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One more time for emphasis: Henne was not the answer

Stop it. Just, stop.

I should have predicted that today would mark the rebirth of the Chad Henne debate on this blog. While the Dolphins have their own serious and important quarterback issues, many on here have been debating whether the Dolphins should have kept Henne, Miami's former starter, during the past offseason.

This because on Sunday Henne had a very good day. Starting for the injured Blaine Gabbert, Henne completed 16 of 33 passes for 354 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions in an overtime loss to Houston.

Let me jump into the fray.

The Dolphins did the right thing by moving on from Chad Henne.

He's a hard worker. He has all the physical tools to play in the NFL. But something is seemingly always missing. Something is lacking that keeps him from being a great NFL starter. I'm not saying this based on the fact his team lost on Sunday. I watched him the past three years. I listened to complaints from teammates and, yes, coaches, who came to the conclusion he wasn't franchise QB material.

He was not the answer and I doubt he'll be the answer in Jacksonville.

Henne, as usual, was streaky on Sunday. He was impressive at times. But then he went into the proverbial tank and nobody knew why. That's the worst kind of player, in my opinion. The guy who builds up hope and then waits or the crucial moments to play poorly is the biggest waste of time because teams keep them around and keep them around hoping he turns the corner.

Except he never turns the corner. He shows you just enough to keep you interested and hopeful. And he still slumps in the crunch.

That's Henne. And Sunday, predictably, he went into that tank at the most inopportune time.

Henne had a glorious day working for three quarters. He had completed 13 of 18 for 250 yards and three TDs. And then, he sort of disappeared.

In the fourth quarter and overtiime -- you know, when the game was on the line -- Henne completed 3 of 15 passes for 104 yards and one TD. Yes, he got the TD throw of 81 yards in the fourth quarter, but 3 of 15?

In overtime, by the way, Henne completed 1 of 8 passes for 15 yards. That was hero time. That was high-stakes time. That was the time to win the game. And Henne disappeared.

The streaky quarterback seemingly hit one of his skids.

So my evaluation of him does not change: Good backup, yes. Franchise QB, no way.

That doesn't make him a bad guy. He's actually a good man.

But it also doesn't make him a bad decision by the Dolphins. They needed to move on. They needed to stop wasting their own time.


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Man im embarressed to be a Dolphins Fan, not for the losing record but for half of the guys on this blog that pose as Fin Fans...
Its like wets fans are posting as Fin Fans on here..


You my friend are boring first off we are still playing out our remaining game second we should be talk about what our needs are and how to go about fixing them third we should be talking draft prospects cause that's where the help is going to come from so in retrospect we should be moving forward not backwards henne is long gone my friend long live tannehill and philbin

So Go Miami let's do it

Guys, whoever saw Henne play, must know he was certainly not the answer nor the QB that would lead the Dolpins to the level we all want.

He was not a smart player. At the same time, he was accompanied by a couple of better players than the ones that are accompaning Tannehil. Just to mention a few: Marshall, Ricky, Ronnie (who at his prime was a more than acceptable running back). He was protected by Long when he used to be the best LT in football.

So, you disagree? Do you think Henne's better than Tannehill? You just let him play the next 6 weeks. We'll talk about it then.

Tannehill, on the other hand, is a smart guy who right now has Fasano, Bess and Hartline as supporting cast. Bush has totally desapeared this last 4 weeks just as Long. Yet, Tannehill shows things no other QB in Miami has shown the past 10-13 years. I know. I've watched every single Miami game since there is Direct Tv's Sunday Ticket and internet.

Defenses have stopped blitzing him, because he was so smart a rookie that he recognized them and picked them appart. That's how we won during the 3 week streak. Yet, the Titans did something different, they played zone and waited back for Tannehill to throw. At the same time, the O-Line has played so poorly that even a 3-4 man preassure has been enough to cause sacks and hurries while receivers are covered and the running game simply zeroed.

Is it then Tannehill's full responsibility? HA! Are Bush's legs and fumbling arms Tannehills? Are Long's biceps and lack of foot work Tannehill's? Is Cameron Moore's incapacity to cover a WR without fouling Tannehill's?

Well, that's where you have to search for the reason Miami sucks so much these last three games.

Tannehill will be fin as soon as he has a better team around him. You all expect a matador to kill the bull without a cape and a sword.

