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One more time for emphasis: Henne was not the answer

Stop it. Just, stop.

I should have predicted that today would mark the rebirth of the Chad Henne debate on this blog. While the Dolphins have their own serious and important quarterback issues, many on here have been debating whether the Dolphins should have kept Henne, Miami's former starter, during the past offseason.

This because on Sunday Henne had a very good day. Starting for the injured Blaine Gabbert, Henne completed 16 of 33 passes for 354 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions in an overtime loss to Houston.

Let me jump into the fray.

The Dolphins did the right thing by moving on from Chad Henne.

He's a hard worker. He has all the physical tools to play in the NFL. But something is seemingly always missing. Something is lacking that keeps him from being a great NFL starter. I'm not saying this based on the fact his team lost on Sunday. I watched him the past three years. I listened to complaints from teammates and, yes, coaches, who came to the conclusion he wasn't franchise QB material.

He was not the answer and I doubt he'll be the answer in Jacksonville.

Henne, as usual, was streaky on Sunday. He was impressive at times. But then he went into the proverbial tank and nobody knew why. That's the worst kind of player, in my opinion. The guy who builds up hope and then waits or the crucial moments to play poorly is the biggest waste of time because teams keep them around and keep them around hoping he turns the corner.

Except he never turns the corner. He shows you just enough to keep you interested and hopeful. And he still slumps in the crunch.

That's Henne. And Sunday, predictably, he went into that tank at the most inopportune time.

Henne had a glorious day working for three quarters. He had completed 13 of 18 for 250 yards and three TDs. And then, he sort of disappeared.

In the fourth quarter and overtiime -- you know, when the game was on the line -- Henne completed 3 of 15 passes for 104 yards and one TD. Yes, he got the TD throw of 81 yards in the fourth quarter, but 3 of 15?

In overtime, by the way, Henne completed 1 of 8 passes for 15 yards. That was hero time. That was high-stakes time. That was the time to win the game. And Henne disappeared.

The streaky quarterback seemingly hit one of his skids.

So my evaluation of him does not change: Good backup, yes. Franchise QB, no way.

That doesn't make him a bad guy. He's actually a good man.

But it also doesn't make him a bad decision by the Dolphins. They needed to move on. They needed to stop wasting their own time.


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I believe that probably we will also have 37 new faces here next Season.

Doesn't history show a new GM will want a new HC? I thought so (could be wrong). Didn't Ross say he trusted Ireland? I'm like Mark, can go either way with Ireland, but my gut's telling me he's staying on (and maybe for longer than a year) because Ross has full faith in him. And he just made a change, and if he was really that unsure about Ireland, why not get rid of him when he was replacing the HC? I think it would show stupidity (of Ross) to replace the HC one year, then the GM the next.

think of miami's absence in freeagency this past offseason as irelands gift of oppourtunity to players at positions where looming upgrades have been echoed by fans and commentators alike practically all season, the loudest of which is the reciever position. sure hartline had an improved year, but the influx of better talent is coming as philbin is a no-nonsense get the job done kind of coach, he is building depth and has been comparing this offense to one that he envisions similar to that of his old team(greenbay). no, you don't need guys like james jones to win the superbowl(although that would be nice), but you DO need guys who get y.a.k., and we are far behind in that department, the pats are a good example, little wes welker is NOT protypical but he is elusive and breaks tackles, and it wouldn't surprise me NOR would i be upset if they used their #1 pick in this years draft on another QB, actually, that would be a wise decision and one that i expect the team to make, it would light a fire under tannehill and they may even get lucky, and at the very least they could always trade him like a matt castle for even more then he's worth down the road. i was really impressed with the play of BAYLOR'S QB, he gets rid of the ball so fast that you do not even have time to evaluate the play of their O-LINE, and that would be a goood thing down here in miami as our linemen have been stinking it up. all i gotta say is what a difference the right QB can make, RG3- takes a bad to average team and amkes them a contender, LUCK- takes a team with 1 win from all of last year and makes them look as if manning is still behind center... just saying.


Come on man, let's not get crazy here. 'Philbin performed miracles in the first seven games'. Geez, they coughed up leads to the Jets and Cards and almost did the same with the Rams. Let's not get carried away here on Philbin. Some of the play-calling got a little questionable and decisions not to play Egnew and Miller more could be questioned. I like Philbin but how about we see a bit more before we make him out to be Lombardi.

I like peoples thinking here. Ireland had, what many FINALLY considered, to be a decent draft in year 5.

By that math, If Ireland does not get fired, our next productive draft will be in 2017.

1 every 5 doesn't seem that bad!

Why did you delete my post about Bellicheat?

House come some teams can seemingly plug in any 6th round RB and get the job done? Examples include the Steelers, Pats, and Ravens.

