows you just enough to keep you interested and hopeful. And he still slumps in the crunch.

That's Henne. And Sunday, predictably, he went into that tank at the most inopportune time.

Henne had a glorious day working for three quarters. He had completed 13 of 18 for 250 yards and three TDs. And then, he sort of disappeared.

In the fourth quarter and overtiime -- you know, when the game was on the line -- Henne completed 3 of 15 passes for 104 yards and one TD. Yes, he got the TD throw of 81 yards in the fourth quarter, but 3 of 15?

In overtime, by the way, Henne completed 1 of 8 passes for 15 yards. That was hero time. That was high-stakes time. That was the time to win the game. And Henne disappeared.

The streaky quarterback seemingly hit one of his skids.

So my evaluation of him does not change: Good backup, yes. Franchise QB, no way.

That doesn't make him a bad guy. He's actually a good man.

But it also doesn't make him a bad decision by the Dolphins. They needed to move on. They needed to stop wasting their own time.


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I predicted all of this.

first and second

Mando, how many more losing/"rebuilding" seasons must I, as a fan, be prepared to accept?

How many!!?!?!

Henne was at least better then Tannehill.


Mando, why is hardest-working-guy-on-the-team Bush in Philbin's dog house?

We cannot start to rebuild until Ireland is finished destroying.

If Home said Tannhill @ #8 was Big Mistake

Well gosh, darn, golly

Then that should have been good enough for all of us, Ireland included

Moore and Henne were fin and better than Tanehill starting

Home is smarter than the rest

Home for GM!


Yea Home was right , i'll give you that but learn how to spell will yuh!

Mando, I predict that after 4 more wasted years, we will "need" to move on from Cam Philbin.

Trade Tannehill for Henne.

One more time for emphasis: *how many losing seasons must we fans be asked to accept*?

Only Ireland would pass up Matt Ryan to draft 3 consecutive early round QB busts plus trade one of the top receivers in football for an Egnew. Add in 3 wasted picks for D Thomas and the Ochocinco and Dez Bryant debacles and you become the biggest farce in sports.

I'm not sure what i was thinkin,
should have listened to Home and never hired Sherman or drafted Tannehill.

Man, we're in a world of mess now!

What should i do?


Home was right on Tannehill.

Now, I'm gonna lose my job.

Maybe i can show the picture of me as a kid with Walter Payton again.
That always distracts folks for awhile ...

I think Henne is better than Gabbert and Tebow.

Mando, you create an unfair fallacy. The same coaches you say concluded Henne is not franchise material ARE SPARANO AND HIS GROUP OF CLOWNS. What talent evaluators they are. Sparano brought Gates, Hilliard, and all of his 6-10 glory to the Jets.

I think Henne, Gabbert, and Tebow are all better then Tannehill.

I never realized there was such an "office worker" type normalcy in the NFL as far as keeping friends together. How the heck can Sparano have brought like 14 former Fins to the Jets? These are the same guys who were part of 6-10 teams every year. Lex Hilliard, Gates, how many more? The Jets are awful this year because they are essentially Sparano's 6-10 Fins.

Point is Mando

Henne started better than perennial loser Tannehill as u showed in your own blog

and Tannehill only has 3 passing TDs to WRs going into week 12

One was a bloop to Hartline that Hartline ran 80 Yds for a TD ( no dif than Henne's FOURTH TD y-day)

One was a blown db assignment were WR Moore was wide open 5 Yds standing in the endzone alone

The only other was to Bess y-day, which was a good throw and fancy toe tappin by Simply The Bess

So fact is right now
Tannehill and hias meager 3 WR TDs, ....... SUCKS!

House come the 49ers get to win all those championships in the 80s and 90s, then spend only a few mediocre years, then go 2-14 and then the next year they are 14-2 and super bowl contenders again, whereas we dolfans are expected to accept 40 years of failure? We're supposed to be happy that after 6 horrible years with that fluke 11-5 and 1 and out thrown in there, we're supposed to be happy because we finally drafted a QB in the first round and have a new coach (again)?

I wonder when the spotlight will change from Tannehill to Ireland in these articles.If the team keeps losing and Ross desides to make changes the coaches just got here, so Mr Ireland will be the next to go.

So, when Irescum signed Brandon Marshall or Ochocinco, he didnt realize there could be off the field problems?? Are u F'n kidding me? WTF Irescum?

I agree with Home, as usual, and I am NOT Home. I also called for *not* cutting Henne *last* year. I've consistently pointed out how last year was his breakout year but (1) the rest of the team started the year out of shape and (2) the injury happened. You could see it in that first game vs the Pats.

So I say we should have kept Henne and I've always said that and I am NOT saying based on him having yet another 450 yard 4 TD game yesterday.

BTW my prognosis of 5-11 is back in play after 3 losses in a row.

