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One more time for emphasis: Henne was not the answer

Stop it. Just, stop.

I should have predicted that today would mark the rebirth of the Chad Henne debate on this blog. While the Dolphins have their own serious and important quarterback issues, many on here have been debating whether the Dolphins should have kept Henne, Miami's former starter, during the past offseason.

This because on Sunday Henne had a very good day. Starting for the injured Blaine Gabbert, Henne completed 16 of 33 passes for 354 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions in an overtime loss to Houston.

Let me jump into the fray.

The Dolphins did the right thing by moving on from Chad Henne.

He's a hard worker. He has all the physical tools to play in the NFL. But something is seemingly always missing. Something is lacking that keeps him from being a great NFL starter. I'm not saying this based on the fact his team lost on Sunday. I watched him the past three years. I listened to complaints from teammates and, yes, coaches, who came to the conclusion he wasn't franchise QB material.

He was not the answer and I doubt he'll be the answer in Jacksonville.

Henne, as usual, was streaky on Sunday. He was impressive at times. But then he went into the proverbial tank and nobody knew why. That's the worst kind of player, in my opinion. The guy who builds up hope and then waits or the crucial moments to play poorly is the biggest waste of time because teams keep them around and keep them around hoping he turns the corner.

Except he never turns the corner. He shows you just enough to keep you interested and hopeful. And he still slumps in the crunch.

That's Henne. And Sunday, predictably, he went into that tank at the most inopportune time.

Henne had a glorious day working for three quarters. He had completed 13 of 18 for 250 yards and three TDs. And then, he sort of disappeared.

In the fourth quarter and overtiime -- you know, when the game was on the line -- Henne completed 3 of 15 passes for 104 yards and one TD. Yes, he got the TD throw of 81 yards in the fourth quarter, but 3 of 15?

In overtime, by the way, Henne completed 1 of 8 passes for 15 yards. That was hero time. That was high-stakes time. That was the time to win the game. And Henne disappeared.

The streaky quarterback seemingly hit one of his skids.

So my evaluation of him does not change: Good backup, yes. Franchise QB, no way.

That doesn't make him a bad guy. He's actually a good man.

But it also doesn't make him a bad decision by the Dolphins. They needed to move on. They needed to stop wasting their own time.


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Matt Barkley or BUST!!

"Come on man, let's not get crazy here. 'Philbin performed miracles in the first seven games'. Geez, they coughed up leads to the Jets and Cards and almost did the same with the Rams. Let's not get carried away here on Philbin. Some of the play-calling got a little questionable and decisions not to play Egnew and Miller more could be questioned. I like Philbin but how about we see a bit more before we make him out to be Lombardi."


With a rookie QB & the talent around him people were talking about Philbin as coach of the year before the defense disappeared against the Colts. The guy is a miracle worker to win ANY games with the talent he's working with on offense.

You trade away Marshall for draft picks but then you don't take a WR until the 6th round??? WTF??? Does that ACTUALLY make sense to you??? There's no GM in the NFL other than Ireland who only had only three WR's (Bess, Hartline, & Legadu Nanee) on the PRE-SEASON roster with NFL experience. Bear in mind that Hartline wasn't even healthy & missed all of training camp & the pre-season. Just imagine what this offense would have looked like if Hartline never got healthy or if he or Bess had to miss a game this year???

Very true Kris. I think the FO you see now is staying in place for as long as Philbin gets to turn it around. Probably 3-4 years without pressure?

Either way, if they fire the GM or not. The team is setup to improve next year. And since it seems a lot of us forgot, they are already doing better than last year.

Ireland has turned the Dolphins into a laughingstck.

We should be 6-4 god damn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

True That NJ Phin Phan,
NJ Timothy comes from a family of girls and none of them exercise.
NJ Timothy always makes excuse that weak NFL linemen are okay in the NFL.
LMAO @ this feminine clown.
Martin is paying the price for being weak and trying hard to run from the DL.
Is funny to watch.

p.s NJ Timothy cannot bench 225 lbs even one time and sits when he pees, but loves to give free NFL football advice every day on the blog!