The answer is: coaching.

These players are fungible. All of these RBs were dominant in college, 215 to 235 pounds, 4.6 speed. Strong as a bull. All the same. The differnece is coaching.

I'm with DC and Mark on this one. Not saying Ireland's a slam dunk to be brought back but like everything else, the team better have a good contingency plan going forward to replace him. I don't buy this 'change for the sake of change' stuff. I've seen it many times when the team didn't replace someone and it ended up being the right decision. This MAY be one of these times. I liked what Philbin and Ireland did in the draft in April and I'd like to see them do it again next April.

B Brian Blair,

Do you mean guys like Jones, Wilson and Soliai. Seems like we've got some guys just like that on this roster.


It showed STUPIDITY on Ross's part by not changing the GM when he fired the coach....

you may be right....but i HOPE I am...

Craig M: If the Phins replaced Ireland with me we'd be better off. I think he has to go, regardless.

"Bill Polian? REALLY? If he was so good, why was he fired in Indy? You do realize he was pushing hard for him son to be the GM, right? So that's what you'd have here in Miami. Polian's great picks over the last few years include, Jerry Hughes, Joseph Addai, and Donald Brown. Those are his top picks. It was Bill Polian's team that finished 2-14 last year. Care to tell me how that happened?"


Have you been sleeping under a rock??? It happened b/c they didn't have Peyton Manning who the entire team was built around. They also had a TON of other injuries. They brought in Kerry Collins who got hurt early in the year & had to play Curtis Painter at QB.

Bill Polian built a team that the Colts who were a joke of a franchise into a team that got to two SB's, won one, & practically won their division every year. Not bad right??? Plus he's the sam guy who built the Buffalo Bills who went to four straight SB's with guys like Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas, & Andre Reed who owned our a@@es even with Marino at QB.

But why would that be an upgrade to Jeff Ireland right???

BTW--Joseph Addai helped the Colts win a SB & a few really good seasons for them. I don't see how you can blame a GM when a player has injury problems. Remember he was brought in to replace Edgerin James who was a pretty good pick!!! How about guys like Marvin Harrsion, Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, Reggie Wayne, Antoine Bethea, Dallas Clark??? Polian has drafted HOFers & future HOFers!!! I'm sorry but has Ireland drafted even one player who MIGHT be a HOFer one day??? Forget Jake Long, he's done.

Craig M....

I know the HC is ultimatly responsible...but Sherman's lousy play calling cost us those games....he abanodoned the run...and refused to take mch needed time off he clock....and lets not let the KICKER off the hook....

Face the facts. Tannehill is a bust. Lets not be in denial like we were with Henne.


I was always a big Henne supporter, but watching that game yesterday showed exactly what Mando points out in the blog - way to inconsistent.

The shame of Henne is that he has an incredible arm, but hasn't progressed in the other aspects of the game since his sophomore year at Michigan. Maybe he gets another chance to start and it clicks like Matt Schaub in Houston. Actually given the Fins luck most likely will happen

Sake for the sake of change? LMAO

Is that what people are calling it? What a simplistic and down right idiotic view point.

It's not change fot the sake of change. Ireland has a PROVEN track record of P*SS POOR PERFORMANCE

It's change for the sake of giving the franchise some hope! If we did make a switch & the new GM bombs as bad as Ireland, what's the problem? It would be the status quo which is what some of you are wanting.

We have sh*t players w/ireland & we'd have sh*t players without him.

Ireland is setting new records for most draft busts ever by a GM. And Ross just idly watches. Amazing.

So next Sunday Tannehill goes 3-7 and if we are lucky finishes the season with 10 losses wins and 5 wins
least amount of passing TDs for an NFL starter-Tannehill

and Matt Moore goes 1-0 against our most hated rival and our most enjoyable win of the season near perfect game and that's with 2 dropped TDs, one by Fasano, one by Gaffney and a drop by Bess.

Why are we starting Tannehill again?

Fire Ireland and the other stooges!

House come nobody talks about the funniest story coming out of our team this year: that Bush said he wanted to lead the league in rushing?



House come you can't speak english?
Just annoying...

So if we do fire Ireland, then who do you complain about? Probably Sherman, then next year we can fire Philbin and start all over every 3 years. Because thats what every good team does!

I like when Bellicheat delivers an epic beatdown of literally historic proportions and then is a stone cold killer at the presser. It's good for the league. Seriously.

You criticize Ireland for his draft pick failures but you turn a bling eye to Polians. That makes a LOT of sense!


You just don't get it do you??? Polian has a proven track record of success where Ireland does not.

Four straight losing seasons is NOT success & any other GM would have been fired LAST year. He's had his chances to find talent & it hasn't been good enough.

It's insane how you continue to defend failure & incompetence. Time to move forward.