They all should've listened to Home-O and traded for Tim Tebow. haha, what a clown.

Anyone want to buy a Tannehill jersey?

It figures Irescum would draft the worst QB in football early in the 1st rd. Does Ross even care?

Home-O, Henne was also in his 2nd year when he posted those stats. If Tannehill can't match those stats next year then yes, he may prove to be a bust. But the only bust here right now is your boyfriend Tebow.

Actually Mark, Tebow has a career 80% winning %, 1-1 in the playoffs, and 19 TDs to only 7 career INTs, all despite never getting first team snaps or anything close to a full season. He's essentially a rookie with these numbers: 3500 yards, 19 TDs, 7 INTs, 800 rushing yards, 8-4 record. One playoff win vs (injured) Ben and the Steelers. Good locker room guy. Brings his teammates up.

If someone would just *hand* Tebow the job like many other QBs have been handed jobs, he might do great and he can't do any worse than guys like Sanchez and dozens of others I could name.

Tebow came to Miami, was declared the starter and backed by his organization, we could be 8-2 and on our way to the playoffs.

Anybody want to buy a Henne jersey?

Good Point Mando!

U should also clarify where U stand on Matt Moore??

Are U with the Moore Fans? And think he should be starting? Even though Moore Himself has said T-Hill Should start ahead of him.


Do U believe? Even though T-Hill is Regressing! He should play thru it!! So we can all know what he is made of!! Even if it's with No Wr's!! Or TE's! To throw to!!

Tannehill knew the playbook coming in. He had a big advantage over a lot of QB's, both rookies as well as vets with new coaches. And he still stinks.

@11:46, hahahahahaha, what fukkin clown.

He CAN"T BEAT OUT MARK SANCHEZ who in his 4th year has worse numbers than our green rookie....


Ireland & Tannehill cost the Dolphins there worst attendance in franchise history

The Dolphins suck and now everyone knows it

Thanks for nothing Ireland & Tannehill

Home is going outside, literally, to tan his bare ASSSSSS

have a HAARPy day :(

Very appropriate blog, Armando. No surprise that the naysayers would speak up in unison with this today (I actually think it's only two guys but they like using multiple names). One guy actually had the gall to tell me yesterday that Henne is now 'flourishing' in Jacksonville! He IS? Team is now 1-9, he's been on the bench all year and he has one decent half and 'he's flourishing'. What a fickle and sad fan base we have. Not surprised that he struggled and disappeared when it mattered most. It's what we saw from his time here. I was preparted to give this guy the benefit of the doubt but even to me it was clear he didn't have it at the end.

By the way, and I made this point yesterday, his stats may look good from yesterday but the YAC were all on the receivers. They took short passes for very long gains, 2-3 of them touchdowns. Had the receivers not done that and they had been tackled sooner, his stats would have looked ordinary.

Mark, you cannot deny at least one FACT: many QBs are handed the starter job without any competition, based on various factors. Many of these are also terrible practice players.

Tebow, who at the least is a good guy (and I'm not talking about the religious crap), has been literally ABUSED by the NFL and the teams he's been stuck with. It's criminal what they've done to him.

At a minimum, you must admit he's never had a chance. He is not a bust. The one time his team started him he went 8-2 and took his team to the 2nd round of the playoffs, even though he was the backup and didn't get first team snaps until game 6 or whatever it was.

Tebow has played the equivalent of about 13 games and has the stats I posted above.

19 TDs vs 7 INTs, 800 rushing yards and about 8 more rushing TDs. 8-4 record as a starter. You call that a bust?

Some team should literally hand him the job and see what happens. This is not favoritism because of his cult of personality or whatever. Dozens of other QBs have been handed jobs before earning them.

Heck, Manning himself was a total questionmark this year and was handed the job in Denver, and look, it has worked out.

I guarantee you that had Tebow been the starter from day one with the organizations full support, had the Jets just flat out said we're bringing TEbow in and he's our starter, (you know the exact opposite of what happened), I guarantee you the Jets' offense would have been better than what underthrow-weak arm INT/fumble every game Sanchez has done, and Jets would be at least 6-4.

This FO ALWAYS makes the wrong decisions. Its comical.

This will be the only rebuilding year!! The Light Is At The End Of The Tunnel!!

Again!! U want to win Consistently!! That starts Next Year!!

Not the 11-5 Mirage! After 1-15!! (probably 11-5 this year with Marsha, but next year the meltdown!)

We have the QB of the Future!! We ALL KNOW!! INCLUDING IRELAND!! T-HILL NEEDS WR'S!! Hopefully Free Agents!!