TANNEHILL IS A ROOKIE give him more than 10 games to call him a waste or a bust! That just shows you have no football sense. At the end of the day he is a rookie QB with no running game, a lack luster Oline, and no deep field threats..

Opposing D's know Tannehill is garbage so why dont our coaches know?

Posted by: Lutz Alexander Keferstein | November 19, 2012 at 12:10 PM
You all expect a matador to kill the bull without a cape and a sword.

The Men Who Stare at Goats

Tannehill = another Ireland bust

Posted by: mike | November 19, 2012 at 12:11 PM

Opposing D's know that we can no longer run the ball and do not have a deep threat so they stay packed in the box and cover all the short routes that the WCO is about..
Now if you had any football knowledge you could see see that..

Tanny may be better suited to the Arena league or give him a try at WR but he's not an NFL QB. Lots of flaws in his throwing motion resulting in poor accuracy and way too many batted passes. Surprised no one on the Dolphins saw this BEFORE the draft.

this post by Armando doesnt make any sense, Matt Moore already replaced Henne as our starting QB since last year and he did really good, but the idiots in charge decided to completely bury him because they select another bust at the 1st round that "knows the offense" now they dont want to recognize the mistake and they dont want to expose the mediocre way of directing a football team, the only QB that could have replace Moore this year was Manning, not Garrard, not Tanehill, look at Denver now...

Yeah, opposing D's just stack the box to stop our run knowing Tannehill cant pass.

You guys sound like jets fans this is real real sad Be Patient Idiots

DC....from the lst blog....

That was a great post on who's who...and how folks need to get used to it....cause that's the way its gonna be....with ONE possible exception....

I thin if we melt down....and go 4-12...or even 5-11....Ireland will most likely be shown the door....

:/ :I :)

I tried to keep the straight face....but I can't keep from smiling @ the thought of that....

Man im embarressed to be a Dolphins Fan, not for the losing record but for half of the guys on this blog that pose as Fin Fans...
Its like wets fans are posting as Fin Fans on here..

Posted by: mattybfromNC | November 19, 2012 at 12:08 PM

Matt, I know you're pretty new here but you need to understand most of these people who post this nonsense are either trolls or know nothing about football.

Tannehill has regressed and that is a fact. But as you and every rational person knows, he's still green as grass.

Will he learn from the losses and be what we've been looking for? Time will tell.

The BIGGEST MORONS are the ones in the stands on game days.

No SB wim in 40 years
No playoff win in 15 years'
4 consecutive losing seasons


It's going to be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time untill the Phins see me again.

Ya have to be a sado masochist to be a Dullfin fan these days.

Yeah I know CoacoJoe..

Look, Tannehill's lack of progress the last 2-3 games is and should be a concern. But did any of you watch any of the games yesterday? I have Sunday Ticket and watched several. I saw O-line(s) opening holes. I saw RBs getting yards where there weren't any holes. I saw receivers holding on to the ball.

There's a bigger picture here guys.

Guys, I'm 84 yrs old. How patient do you want me to be?

Does any other QB get the time to stand back in the pocket as much As Tom Brady? They had two replacement lineman in yesterday and they still was no pressure on him. Is the O-line that good?

Ireland has to be working for the Jests.

I'm amazed at some of the comments towards tannehill. Guys are you freskin kidding me. He has started 10 games in the nfl and already your calling him the worst qb ever. Grow some football knowledge and evaluate with a brain. This guy has very little to no weapons around him. He has made Brian Hartline a relevant player who is having his best season as a pro. Our speed on the outside is non existant and can't stretch the field at the tight end spot. Our qb could be Aaron Rodgers but if there is no talent to support the qb will fail. I've seen tannehill show he's got the tools to be solid if not great. He needs the weapons around him to get it done.

Good thing Tanny has a good OL or he'd be even worse.

The better story is: "What would Henne's numbers look like if he is not pulled for BACKDOOR football and if his TD passes are not dropped?
So far in 69 pass attempts he has 5 td 1 int and rating >95.

(Tanne has 6 TDs and 9 ints in 308 attempts)

Fin 77, go kill yourself, nobody cares.

Tannehill is worse then Henne.

Yes, it's true. Home has returned with many names & is as annoying as ever.

Anyone who makes up dozens of names to talk to & or about himself is an EPIC FAILURE.

Seriously Mando?
Henne comes off the bench, puts up 350 4 TD 0 Int and has the worst team in football up by 2 TDs to the best team in football entering the 4th quartter and the loss is his fault?
The defense giving up 43 points had nothing to do with the outcome?