Doesn't HISTORY also show that the GM is usually fired after 4 losing seasons....

you can be a victim to Stockholm syndrome if you like....you can love your captor (ireland)...and eat whatever crap he throw down your cage (cause he tell you..."he (ireland) know whats best for you)...

me...i chose to recognize my captors...and rebel against them @ every chance....

Can say what you want or complain about what you want.

Fact is this is a rebuilding year. Fact is Ireland started getting players out for picks that Philbin didn't want. If the guy gets canned or not, he set Philbin up to draft his team next year.

At least we have one thing going for us. Gronk has a broken arm, so will be out when we play the Pats the first time. Maybe Hernandez too. Then we'll only have to worry about the other 6 playmakers they have. Maybe they'll only put up 30 on us (not 60).

I agree with OMG that Moore should have been our QB. In fact, he should have been handed the job, without a competition in camp, like Sanchez and so many others were handed the job. He *earned* that last year by finishing 6-3, including the last game of the year beating the Jets even though we had nothing to play for but pride and the Jets were playing for a potential playoff berth. Nobody, and I mean the Giants and Pats included, wanted to play the Miami Dolphins with Matt Moore at the helm the last half of last year.

I'm already complaining about Sherman. He is the probmel.

Tannehill a franchise QB? Ha,Ha,Ha Ha Ha

No really, just let him get blown out and keep sucking for two - three more years. Ha, Ha,Ha Ha Ha

Get your thousand dollar season ticket each now though and expect to lose for two - three more years and be miserable then we sell to Marlins owner

Ha, Ha, Ha Ha Ha suckers!

DC, yeah the Pats will put up only 30 on us (in the first half). Probably 28 in the first quarter.

Mando you know you only watching Ireland's team and Tannehill because they are paying you.

Ha Ha Ha

Commonsense if what you post was not misunderstood the Colts have 37 new players year to year.If that is the case more credibility to the idea to a major overhaul to the Dolphins roster.They have enuff picks and caps space to do it.If Ireland is the GM that will absolutely be his last chance.

It's change for the sake of giving the franchise some hope! If we did make a switch & the new GM bombs as bad as Ireland, what's the problem? It would be the status quo which is what some of you are wanting.

We have sh*t players w/ireland & we'd have sh*t players without him.

Posted by: Truth Hurts | November 19, 2012 at 02:24 PM

This is a very good point! And very typical of the homer fans on this blog who refuse to ackowledge it!

How would it get worse?

Ireland stinks. So, if we make a switch & the new Gm stinks, what would the difference be?

I'll tell you. The potential for better more productive days. That is simply non existent with Ireland.

The bad is a possibility with ANY new potential GM but, would not be worse than we currently have.

It's a low risk HIGH reward move to fire him. You could get the same bad you already get with Ireland but, the reard could be COMPETENCY from your GM!

Sad that fans here are actually afraid to lose Jeff Ireland. it's almost as if they don't want to see the team improve!

budtki, I hear what you're saying and I love RG3 as much as anybody or even more but the Redskins are 4-6 like us...

Posted by: He Hate Me | November 19, 2012 at 02:32 PM

The Giants and Pats didnt want to play a Miami Dolphins team that had Matt Moore at the QB? Why? He didnt beat a good team... and he went 6-7 last year just as a reminder..

Hey, is Bush leading the league in rushing like he said he would? Last I checked, he had half as many yards as the leader.

Hartline, on the other hand, is going to deliver the 1,000 yard season he predicted. He'll probably get to 1200 even.

@ 2:31....

thats called DOING YOUR JOB....

and it is neither commendable...nor WORTHY of praise...

Ireland's JOB...is to set the team up for success thu the draft....


yay....lets throw a parade....

Brandon Marshall is tied for 9th in the league in TDs and is the only WR in the top 10 who has not fumbled, despite having about 70 catches. He's on pace for 120 for 1700 and 15 TDs.

Brandon Marshall is tied for 9th in the league in TDs and is the only WR in the top 10 who has not fumbled, despite having about 70 catches. He's on pace for 120 for 1700 and 15 TDs.
Posted by: He Hate Me | November 19, 2012 at 02:38 PM

TOo bad he couldnt do that here with Matt Moore at the helm lol

We beat the Pats and Giants last year. Losses were flukes, like the Denver loss.


I heard that one during the game yesterday. Was in reference to Polians bang up job in Indy (he was good back in the day, but like Parcells he is out of touch).

And yeah, thats what the Dolphins are setup to do now. This is an eval year for the new coach. Thats why no major moves were made in FA. Probably will be a much different roster next year.

HAHAHA do your homework The FINS LOST to the Pats both times and the Giants..

Philbin will suffer the same fate as Sparano for not starting Matt Moore.