Are you REALLY telling me that Philbin should get a free pass for the game at home against the Titans. Come on! The team was COMPLETELY flat and overmatched. That's on the coach. The team wasn't ready to play. Are you telling me that the Titans roster is THAT much better than the Dolphins that they can walk into our building and be us 37-3. That smacks of a team that wasn't ready to play and that falls on the coaches. There's no scheming, planning, covering up, taking place in that game. It's a lousy TEAM effort and Philbin part of the team.

Fail forward fast!!!!!!!!

Read my lips: I will not be the head coach at Alabama.

"Lemme tell yooz guyz somethin': nobody works hardah or more tuff dan dem guys in that lockuh room! I love dem guyz."

aka Timmy Knight who says nothing all day every day. lol


Again, I have a very hard time believing that it's not a tandem of Ireland and Philbin. You're making out that Ireland is drafting guys that Philbin doesn't want. If the Dolphins didn't draft a WR until the 6ht round (which I also didn't agree with), you have to believe that Philbin was part of that agreement. This idea that they are working together is just something I don't believe.

WHDP, Polian was great in Manning's formative years but he was as bad as there was in the last five.

Indianapolis 2008 Mike Pollak
2009 Donald Brown Fili Moala
2010 Jerry hughes Pat Angerer
2011 Anthony Castonzo Ben Ijalana

If these were Miami's last first and second picks, we'd be 0-16.


If we went 0-16 last year we could have drafted Luck. Even when Polian lost his touch he rewarded the Colts for the next 10 plus years. LOL!!!

As much as I like Tannehill, Luck is one of the best rookies I've ever seen at QB.

"We're working on it."

Should have said 'that they aren't working together'.

That's not how good teams work. I don't believe Ireland is just making decisons without input from Philbin and others.

Yeah Luck is very impressive. So is RGIII, but I don't know how well he can hold up if he continues taking beatings.

Actually overall the class looks very good. Tannehill should be pretty good, Wilson has to be the suprise (though he isn't asked for much in Seattle still playing great). Even Weeden looks alright at times, just needs players around him that can catch.

draft picks, have you seen RGIII?

He's completing 70%, doesn't throw INTs, and is an elite top 10 QB *this year*, and he's going to rush for 1,000 yards and 15 TDs too.


Oh, so it's NOT ok to wanna replace the GM in hopes we find a better one.

But, it is OK for you to wanna keep the bad GM because you're afraid we won't find a better one?

The only thing that makes sense about your comments & positions is that they make no sense!

Are you reading the fluff you're putting out here?

And by you wanting to keep Ireland, you're not about more of the same?

Aren't you the one riding Ireland's jock? Clammoring for him to have more time?

Boy, you don't seem hypocritical in the LEAST!

RGIII might go down as the greatest NFL player ever to play, at any position. He's literally unreal.


Yeah Polian's a GENIUS for getting the Colts to 2-14 and getting them Andrew Luck. I'm sure that's why he was fired.

I'm the owner had complete and total confidence in him to rebuild the franchise then he'd still be there. He isn't. Why?

"Again, I have a very hard time believing that it's not a tandem of Ireland and Philbin. You're making out that Ireland is drafting guys that Philbin doesn't want. If the Dolphins didn't draft a WR until the 6ht round (which I also didn't agree with), you have to believe that Philbin was part of that agreement. This idea that they are working together is just something I don't believe."


Let me get this straight...So when Parcells was here it wasn't Ireland's fault for the mistakes in the draft & FA & this year it's Philbin's fault for not drafting a WR until the 6th round plus only signing Legadu Nanee in FA???

If Ireland is NOT paying you then he should!!! His wife & kids aren't even as loyal to him than you are.

RGIII came into the league and as a rookie is immediately a top 5 if not the best QB in the league *right now*, no need for any developmental phase.

thought Tim Knight was that know it all guy with girl strength and tampax comments that posts every 5 minutes on the SS?

draft picks, have you seen RGIII?