Looks like belicheat gave Luck his "welcome to the NFL" game....

I'm kinda glad somebody could....

Mark, the last person that said that to me...died shortly after. Just so you know.

I wish Sonia all the Good Luck in the World in all of her affairs. But I still mantain she will never be a Franchise QB for anybody.

Lots of young and, of course, pretty ignorant People in this Blog.

cocoajoe, the best thing about our trolls though is that the guy they love is Tim Tebow.

I think our trolls are the two guys from the "It's Raining Men" skit on the old show In Living Colour. Looks like they came to retire in Miami.

Can u imagine Tannehill if he didnt know the playbook before he came here?

Good thing Tanny has a good OL or he'd be even worse.
Posted by: Zonk | November 19, 2012 at 12:32 PM

This proves that you are by far and trolling idiot..

Cadillac, I explain why Henne is not a long-term answer and all you get out of it that I'm blaming him for a loss yesterday by a team nobody here cares about? Please find the line where I blamed Henne for losing that game.

The point I made is that when his team needed him to give a full game, he hit one of his bad skids in the fourth quarter and particularly overtime.

Tebow is an absolute ZERO as an NFL quarterback.

Certain folks are into him (namely religious conservatives) for reasons that have absolutely NOTHING to do with his ability as a pro football player, which is marginal at best.

I'm sure he'd make a fabulous preacher. You can have him as a player, though.

We shoulda got Orton!

Fin 77, I'm shaking here, I really am.

Go kill yourself, you loser, is that better?

Henne > Tannehill

I am equally worried about Tannehill as with Henne, Armando. Without calling him qu-er, which I don't believe he is, he tends to fall equally apart as Henne under pressure(Anxiety?).

Yes, it's true. Home has returned with many names & is as annoying as ever.
Anyone who makes up dozens of names to talk to & or about himself is an EPIC FAILURE.
Posted by: Home, the blog dummy with multiple name & personalities | November 19, 2012 at 12:34 PM

Couldn't say it much better. How faqing pathetic can you be?

Mark, you know the score. When fans, real fans are critical, they want their team to be better. These other guys? A mix of jet fans, kids and adults whose parents abused them when they were kids.

Clearly, the team is much better with Moore then either Tannehill or Henne. But leave it to the Dullfins to make the wrong decisions.

Haha Mark, an "In Living Color" reference.

Just a reminder, don't feed the trolls and you can't argue with stupid. Well you can, but they don't actually realize they lost.


I guess you can read of the mind of the retards that frequent this blog & quite honestly I'm tired of reading this nonsense. Henne??? Really??? He was given his chances & he's too inconsistent to be an NFL starter. That we can agree with right BUT clearly you don't understand the QB position & it's not rocket science.

If ANY QB in the NFL does not have good protection (doesn't matter if his name is Brady or Manning) or a running game to keep the defense honest--then he will not have a CHANCE to be successful. For anyone to blame a rookie QB (who btw has been playing banged up) for struggling with this O-line & this running game is an idiot.

At some point you need to look at the 'talent' around him & say maybe our GM hasn't given this kid a chance to be as successful as he could. He's got two WR's he can depend on, a TE that is hardly an offensive threat, mediocre RB's, & an Oline that has been awful for most of the season. Yes Ireland drafted Pouncey who is probably one of the best Centers in football but after that there's nothing but question marks.

In short--I'm sick of the daily criticism of Tannehill. You want Matt Cassell or Brady Quinn, Kyle Orton or Carson Palmer or Blaine Gabbert or Mark Sanchez or Brandon Weeden who is a 40 year old rookie??? Tannehill is better than all of them & that's just with Hartline & Bess. Imagine if actually an O-line that could protect him??? Imagine if he had the Jake Long we used to have protecting him or a Vincent Jackson type of WR to throw to??? Not to mention a TE that can actually threaten defenses???

Mando, you still around? I watched more of the Texans/Jags game more than the others. Henne did look good for most of the game. But that's one of the reasons that Sparano fired and fat tuna gone. But hey, I ain't telling you nothing you don't know.

First off, I hate it when the Dolphins play on Thursday, and you have to wait 10 days before they play again - especially when they lose.