Last year the team was in disarray for the first 7 games because of Fatsano. Marshall was going to have a breakout year this year but we let him go do it for a competing team. marshall put up thos enumbers the last 8 games last year

We beat the Pats and Giants last year. Losses were flukes, like the Denver loss.
Posted by: He Hate Me | November 19, 2012 at 02:39 PM

Trolltard go away.

The only time a win counts for your record is at the end of the game when the clock is zero'd out and the Fins have more points than the other team.. 6-7 as a starter with the great Brandon Marshall.. Talk about someone that cant win the big game..

WHDP, Polian was great in Manning's formative years but he was as bad as there was in the last five.

Indianapolis 2008 Mike Pollak
2009 Donald Brown Fili Moala
2010 Jerry hughes Pat Angerer
2011 Anthony Castonzo Ben Ijalana

If these were Miami's last first and second picks, we'd be 0-16.

Matty, read carefully: we beat the Pats the second time and the giants. It was a fluke.


It's not as simple as you make out. What's Polian's ties to Philbin? How do they know each other? What do they have in common? See the GM hires, 'his guy'. Happens all the time. Do you want to dispute this fact? So I'm saying, what's the tie-in?

Other point, do you even know that Polian wants to me a GM any more? The guy's in his '70s and it's a demanding job. I've heard him say he'd only be intereasted in being a 'consultant', hence the reason he's been pushing his son into the role.

Lastly, I'll put Ireland draft record in the last two years up against anything Polian has done in the last five years. I gave you three first round picks that haven't panned out. Do you you want to go further? Again, this idea of 'let's just Ireland over a small sample versus let's judge Polian over MANY years'.

He Hate Me,
It doesnt count when we lose regardless if we beat them up and down the field..

Philbin is as doomed as Ireland was with Irescum as his GM.

I wish we had Stone Cold Assassin Bellicheat as our coach. Then we'd be a dynasty.

Did you ever notice how weak right tackle Martin is at the NFL level.
Thursday night he got knocked on his butt back about 10 feet and into the back pedaling center and QB.
It was hilarious.
Only a chubby little out of shape blogger that never exercises thinks NFL right tackles dont need to be strong like NJ Timothy.
shake my head on the weak ones like NJ Timothy.

I agree Hennie was not the answer. The question is: is Tannehill?

Passes continue to get batted. He shows signs of brilliance at times...so he is better than Hennie...but do YOU think he is the answer based on what you have seen thus far?

The math really isn't that hard folks....

Philbin's coaching can only take us so far....

he schemed

game planed

out coached

covered up



had his team ready to go....

The TAPE is now out....it stinks but its true....
same thing happened to the redskins...and YES...the skins added some new wrinles that allowed them to beat up on a BAD eagles team....but in a week or two....that offense will sputter again....cause the TAPE wilol be out...

Philbinn needs MORE talent...

Nobody here argues that point....


If we ALL acknowledgwe that as FACT....

Th WHO is the FINGER pointing @....

I meant Philbin is as doomed as Sparano was with Irescum as his GM.

Oh foke me, loogudasizeuhhim! Howbigishe? Mah!! Loogadusizeuhhim!!! Nobody brings a fella that size unless they're tryin'tuhsaysomethinwithouttalkin!


Doesn't HISTORY also show that the GM is usually fired after 4 losing seasons....

you can be a victim to Stockholm syndrome if you like....you can love your captor (ireland)...and eat whatever crap he throw down your cage (cause he tell you..."he (ireland) know whats best for you)...

me...i chose to recognize my captors...and rebel against them @ every chance....

Posted by: Kris | November 19, 2012 at 02:31 PM

He's a crazy out of whack liberal. Whatddya expect?

This is what The Dolphins are doing. Adopting the Obama playbook. If everyone is forced to need you, they will never man up to get rid of you. Make the other person scared of the alternative.


The goal of keeping the poor, poor. The hungry, hungry. Provide for those people with free benefits rather than giving them the help they need to succeed. They help try to take care of you but are basically keeping you down. Not allowing you to succeed. Keep them on the take rather than help them achieve greatness.


This is the state of the Dolphins. They are trapped under Ireland's medicority. Afraid of the alternative. Afraid to empower themselves to do better. They prefer to ride the wave of mediocrity & dependancy.


Getting rid of the GM because 'if the next guy is any worse, who cares', isn't a plan. It's more mediocrity. If you've got something of substance then spill it, otherwise it's just more of the same.

Again, guys just want to group anything that happened here when Parcells was here as 'Ireland'. Knowing what you guys know of Parcells, is there anything about having the first overall pick in the draft that doesn't say 'I'm Parcells and this is my pick'. Blame Ireland for the last two years if you want but don't cloud the argument with nonsense.

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