He's completing 70%, doesn't throw INTs, and is an elite top 10 QB *this year*, and he's going to rush for 1,000 yards and 15 TDs too.

RG3 is a flash in the pan. Phenomenal athlete but his body will not be able to take the pounding in the NFL. Assuming Luck stays healthy he's the future of the league.


Let me get this straight...So when Parcells was here it wasn't Ireland's fault for the mistakes in the draft & FA & this year it's Philbin's fault for not drafting a WR until the 6th round plus only signing Legadu Nanee in FA???

If Ireland is NOT paying you then he should!!! His wife & kids aren't even as loyal to him than you are.

Posted by: We Have Draft Picks | November 19, 2012 at 02:59 PM

Craig M is on Ireland's payrool. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT!

What's the difference between the Miami Dolphins organization and the Washington Redskins organization?

3 super bowls in the last 26 years.

Which one chose to break the bank for RGIII?

you agree with me right Mando? Mando wanted us to get RGIII.

Henne was more the answer then Tannehill is. And Tannehill was a 1st rd pk!!

RGIII: 17 for 18 for 250.


RGIII, 5 games 1 concussion. Questions?

Luck: 55%, 1/1 TD-INT ratio. #31.


Is some idiot saying that Ireland is better WITHOUT Parcells? WOWZA HOW STUPID!!!

Well, as usual, Craig M has the minority viewpoint & is still trying to convince people he is right.

No wonder why he butts heads with everyone. Typical weenie!


Whats the Skins Record? and the Fins? And who doesn't have draft picks for the next 3 years?

I wonder how this will play out.

Craig M is a Canadien frog. He knows nothing about football and especially Miami football.


I'm really starting to worry about your reading comprehension. Where did I say it was Philbin's fault? I think that's whats called 'selective reading'.

What I said is, my take on it is that this guys are working as a tandem. I think Ireland drafted some players this year with input from Philbin and Sherman and obviously the scouts. If the plan didn't call for a WR until the 6ht round, I'm sure Philbin bought into that. GB never made a habit of drafting WRs high. Just because YOU wanted a WR high, doesn't mean that you're right and these guys are wrong. I believe they have a plan. Obviously you're pissed off that you weren't consulted on it first.

dem black f/a's will go and play fo bob 3.

Craig M would tell ya its nightime when the sun is glaring. HAHA

selective sight.
ya'll can't c that the team suxs axx.?.

The team has gotten worse every day since Parcells left.

Funny that you're not allowed to have a different opinion than others....you're just expected to be a 'sheep'. That must serve some of you really well in life.

I agree 100% with you Armando. Henne had some very good games with the Dolphins. And, some very bad games. And to those who may be down on Tannehill....he is young still. And, he has to have one of those plays where I question his intelligence and hang my head and ask what the hell was he thinking. I had several of those with Henne. Henne may be a good guy and bright. But it is just a fact.


Does it make some of these idiots feel good just to post complete nonsense?

Like ohh no you're getting to me. Not gonna sleep tonight some troll think Jeff Ireland sucks at his job.

Only thing you do is prove how pathetic you are, worse yet you don't realize it.

Doesn't matter how many names you use. You are still you in life : )

empty seats = change.
the only way.

ya win some you lose some... You just can't make the same mistake twice... or else your out.