Your forced to sit there on Sunday and watch all these other teams and wonder when this Dolphins team will hit its stride. The numbers Armando posted in the last blog tell you that they probably won't hit their stride in 2012. With that said, this coaching staff and the players coming back for the 2013 season need to get innovative and stop trying to play catch up with all the other successful teams in the league. The best teams change it up every year - just slightly to keep an edge.

The one failing in this team, this year, is that they don't seem to have changed at all. They don't/can't throw down the field. The defense is expected to constantly bend but never break. The offense plays conservative. etc., etc. This team needs a radical change - and I'm sorry to say to all the Henne fans going back to that guy is not the answer. Stats don't mean anything when it comes to him - he had his chance...NEXT!

We need innovation, leadership, teamwork, and a belief in the system.

I agree no one cares about the Jag(off)s first of all.
They have the worst offense in the NFL under Gabbert.
Their offense spends less time on the field than any other team.
They are never required to travel those kinds of yards and so THEY HAVE NO ENDURANCE.

Now, try to find Troy Aikman and Chad Henne under the statistics of 4th Qt comebacks. No luck? Try Marino and John Elway.

As you know I'm one of the few guys on here who gives Ireland the benefit of the doubt. Like you, I say he gets one more offseason to turn this thing around. That won't make the fan base happy but we need to see what he does with FA and those picks in April and we need to see some progress from Tannehill before a decision is made. A J Smith and Gene Smith will be out there this offseason and maybe even Pioli but I'm not convinced that any of those guys will be any better. One more season after this season to see where we are and then it's decision time. I think that's fair.


I'll tell you where we are--4-6 okay??? And this is going to be our 4th straight losing season. Sure let's give Ireland another year right??? He's earned it right???

Forget it. This team needs to TOTALLY be rebuilt around a few core players like Tannehill, Wake, Pouncey, Hartline, Bess, R. Jones, etc. & I don't see how it's possible that you believe he can do that in ONE offseason & one draft. Not going to happen even with a GREAT draft & a GREAT FA. Even if we strike gold we'll be lucky to finish 8-8 next year. There's just too many holes to plug & the good teams are too far ahead us in terms of talent.

Craig I can see you are posting that you would give Ireland one more year.I am not choosing sides on this issue just stating that the owner if he decides to make changes in the leadership of the Dolphins Ireland will be the first change he makes.I believe he will be released before anyone else.If you disagree who will go before Ireland?

There is one guy who is very consistent. Who is much better than T-Hill and Henne. He might not be the "answer" but he is better than two thirds of the NFL QBs out there. In fact, he is last years Phins MVP and had the 4th best QB rating in the league last year. He was told by Philbin he would get a chance to compete but T-Hill was given the job after just one quarter of play in preseason. I don't think he was treated fairly at all by the Phins and he will surly be gone as soon as his contract expires. The Man's name is Moore and I guarantee he will be a very good starter for another NFL team before Miami figures out that T-Hill is only just another Henne. And off we go again. I've been a Phins fan for 41 years and I don't know how much more I can take of their stupidity. And by the way, the only time Moore saw action this year he put up 27 points in around 3 quarters.

whoever wants Ireland back next year is not a dolphin fan. We can't absorb his horrible free agent signings (not 1 player out of 10 or so from this years signings is left - R.Marshall IR). He will blow the plethora of picks we have next year as always.
Henne stunk then and he still stinks now.
M in toronto take a xanax, what's with the kill yourself crap.

We Have Draft Picks,

You do realize everyone you point to as good players to build around were brought in by Ireland.

His last two drafts have been good, the ones he had control over. This team was in bad shape, and it isn't going to change overnight. What is happening this year needed to happen. Next year there is cap space and lots of draft picks. A lot of issues should get cleaned up. FA isn't the answer either just look at Philly.

I am fukkking tired of Ireland and of everybody else here. We, are not novices. Get the Warfields, the Buonicontis, the Jake Scotts, the Csonkas, the Larry Littles, NOW!. No matter the expense, it will pay dividends. Guaranteed.

"Man im embarressed to be a Dolphins Fan, not for the losing record but for half of the guys on this blog that pose as Fin Fans...
Its like wets fans are posting as Fin Fans on here.."

Matty B,

Absolutely. The problem isn't Tannehill or Philbin it's our fans. It's their first season & it's probably a LITTLE early to judge them.

Still here, cocoajoe. You hit the nail on the head with Henne. He looks good just long enough that you want to believe in him. And then he'll go into his Henne swoon or throw three passes that make no sense -- two of which get picked off -- and there you have it: Coach killer.

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