On The O-Line!! Dashi believes! WE NEED GAURDS!! JAKE LONG PLAYED IN A ZONE BLOCKING SCHEME IN COLLEGE! Next Year! He will have a Full OffSeason!! To Train!!Remember!! Jake was coming off a Injury!! This has been his first year since his rookie season!! He hasn't gotten hurt!! During the Season! Next Year He would be the SAME Jake!!! We have 2 Real Good Tackles!! And a Great Center!! We get Some Athletic Guards!! That can Pull!! And at least Hold their Own!!!

The Defense!!

A different Story!! It's a lot harder!! To Fix!!

Or We can Suck the Rest of the Year!! And with the #7 Pick take Te'o!!

Keep Dropping Easy Pick 6's!! Karlito!!

Te'o Would Actually Lead the Fins in INT's!! If He Played For the Fins! This Year!! We would've been 7-3!! Not 4-6!! Even with the Offense Struggling with No WR's!! Sort of like the Zach Thomas days!!

When the Defense really carried the Team!!!

jeff ireland.
get 11 busts 4 the price of 19 pix.

Mark (from the last blog),

As you know I'm one of the few guys on here who gives Ireland the benefit of the doubt. Like you, I say he gets one more offseason to turn this thing around. That won't make the fan base happy but we need to see what he does with FA and those picks in April and we need to see some progress from Tannehill before a decision is made. A J Smith and Gene Smith will be out there this offseason and maybe even Pioli but I'm not convinced that any of those guys will be any better. One more season after this season to see where we are and then it's decision time. I think that's fair.

Actually Mark, Tebow has a career 80% winning %, 1-1 in the playoffs, and 19 TDs to only 7 career INTs, all despite never getting first team snaps or anything close to a full season. He's essentially a rookie with these numbers: 3500 yards, 19 TDs, 7 INTs, 800 rushing yards, 8-4 record. One playoff win vs (injured) Ben and the Steelers. Good locker room guy. Brings his teammates up.

If someone would just *hand* Tebow the job like many other QBs have been handed jobs, he might do great and he can't do any worse than guys like Sanchez and dozens of others I could name.

Tebow came to Miami, was declared the starter and backed by his organization, we could be 8-2 and on our way to the playoffs.

Posted by: CARTMAN | November 19, 2012 at 11:46 AM

Excellent post by the QB way better that Tannehiil boy!
Tebow kicked Miami's arsse in Miami and set NFL records for most points scored in under 3 minutes

Great post!




CARTMAN, I will admit one thing, you're a fukkin clown. Go jerk it to your shirtless Time Tebow posters you clown.

JI,1 more offseason to realy FK Things up.

Mark, you seem to be a reasonably smart football fan, but you have "missing" areas. Why can't you understand that there are many teams and situations where there is no legitimate "competition?" If you think that Sanchez "beat out" Tebow this year to earn the job, then you are just flat wrong regardless of whatever names you call me. Sanchez was handed the job because of his contract, he's played like crap all year. Unlike in other situations (perhaps Tanne's), all the talk about supporting cast is BS. Sanchez throws one INT per game that is TOTALLY his fault because it was a wobbly duck underthrow from his pencil think weakling arms. And he loses one fumble per game. Sanchez *is* the problem with the Jets' offense. The tabloid articles about the lockerroom are BS too and in no way indicate that Tebow has failed to "beat out" Sanchez. Total BS. Jets are a garbage organization and Tebow deserved better.

Hi there Dashi!

I know Craig M is a Mark Sanchez fan cause of all his playoff victories.

Armando why did you even bring this up? That was a bad desicion lol

Hahaha, I think a Tim Tebow circle jerk is about to commence on this blog... what a bunch of clowns.

TIM TEBOW?!?!?!?

His own teammates on both teams sold him out but these two clowns stand up for him. Holy SHITE!!!


Agreed. Craig!

Ireland gets 1 more year! But next Year if the Fins aren't a Solid Team!! With Most of these holes fixed on Offense and Defense!

Ireland is the first 1 to go during the season!!

But Ireland has shown to be Competent.


Armando why did you even bring this up? That was a bad desicion lol

Posted by: mattybfromNC | November 19, 2012 at 11:59 AM

What was really a bad decision was drafting Tannehill....IN THE 1ST RD!!

CARTMAN, Tebow's own best receiver D. Thomas didn't even flinch when their were rumours that Tebow was going to be sent out of town. Now, despite having the worst starter in pro football, there was almost mutiny when it was suggested that Tebow should start.

Yet, you two azzless chaps wearers here still think he's something.

I think you are the one who is missing areas. Like the giant one between your ears.

Fake Dashi @12:01

U know better

Ive never seen a worse pro QB then Tannehill.

Dolphins are like a broken record.....

So now Tannehill is rated QB #36. And theres only 32 teams!

You are right. Henne never was the answer. So what do they do? They draft his son hennehill jr. Who is just as bad. Another 2 to 4 years wasted on junk qbs!

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