I think i might be the only one here that blames the whole thing on the coaches, but I'll tell you why. When this team had confidence they played good football, not great but competitive. People on this blog were even saying that Ireland had gotten good players for this team. That was when Smith played his best couple of games and the secondary looked like a legit one. Even Wilson and Carrol had a few solid games. Games that we won btw. And if you remember the games that we lost by only 3 points we weren't blaming the players but the playcalling from Sherman. At least I was. So how is it that with the same players all of a sudden the team started playing not bad but awful football? If u ask me it all went downhill after Philbin's scare tactics sitting Bush after a fumble. Every RB will fumble every once in a while. And Bush is not a fumbling machine by any stretch of imagination. But the virus was injected in the players mind and they started playing to not make a mistake and get benched " if they are willing to bench Bush, one of the best players and leaders the would sit me for sure" instead of playing to make plays. In every profession is known that without confidence you can't perform. I wouldve grabbed Bush by the shoulders and tell him "we'll put the ball in your hands in the next series and you show me that I can trust you" i guarantee the guy would've put everything he had and probably break on open, and even if he did not he would've felt the trust of his HC. The other thing is that you can almost always predict if the dolphins are running or throwing the ball. 99% of the time when Thill changes the play in the huddle they run the ball, so everytime he does you see the strong safety coming down the box, and you would think they'll call a PA and get one on one on WRs but no, they run and get stuffed. The Dolphins don't surprise anyone, at least you would agree that the playcalling has been dull. But then they go and do something that Henning used to do and I hate, blaming the players for poor execution. Because players apparently are supposed to pancake all the front seven of the other team and WRs are supposed to get open by two feet at least on everyplay, so don't judge the play-calling blame the players. Some people have criticized Coyle on this blog also and sometimes I agree. I'm joy saying the team has the enough talent, they don't, but not being competitive whatsoever I thinks the coaches fault. Sorry for the typos....

LOL, is some troll still upset Obama won the election? I have good news for you, while it might be hard to immigrate to the United States, it's quite easy to EMIGRATE out of it. If you really can't stand it, BUH-BYE!!!


My point isn't that I want to keep Ireland. I said I could care less either way. I'm just telling you don't get your hopes up. If it was me, I'd have gotten rid of him with Sparano. But now that he's had a pretty good draft with Philbin, it's sorta dumb to change now. Change for changes sake isn't good. Stability is what wins in the NFL. And the Owner made a decision that the problem wasn't the players, it was the coaching (who determined which type of players were drafted). And I guess the Owner is taking the chance that a new HC giving the GM new direction will get better players.

That might be right or wrong, I don't know. I'm just telling you what I THINK will happen. Much like your 12-4 prediction, you're telling me what you'd LIKE TO SEE" happen. We're doing 2 different analyzes on this.

Miami Dolphins are just like Henne, streaky at best, chokes when they really need to win.
When crunch time comes they disappear. Orderick needs to step up his game, play the rookie Vernon more, he can play.

By the way we need to stop the aging process on Philbin quickly. I've got the answer for him.

The 8th pick of the draft will be here for a while, so get used to it! If the team actually ran a NFL offense rather than a college offense T-Hill might be playing worse because he is not a NFL QB. His throwing motion is horrible (batted balls) and a guy who was a former WR he doesn't know how to scramble.

If you say so Mando
I'm hopeful Tannehill will progress but just as Henne failed in getting the win yesterday, I still haven't see Tannehill be the hero and come back and win any of these close games or those in overtime.

Tanne will be fine if he gets talent around him.our skill players are not good and our line is not playin well.We do need a new GM(We were once a proud organization, now we are a laughing stock) Gimme back my Dolphins Mr Ross or sell the Team)

tanne is not the answer, he needs to sit on the bench ..
put moore back in ....they had chemistry with him at least..

"I've never seen a QB worse than T-Hill"? Dude where u from(Ray Lucas,Culpepper,Feely,Beck,Lemon,Huard,Henne,& any other Dolphin QB not named Fiedler, Pennington ,Bob Griese,Mitchell,woodley ,or #13

You're right Armando. There's no other way to see it in my opinion. I think what gets Henne mentioned at all is doubt is beginning to sink in around Tannehill's recent performances.

Stupid people. It's not T-hill's fault. You must be Ireland fans. Give T-hil some time with decent players. Luck is not going to the playoffs believe me.
The team is a mes. It's not T-hill's fault. Gizz !

Henne is 100% better than Tannehill.

still think Henne is better than Sanchez...

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